Birthday Greetings to Devin

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Birthday Greetings to Devin is a YouTube video posted on 19 June 2021. In it, Chris sends a birthday message to one "Devin", and then tours his house a bit while scat-rapping. Original drawings can be seen covering the walls of of the hallway.

Birthday Greetings to Devin
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Stardate 19 June 2021
Performance Style ComedyComedy Comedy, ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
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Hellooooo everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once [voicecrack] agaein. Uhhh [tapping lip] hm. [puts finger to temple] Hmmm. I and all the other deities know- [sounding like a cat hacking up a hairball] been a long- quite long time- it's been quite a long time. I'm sorry. I've been really heavy in meditation. I mean- [waving hand in a circle near the camera] woooo. If you can feel my energy- your way- as you're watching this replay then that should be your validation there.

Anyway. Uhh... I've got a birtday greeting to do today, so I've be- l... So, happ- I don't know whi- what day it was, if it's coming up or if it's passed or if it's today- I'm not sure. I mean I got reminded, so, ehhh, happy birtday Devin, from Lindsey. And well, happy early, happy belated, happy birthday. You had one- you're gonna have one- eh, oh well. Time is eh- an illusion when you consider it in some aspects and whatnot. But anyway, so, on- just a real bonus, a little fun just for you Devin, [winks] and a reference, [winks] Imma do something fun, so, [falsetto] here's a little song and dance! Hurpededy durp urd oord beudoo do do-be-do-do-do random random thiiiing! [turns camera around, walks out bedroom and through some of the house. Drawings can be seen plastered all over the walls] Random, random, random, for the message- doo doo doo doo bee-do-boo-de-boo for the message- jumping up and down [unintelligible] durr durr durr durr vurr burr durp urrder burrder [unintelligible] [raises hand in hair past the camera] EEEE! Fun! Hippy-boom-bah, hippy-boom-bah, YAY! Happy birthday, [weirdly scrunches face] Devin.

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