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One-Hundred! is a video Chris uploaded on 16 April 2018 in which he is shown doing a set of 50 bicep curls. The Idea Guys had manipulated him into believing that he needed to be in shape while in CWCville.[1]

Compared to the last known time he tried this exercise in 2009, Chris uses an actual pair of dumbbells instead of two boxes of Minute Maid. Unfortunately, he has not improved on his skills in the nine years between those videos; he exhibits poor dumbbell curl form, only performing the top half of the range of motion, basically minimizing the actual effect of the exercise. Also, it's generally not recommended to perform bicep curls in single sets of 50. Chris goes against the conventional wisdom of several sets of 8-12 reps, demonstrating his inability to understand health and exercise.

Despite this ineptitude, and the fact that his exercises were spurred on by the Idea Guys, doing exercises like this daily could slightly improve his health and make progress towards losing weight. However, as Chris has no sense of routine and successful long term weight-loss requires a change in diet too, something that Chris is unlikely to undertake, he's likely to stay overweight and weak for the rest of his life.


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Stardate 16 April 2018
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Read it and weep! 20 pounders! Both of these are 20 pounders!


Watch Me Now! I have been working out in over a month’s time now with my routine. Yee-Haw!


Hello everybody, Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again! Eh… [Chris pulls his Sonichu Medallion out from underneath his shirt] Show off my medallion because I was doing a little workout, I do my warmups and workout every… day! Between like, you know, pushups and [Chris slaps his legs with his hands] jumping jacks, and the other stretches that I like doing. [Chris waves his arms around] Ehh… Definitely working my legs, do, I do squats… eh let’s see, ok, but anway, one thing that I really like doing [He begins tying his hair back] which I’m going to show y’all in this very video. Try and get my… hair all back, and my sweatband on. [Chris puts a pink sweatband on his head] Hold my hair in place. Then put my cap on. [Chris does so, picking up the dumbbells] And lift THESE bad boys up! [He shows one of the dumbbells to the camera] Read it and weep! 20 pounders! Both of these are 20 pounders! [He grunts, showing the other one] See that well? Anyway, I like to do 100 reps every day! And y’all gonna watch me do 100 reps today! I do 100 reps daily! Most daily! Ok? [He inhales deeply] Anyway... [Chris begins performing dumbbell curls, initially counting reps for each arm aloud.] Count with me!

Reps 1 through 3: Chris sits properly for the exercise, but he holds the dumbbells at an angle in his hands instead of keeping them at a straight angle. He also curls up a lot faster than a newbie like him should.

Reps 4 through 10: Chris drones off and, once again, already has difficulty lifting the dumbbells. He starts visibly straining, with his torso moving with each rep and him occasionally moving his head side to side. He also lets the weights drop in his arms, instead of properly bringing them down by himself.

Reps 10 through 19: Chris counts out loud again, only to stop again after the 10th rep. He begins to move his torso more with each rep, signalling that he is reaching exhaustion. He starts slowing down midway through.

Reps 20 through 29: At this point, Chris simply counts whenever he reaches a new set of numbers. He briefly tries to add more control to the curl-ups, but quickly starts letting them drop again. He is severely rocking his body with each rep.

Reps 30 to 39: Chris's voice has become nasal and hoarse by this point. With each passing rep, his form continues to deteriorate. He tries to pick up the pace a bit, but fails.

Reps 40 to 49: Chris is really straining to keep up with the exercise, practically bouncing on his bed with each curl. Ironically, the slow speed he's reached at this point likely would've been a better speed for him to start out with.

Here we are... Fifty! [Chris raises his left hand and performs an archaic strongman exercise known as a “Bent Press”] And fifty! [Chris performs the same motion on the left side] Makes... 100! [puts the dumbbells away]

YEE HAW! Alright, get yourselves working out with me! [Chris excitedly taps the bed with both hands] Do 100 reps a day! But make sure you warm up [Chris hastily imitates the motion of a tricep stretch, and then does arm circles. Neither of these stretches actually warm up the biceps.] All the good stuff, touch your toes… [Chris pelvic thrusts towards the camera and swivels his hips] I do that on a ten count, a piece. I also do my leg ups [Chris marches in place] do 30 of those a day! Ok? So anyway, y’all can enjoy that, have a good day.

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