July 2020

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Chris in July 2020

July was the seventh month of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to ravage the U.S., while Chris remained deep into his bodyswap with Sonichu.


  • 1 July - While roleplaying as Sonichu, Chris indirectly orders Jacob Sockness to back off, having mustered the courage to tell him off for his creepy behavior again.
  • 6 July - Wes Iseli, magician and former boyfriend of Sarah Hammer, makes an appearance on the TV series Penn & Teller: Fool Us.
  • 8 July - Chris lists out dozens of supposed trolls on Twitter, urging his personal army to attack them or something.
  • 15 July - Chris tweets a creepy, sexually suggestive remark to an artist he has been orbiting and is subsequently blocked by her.
  • 18 July - Jacob Sockness posts a tweet in which he performs a ritual, which involves using a drop of his blood on a "Magi-Chan Card" and calling himself "Blood Brothers" with Magi-Chan. Chris was fed up with Jacob's shit at this point, and said that the ritual had failed.
  • 20 July - Chris has a Google Hangout chat with the Watchmen.


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