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This page is a partial archive of Chris's major Facebook posts during January 2018. Posts are sorted by date. Notable comments will be included and color-coded for reference.

Mewtwo and Magi-Chan married

5 January

Note: The phrase is actually Swedish for "Hello kiwi farmyard. This my self roar on you." Probably intended to mean "Hello Kiwi Farms. A shout-out to you."

Hej kiwi lantgård. Denne min sig vråla på ni.

(Hello, my friends. I am in good health.)

I am celebrating the love between Magi-Chan Sonichu and his mentor and Lover, Mewtwo. They had got secretly married recently. I am truly happy for both of them. 😊

And if Silvana were there, I would the three of them would have made a lovely harem.

But it is just Magi-Chan and Mewtwo. I Love, Care and fully support them very much. ❤️

Thank you.

Love, Miss/Frau/Señorita Christine Weston Chandler

Mewtwo magichan married.jpg

Shout-out to The End Games

7 January

Also, #Magfest2018, and the #ChristoryOfSonichuPanel, was brought to you in part by The End Games of Charlottesville, VA. For all your card, board and Dungeon/Dragon Gaming Needs, also now buying/selling video games and hardware as well, The End Games is the place to come to. Thank you, The End Crew for being among the Merchants and helping in part for making this happen! 😊

CWC at MAGfest with Christory of Sonichu panel creator @Silkydhrino.jpg

Note: End Games did not sponsor either MAGfest or the panel.

Bob's memorabilia

11 January


Check out what I found yesterday in Mister Robert Chandler’s things. An article of his 25th Anniversary at General Electric Company. And the playbill for his old Musical Push-Cart. Yay! I liked that old cart when he had it.

Bob 25th Anniversary at General Electric.jpg Bob playbill for musical push cart.jpg

Terse response to Quinn

27 January

Chris shared a link to a Patreon update for Sonichu 12-9, which featured Chris and Quinn's MLP personas.

Jessica Quinn:

This is adorable. Am I snickering over what I think I am?


Diamond Melody is; you're not; you and she are separate beings. And yes, because of the mustard mustache.