September 2013

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On 1 September 2013, Chris works towards completing the roster for his high school reunion.
On 10 September 2013, Chris shares his Facebook page Brassieres For Males.
On 17 September 2013, Chris castigates the trolls for their weirdness.
On 22 September 2013, a field agent observes Chris.
On 23 September 2013, Chris posts a photo of his mother with Snoopy.
On 24 September 2013, Chris shows how he tortures his enemies.

September was the ninth month of 2013. Chris had several heated encounters with manajerks and jerkops. A troll shook his hands at McDonald's. A few leaks of 14 Branchland Court appeared on the CWCki Forums. On Facebook, outside of public scrutiny, Chris was obsessing about high school by planning a reunion and playing with Legos.

Events of September 2013

  • 1 September - Chris tells his fellow high school alumni on Facebook that he is looking for certain classmates.
  • 1 September - Chris posts on Facebook about his favorite ponies in My Little Pony.
  • 2 September - Chris posts on Facebook cursing a Manajerk, Rob Bell, Mary Lee Walsh and Megan Schroeder. Shortly after he informs the CWCki forums about this note.
  • 2 September - Chris likes the Equestria Girls - Official Live Action Music Video (The Magic of Friendship) on YouTube.
  • 3 September - Chris whines to one of his friends on Facebook about stress and trolls, claiming that his blood pressure has gone up.
  • 3 September - Chris gets retrospective with CWC's Hallmark Negative Life Events.
  • 4 September - Chris posts reviews of his schools on Facebook.
  • 5 September - Chris has his last court date regarding the 28 October 2011 incident. His sentence is suspended and he is required to pay a $247 fine. The felony charge is reduced to a misdemeanor. He updates his Facebook friends on the issue.
  • 5 September - Chris updates his Facebook audience about the high school reunion plans.
  • 6 September - The second anniversary of Bob's death from heart failure.
  • 6 September - Chris shares a link about autistic interactions on Facebook and mentions his Autism Tutorial videos.
  • 6 September - Chris makes a post on Facebook about how he has been banned from Wal-Mart for vandalizing an XBox Live sign with a permanent marker.
  • 6 September - Chris screams at the CWCki Forums that they are in fact guilty of trolling him, and that the CWCki should be destroyed. This would be his last posting as "paintingatree."
  • 6 September - Chris writes on Facebook that he misses Tiffany Gowen.
  • 7 September - Chris again expresses nostalgia about Tiffany.
  • 7 September - Chris makes a Facebook post about how God made him scratch a woman's car in a parking lot.
  • 7 September - Chris announces that police are no longer allowed in CWCville.
  • 7 September - A high school classmate emails Chris to say that Chris's behavior at Walmart was unacceptable.
  • 7 September - Some pictures of 14 Branchland Court are leaked on the CWCki Forums.
  • 8 September - Chris and his high school classmate exchange emails about Chris's recent woes.
  • 8 September - Chris whines on a YouTube video "Equestria Girls (Helping Twilight Win the Crown)" - MLP: Equestria Girls [My Little Rock Band] that the PS3 versions of the song should be made.
  • 9 September - Chris sends an email to his high school classmate thanking him for his friendship.
  • 9 September - Chris tells his high school classmates that he thinks of them as his family.
  • 9 September - Chris reviews a My Little Pony fan video, saying it is as gory as the Saw movies.
  • 10 September - Chris shared a link to a ridiculous Facebook page "Brassieres For Males", encouraging men to wear sports bras.
  • 10 September - Chris begs people on Facebook not to unfriend him.
  • 10 September - Chris and a male high school classmate exchange emails discussing the qualities of a good friendship.
  • 11 September - Chris shares a Facebook link to the movie "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close", claiming that It is a touching and good movie to watch today.
  • 11 September - Chris likes a Miley Cyrus video.
  • 12 September - Chris commiserates with a Facebook friend about a broken iPhone.
  • 12 September - Chris is upset and confused that he received an email from high school gal pal Sarah Bevel saying that she doesn't really know him.
  • 13 September - Chris learns that trolls have been pestering Sarah Bevel.
  • 13 September - Chris muses about building a Lego version of his high school.
  • 14 September - Chris posts that he does not like Miley Cyrus's haircut.
  • 14 September - Chris tells a Facebook friend that he can't afford to make a donation to buy uniforms for the Manchester High School band.
  • 14 September - Chris has received an email purporting to be from Tiffany Gowen. He asks his friends if it's a troll.
  • 15 September - Chris posts that the Tiffany email is a hoax.
  • 17 September - Chris attempts to suck up to a male high school alum by talking about sandwiches.
  • 17 September - Over email, Chris and another male high school classmate discuss his recent trouble at Walmart.
  • 17 September - Chris learns that trolls have been making prank phone calls using his voice and is worried about a police response.
  • 17 September - Chris calls himself a "gypsy" on Facebook.
  • 17 September - Chris posts on Facebook that he has found a Sonic Underground DVD from either a troll or a fan which had been lying on his lawn for some time. He gives people tips on how to send him gifts, including some visual aids from Excel Saga.
  • 18 September - Chris tells his Facebook friends that he feels violently angry at his enemies.
  • 18 September - Chris has received a possible offer to market Sonichu merchandise by a software company, and asks his Facebook friends for business advice.
  • 18 September - Chris replies to a Facebook post by the Mythbusters by talking about the benefits of "asprin."
  • 18 September - Chris tries to sell the "kre-o micro changers Series 1, 12 piece set complete" collection on eBay for $65.
  • 19 September - Chris discusses Sonichu 8 with William on Facebook.
  • 19 September - Chris posts that he likes a Japanese-language version of a Sonic theme song.
  • 19 September - Chris shares some advice he has received about the marketing offer. It appears to be a troll or a scam.
  • 20 September - Chris responds to a Facebook friend's comment by saying that offline socialization is the best.
  • 20 September - Having ignored the above advice, Chris contacts the software company anyhow and believes it is legitimate.
  • 21 September - Chris makes another reply to a Mythbusters' comment to complain about the homos.
  • 21 September - Chris gushes about the Lego high school set on Facebook.
  • 22 September - PCA, a CWCki Forums user, meets Chris in McDonald's in Charlottesville and provides two snapshots of him as a proof. Chris himself tells his Facebook friends about the upsetting incident, and quickly learns that the individual was a troll.
  • 24 September - Chris posts a public rant about Megan Schroeder on Facebook, revealing that he uses a Lego minifig of her as some sort of voodoo doll.
  • 24 September - Privately, Chris posts images of Lego voodoo dolls of Megan, Michael Snyder, and Mary Lee Walsh.
  • 26 September - Chris reports that he is having trouble with his iPhone.
  • 26 September - Chris shares some clickbait about women and their language.
  • 27 September - Chris writes a new public Facebook post meant to correct what he sees as commonly held misconceptions about his past relationship with Megan.
  • 27 September - Over email, Chris requests help from a high school classmate in fighting the trolls.
  • 27 September - Chris makes a private post that he is experiencing "Life Troubles."
  • 28 September - Chris's friend Rebeckah tells him not to contact her because she's upset about his Facebook posts.
  • 28 September - Another of Chris's friends (played by the same troll who impersonated Rebeckah) tells Chris that he's disgusted by ShecameforCWC.JPG.
  • 29 September - Chris announces to Facebook that he is not a monster.
  • 29 September - On Facebook, Chris notes that he plans to attend an upcoming Lego event at Toys 'R' Us.