December 2010

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December was the final month of 2010. It took place in the shadow of Chris's resignation from the Internet on 22 November. It appears, however, that Chris's definition of leaving the internet is entirely different from the norm, as he still regularly logged into his YouTube account and played games over PSN.


  • 2 December - More e-mails between Chris and Jackie are leaked.
  • 7 December - Jackie contacts Chris once more. Chris says he's having trouble socializing and checks to make sure she's still with Lars.
  • 19 December - Jackie sends an email to Chris asking how he's doing.
  • 21 December
  • 22 December - Chris responds to Jackie, telling her that he has had little luck in socializing, but he has been getting out more. He mentions that trolls are harassing him through the PSN. His wish for Christmas is that all websites he sees as defamatory toward him, such as the CWCki and ED, disappear.
  • 25 December - His wishes fail to come true.