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Chris lost Crystal[1] is a short video leaked to /cow/ on 29 December 2018.[2] It appears to be another Idea Guys video leaked by the Teen Troon Squad.

It shows Chris screaming at his toilet, in a voice that sounds like a very poor imitation of Bubs from Homestar Runner, demanding to know where his "baby" is. Note the several empty toilet paper rolls hoarded on the shelf.

If you're wondering what prompted this outburst, or what the context behind this video was, Chris finally explained it (sort of) in a Discord Q&A by implying that it was related to him being possessed by one of his OCs at the time he recorded the video:

You can blame freaking Idea Guy/Joshua Wise for that. Because he had told Mama that we Sonichus did not... we Sonichus and Rosechus did not like using the toilet, treat it like an enemy, which that is not true. We respect and use the toilet when we are civilized, and Rosey and I, among us specials and the rest of us who actually live in the domicile, we respect and are domesticated.

So that was just manipulation of Idea Guy, that was the reasoning behind that.

Chris, "possessed" by Sonichu, October 2020[3]

With that in mind, we are still at an utter loss for words about how this relates to Crystal, although it may be possible that the Squad was wrong about it relating to her to begin with.


Chris lost Crystal
Stardate 29 December 2018
Subject Matter Crystal
Performance Style RageRage Rage, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Teen Troon Squad SagaTeen Troon Squad Saga Teen Troon Squad, Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guys
Other LeakedLeaked Leaked
Merry Gubmas!
**Audio-Only furthering.


Ay, you toilet! What happened to my baaaaaybeeeeeeey!?


  1. The Squad described the video as "chris chan lost crystal
    oh no how many babies has he lost u.u"
  2. 8chan is kill
  3. Discord Q&A 9
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