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A leaked image of Chris's house on fire.

The following are Facebook posts Chris posted in January 2014. Most notable is when he posted that his house caught fire, causing him and his mother to stay at the State Hotel thanks to their insurance company.


Posts by Chris

The Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church Review

Chris reviews and rates his Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 5 stars, and comparing the church to the people of Charlottesville and Ruckersville:

3 January 2014

The church is full of kind people who have a sense of care for others, UNLIKE the rest of Charlottesville, VA and Ruckersville, VA, who are snobbish, unfriendly and uncaring.

Pokemon 3DS Friend Codes

Barb wants to the very best.

Chris released his 3DS Friend Codes again after a few days making a similar post. Info has been redacted to protect his identity.

4 January 2014

Pok'emon Safari in X/Y; name is Christian; 3DS Friend Code is [REDACTED]; secondary name: BararAnne; 3DS Friend Code is [REDACTED]. If adding Both Codes, please message your 3DS Name and Friend Code in a Facebook Message, put them in the comments below, or message/comment it to me on Miiverse at SonichuChandler.


TROLLS! MEGAN!! MIMMS!!!!! 4Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris posts another post on Facebook about Pokemon again, this time together with complaining about 4chan and the CWCki.

4 January 2014

I'm starting up a Nuzlocke for myself with a new save file for Pok'emon Y. Regardless of the damn Trolls and 4Chan involvement; I Loathe the bunch of them, and I continue to pray for their downfall, as well as the deletion of the Cwcki and all related hate-filled stuff against me.

Following the basic rules: catching ONLY the first pok'emon in each area as I go. If it faints, though, I won't release it; I will move it to BOX 15 and never use it again beyond that point. All Pok'emon will be Nicknamed. Battle Style is on Set.

I will make occassional updates for my Nuzlocke. Feel Free to make up your own comic stories; DO NOT GO OBSCENE or OFFENSIVE. I am about 202 pounds right now; NOTHING of mine was EVER meant to be Adulterated on Purpose. The only reason for my comic's Adulteration was the involvement of BAD PEOPLE that should have NEVER been in my life in the first place. TROLLS! MEGAN!! MIMMS!!!!! 4Chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So There.


William Elliott Waterman replied:

So you also watch JWittz? I don't know what you mean by "adulteration" in the context of your comic. Adultery means pre-marital sex. Some of the sonichus were doing that, but I think you're using the wrong word. I think you want to use a synonym for becoming raunchy or not suitable for children, something that's the opposite of Bowlderization.

Chris replied:

having the sex, the Trolling issues and all input from other people. no more questions.

Pokemon X & Y

Chris then made a series of posts about his gameplay in Pokemon X & Y.

4 January 2014

**Also, Please refer to the earlier Post with BOTH my Friend Codes for Friend Safari and whatnot; Message me Your FCs.

4 January 2014

Pok'emon Y: Female Character: Barbara. NOT Lazy or Fat; she IS Slender and in Good Health. Starting Pok'emon: Chespin (M) named Chip. First caught Pok'emon: Bunnleby (M) named Burr. Chip is working on building up his stats on the Super Training Program with the Soccer and the Punching Bags; only one time per session up to ST Level 3 per Party Pok'emon, with all earned bags for that one. Potions will not be used in battles and will be limited. No Pokemon Amie.

4 January 2014

Completed Super Training for Chip and Burr; entered Santalune Forest; encountered and caught Pansear (M) named Firfuzz; completed S.T. for Firfuzz.

4 January 2014

Made it to Route 3; met up with Azurill (F) named Abby; completed S.T. for Abby..

4 January 2014

Healed up at Pok'emon Center in Santaluna City.

4 January 2014

DarnOl'Duck (Farfetch'd (M)) was easy to scratch down, but we had to Play Nice and Leer before the darn ol' duck would join our party; completed S.T. for DarnOl'Duck.


lol darnolduck


YEAH, even the software censor program Allowed "Darn" to be used.
7 January 2014

Encountered a swarm of Combee; the ugly males were all too easy to KO; then the Queen-to-be stood her ground and joined our party ((F) Buzzinga). We completed Route 4; met a Squirtle (M): Shellbent from the Professor; sent him to the barracks until when needed. Healed at the Center. Encountering the Office Ghost gave Abby the shivers.

7 January 2014

After a Double Battle with Twins Faith and Joy, Chip evolves into Quilladin. Met a "Fillie" little Skiddo (F) shortly afterwards. Swapped Chip for her for better ride on transportation.

7 January 2014

Made it to Route 6 (gotta get the Poké Flute); after a Tourist battle, Abby finally evolved into Marril.

Rolled wildly into a west bush to encounter an Espurr (M) of Earrie. Abby Charmed him into joining us; now he awaits on the sidelines.

A Poké Fan Family battle made Abby evolve again into Azumarill.

7 January 2014

Explored the Parflum Palace; recovered missing Furfrou; Abby enjoyed the fireworks show; awoke and caught Snorlax (M) named Grumpaloo. Too big to carry; won't likely be calling for him. Met up with Lance the Ducklett (M); now in the sidelines. After Double Battle with the nerd and the fat one, Burr and Buzzinga both evolved into Diggersby and Vespaquen.


Main article: Destruction Of Chris's House

A few days after some posts of Chris posting about his Pokemon X & Y gameplay, suddenly, he posted a Facebook post that caused a lot of attention among the followers of Chris: His house was caught on fire.

10 January 2014


2:00 AM

911 arrived ten minutes later.

Did everything they could; started downstairs; bathroom; electrical; made it to the roof. Considering EVERYTHING, but my mom, both dogs, me, and Lucy and my iPhone, shoes, clothes, whatnot on our backs made it out... Considered physically lost.

Found shelter with a generous neighbor; sitting an chatting.

A few hours later Chris replies to himself:

10 January 2014

Lost Our Home and Memories

10 January 2014

Have my wallet, mom's meds.

10 January 2014

Just because there is a "Like" button, it does not mean you have to Like my desperate situation; this is SERIOUS!!!

5 minutes later Chris shared this post with himself.

Dana Mahri replied to Chris:

11 January 2014

so sorry christian : (

William Elliott Waterman:

11 January 2014

what? you lost everything?

It's Keurig's Fault!

Your coffee brewer's faulty wiring sparked my power socket and burned my house down!!!

As usual, Chris blamed Keurig for the incident.

10 January 2014

Your coffee brewer's faulty wiring sparked my power socket and burned my house down!!! - at Keurig

William then replied:

10 January 2014

Chris, your house burned down today, and this is the first thing you do? Blame Keurig? Chris, it's no secret that house was a fire hazard. How many things were plugged into that outlet besides the Keurig machine? Chris, I'm sorry for what happened, but vengeance is the wrong attitude to have now. This could be an opportunity in disguise. You can live in a clean place and not let it turn into a cluttered mess. My heart goes out to you.

10 January 2014

Into the ONE outlet in the downstairs bathroom, the ONLY thing plugged into it was the Keurig brewer, and the power circuit breaker failed to auto shut down from THAT socket. Do the math.

10 January 2014

You plugged a coffee brewer in the bathroom? A bathroom is the most dangerous place to plug in electronics. The only reason outlets are even in there is for the occasional times people need to blowdry their hair, and it should be immediately unplugged because it's so easy to spread around too much conductive water in a bathroom.


Chris asked for donations due to the destruction of his house.

Chris's house 1-2 days after the destruction.

(Note: Some info has been redacted for identity protection)

11 January 2014

My mother and I are still working, readusting, recovering, etc. If Anyone who wishes to help us in this dire moment, they may send all collected and acceptable item(s) to [REDACTED]'s office in Charlottesville, VA; he will relay them to my mother and I. I do not have the address at the moment. His office phone number is [REDACTED]. Your prayers and Most Anything would be appreciated. Thank you.

Gift cards for grocery stores like Food Lion, restaurants like Wood Grill Buffet in C-Ville, iHop, McDonalds or Burger King (both of them last choices; we like good food), or stores like Wal-Mart or Target would be best recommended. I have asked my church's congregation for clothing; I will add an update on what amount we get if any in the later weeks. For the moment, shirts, pants and socks would be good. Go Large (L) or Extra Large (XL) on the shirts, short or long sleeved; we are both a size 16 (or 32) for pants; no ride-highs, must be long. As long as the socks fit most adult size feet, that is good.

I have just been suggest to go to kickstarter for donations; I will consider that, but in the meantime, [REDACTED] to send all donations directly to with our names, Christian and Barbara Chandler, on them.

Three days later, Chris edited the post to this:


My mother and I are still working, readusting, recovering, etc. If Anyone who wishes to help us in this dire moment, they may send all collected and acceptable item(s) to our Home Address via US Mail at 14 Branchland Ct. The mail holding was still being processed earlier, but now it is finalized. In regards to the original post, [REDACTED] will accept donations only until the end of the week: Friday, January 17, 2014 Your prayers and Most Anything would be appreciated. Thank you, and Thank you everyone who has donated so far..

Gift cards for grocery stores like Food Lion, restaurants like Wood Grill Buffet in C-Ville, iHop, McDonalds or Burger King (both of them last choices; we like good food), or stores like Wal-Mart or Target would be best recommended. I have asked my church's congregation for clothing; I will add an update on what amount we get if any in the later weeks. For the moment, shirts, pants and socks would be good. Go Large (L) or Extra Large (XL) on the shirts, short or long sleeved; we are both a size 16 (or 32) for pants; no ride-highs, must be long. As long as the socks fit most adult size feet, that is good.

AGAIN, send ALL further donations to our Home Address listed above; we will pick them up personally from there.

William Elliott Waterman replied:

Idunno if you've been able to see my PM or the post in your other update in your current conditions. Maybe eventually. It's convenient we can mail to your home address now. I kind of misplaced the cyber-bullying themed calendar, but when I find it I'll scan pages for your approval first. The DunkinDonuts coupons are in another calendar spread across each month so you can treat yourself at a discount sometimes for the entire year. I also have some ramen noodle packages I was going to send to my nephew for his birthday, but if you like ramen noodles, I think you need it more than he does. Maybe I have an XL shirt lying around here somewhere. I'll see.

Chris in the News

A video showing a local TV broadcast giving a news report about a house caught fire was shared by Chris, confirming that it was his house was the one shown on the video.

11 January 2014

It DID make the news, apparently. Near the end, you can see the Cell I drew and colored at an anime convention above the downward stairs in the foyer. That did survive; only stretched the cell's plastic a bit, and it's not glass, it too was plastic.



Chris made an announcement 10 days after asking for donations. He also thanked people for the donations.

21 January 2014

Announcement, Everyone.

I will list specifically more later, but I left the address labels in the vehicle. And I can only remember a few from my head at the moment.

I and my mother are most grateful and appreciative of the donations and gifts we have received so far and any remaining to come.

Thank You, William, for the food, calendar, etc. Thank You, Kenneth, for the board games, socks, food, etc. Thank Yous also for those who have sent the Rilou Plush, Pikachu Japanese TCG Card, and the book, who among which wished to remained nameless.

Will list more later today. Thank You Very Much.

William posted:

You're very welcome, Christian. I hope you like lotsa spaghetti! There's no ramen noodles like I said. I talked to my nephew about it and he said "I think you're sending food to someone who will never work a day in his life" so I decided to give you some canned food and lotsa spaghetti. I don't want to eat Italian food ever again by my own will, but my mother unloaded it on me just like the ramen noodles I'll never eat so what was I to do? I know from one of your videos that you know how to make lotsa spaghetti, so sending it to you was the perfect solution. It's convenient for me and you get something out of it. It's a win-win for both of us ;) I'm certain the hotel room you're staying in has a pan, strainer, and stove top necessary to cook it. All koopa hotels are loaded with electronic cooking appliances. You know what they say: All toasters toast toast. But if you need instructions on how to make lotsa spaghetti in the hotel, check out the enclosed instruction book. Kenneth showed me the blokus, chess, etc. board games and they'll be fun to play with when you have a buddy around.


Chris then posted about sardines, and later thanked the people for the donations again.

21 January 2014

Just learned, with my mother, that I like sardines, although seeing the face mildly creeped me, but it still tastes good. Thank You, Kenneth.

William posted:

I never tried sardines. Every cartoon ever made always told me to avoid them as a pizza topping.

Thank You

21 January 2014

Okay, here's a small list:

Thank You, Margaret for the money. Thank You, Alex, GNOP, Leonard and Jessica for the Gift Cards. :)

Everyone have a good day.

He followed this up by:

21 January 2014

Also, Last Christmas: one person sent me some Gingerbread Cookies and Tea Toffee Candy; they were really good, and my mother and I appreciated them very much. Thank You as well. :)

Obviously Lack Heart AND Soul

After thanking people for donations, Chris then posted about the others who didn't pay attention to the house fire incident.

22 January 2014

The only thing that really brings me down, as well as ONE most caring classmate who has been most supportive (Thank You); NOT Sarah Bevel, Tiffany Gowen or Kellie Andes. Anyway, we Both are MOST Disappointed at the Majority, including the listed three above, that NONE of YOU ALL have even offered ANY consent, compassion or Care to me in mine and my mother's misfortune, REGARDLESS of How Busy or Stressful your Individual Lives may or may not have been. Caring and Friendship takes little time at all, yet it requires Heart and Soul; You All obviously Lack Heart AND Soul.

Yahtzee Dream

Chris posted about his strange dream. Note that Yahtzee is a game involving five dices and Chris might be mistaken the game as Boggle, which involved dices which have words on them.

24 January 2014

I just had a dream, which included playing a worded version of Yahtzee. There was a predetermined crossword pattern on cardboard pieces and a set list of words. And the seven dice had letters and asterisks for blank squares instead of dots for numbers. You roll the dice and match the letters out of them in a word, and you match them up in that cross word. After completing one word, then when you complete another that intercepts the first, that's when you yell "Yahtzee!"

I have played Yahtzee Original before, with the numbered dice; all Sixes equal Yahtzee!, so I have the general understanding of the old game.

Send me more money

The big box of stuff Chris receives.
The contents.
Partial contents of the little box of stuff Chris receives.

Chris then asked for more money. He also posted about his temporary house.

27 January 2014

The hotel stays State Farm has provided for us have been good; now we have found our temporary house they're renting for us. We're moving in; some of the furniture is rented for the months of the renovation of our original house.

Currently, though, we are at a financial up an down as well. All of the donations have been very much appreciated. Although one huge box is still being expected at [REDACTED]'s office; the sender should probably check the tracking number on that. Meantime, any (Target or Wal-Mart) store or restaurant gift cards y'all can spare would still be much appreciated to help us for a couple of weeks.

Thank you soo much. :)

Hey, Dodo Brain!

Chris posted about the big box of stuff he received, initially posted about the sender of the box being a "Dodo Brain" but later removed the post due to a mistake.

29 January 2014

Hey, Dodo Brain! Thanks a Lump; YOU did NOT sign the Front of the Money Order that came in the BIG BOX. The bank is unable to DO anything with it. Contact your bank, or make out a new thing and US MAIL it to our Home Address at 14 Branchland Ct. - feeling pissed.

BIG BOX of stuff

29 January 2014


Scratch my recent post; the BIG BOX of stuff Daniel Mimms has informed me about has just been delivered to me and my mother. She got really excited. BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THAT CARE PACKAGE. The damn Cwcki site still needs gravely to be removed for forever.

Also, Thank Yous for the $25 Visa card, shirt, cap, sketch pad, markers and the $40 cash received at State Farm yesterday, from those two addresses of people.

Have a very good and safe day. :)

Facebook Shares and Likes

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The LEGO Movie - TV Spot #3

SHARE if you're so pumped up for #TheLEGOMovie!

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=532496693515428 21 January 2014

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