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Chris, on 29 May 2004.
Chris in February 2004, sporting the original medallion.
Metonic as drawn on 13 June 2004.
On 19 February 2004, Chris starts building the Sonichu Chronicles PowerPoint.
Throughout 2004, Chris's hate for Mary Lee Walsh only grows stronger.
On 29 May 2004, Chris meets Monica Rial.
On 1 August 2004, Chris tries to attract women using a red string.
On 26 September 2004, PVCC decide that they have had enough of the crap, and they throw Chris out.
A Sonichu-star seen atop the Chandler Christmas tree in 2004.

2004 is the year in which Chris turned 22 years old. This year saw the appearance of the first Sonichu's News Dash and its dissemination in Piedmont Virginia Community College, starting his mythical feud with the college dean Mary Lee Walsh, eventually resulting in him getting suspended. He met Megan Schroeder in August, and at the end of this year started drawing Sonichu #0.

Events of 2004


  • January 1 - Chris writes an entry in his diary, stating his New Year's resolution to get a girlfriend, and his intent to make another attempt at PVCC.
  • January 3 - Chris draws Sonichu (Jan 3), a classic Sonichu strip. This is probably the first time Chris started writing about his creation in comic-strip form.
  • January 6 - Chris reports in his diary he went to see his optometrist, who is also his half-brother, David. He finds out he needs new lenses, and that David has an eight-year-old daughter.
  • January 16 - Chris sends an email to a man named John Crowll. Attached to the email is a flyer Chris made to advertise the The GAMe PLACe's Pokémon League.[1]
  • January 18 - Chris writes the poem "Hard Love Quest".
  • January 31 - Chris writes in his diary, expressing optimism that his new idea, the Sonichu's News Dash, will attract girls.
  • January 31 - Sonichu's News Dash #1 comes out. He provides a link to the newsletter on CWC's Sonichu Site!.


  • February - Sonichu's News Dash #2 comes out.
  • February 1 - Chris tells Mary Lee Walsh in an email that he will not hang signs in school ever again if she lets him distribute the News Dash.
  • February 2 - Chris creates the Magi-Chan Sonichu card and the Christian Chandler card.
  • February 3 - Mary Lee Walsh responds to Chris's email and denies Chris's request, and requires that they meet on 9 February.
  • February 9 - Chris meets with Mary Lee Walsh and Susan Hannifan to discuss his behavior. According to the Mailbag, Walsh says that he will never get a girlfriend, that his methods are flawed and stupid and that he is stupid. Chris then throws a temper tantrum. According to Chris in his diary, Walsh bans him from distributing the Sonichu's News Dash on campus. Chris declares war on Mary Lee Walsh, and hopes to incite the "masses" to support him. He updates his Sonichu site.
  • February 19 - Chris starts making his "The Sonichu Chronicles" PowerPoint.
  • February 24 - Chris's 22nd birthday. He gets snowed in. Chris is photographed on this date wearing his Sonichu medallion. He updates CWC's Pokésite 2.


  • March 2 - In his diary, Chris reports that Mary Lee Walsh tried to influence the Chandler family to take him out of PVCC. Chris's parents get angry.
  • March - Sonichu's News Dash #3 comes out. The possibility of Sonichu powering up to Ultra Sonichu is announced.
  • March 18 - Chris draws Sonichu (18 Mar), a classic Sonichu strip.


  • April 8 - Chris creates a Nintendo Power cover of himself and Sonichu.
  • April 29 - An article about Sonichu is featured in the PVCC newsletter, The Forum. Chris writes in his diary that he is pleased but still yearns for a girlfriend.
  • April - Sonichu's News Dash #4 comes out.






  • September 4 - This date marks the 8th week Chris has spent trying to attract women at Charlottesville Fashion Square. Chris states in his diary that he "realized" holding a sign asking women to date him is akin to "selling himself like a new car".
  • September 4 - Bob turns 77.
  • September 5 - Chris creates his "Jerkop", "Metal Sonichu", "Silver Blachu", "Flame the Sunbird", "Bionic the Hedgehog", "Sonichu Medallion", "Fireshock Pendant", "Lightning Bracelets", "Trap of Fear" and "7 Chaos Emeralds" Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
  • September 6 - Chris writes a diary entry about his attempt to reason with a security guard at the mall. He shouted "NO!" at the guard, and believed he had intimidated the man.
  • September 11 - Chris reports in his diary that he was arrested at the mall. He does not have to go to jail, but he is forbidden to return to Charlottesville Fashion Square without one of his parents.
  • September 16 - Chris is suspended from PVCC for one year by "the Board". He is required to see a psychiatrist. In his diary, he blames Mary Lee Walsh. He claims Bob is planning to write to George W. Bush and Laura Bush demanding action.
  • September 26 - Chris writes in his diary that he is lonely and depressed due to being denied access to the mall and PVCC. He decides to ask Santa Claus for a girlfriend.