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Chris's new cover photo which was uploaded on 5 December 2013.

The following are Facebook posts Chris posted in December 2013. Chris ended the year by posting that he was having "the worst broken heart ever".


  • 5 December - Chris uploaded a new cover photo and profile picture.
  • 19 December - Chris's former high school crush, Kellie Andes shares the video For J-R's Eyes Only.MOV.
  • 21 December - Chris posts his Pokemon Safari code.
  • 23 December - Chris posts additional Pokemon Safari information.
  • 23 December - Chris posts about Justine Sacco dreaming of having sex with an autistic person, failing to understand her point.
  • 27 December - Chris's classmate, Sarah Bevel, shares a picture of Chris wearing his mother's underwear.
  • 30 December - Chris complains about his depression, his loneliness and the Internet.

Posts by Chris

Chris's new self-pitying profile picture uploaded in December.


After uploading his new cover photo, Chris posted another self-pitying lament and tagged Sarah Bevel:

5 December 2013

I have NO in-person friends Locally; my old friends don't want to be around me... I may as well as be dead for all they care! -feeling alone.

Chris yamask.jpg Chris cubone.jpg

Pokemon Safari; No Facebook Messages

21 December 2013

Pok'emon Safari in X/Y; name is Christian; 3DS Friend Code is REDACTED If adding me, please message your 3DS Name and Friend Code in the Miiverse to me at SonichuChandler; no Facebook Messages.

More on Pokemon; Facebook Messages OK

23 December 2013

Pok'emon Safari in X/Y; name is Christian; 3DS Friend Code is REDACTED; secondary name: BararAnne; 3DS Friend Code is REDACTED. If adding Both Codes, please message your 3DS Name and Friend Code in a Facebook Message, or message/comment, to one of my posts, on Miiverse to SonichuChandler.

Justine Sacco's sex dream

In an attempt to "win" against his former high school gal-pals and his trolls due to his autism, Chris posted this:

23 December 2013

Hey! Justine Sacco Dreams of having Sex with an Autistic person (drunk or not; child or adult, it is all hidden desires for her conscious). So, EAT THAT, you immature brats and Immature Ex-High-School-Girl-Friends! :(P

NOTE: Justine Sacco was a PR executive for InterActive Corp, who made the news for an infamous tweet which read "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!". CNN's story on Sacco also highlighted choice Tweets by Sacco before she deleted her account, among which was this Tweet, from February 24, 2012:

"I had a sex dream about an autistic kid last night. #fml."

Chris likely read the story, saw the Tweet, and not knowing that FML is an abbrevation for "fuck my life", proceeded to brag about it on Facebook.

Chris is lost

Chris posted twice while ushering in the New Year. The first post includes a scene from the game Zelda II.

A more detailed version of the scene from Zelda II that Chris referenced.
23 December 2013

I know nothing. I am lost. My mind is a constant, zombie-like, blank. I am depressed. I am in misery. No one outside my house acknowledges me. There is no true care or love on the internet, or from anyone hiding behind their screens and monitors of any kind.

I know nothing. I am lost.


Worst Broken Heart Ever

23 December 2013

Here's to another year in this dead-end life with the worst broken heart ever.


Posts by his friends (or in this case, ex-gal pals)

It Gets WORSE!

On 19 December, Kellie Andes, one of Chris's former high school crushes, has seen the infamous For J-R's Eyes Only.MOV video and shares it:

17 December 2013

OMG guys it gets WORSE! I threw up a little in my mouth after watching this. If you have a weak stomach, turn back now.

Mommy's Undies

On 27 December, Sarah Bevel, another of Chris's former gal pals, posts another tidbit about Chris, this time about him wearing his mom's underwear:

27 December 2013

A "friend" sent me this. Not only does Christian like to borrow mommy's undies, but he apparently "spoons" with her as well. Just when you think you've heard it all.