June 2021

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Chris in June 2021, posing with a fan at Barnes and Noble.[1]

June was the sixth month of 2021. In a disturbing turn of events, this was the month in which Chris began engaging in incest with his mother. This went under the radar for over a month, and only became known to the public by late July.

Chris uploaded a few videos this month, most notably one in which he wishes a happy birthday to a Devin. Aside from this, Chris made miscellaneous social media posts about Tarot cards, and claimed that the organizers behind the TooManyGames convention conspired with the trolls.

The Place, a white knight group of Watchmen, broke up following internal conflicts among its members, but was succeeded by another group with several of its members, Knights of CWC.


  • 1 June - Chris briefly roleplays as his younger pre-name change self on Twitter in order to address any issues regarding the Warhol / Chris Chan book.[2]
  • 3 June - Chris starts posting daily photos of various Tarot cards on Twitter.
  • 4 June - A fan takes a photo with Chris at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.[3]
  • 10 June - Chris discusses his Top 5 list of people who made the most negative impacts on his life.[4] The list includes the Idea Guys, Jacob Sockness, Michael Snyder, BlueSpike, and the staff of Nathanael Greene Elementary School.
  • 13 June - The owner of the Charlottesville Fashion Square Mall files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. [5][6]
  • 15 June - Chris makes a comment about mass shooter Andrew Blaze on Youtube; he treats Blaze as an imaginary friend and says that he, Blaze, and Andy Warhol are all interdimensionally awakened individuals.[7]
  • 19 June - Chris uploads an audio clip of himself laughing at an OneyPlays joke on Twitter.[8]
  • 19 June - Chris records Birthday Greetings to Devin, a video of himself sending a birthday message to one "Devin", and then briefly tours around his house whilst scat-rapping.
  • 19 June - Chris tweets Sylvia’s being comfy and a little bobble-headed, a video of him baby-talking to and playing with his cat Sylvia.
  • 19 June - Toffee Rosechu, a fantasy enabler of Chris's, tweets about a family tragedy while expressing skepticism over his belief system.[9] Chris DMs her to discuss further.[10]
  • 20 June - A video of Chris talking about the Binding of Isaac is released.
  • 21 June - Helena DMs Chris asking him to help her find collaborators for a dating sim project.[11]
  • 22 June - Chris breaks his 193-day long streak of not begging with a Twitter rant about money, saying he is open to donations for a new car.[12]
  • 24 June - Chris makes a few tweets on Twitter regarding conventions, claiming that the TooManyGames incident was supposedly a trap by the trolls, and that he had attended several local rock and stamp conventions.[13]
  • 25 June - Chris makes another set of tweets regarding TooManyGames, claiming that the convention staff and organizers conspired with the trolls to set up a trap.[14]
  • 25 June - The WCT makes a call Chris to discuss his suspicion that fellow Watchman Naught had doxed him. WCT encourages Chris to leave their Discord group and join his own.[15]
  • 25 June - Chris joins The Knights of CWC, a splinter Discord group of Watchmen set up by The WCT.[16]
  • 26 June - Chris leaves The Place, the previous Discord group of the Watchmen, cutting ties with Naught, Kyle and MKR.
  • 26 June - Null announces that Chris is planning to attend Everfree Northwest, a My Little Pony convention held in Seattle, WA, on 13 August. He mentions vetoing Chris's plan to drive there and recommended taking a flight, and says he will help Chris with financial arrangements.[17]
  • 27 June - Chris begins engaging in incest with his mother.[18][19]
  • 29 June - A series of tweets by MKRNightVee hints at the breakup of the Watchmen group.[citation needed]
  • 29 June - An anonymous fan on 4chan's /pol/ board photographs themself going to Chris's house.[20]
  • 30 June - The full uncut version of the Taser Discussion is released, revealing the fact that in the original audio, it was a Watchman member who jokingly floated the idea of Chris tasing himself, after which Chris volunteered himself, and a Praetor member told him it was a bad idea.