September 2020 social media posts

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January18SonichuBodyswapArt.jpg Delusion disclosure: This article or section takes place during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu. He may refer to his Christine Chandler personality and physical body in the third person by using terms such as "mama".

This page is an archive of Chris's major social media posts during September 2020.

Posts are color-coded yellow to reflect his role-playing as Sonichu during this month.

Correcting PoGo noobs

1 September

A Twitter user was was complaining about the Pokémon GO Mega Evolution system, and another Twitter user replied that mega Houndoom was 275 million raids, Chris swiftly stepped in to correct this egregious mistake

That was actually 275 million Battles; not Raids. You can clock that in between the GO Battle League or battling your online friends without a hitch.

Analysis Anarchy Part 4 stream

4 September

Live Streaming of me reacting to #TF2 #AnalysisAnarchy #RedVsBlue Part Four in over a half hour from now on YouTube.

Sonic 06 remake

8 September

Chris quote tweets a giveaway asking about what people would like to see for Sonic The Hedgehog's 30th anniversary.

For Senpai’s 30th Anniversary in this Dimension’s chronicling and existence, a total and well-done remake of Sonic ‘06; no glitches or bothersome loading screens and additional new content.

Holy water

8 September

In response to someone sending an image of Sonichu in pain from holy water.

Oh, please. Holy Water does not sting me at all. You should try Mama’s Holy Water.

Mama Chris Chan

8 September

Prof. Drew (@Orangetheorange)

Thank you Chris Chan, very cool
This is Sonichu; not Mama Chris Chan.

Sonichu's height

12 September

An artist tweets at Chris with an image of Sonichu standing next to them

That’s cool, but a Sonichu that tall is very rare; our average height, including myself and Rosey, from foot to top of head is 3’5”.

Adventure Time

12 September

Silver-Quill (@MLPSilverQuill)

What's this? A birthday for one of the nicest people I've ever met? Happy Birthday, @Finn_the_pony!

Happy Birthday GIF

Yay! Happy Birthday to you, Finn. “Adventure Time, come on, grab your friends and go to Very distant lands with Sonichu and Rosey Rosechu the fun will never end.” I can’t help but sing that during some of our extensive #PokemonGO outings when we explore new streets in the van.⚡

A user expresses concern over him driving around while playing Pokemon GO, especially in AR mode.

We do not use the AR mode.

Chris the Multi-linguist

13 September

听着,全世界的每个人,克里斯·陈·索尼丘是我们的女神和救世主;当我们和所有虚构和原创人物在同一合并维度中共存时, 她将处理剩余的错误。
Escuchen bien, todos en todo el mundo, Chris Chan Sonichu es nuestra diosa y salvadora; ella va a la derecha de los errores restantes a medida que coexistimos en la misma dimensión combinada con todos los personajes ficticios y originales.
Our Goddess hears and speaks all languages. ⚡⚡⚡

All three foreign tweets roughly translate to: "Listen, everyone in the world, Chris Chan Sonichu is our goddess and savior; once our dimensions merge with all the OCs, she will correct the remaining mistakes."

The stupid haters

13 September

vimhomeless (@VimHomeless)

Oh dang, i got more hate art of me!

You know what they say "If you spit upon me, I shall spit upon you in return. This is fair in the eyes of god." - leviticus 2:23

You’re not alone in that. Mama responded after finding all of that hate art, and what happened after her retaliation? Not much. The stupid haters are gonna do what they’re gonna do. And you know what they want: a response and rise out of you. They Win if you retaliate.

Visions of the future

14 September

Chris links a My Little Pony video discussing one of the characters' visions of the future.

#FireyJoker actually got a bunch of details right when it comes to foresight ability, and this was a dilemma Mama had been dealing with in her visions, as vague in detail as they were. ⚡⚡⚡
And everyone of you all will recall that Mama did imply when she shared her visions and whatnot in the past: pretty much how each of you will or have interpreted that, regardless of cynicism in any form, because that is a literal moot point. Yes, that includes #AynWye.


15 September

An artist tweets at Chris with fanart of Sonichu, Rosechu, and several other characters. Chris mistakes one of them for Patti.

Super Cute! And you even got Patti; bonus awesomeness. ⚡⚡⚡
At least I think that’s Patti; looks like her, but the tail is off, so please correct me if I’m mistaken.

Fan comic replies

19 September

Chris replies to multiple tweets from an artist displaying a Sonichu fan comic.

Correction, I bathe most every night in the shower with Rosey.
Uh, we’re not blood siblings. The common thing is that we’re Special Sonichus and Rosechus, and our origins involved the Chaotic Rainbow of February, 2003, when Super Sonic collided with me at Station Square and all that.
Firstly, it was Christine Chan of C-197, not Mama, who wanted to do that, and Christine Chan was not the one who married Magi-Chan. Second, and regardless, Mama really regretted those gay-shaming moments and wishes she had never put them in her books.

Chris replies to his previous reply

Yeah, Magi-Chan knew throughout all dimensions and timelines, including this one, most of the Chris Chan Sonichus, Mama included, were all bisexual. Just my two bolts. ⚡⚡

Christine Chan

19 September

A Twitter user asks Chris if Christine Chan is the same as Chris Chan Sonichu or if they are someone else.

They are the OG, central self-counterparts of each other between here in 1218 and there in C-197. Differences of life events; Christine Chan was directly linked with Mama’s subconscious. Also, to differentiate between the two Chris Chans, that is what we call C-197 Chris Chan.

Weenery and Ben Saint

20 September

A ween tweets at Chris in order to fulfill their epic trolling plan.

You can shut the fuck up, too.

Ben Saint, Prophet of C-197's ENDLESS WAR 💚👁️💚 (@ItsAllSoUgly)

Same, she really needs to address it before CWCville is reduced to rubble
It has been done and overwith; Cwcville is safe, solid and still there with all its civilians. Shut the fuck up, Ben. ⚡⚡⚡
He's very serious about this. I've tried to reason with him but his mind is made up.
And I am serious too. In our dimension in this timeline, we have settled the differences with NLACAAKANM and Arizona’s government long time ago. Your inept minds are stuck in an alternate timeline from this one, right here. Here, it is the Omega Timeline; not your Alpha or Beta.
We have greater things than your petty alt-timeline to worry over. Ben, you are Not the prophet of this timeline anymore. Again, dude: Shut the fuck up. Any more further on this, and I’ll block you. You’re no longer riding on our fame.

[GIF of Hulk Hogan doing a mic drop]

Chris Chan VS The Internet cancellation rant

20 September

Hey. I found this on YouTube last night. I, Sonichu, and on behalf of Mama Chris Chan, herself: I simply can not say enough loving and good things about this, and it was only the trailer of the documentary that should have been, in this timeline.

The fact that “Chris Chan VS. The Internet” was cancelled, because of the rage and shit from the bunch of haters amongst the internet trolls, and then some, calling the project fake and a scam. Let me make it clear: this was not a scam at all, this was legitimate, business, and there were genuine contracts and business contacts and everything. Mama took lots of loving and down-to-earth time, out of her schedule, to simply be pure and herself for all of you, because she is not totally about the shouting videos or any of the NSFW shit; she was a fragile individual who had to suffer and endure a whole bunch of unrequited crap and circumstances in her life, partly due to a lot of the trolls, and especially the haters. She told you all time and again that she was not a monster.

She would have gladly talked more and praised the project and the kickstarter as it was happening, but in the contract she signed, she was not allowed to talk about the movie for a month to a year. And the filmmaker was trying to avoid the harsh feedback in risk of the project becoming cancelled because of it. His reasons and fears were obviously confirmed. And this genuine documentary would have been like the Holy Grail of all Chris Chan Documentaries, because it was genuine. Even trumping @genosamuelgeno’s series, easy. And, bonus, it literally had an interview with Megan Schroeder, herself. And, yes, that was her voice and her back in the Trailer.

You all could have had this genuine and heart-felt gem, but you’ve had to shoot yourselves in the freaking feet by spamming hatred like a bunch of beheaded chickens or ”World War Z” Zombies. You all literally have no one to blame but yourselves. But, surrre, blame some else, entirely by, yet again, spamming your fetish-level hatred like crazed lunatics all over again.

Hey, Haters and Trolls, 2007 called; they want their Encyclopedia of Drama back. And, yes, I am making the reference. Enjoy your dysfunctional lifestyles, haters and bad trolls, as much pity and empathy I feel for you lot, because your lives are a worse hell than anyone else’s in this dimension. Your time is about up in this timeline. ⚡⚡⚡

Here is a constructive idea for you all, and everyone in general, as it is common sense: instead of fetishing your hatred upon others, fetish in counting your blessings that you have around you that you’ve overlooked all of this time. I guarantee you have more than ten blessings.Get your heads away from your monitors, phones, cigarettes, drugs and shit, and Look around for yourselves.


21 September

Raven (@RavenSunArt)

Note: This is just a smol vent doodle, I'll be fine! I apologize if I haven't had the bandwidth to interact / post much recently. There's a lot going on irl that's causing me stress / pressure, and 2020 in general is just taking a toll right now.
I feel you. My kind prayers go out to you. You do not have to be your own worst enemy. Count your blessings and positive strengths; don’t count the negatives.


22 September

An enabler artist tweets at Chris with fanart of Punchy.

That is really cool. ⚡⚡⚡


22 September

CosmicKeyframe (COMMISSIONS CLOSED) (@CosmicKeyframe)

There’s a new fire near us and the sky was yellow. I swear I may be allergic cause when it started accumulating I got sickly tired and passed out for a few hours.
Stay Safe, Key. I’ve been watchful of the more recent events; it’s been fire from Reshiram to the west, lightning and rain from Zekrom here in the east, and Kyurem with the neutral chill after the fact. I also relay that to all the other Analyst friends of yours as well, there.

Ben Saint

22 September

To @ItsAllSoUgly, from Chris Chan Sonichu of the Alpha Timeline:

“Your “Slime and Punishment” ended long ago. Our Cwcville and Arizona have made amends. Our mutual grievances remain with you and your motley crew. Even Phantom Horn, himself, has a horn to pick with you. See you.”

[Weird three-dimensional GIF]

Ben Saint, Prophet of C-197's ENDLESS WAR 💚👁️💚 (@ItsAllSoUgly)

Nice! Stay tuned for the TRUE Slime & Punishment finale!


23 September

mm-LJ (HoneyL17) (comms open now!) (@Honey_bits)

I have an idea for another OC group mash up picture that I'll work on for October.

However, I'm looking for Eggman Empire OCs for this next project, so send them my way! I'm adding incentives for people who will tip me, but otherwise anyone can join! More details later!

Can’t have an Electric Brigade without us literal Electric types in it. Don’t worry, we’re on call to get your back. ⚡⚡⚡


Thick thighs

24 September

In response to a ween commenting on how artists draw Sonichu's with thick thighs.

AshleyRosechu (@RosechuHorrors)

Because all Sonichu’s are either Big Titty Goth gfs or Thicc Trap Fembois
Okay, that sounds like wrongful stereotyping. Don’t do that.

Cwcville Shopping's State and Future and Kiwi Farms Whining

28 September

My apologies for delaying in talking about this for weeks now. The Cwcville Shopping site has been closed, because Mama’s bank account was low when the payment was due for that month.

Aside from that, I am presently in cooperation and works with our allies and circles of friends who will be selling the books, #TSSSF cards, and so on, on our behalf, with personal agreements and blessings. This transition period has not been easy. We will have a couple more shops online as soon as possible for new patrons that will personally be Tweeted on here. Medallions will also be reproduced with greater blessings and energy directly from the original medallion that is this one on me, albeit with or without a literal Mega Stone in it, and no shrinkie dinks or the amethyst chunks. More details will come on this.

September28TwitterMedallion1.jpg September28TwitterMedallion2.jpg

And nobody has been forgotten during all of this. The freaking Covid pandemic has been most discordant with this dimension in this timeline. For now, chillax, everyone.

Thank you for your continued patience and patronage. ⚡⚡⚡

Also, I do not appreciate the pinned post on the Kiwi that speaks against buying things from Mama. Yes, I agree, her business model was well and good for a while, but there have been far greater events and dimensional resonances that needed to be observed and addressed.

One day, you all will get the basic idea of the psychic and deity-level problems our Chris Chan, and I, Sonichu, have been having to deal with this whole time. Seriously, haters, bad, and neutral trolls: stop hating and hazing and open your minds and hearts. That is all.

Cole Smithey

30 September

Hey, Everyone. Tommorow’s Barb’s Birthday (79), and guess who literally sent her flowers today:

@colesmithey. Even I’m mildly perplexed, regardless of having foreseen the package arriving.