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A timeline showing all the major historical eras in Chris's life.

The CWChronology (pronounced like "Quick-Chronology") is the timeline that documents every notable occurrence in Chris's life. It was started by Rach on 23 January 2009, on the oldskool PVCC, and since then it has been working like a news service. All data covering events prior to 23 January 2009, have been gathered through historical research. On 16 February 2009, the CWChronology moved to CWCki, so that now everybody can edit it.

For those who prefer a topical approach to Christory, see Christorical eras. For an even more topical approach, see Saga.

Accessing the CWChronology

From 1999 on, all years have separate articles. There are also articles for the 1990s, 1980s and a single page for pre-1980 events.

Years that have been covered in the CWChronology:

CWChronology rules and style guide

Average CWChronology employee.
  • Dates must somehow be relevant to Chris. For instance, trolling is only included in the CWChronology if it somehow affects Chris, otherwise it's not important enough. Exceptions can be made for dates that are relevant to the CWChronology itself.
  • Lots of blue links. The CWChronology should be a portal to the rest of the CWCki.
  • Lots of images. This makes it moar fun browsing. Best way to not let the images fuck up the layout is to just list them at the top of the article (see 2008). Also, make sure they are somewhat related to the text next to them.
  • If two sources conflict, and give different dates for an occurrence, add them both, but mention the fact that the sources conflict.
  • Occurrences in the Sonichu canon are also included, but they are noted as being in the Sonichu canon.
  • Annotations aren't obligatory, but they are welcome. Especially if the date isn't considered as common knowledge, or if the inclusion is controversial.
  • If multiple unrelated events take place on one day, they get separate entrances. They are listed in the order in which the events happened.
  • Don't make style components up. It looks messy and will be reverted no matter how important the info is. Spare us and yourself the time.