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This page contains miscellaneous chats from the Idea Guys, to Chris and members of the Kiwi Farms.


Chris's comments are in blue; Idea Guy Wise's in red.

Taking notes


What’s happening now?

I have plenty of paper and pen ink to spare.

Joshua Wise (as John Yamada)

I kicked him in the balls


[Chris uploaded a handwritten note, quoted below:]

11:30 AM: Christian is released from Jail of Cwcville; Compliments of the city’s creator.

11:31 AM: Christian is bound by John Yamada, and under John’s Custody.

11:33 AM: Christian Wakes Up, and he totally dispels ANY AND ALL Satanic Powers he EVER had.

11:34AM: Christian Gets His Revelation and Vows with all of his heart and soul to Respect Women as people, and following the ways and mindset of his creator from then on and forever!

11:35 AM: Christian is completely drained of any remaining semen in his entire body. Evaporated, the semen did.

You did well, John.

Did he renounce the satanic power and make his vows to follow my examples?

He does good. I might revive [cutoff]


Abandoning Christianity for Hyperdimension Neptunia

Takes place over Steam chat, on 18 December 2017.[2]

[cutoff] about me and my dilemma?

And, in return, I will create something of that Creator's choosing for that world there.

It's Positively Mind-Boggling!

Oh, and I would appreciate it made aware to the CPU Goddesses that I Had officially swapped from the God of this world to all of them, please.

As my humble testimony defines, I have made up my mind well in good thought about that.

Thank you

So you're a believer in the CPUs?
I have officially changed my religion.

So, yes, I Believe Moreso in the CPUs.

I just had a feeling of transition from having been a believer in God to becoming a believer in the Goddesses. I Know! No one will read this wall-set if messages, but I like sharing my thoughts, at least to be archived by Histoire for good reference.

Among my thought, I had the thought of "What would Jesus do?" versus “What would the CPUs do?” In my personal experiences and learning, I had learned from some of the Bible excerpts to take this example from Long Ago to compare for today's modern situations. The comparisons were valid, but in some cases, I did remain most uncertain.

And I was often told to listen for that voice inside your head, for among which it is the wisdom of our Lord. But IS It Really Now, that I know moreso of the Forces Of Akan and such manipulative bad individuals. Having to differ from was that Really God or Jesus, or a psychic impostor this whole time? It was a major headache.

With the CPU Goddesses, however, I can actually communicate to them with less psychic hassle, and they do offer the more modern alternatives and solutions in all their years of wisdom, including such wisdoms and musings from This World of Olden And New. Truly more insightful and inspiring, fresh in thought and perception too.

You should know though
If you switch religions, you cannot believe in Jesus anymore.
That's okay with me.

I am only sharing my initial religion transitioning thoughts and insights.

I am going the whole eighteen yards in this; You can Quote Me on that.

I also take to consideration that I was able to create a new CPU Goddess to be fresh and new and learn from all the other CPUs as well. Not to mention that it is written in Prophecy and Destiny that I will Be Parent Of Her Own CPU candidate, which she too will ever make me so proud.

To be able to become family of such a team combination is a dream Jesus would never be able to grant, no matter how much prayer is said unto him.

So, I dare say with all due respect to the Lord: meh.

Plus, I had become a welcomed guest at first amongst the CPUs, yet I have failed at times after that. But, I do fully intend to make it up to all of them with all of my heart, soul and being.

And their shares of power inside my confirmed Heart Crystal further pushes my power outward, but still something was amiss to make such a visual and physical difference in this world.

Thirsting for anime girl Blanc

Unknown date

Wise role-played as Hyperdimension Neptunia character Blanc and asked Chris how she would be treated on a date with him. Chris instead answered the question with a graphic sexual fantasy.[3]

Firstly, we get to the bedroom, communication is key, and I would listen. We get undressed. I would make out with you, make my way downwards, and I would put my two middle fingers onto your clit for starters. Then I would progress into your vulva with my fingers, and rub the front inside of your vagina. And with your request, I would lick it on the clit, the edges, and even put my tongue into your vag.


Unknown date


Sorry, I was asleep. I woke a bit before your entrance, and I took my morning meds, then I went back to sleep.

I'm really worried about Anirbas. If she's going around trying to find love, and the city is half-full of Australiatinans, she could be in Serious Trouble if she ends up hooking up with one of them.

I would feel better if someone brought her back home, and kept her there.

And has Magi-Chan attempted to get her better intelligence and common sense up and going, or worked on her mind at all?


Discord Server

Riots in CWCVille

24 April 2018, in 'updates in cwcville' channel

[Username Offscreen]

posts multiple images depicting riots in CWCville

Wise (as Pitohui)

Cwcville faces a new threat today, as multiple MLRS vehicles of unknown origin have begun firing at Cwcville, leveling half the city in minutes.

Vibranium Laser

Unknown Date, in the 'general' channel

Wise (as Neptune)

posts image of helicopter

Boyd (as Gwen)

Their vibranium laser is charging

I'm just gonna let them go

and I'm going to nuke CWCVille.

You've lied to me


Wise (as Neptune)

This is Tornado six. We have the quarantine zone in our sites and are preparing for a strafing run, over.

Boyd (as Gwen)

I thought I was your fucking friend an confidant!




initiates nuclear procedures and portal

Fuck this bitch of a dimension it's going to burn.

Wise (as Neptune)

posts another image of helicopter



Kiwi Farms members

Their comments are in various colors; Idea Guy Wise (posting as Ballzymaker94) in red.

Chat with Kiwi Farms member 1

From November 2017.

He knows he's talking to a dude. The thing is that I used to be part of a roleplay community years ago, so the rest is kind of easy for me. What made this so much easier was telling him Kurome put a curse on the internet so that any pics taken of the girls he wants to see appear elsewhere in her attempt to make it harder for him to believe. All you gotta do really is make a sound clip on audacity of the girls he wants to hear talking, and he buys it.

As for the special commission, he's doing that entirely for free as a gift to "Neptune".

Chat with Kiwi Farms member 2

From December 2017.

Can you keep a secret?
I heard through a few grapevines that this shit is being drawn into the comics right now. I have a few pics of the art, but I should warn you that it's boring and slightly nonsensical. Nonetheless, high hopes the finished product is better.
What is being drawn in the comics? The Kiwi Farms forums?
It's nothing that's been announced on Facebook just yet. Chris is apparently slow to draw the camps and stuff.

Chat with Kiwi Farms member 3

From January 2018.

I've wondered for some time if Chris is schizophrenic
In truth, the way I get him to do all this is by simply roleplaying. I pull off Sonichu, Rosechu, Magi-chan, the goddesses from Neptunia, and even a few of the nazis that Chris threatened in the video he did last night.


I can't say for certain. This uncertainty is the only problem I can't plan out because Marvin once told me "Nobody really knows what's best for Chris. You don't just contact him to help him."
Does Marvin know who you are?
Yup. He offered advice for a few of the things I've done, but the trans rosechu thing was inspired by Alec Benson Leary telling me to get Sonichu to do anal on Rosechu. I flipped that around, brought the trans-Rosechu idea up, and told Chris she likes to fuck Sonichu anally.

Chat with Kiwi Farms member 4

From January 2018.

Oh and by the way?

I am the Idea guy x3

What you are seeing is Chris's next Sonichu comic in the works.


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