December 2013

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Chris has a Wii U?
All this porn can be yours, for the low price of $1,000.

December was the twelfth and final month of 2013. A second video of Chris's house is released on YouTube, along with evidence that Chris may own a new Wii U. Spoiler: He does.

Events of December 2013

  • 5 December - Chris posts another Facebook status about being alone.
  • 11 December - Alec Benson Leary leaks the Tour of Chris's House II video.
  • 15 December - Rebeckah sends Chris an email questioning his high sweetheart standards.
  • 16 December - Chris whines to Rebeckah about his "dead end of a life."
  • 16 December - Chris posts an ad on Craigslist trying to sell his used porn collection for $1,000.
  • 18 December - Chris tells Rebeckah he's not sure if he can trust her, and that she should talk to Anna.
  • 19 December - Kellie Andes links Chris's tickle yo' PUSSAY video on Facebook.
  • 19 December - Chris and Rebeckah discuss comedy television.
  • 20 December - Chris tells Rebeckah he'd like to hang out with her if she can make it to Virginia.
  • 21 December - Chris posts on Facebook looking for Pokémon Safari friends.
  • 22 December - On the Miiverse, Chris makes his first posts in a year to brag about his ribbons in Pokemon X and Y.
  • 22 December - A user on /v/ discovers Chris's Miiverse account, finally revealing to the public that he has a Wii U.
  • 22 December - Chris tells Rebeckah he hates men and especially the "God Damn Gays." She gets offended.
  • 23 December - Chris responds to Rebeckah by blaming his bigotry on everyone else.
  • 23 December - Chris makes another post about Pokemon Safari.
  • 23 December - Chris posts about controversial Twitter user Justine Sacco's sticky dream about an autistic kid.
  • 23 December - Chris writes on Facebook that he feels extremely depressed and miserable.
  • 24 December - Chris tells Rebeckah he and his mother will be having a quiet Christmas at home.
  • 25 December - Christmas. Chris sends Rebeckah pictures of his dogs and invites her and her friends to play video games with him.
  • 26 December - Chris tells Rebeckah about his anger towards the Hex-Box and the trolls.
  • 27 December - Chris rages to Rebeckah about his public invisibility and how the trolls have wrecked his life.
  • 27 December - Former gal-pal Sarah Bevel posts an image of Chris wearing his mother's underwear on Facebook.
  • 28 December - Rebeckah suggests that Chris attend a comedy workshop at PVCC, but he can't because he's banned, broke, and busy.