January 2014

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On 11 January 2014, photos are leaked of 14 Branchland Court, 1-2 days after the fire.
11 January 2014, Chris takes photos of his damaged Lego constructions.
January 2014, Chris receives a care package from his fans.

January was the first month of 2014. This month began more quietly than past months. However, on the 10th, the Chandlers' hoarding apparently finally caught up with them, as their house was severely damaged by what Chris claimed to be an electrical fire. Chris and his mother would spend the rest of the year in a Rental House.

Events of January 2014

  • 2 January - Chris tells his friend Rebeckah that his ex-gal-pals are killing him by not being his friends.
  • 3 January
    • Rebeckah forwards to Chris an email from a troll posing as Sarah Bevel, who says she wants nothing to do with him.
    • Chris reviews his church on Facebook. He gives the church five stars and complains about the unfriendly people of Charlottesville.
  • 4 January - Chris posts on Facebook about Pokémon, and rants about the trolls and the CWCki. He also claims to weigh 202 pounds.
  • 7 January - Chris makes more Facebook posts about his progress in a Pokemon game.
  • 10 January
    • Chris's house catches on fire.
    • Chris sends an email to an anonymous recipient that he's doing OK after the fire.
    • That evening, Rebeckah forwards to Chris an email from a troll posing as Mimms, who says that the so-called trolls sympathize with Chris.
  • 11 January
    • Chris is able to enter his damaged house, and takes two photos of his melted Lego high school.
    • Chris posts two Facebook updates. The first provides information to anyone wishing to help him and his mother in their situation. In the second one, Chris shares the brief news video of the fire, and draws attention to a drawing of his seen at the end of the video.
    • In an email to an anonymous recipient, Chris requests donations.
    • Chris lets Rebeckah know that his art and his computer data appear to have survived the fire.
  • 16 January
    • In another email to an anonymous recipient, Chris complains that a "greedy firefighter" stole from his house.
    • Chris posts on the Miiverse, but the comment is deleted by the administration for unknown reasons.
  • 17 January - Chris explains that the fire started from an extension cord attached to a coffee brewer.
  • 21 January
    • Chris posts several Facebook updates. He thanks people for their donations, shares a video from The Lego Movie Facebook page, and says that he now knows that he likes sardines.
    • Chris posts a Facebook update. He follows up his sardine revelation by saying that last Christmas, he received gingerbread cookies and tea toffee candy, which he and his mother enjoyed.
  • 22 January - Chris complains that his high school ex-gal pals have not helped him in this crisis.
  • 24 January - Chris posts a Facebook update detailing a dream he had about playing a different version of Yahtzee.
  • 27 January - According to his post on Facebook, Chris and Barb move into a temporary house with furniture rented for "the months of the renovation of our original house." He again voices his appreciation for the donations, and says that he'd appreciate any gift cards that people can spare.
  • 29 January - Chris posts on Facebook that he has received a big box of stuff from Mimms. He again thanks everyone who has helped him and expresses his wish for the CWCki to be taken down. Coincidentally, the CWCki does go down this day, only to come back up several days later.