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This page is an archive of Chris' Facebook posts during September 2016. Posts are sorted by date and linked to the source material from Facebook. Notable comments will be archived and color-coded for reference; those who consistently respond to Chris' posts, e.g. Kenneth Englehardt and Jessica Quinn, are colored in red and green respectively, while infrequent responders are colored in orange, yellow or purple.

Trump is crazy in the head

6 September at 3:13 am

Here is Trump for who he really is. Crazy in the head like G1 Galvatron, post-movie.

Donald trump the transformer.jpg
6 September at 3:21 am

Brawn says to Trump, "Get away from me, you stupid lug nut." Trump say, "Brawn, it's me! Donald Trump." Brawn replies, "I know who you are. That's why I'm voting for Hillary."

He linked to this video:

6 September at 3:42 am

Go ahead, viral this photo, and Meme It Up!

#VotesforHillary #DumpTrump

Cwc meme trump.jpg


Jessica Quinn

I think both candidates are horrible. They practically ARE cartoon characters running for the White House. 😢 🇺🇸

Chris, 6 September at 7:25 am

Hillary is still the better choice; she is Pro LGBTQ and Pro Immigration too. Plus, this country is Long overdue for a Woman's touch.

Jessica Quinn

Out of curiosity Christine, when you bring up Hillary being Pro Immigration - what does that mean to you? What's your opinion or views on issues regarding out immigration policies in this country.

I'm just curious and was wondering if you'd weigh in on it.

Chris, 7 September at 5:16 pm

In regard to Trump wanting to hire the Mexicans to build a wall to keep those same people out of the US. That pissed me off hearing that.

William Elliott Waterman

Did you make this, Christine? The order the text is meant to be read in is a lot like the dialogue in Sonichu.

Chris, 7 September at 5:17 pm

Left to right, top to bottom, plus the text is over the respective character saying them.

Reminder of creative prime

Chris had seen his own post from a year ago, due to Facebook's On This Day Memory feature.

7 September at 5:14 pm

Just a nice reminder from Facebook in my history when I was in a creative prime, before More Shocks happened that shut my creative feelings down. Ugh! Among which, Damn Internet Trolls and Bullies.


Jessica Quinn, September 7 at 3:18pm

You just need to ease yourself back into it. Focus on doing it for yourself first and foremost. Outside factors shouldn't be keeping you away from the things you like to do! 👍

William Elliot Waterman, September 8 at 3:31am

You're just going to let Shocks make you stop being creative?

Jessica Quinn, September 9 at 12:58pm

It's pretty common for people with depression to lose interest in doing things that once made them happy. It's really not that unusual. You just need to take everything in baby steps.

Hitler and the Autobots

Chris, 10 September at 12:19 am

I have recently looked up what the Autobahn was: the highways and highway laws in Germany. I liked the pun between "Autobahn" and "Autobot". With this education, the joke is valid, says the soldier to Hitler: "Mein Fuher, Heil. (Spits into Hitler's face) There is und Autobot on the Autobahn. What do you think about that?"

And then, I remember the G1 episode with Octane and Trypticon in the Russian(?) country. I wondered if any Decepticons had a deal with Hitler, how would that played out? Too bad he died in 1945; that might have been an interesting scenario.


Jessica Quinn

Ah... call me crazy, but I think the death of a genocidal maniac bent on world domination was sorta worth missing out on a transformers joke. Just saying.

William Elliot Waterman

Autobahn sounds like what admins do when trolls just wanna have some fun.

58 Genders

17 September at 4:44 pm

I really did not know how many genders there are, but I am not and do not judge. Have a good day.

At #CVillePride2016

He linked to this:

Vinyl and I at Cville Pride 2016

17 September at 5:25 pm

Vinyl and I are enjoying the music at #CVillePride2016.

Cwc and vinyl dolls at Cville Pride 2016.jpg

Transformers is baffling

17 September at 11:56 pm

I have a question. Is Transformers, Generation 1, more Japanese or American? The original toys were Takara in Japan, but America made the tv show from the toys. Also, in a lot of cases, the Japanese versions of a lot of the figures had More features, such as some of the new Titan Masters deluxe figures include a Headmaster's vehicle, and some of the faces on the small figures differ from some of the American versions. It gets baffling.

Shortly afterwards, he edited it to include this:

And another example: look at Hardhead. In Japan, the face is accurate to the TV show, and includes the vehicle for the headmaster.

Hardhead in America

Hardhead in Japan


Chris, 18 September at 12:25 am

I feel like #Hasbro is being cheap, or gypping us, compared to #Takara.

Another memory

Chris had seen his own post from 2014, due to Facebook's On This Day Memory feature.

18 September at 8:56 pm

Still relevant after two years; just a reminder...

Another new cat

19 September at 6:16 pm

Hey, everyone. This is our new adopted pet, Sorbet. One out of a litter of four (two went elsewhere); we've been feeding the family of cats for a few months now. Sorbet's sister is more white than orange, but seeing that kitten first, I called her Orange Cream, then I saw this one and "Orange Sorbet" came to mind.

A few weeks ago, I noticed something wrong with Sorbet's left rear paw, but I was unable to pick him up to see it better until last Tuesday. Half of the paw was missing; looked to be cut off; I have no idea or inkling how. Anyhow, I ran him to the SPCA in CVille, but wouldn't help us since we live in Green County. So they directed me to the G.C. animal shelter; they were not a vet, but they directed me to an inexpensive vet with no overhead, Dr. Hagen. He and his staff has been able to successfully close the wound, and it is healing very well. I have been keeping him inside in my bedroom, with Lucy to keep him company.

On that, I would also like to point out that regardless of what I spend our money on, what I spend the money I get at the beginning of the month is none of your business (nosey Trolls). We have been faring okay the past few weeks, so I have not had to ask for more money for the while since I last uploaded such a request video. Anyhow, from among that and kind donations, we were able to afford the bills for Sorbet's operation and healing. So, this little kitten is able to better walk again thanks to the help of contributions from kind people like y'all. Thank you. :)

I still am taking paid video requests, and kind donations to my PayPal are still greatly appreciated towards keeping us fed and healing. All donated funds do not get used for the trivialities aside. That's the bit of allowance fun from within the first half of the month; I have to have a break to relieve the tension now and then, okay? Everyone does. So there.

But this second half of the month is down on us this time around, so donations and money from video requests are appreciated. You know my number to text me.

Have a good and safe day.

Poop Magic

22 September at 5:44 pm

I'm sure they meant "Pony Magic", but darn, this is just silly-cray. LOL

Poop magic.jpg

Registered to vote

Chris registered to vote using a Facebook app.

24 September at 2:42 am

registered to vote.

#VoteHillary #VoteDittmar


Kim Wilson

Christine Weston Chandler

Haha, I'm guessing the "VoteHillary" thing is ironic? Yeah, Hillary is pretty terrible.

I can't remember if you saw it, but there's that god awful "woman card" thing she was giving out. It was so sexist.

But on the other hand, Trump's not great. He's lucky he's running against Hillary. She makes him look good lol!

24 September at 11:41 pm

I do not like what you are saying. The Woman Card is a souvenir icon against Trump playing the "Woman Card"; I felt it was a fair move for her. I Have a Woman Card. Hillary is Not Terrible. Trump is just an immature brat who mocks everyone, and Wants the immigrants to build their own "Keep Out" wall so Trump would kick them all out. And Hillary is Pro LGBTQ; Trump hates our kind.

Therefore, I feel I must respond to your statement with a big "Booooo!"

Kim Wilson

Oh sorry! I thought it was ironic.

I would've been more respectful otherwise.

Do you have any favorites for any other offices?

25 September at 3:13 am

Not really; Politics are not really my cup of tea, but I generally go for the person who has shown most positive personality traits and habits. Not to mention that women are smarter. And I have heard more good of her than of him, so there.

I also will state that I hold onto my Woman Card as a symbol for not only women's rights, strengths, and so forth, but also a symbol against egotistical people who ridicule women.

Not to mention, if Matt Groening's prediction of Trump is one to go by from the "Bart to the Future" Simpson's episode, Trump would probably and like make this country's finances go broke.

Plus, Trump is just too damn rich And immature. And "Trump" spelled backwards is "Pmurt", which rhymes with "Hurt", and he would badly "Pmurt" this country in office.

More Cat Photos

25 September at 2:57 am

Here are three comfy kitties, but "one of them is not like the others". Go ahead and take a guess.

A day later, Chris edited the post with the answer.

26 September at 11:38 am

The answer: Sorbet and Lucy are comfy on soft fabrics; Polo is comfy on hard furniture.

Does Vinyl Scratch finally speak?

26 September at 11:41 am

I have been looking forward to the new Equestria Girls movie for months now; waiting for its DVD/Blu-Ray release. YET! The movie is Prematurely on YouTube. I do not want to watch it on there beforehand. Just, anyone else who has seen it on there, just One Question, simple "Yes" or "No"; No Details or Spoilers, Please... Does Vinyl Scratch/DJ Finally Speak a line or so in this movie?


William Elliott Waterman:

They don't deserve your money for this. Go ahead and steal it on youtube to give them the message you deserve it for free.

Chris, 26 September at 5:05 pm

That is your opinion, and I disagree with you.

Well, alright then. I think the humanoid ponies are kinda creepy looking if you ask me.
Chris, 26 September at 5:07 pm

Don't hate. Love and Kindness is more attractive and appreciated.

Gee, creepiness isn't equivalent to contempt. A lot of the places in EarthBound were great because they were so intentionally creepy. Just replace the line "the zombie stares through your soul" with "the equestria girls stare through you soul." The effect is magical, isn't it?

Watching the Debate

27 September at 11:24 am

Watching the debate on YouTube now; I ended up having to hit the hay early, as I had to get up early this morning to take Sorbet to the vet for his next bandage change. #VoteHillary #VoteDittmar

"Thoughts" on the debate

27 September at 1:46 pm

**Hillary is Still the Smart and Soundest Person to be President**

I have watched and listened to Hillary and Trump; I still am full agreement with her.

She remained on topic with the questions and remained cool-headed. Whereas "Pmurt" was as hot-headed as ever, and he wandered off-topic. As for the topics, I feel Hillary stands better on the plan for finances, as well as taxing the more wealthy, she also has good and valid ideals for the races and cyber-security.

"Pmurt" was a one-track tape, repeating himself on pat deeds that he was "proud"(?) of. That is not good. Neither was his ideals of cutting finances from all of the more important resources the country needs in communities and feeding the industries from the National Debt. And he acted against the immigrants in that topic as well; they have to work too, you know.

I remain at an honor and privilege to #VoteHillary in November.

Make more Transformers toys

29 September at 10:34 pm

I just had a thought: Blaster's new minicon base mode is good, then I recalled that part between Blaster and Perceptor in the original Movie. Perceptor would make a good Base Mode as well. Do you hear that #Hasbro and #Takara: Percepter, being the Microscope for one mode, and a Base Mode for another, AND as a Titan Master. Think about it.

He linked to this: