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This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during June 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments are included and color-coded for reference.

Why Chris is a cool name

2 June, Twitter


I feel like the majority of artists I meet are named Chris. If your talking strictly 'Chris' then probably 12-13 people. But if you also include Christine, Christian, Christina's probably like 25-30 Chris'

Our Army is growing.


I hear you, and yet I’m a Chris, also. Chris is short for a lot of good names, and it is a considerably customizable name as well. One can take for starters, “Christopher”, “Christian”, and “Christine” from myself, alone, but you put your mind to it, you may be amazed. /1
Like “Chris Chan”; sounds like “Christian, but it’s also quite cool. Chris-Cross (Christopher Cross), Christowulf, Crystal, Christalina, Chrisrap, Chrispinal; I could go on, even making up a few more along the way! But why IS “Chris” such an artsy name, thinking it further? /2
One aspect we may look at is Jesus Christ; he had powers and Creative perspectives that made him stand out above the others (aside from being Son of (this world’s) God). And after him, the “Chris” of his name is given to child after child over generations! /3
One theory we may explore is that every “Chris” gets an ounce of creative perspective like the Lord did, BUT that would be Stereotyping; NOT Cool! Not ALL individuals named “Chris” are an artist; hell, even Seth McFarlane knocked on labeling everyone named “Chris” as gay. 😣 /4
I definitely don’t like “Family Guy” so much nowadays. Regardless, there are a bunch of artists with “Chris” in their names, but look around further; there are literally Thousands to Billions of artists who don’t have “Chris” in their names at all; for @Spinalpalm , at least.../5
...there are those who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting and knowing better of those artists. I, for one, though, am grateful for each and every of my favorite Celebrities and Artists I get to share a moment or more with, and I will meet more in the future. /5
And to Each and Every artist with a “Chris” in their names, I delight in meeting them as well, but Nobody go changing their names now! Lots Of Love and Laughs! 😊💜💙❤️ Each and Every one of y’all are Awesome and Great in your individual ways. Never let anyone else say not!

Symphogear (unintentionally) gives a shout-out to Chris

4 June, Twitter

Watching #Symphogear on @Crunchyroll; and look, although talking to [Chris] Yukine, they were a “Sonichu” short of calling me and my Cwcville counterpart out. LOL Awesome! [smiling emoji]


There are more Pokémon hybrids out there

6 June, Twitter


Hey @CWCSonichu, how to you feel about different kinds of Mobian-Pokemon hybrids? Since there's Pikachu/Raichu-Hedgehogs, why not Eevee-Foxes? Also can they live in CWCville or can only Sonichus and Rosechus live there?
There are a lot of Pokémon hybrids running around for real all around that world. So, I would not be surprised if a few of them were running around Cwcville, Springfield, Quahog, Africa, or wherever there. I’m not one to chronicle each and every one of them, but they’re cool.
Yeah, my Chronology is mainly in my own species and people of Sonichus and Rosechus, and what happens in the Nation of Cwcville and related wherever else that I have yet to learn about.

Stating the obvious about a game mechanic

9 June, Twitter

I have a couple of realizations to point out: firstly, why do we have a Score system with all of the Points? Score Points tally up for our own individual Experience Points! So, the higher your score in about anything, the sooner you can gather enough Experience to Level Up!


Sonichu 12-9 approaches completion

9 June, Twitter

There will be an Awesome fourth part for Sonichu 12-9. Also, NOTE: Sonichu Action does happen in the third part; drawing of those pages in progress.


Responding to a deleted comment:

Good Grief. News Flash: Nightstar is literally part Sonichu, and can transform into her Sonichu form like I am able to. It’s one book. If you want BAD DIRECTION, you should look up Idea Guy.

On being told that the Cutie Map mentioned in the comic is reserved for the MLP main characters only:

Okay, that is a hurtful comment to everyone else with an OC Pony; their OCs have as much chance at being called by the map as everypony else. And I Have the psychic connection to Nightstar as well. Anything IS Possible. Remember Roberta Sonichu making her Sonic Rainboom?


Chris shows off his Magi-Chan and Cryzel amiibos

9 June, Twitter[1]

Deleted tweet by a follower:

Hey Chris honest question why haven't you commissioned or asked someone to make plushies of Magi and Cryzel don't you want your sweethearts to have corporeal bodys thats what i did with my pokemon kids
Because I have the two Amiibo Figures I’ve already of them; Magi-Chan and Cryzel. 💜💙❤️😊


Night Star and Kun will be at BronyCon

9 June, Twitter

Chris foreshadows his lanyard at BronyCon 2018:

With BronyCon coming up, I feel the love couple of Nightstar and Kun Hanhphúc would be most appropriate to carry around. Besides which, I already am and have been cuddling with my Hubby and Honey since March, for real.

Responding to a troll comment:

MY LOVES HAVE PHYSICAL BODIES! They are as “Corpreal” as you and I and everyone else in this world.

Chris's dream

13 June, Twitter

Goood Morning, Everyone in this world of ours! 😃 I have a rather inspirational story to share. I had a dream this morning; it started nightmarish. It opened at a prison yard, with babies; sounded like a PSA for mental and common sense awareness for the mentally challenged. /1

Sadly, it went on to show one infant being suicidal and perished horribly. It continues to show other prisoners of various ages in their similar trials of being rather heavily suicidal, with the strongest amongst them who endured it all to live another day. /2

I was amongst those prisoners, facing amongst the higher series of challenges; there were saw blades, electric shocks, closing doors with metal teeth on the bottom of each of them. I was part of the higher lot who made it all the way to the farthest exit, blanketed with... /3

...jagged, cut sheet metal! And the pepper begins to fall; everyone who was still surviving started sneezing, but I was immune. I forced the small windows in front of me open to air the place out for everyone. And then I forced a door open for myself, made it out,... /4

..avoided the shooting poison darts and actually Earned my way OUT of the Prison Yard, Free to walk the railroads of life onward! I had also seen the pressures of the other inmates; pregnant mothers risking their infants lives to see if they would continue onward. And the.../5

...mothers, themselves, doing the same for themselves, seeing if they were quick enough to get out before the doors would crush them. Most of the infants and mothers made it out alive. It was very heart-wrenching to me to see each of them fighting so tough to live onward, .../6

...and then seeing the few who don’t make it out, but rooting for them, just the same as everyone else who made it out. Anyway, I ran forward along the railroad of life, finding the various obstacles along the way, from avoiding many falling War bombs and missiles to.../7

...buried land mines and incoming fast trains that would have killed me, but I managed to avoid the worst from all of them, and I was able to parkour through levels of various cityscapes, from those made of cardboard boxes, to those made of stacked junk and televisions, .../8

...and those made of wood, followed by cement and stone. And then finding my rise in this world with the help of my Sonichu, and he and I working tough together to continue along with our family and allies along the railroad and building parkour path of life, even.../9

...finding my own powers and leveling myself up further to earn them, as I had done before along my lifetime with all of my past experiences! And we all are still meeting more allies and friends who were high and higher up in that railroad of life with us. I tell you all.../10

...what, when I was a child with my autism and diagnosed, Others had stated that I would not be able to do much with myself, EVEN as simple as hand-writing my own name. But not only am I hand-writing and drawing, but I had graduated High School and Community College with.../11

...great grades and titles; I Worked Hard for all of that! And, sure, my comic book stories have room for improvement, but from humble details of childish-drawn pages, my loves and I have improved and are still learning about each other very much! Maybe not this book or.../12

...the next, but soon enough, I Will be able to fill in all of the plot holes and points with their other life details for everyone to enjoy in this and many, many years to come! 😃⚡️💖⚡️ But I digress. I want to inspire EVERYONE to do their best to LIVE and.../12-9

...Move Forward in your Individual, Respective Selves and Lives. Aim High for yourselves, but keep a grounded expectation for yourselves, so when the positive you wanted happens, you Can feel Content, and when the negative happens, you can still have the optimistic outlook.../14

...to continue onward time and again, because it happened, and you Have the Power to Do It Again until When you DO Achieve that GOAL for Yourselves! /15

Do For Yourselves! Love Yourselves and Everyone Else around You All! LIVE and Move Onward with your Lives in an Optimistic View! HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELVES AND OTHERS! HAVE HEART! LIVE AS LONG AS YOU ARE ABLE TO! BE HAPPY TOO!⚡️💖⚡️😃

Be YOU and Run Your Lives Awesome!😃⚡️💖⚡️

Send Chris Chan to Too Many Games

13 June, Twitter

Who wants to see me in Pennsylvania Next Week? Help me reach the goal by this weekend, if y’all do! https://www.gofundme.com/f/5oc2gtc

New business email

13 June, Twitter

I have a new business email address: ALL Business Contact and Inquiries are to be sent, please, to christine@cwcville.us

Thank You. 😊

Send Me to Too Many Games Convention

Main article: Send Me to Too Many Games Convention

13 June, Twitter

Send Me to Too Many Games Convention! https://youtu.be/9VNSBqSkNRQ via @YouTube

Chris gears to up to becoming a CPU

Main article: I need some local C64 Tech Help, Please

14 June, Twitter

Please, help me to get my old friend video-functional again.


I tried the ISO alcohol and cotton balls on the C64 AV; I got the worst of the old rust out. But now, it's still not outputting video to the monitor. I had tested the input of the monitor with a PS1; it worked great. So the monitor is definitely not the problem.

Responding to a deleted tweet:

I hope so. Too bad I don’t know much about circuitry, which is why I asked for a local expert techie to respond and help me sort it out.

Almost ready for TooManyGames

16 June, Twitter

I Am Almost Set for Going; I still need money for Hotel and Gas, and the GFM goal is stuck at $60 out of $400. Please, Help Me This Weekend to Fully Reach Thag Goal, so I’ll see you all next weekend! 😀⚡💖⚡ Early Access to my Printed Autograph Cards for in-person Kindness!

Not responsible for Geno Samuel's termination

16 June, Twitter

In reference to Geno Samuel (Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History) being terminated by YouTube on 13 June:

People have been asking me if I took down a YouTube documentary series by Geno Samuel. I had nothing to do with that and hope Geno and his fanbase can recover swiftly from this incident.

You are not alone!

16 June

Chris appears in a brony collab video (4:50)


Bonus! Look for me near the end! Everyone with us all in the LGBTQ: You All Are Not Alone!

'You Will Be Found' - GIANT BRONY GROUP COLLAB || Raising Money for Char... https://youtu.be/gShy1U1RI7A via @YouTube

Pride Month drawing June 2018.jpg

Reflecting on the "Not Alone" video

17 June, Twitter

Soooo Awesome to have been a Part of this project, alongside my loves, family, allies and friends! Thank you, @ObabScribbler for doing this thing for everyone! #youwillbefound #youarenotalone

It also makes for a great pair to play this song alongside M.J.’s “You Are Not Alone”.


Thank you, father!

17 June, Twitter

#HappyFathersDay to each and every Father in This World and in Every Single Other Dimension Too! My father is alive again! I still love him, even in his checker-patterned glory! ⚡💙❤️⚡

Father's Day 2018.jpg

Play on words

22 June, Twitter

Chris driving to TooManyGames:

Damn! I’m driving on a Dam!


Chris arrives at TooManyGames

Main article: TooManyGames

22 June, Twitter

I am here! Find me; selfies, hugs and smiles with and from me are free!

Autographed card, on the spot, this weekend only: only $5.00. Cash or card. 😀

Chris comfort eats after being removed from the convention

23 June, Twitter

After being kicked out of TooManyGames for inappropriate behavior, Chris visits Collegeville Italian Bakery Pizzeria Napoletana:

I just made Collegeville Bakery 20% Cooler with my presence. TMG’s LOSS; Their Gain! I also suggested a new pizza, The Sonichu Zap! featuring Yellow Peppers. Their Pizza is the Best! Come on down and make The Sonichu Zap! a Pennsylvania Pizza Special; Personally Approved! 😀⚡


Chris apologizes

23 June, Twitter

Apologies to the #TooManyGames convention goers and especially @jab50yen.

I didn't notice I had received a warning to stop making physical contact with people taking pictures with me until after I had been asked to leave. They only sent the warning to me over Facebook Messenger.

Chris tries to rationalize his TMG behavior

24 June, Twitter

One Question: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD? A peck on the cheek from a Celebrity that One Likes, Positively Mind You, Is NOT OFFENSIVE To Me. What Really Ticks Me Off is that ANY Displays of Likes and Affection is VIEWED AS TABOO AND MORE OFFENSIVE Than BLOODY, GOREY VIOLENCE.
And HOW do I Feel after all of the LOVE and POSITIVITY I had been finding and giving back and sharing around, it all turned around against me in One Felt Swoop? I Feel Emotionally Hungover and like a load of crap. 😔😣😭
I am going to Tell ALL OF YOU Hater Trolls Something, RIGHT NOW! I WILL Remain Optimistic and Open-Hearted, and I am NOT Going to FAIL! I have the LOVE of my REAL Positive and Kind People and Fans, and I have the LOVE of my Partners: Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo, Here!
They are Right Here with me, and they Directly, Offline, Communicate With Me Always. And More Importantly, I Love Them All, and They Love Me Truly. This Is Real. ⚡❤️💜💙❤️💜⚡

Quoting a now deleted tweet:

The People There HUGGED With Me, Openly; they had the option to NOT Hug or Push Me Away, but no one did. They had the option to stay at arm’s length distance away from me, but they didn’t. They had the options to keep away from me, but they all did not. https://twitter.com/rebel_demi_god/status/1010855657820573696
BUT They all Chose in Consent to Hug and be that close with me. And they did it out of kindness and love. THAT is very Proud-Worthy with me, Always. ⚡💖💖💖⚡ LOVE IS LOVE!!!

Random-access humor

24 June, Twitter

Americat’s Got Talent! 😸

Chris retreats to his fantasy world

24 June, Twitter

In reference to this TMG panel:

Dreams CAN Come True! History In The Making! I, Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu, told Dr. Eggman off. And Bonus!, Bowser was there and Laughed his ass off! 😀⚡💖⚡😆

[Photo of this drawing uncolored]

Despite what happened at TMG, Chris has lost his water bottle

24 June, Twitter

Also, I lost my water bottle at the time of the incident, or possibly in Panel Room 2. It is the same model as the one in this photo, but it is Blue. If Found, Please Mail it back to me immediately. @TooManyGames

I am Ignoring ALL Comments under this post, PERIOD.

Thank you.


The Namgge video

24 June, Twitter

Found It! Yay! 😀

A happening at toomanygames 2018 [ Chris Chan vs. Mike Pollock Mental Me... https://youtu.be/IquJTY1HMic via @YouTube

Calling out Gruntchovski

28 June, Twitter

Hey! I’ve heard of the Pony-Hating Gruntchovski and his crew. I have a message for you lot: you all are Bastards! If I see any of your mugs in Cwcville, BronyCon, or Anywhere Else, We will take you lot down!

CWC calls out Gruntchovski.jpg

Gruntchovski is known as an anti-Brony.

Chris quickly deleted the tweet. An archive is here.

Meet Scarlet

29 June, Twitter

Everyone, this is my interpretation of Scarlet, the CPU Goddess of the Commodore Consoles and the Nation of Comma. There are many Notes about her to follow. For now, I ask everyone to please listen and heed my words in everything. Also, Draw Scarlet/Blue Heart very well, and pray

Scarlet Commodore CPU.jpg

These are Notes about Scarlet, the Console Patron Unit of the Commodore Consoles, and what we will need to do as soon as possible, rather or not y’all believe me. This shit is real.

Cowardly Jerk, Justin Silverman

29 June, Twitter

After discovering TMG organizer, Justin Silverman's communication with a CWCki editor, Chris confronts him:

Hey, Cowardly Jerk, @JustySilverman.

"I warned her face to face"; NO, You Did Not! You cowered behind Facebook during a time I was VERY UNLIKELY to even look at my phone, AND I did have it on silent. You’re lucky I have such a big heart and kindness, otherwise I’d do worse now.


@CWCSonichu "Cowardly Jerk" Justin Silverman here. I warned you when you FIRST came in. You agreed to what I said, staff said you were warned as well. Sorry I had to FB message you, couldn't find you among the 15k attendees. Also, you tweet this seconds after liking half my posts on FB????


My liking your recent posts are separate from what happened last Saturday. And you warned me Not to use my bat against anyone; you did not say “Don’t Kiss Anyone” to me right there. You should have found me around that 11:00 am time, borrowed me for a moment, and told me then.

Chris lowers Silverman on the Scale of Respect:

Instead, your warning was through Facebook Messenger during the time I was Very Unable to look at my phone. You should have done your job and better. The grade I give you for how you did, I would have to give you Two out of Five; Under Mediocre.
You think about that, dude. YOU HAD your chance to to your job right, and you Epic Failed. Peace.

Chris pulls the "I've matured" card

29 June, Twitter

By the way, everyone, I Do accept that I, in fact, kissed a lot fans who hugged me, on their face cheeks. I was opening myself more to everyone; I really had no idea that was a bad thing to a lot of individuals. And for offending those with my kisses, I am really sorry, and...
...from now on, I promise to keep my lips to myself from now on, unless the other person requests a kiss on the face cheek from me, period. Please, forgive and forget that, and let us all move forward in our lives. I Have Learned the Lesson all too well. And thanks to...

@JustySilverman, that lesson will Not be forgotten anytime soon or later.

Thank You All.

[GIF of Snoopy hugging Charlie Brown]

Robotnik's voice isn't Jim Carrey! Change it back now!

29 June, Twitter

BOO!!! Carrey does not have the chops to get Eggman’s Voice as Awesome as it has been with Mike. Let Mike Voice Eggman in this movie! Jim Carrey to Play Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog Movie!


Shared from my Google feed

Someone tweeted:

I take it back the Sonic movie is going to be stupid. But it’s gonna be so bad it’s good.

On 30 June, Chris replied:


I mean, just, UGH!!!

Even Sonic, himself, states that this movie does no good justice for him at all. It’s the “Sonic Boom” video game all over again, but in Movie Form, and no blue arms. My two cents, I would Protest to make the movie BETTER and have the people take a Lot more time on it. ⚡️⚡️

Zap to the Extreme

30 June

I want to make a note: after some time, I’d thought “Zap to the Extreme” to be trite-sounding. But more recently, I have literally been feeling more and more of the Electricity inside myself (Not killing myself, mind you), but I dare say now, LET’S ALL ZAP IT UP TO THE EXTREME!