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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during August 2017. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. William Elliott Waterman and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

#HarassCWCDirectly and gender pronoun correction

8 August

If you Can Not say it Directly to Me, then Do Not Say It At All! #HarassCWCdirectly

8 August

And I Am Woman! So Use the Correct Pronoun about me: I AM SHE!!!

Good joke

23 August

Chris screencapped a Kiwi Farms post from PsychoNerd054[1] and commented:

Ha-ha, ha ha! Funny Joke, y'all! Best Joke on your Forum EVER!

Kiwi Farms screencap, 23 August 2017 1.jpg Kiwi Farms screencap, 23 August 2017 2.jpg

Thanks for featuring me

23 August

Chris thanks Kiwi Farms users for posting photos of him at BronyCon.

Most of these were posted on the Trolls' Forums, so thank you al for featuring them. Have a great and safe day.

He attached a gif:

Watching you.gif

On the Soul Bargain autograph

23 August

Chris commented on a Kiwi Farms post about an autograph he signed for a fan at BronyCon, who, as a joke, wrote on it that Chris was signing over his soul.

Also, I did not have my soul to sell, because God and Jesus already owned it since my Baptism at Church Years ago.

Rowan D.:

I don't think God "owns" souls. He is simply a part of it.


Part-Owner; therefore, I can't sell or give it away to anyone. Point Proven.

More Night Star fanart

24 August, 6:23 am

New Night Star Piece from a friend.

Nightstar 24 august fanart.jpg

MLP theory, based on listening to Night Star

24 August, 6:10 am

I Just had a theory about Lyra Heartstrings, and possibly a meaning behind her Cutie Mark. It dawned on me just now as I was listening in to a conversation between her and Night Star; both of which were standing on their hind legs. Practice Made Perfect for both of them. Anyhow, and this also can explain how she was able to be in Cloudsdale (despite a background pony mistake). I believe when Lyra's horn first went off, it ascended her, literally, into the heavens. Not only to Pegasus heights, but to Heavenly heights and knowledge; saw some angels, maybe saw their God character; played an angel's harp. And then she was gently brought back down to Equestria. She earned her Cutie Mark, And learned of the magic to make herself walk on clouds, And the anthropology. Also, if you want to add chest fluff, that is definitely from spending a lot of time in the skies with all that wind. Awesome job, Lyra.

Lyra heartstrings.jpg

Chris still blames Snyder for everything

28 August, 10:20 pm

Ha! Six years ago, I was still figuring myself out, my father died that September, Snyder snared me into his trap and made my mother and I lose just about All of the remaining money my dad had left us. '11 was not a good year for me. And right now, I'm more dissapointed with all the Internet Trolls and CyberBullies.

SnyderFacebookCap8 28 2017.jpeg

Still frustrated over being blocked

29 August, 2:49 pm

Ugh. I am pushing through my emotions to colour this week's pages, but I am seriously feeling weighed down. And I have Six and a half pages to go right now.

What really has me feeling weighed down is between #DoopieDoover, #TabithaStGermain and #JessieNowacking all Blocking me on Twitter, Instead of the Trolls who actually do all of the Harassing. I was being Supportive and genuinely thankful and Kind, between being thankful for meeting more people I like through Twitter on #NationalGirlfriendDay, Despite not totally being friends yet. And, more recently, taking her feedback from online dating sites for advice and interpreting it for myself. I ended up putting multiple factors together to form a type of person that might have been a problem for her. Yes, I made a jump there, but in being empathetic about all that, I was being Supportive in relating to having to deal with that type of person who is more preoccupied with themselves who appeared to be a match on an online dating site, but not working out. All in all, I sincerely meant well, and sharing kindness and compassion.

But factor in all of the Trolls and Bullies that Follow me and Harass ME and the people I talk with, Leave it up to Them to be all, "Hey! We are going to Harass you And Christine, but we're telling you that Christine is Harassing you; she's on our side, or some sh**. She is not sincere; Look at her Past that she clearly has never matured from, even though she repeatedly says that she has. We are Serious Decepticons who will Blackmail You, unless you Block Christine. And, Guess What, we Will continue to Badmouth You, even after you Block the Hero! You Chose Wrong in Blocking Her, the Hero, and Not Us; Now We Overrun Your Twitter and Life."

I Genuinely and Sincerely Promote Love, Kindness and Compassion, and I do not harass anyone. I may digress on in an extended thought set that goes beyond the One-Hundred and Forty Character Limit, but my Heart IS there, and I Have learned from the Five-Plus-Year Old Mistakes and Mis-Content They continue to judge me Wrongfully about and over, and divide us. They do this with Everyone; they Judge Everyone on their Horrid Past, to force us Divided from each other.

We Have the Power to Not let Them divide us,. Do NOT Let the Trolls and Bullies have their Hatred-Fueled Power; #BlockTheTrolls; #DoNotBlockTheHeroes! 🌸🎵⚡️🌈💖🌈⚡️🎵🌸

I will have the pages completed and uploaded very soon; thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a good and safe day.

He then tweeted:

Read these, @DoopieDoOver , @StTabitha and @Nowacking . #DoNotBlockTheHeroes ; #BlockTheTrolls!

He also included screencaps of his Facebook post.

Kim Wilson expressed concern:

Christine Weston Chandler Do you even listen to women when they give you criticism? I read what bothered Doopie. Everyone except you saw it.

Doopie said that you were disturbing her out with your pet names and being intrusive and creepy. When she told you to stop, you evaded her block.

That is stalker behavior.

I fear you will murder someone one day and blame it on the trolls. You blamed your intrusive interactions with Doopie on the trolls. What else will you blame on them?

Still mad at trolls (August 29th)

In response to this tweet.

You Trolls and Haters can't fix yourselves by breaking up me and the people I talk and share with on Twitter.

Coffee (August 30th)

Whoo! I am feeling Hyped Right Now! Thank You, Coffee! Ye-Hoo!

Chris still doesn't understand apologies (August 31st)

In response to this tweet. The original poster did not appear to be speaking to Chris directly.

I Have apologized; I Have acted on that apology; Pay Attention, Haters: I Have Improved. NO Harassment since December, 2014. 🎵🤘