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Rsz transtemplate.jpg Gender disclosure: This person currently identifies as transgender. Pronoun usage on this page may or may not reflect biological sex and/or gender identity.
No matter how many times I die, somebody somewhere will pick up where I left off.
Joshua Wise, during The Bad Beginning.
I know Lukas, Devil and Eva were trolling me as well, and that turned out good as well
Lillie Simpkins
Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 8.35.29 AM.png
Name Lillie Celeste Simpkins
Date of Birth 10 September 1999[2] (age 22)
Also known as Lukas Sampson
Lukas Simpskins
Gender Female
Nationality American

The Teen Troon Squad were a group of trolls in Charlottesville who began manipulating Chris towards the end of 2018. As their moniker suggests, they are known to be transgender and about half Chris's age. Currently, Lillie Celeste Simpkins (tomboy name Lukas Simpkins) is the only Squad member known by full name. Other members of the Squad include "Eva"[3] and "Devil" (also known as "wxlfdxg" and "Sxvxnd");[4] little is known of these members except that the latter helped Lillie get her foot in the door by buying Chris's illicit goods.[5] The Teen Troon Squad originally met Chris when two of their members purchased 32 pages of his pornographic drawings on eBay for $1,000 in April 2018, and they were mentioned on Kiwi Farms to have smoked marijuana with Chris (in violation of his Therapeutic Docket) in October 2018. After gaining Chris's trust, the Squad infiltrated into Chris's accounts, leaked content and then pointed the finger at Wise and Boyd; time and time again, Chris has taken their statements at face value.

Much like the Idea Guys, the Teen Troon Squad's trolling occurred largely behind the scenes, and only a scanty amount of content was ever released until December 2018. Having also begun trolling Chris at the height of the Idea Guys' power and having used them as a scapegoat to evade detection, accurately estimating the extent of their manipulation is impossible. Regardless of who individually is responsible, collectively they are all weens. They were probably responsible for introducing the Dimensional Merge into Chris's mind. In a perplexing tweet on Christmas Day 2018, Lillie's identity was exposed by somebody role-playing as Magi-Chan, prompting the other Troons to wipe their presence off the Internet completely as the Guard Dogs as well as the greater Kiwi Farms began closing in on them. Unlike Wise and Boyd, Chris remains fond of the Squad and is still bewildered that they had left him without warning. He has tried, thus far in vain, to re-establish contact as late as September 2019.[6]

Lillie's Facebook avatar.[7]


Honestly, I wouldn't advise it. He smells like cat piss and told us he wanted to fuck his mom. 0/10, would never do again. He made me into a part [of] Sonichu, it was awful.
Lillie, on why you shouldn't spend hours upon hours interacting with Chris in person.[8]

On 24 April 2018, Chris posted an eBay listing of 32 porn drawings he had produced over the years, including the infamous ShecameforCWC.JPG. Though the listing was quickly pulled within a few hours for violating eBay's terms of service, Lillie expressed interest in buying the art on Twitter; apparently she had got the money by taking it from her mother's boyfriend. She wrote:

@CWCSonichu im willing to pay the 1,000$ for the drawings, please repost them on ebay or esty so i can

Chris complied, quietly relisting the drawings under the incognito title "Artsfor lukas". This purchase would be the set-up for the entire Teen Troon Squad saga.

Chris and the Teen Troon Squad posing for a picture

Since the Squad lives in the same area as Chris, on 27 April 2018 they arranged for Chris to deliver the pornography they had purchased to Lillie's house. This would be the first of many visits, as the Squad would periodically invite Chris over without their parents' knowledge. These visits are evidenced by numerous archived social media posts, as well as a video leaked of Chris acting delusional, probably while high on marijuana, at Lillie's house. What exactly occurred at these meetings is unknown, but all of the information released seems to imply that they primarily consisted of role-playing. For example, in Chris with Teen Troon Squad, he points at the air, states "I love you, Cryzel", and pretends to make out with her. When asked by a Twitter user about Chris' behavior in-person, Lillie described him as somewhat "rapey", stating that she had no personal space whatsoever.[9]

He would kiss on us, hug us, rub on us, press his head against ours randomly, get incredibly close... He is really rapey, it's awful. Especially because at the time, we were all minors.

If true, it makes no sense why Lillie would willingly invite Chris over multiple times, especially with how much information on Chris's creepiness is publicly available. It is instead believed that these statements were damage control. Hilariously, Chris also had some of his own complaints about Lillie, angrily posting a tweet revealing that she had attempted to convince him into buying alcohol for them.[10]

No, Lukas, I will NOT buy you booze!
The disastrous effects of a life on drugs.

Sometime during one of their in-person role-playing sessions, Lillie introduced Chris to cannabis. What resulted is captured in a 38-second long, showing Chris high on marijuana while pretending to make out with Cryzel. Chris later angrily clarified on Twitter that he was not, in fact, constantly high.

Chris with Teen Troon Squad
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Stardate 26 December 2018
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Sylvia is playful
Merry Gubmas!

One of the earlier Twitter leaks.
The December 2018 leaks.
Chris blames the original Idea Guys for the leaks.

Meanwhile, Chris-Chan's Twitter account was hacked several times throughout 2018 by an unknown individual claiming to be associated with the Idea Guys. It seems more likely, however, that they were being posted by Lillie, given that they occurred long after the Idea Guys were taken out of power. The leak also included footage that Lillie herself later leaked in full onto /cow/, making her involvement all the more likely. Regardless of who actually leaked the videos, Chris himself believed it to be the work of Boyd and Wise, subsequently calling them out by name in a tweet afterwards.[11]

The first leak, from 11 November 2018, was a clip from his now infamous second rendition of All Star video in which he sings while mass debating. The tweet read: "This is how chris pays tribute to his lovers - The guy in the 'bluegras state'". This is an obvious allusion to the Idea Guys, as Boyd is said to live in the "Bluegrass" state Kentucky. The full video wouldn't be released, however, until 30 December 2018.

The second leak, which occurred in December, took place over the span of two days. The first was a single tweet on 11 December 2018 at 1:27 P.M., releasing Tour of Chris's House III. It was posted with a troll-written description asking for $500, before being quickly deleted. Kiwi Farms quickly noted that based off a calendar seen in the video, it had been filmed in March 2018; when the Idea Guys were still in control.

The second half occurred on 12 December, this time in the form of a three-part tweet chain. Two of the videos in the thread had already been released: one from the Bad Beginning of Chris apologizing to Gwen, and another of Barbara stiffly dancing for the camera. The only unseen video from this chain was a clip of Chris slapping himself to tears, as described by Null in July. Regardless of who actually leaked it, Chris himself believed this to be the work of Boyd and Wise, subsequently calling them out by name in a tweet afterwards.


On 25 December 2018, somebody posing as Magi-Chan posted a tweet linking to a (since taken down) Pastebin, now referred to as "The 'Teen Troon Squad' Reveals Themselves".[12] This Pastebin elaborately doxes 'Lukas', revealing her real name, home address, and a supposed phone number. The author then lists some details regarding the Dimensional Merge, since revoked by Chris, before expanding on what the Teen Troon Squad had been doing: the group had been "spend[ing] a lot of time opening [their] mind[s] by role playing and smoking weed with cool people like Christine". Naturally, when the link was first released, there was much speculation as to who had actually written the tweet. The author claimed to be Lillie herself, stating:

I currently have Lukas (my host body) in a trance, so they won't remember typing this out.

However, to many, this read as if there had been a third party involved. Ultimately, it was determined that it had to have been done by someone Chris had trusted with his password; significantly narrowing down the suspect pool. A follow-up tweet from Chris later called the author a "gremlin" trying to divide him, Lillie, and The Captain.[13] The most important revelation is the mention of The Captain, who Lillie would later claim was responsible for doxing her.[14]

In the last few days of 2018, Lillie responded to her dox by leaking content onto 8chan's /cow/ board, hoping to appease onlooking trolls, who do not look favourably on this kind of behaviour. While normally, those posting to the site would be protected under the guise of anonymity, Lillie stated plainly who she was, even linking to her personal Twitter account. She began by revealing Discord logs from Chris from 18 December 2018, in which Chris discusses how he damaged his high school ring, followed by "Luka Sonichu", an original Sonichu character and medallion Chris had created for her on 23 August 2018, and a video of Chris screaming at his toilet.[15]

Lillie's situation continued to deteriorate rapidly. On 29 December 2018, while Lillie was busy releasing as much as she could, Chris condemned her over Twitter, alluding to a falling out between them, though blame for Lillie's actions was assigned instead to Arfoire, a Hyperdimension Neptunia villain whom Chris also believed had been behind Jessica Quinn.[16] In a desperate final attempt to appease the troll community, Lillie partially leaked the All Star masturbation tape on 30 December, in exchange for being left alone and her mother not finding out about her Internet antics.[17] She concluded that day with another plea for trolls to stop texting her, offering to tell 'all about [Chris's] lovely adventures and set things straight' to anybody who messages her on Twitter.[18]

Satisfied that the Internet now seemed to be leaving her alone, Lillie finally posted the rest of All Star as a reward on New Year's Eve 2018, gloating:

since idiots are starting to get a clue and leave me alone heres the rest. i dont care chris aint going to do shit to me becuase my mom will sue him

This would backfire, as an unamused Kiwi Farms chose to target her in response for the release. Realising the newfound attention that she had attracted onto herself from All Star, Lillie frantically began back-pedalling on Twitter. Once again, she attempted to blame the Idea Guys for her deeds, but few were convinced: the overwhelming amount of context and framing that would have to have been done for little to no gain made such an explanation unacceptable.

After this, nothing has been heard from the Teen Troon Squad; the remaining members dispersed before they could also be exposed. Their primary legacy is in implanting, or at least nurturing, the Dimensional Merge as a viable substitute in Chris's life for the Love Quest that the Idea Guys had brought to an end. Months after they broke all ties, Chris bemoaned on Lillie's birthday in September 2019 that he had lost their company, and appealed for them to come back. It is however doubtful that they will ever return after experiencing the many side effects of trying to manipulating Chris.


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