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This page is an archive of Joshua Wise's key posts about Chris on the online forum Kiwi Farms, under the username Ballzymaker94. Posts are sorted by date.

Trolls controlling Google

28 December 2017[1]

In response to a user's comment 'If Chris was smart, he would have looked everything up on Google (especially the Japanese/german shit he's incorporating into the comic bow), and he would've stopped writing like he is now.'

Is it possible that this troll convinced Chris that other trolls have control over google?

It’s one hell of a stretch, but if Chris hasn’t bothered then this might explain why.


16 January 2018[2]

In response to a user's comment 'Wait, is it not being assumed that Idea Guy is paying him?

I was working off the impression that Idea Guy was paying to have his boring ideas put into Sonichu/CWCville mythos.'

No man, what we originally were seeing was Idea guy exercising and displaying his newfound control.

What we’re seeing now is the actual beginning.

In response to another user's comment 'What is he even trying to destroy? Is that an Equestria Girls Toy?'

He thinks the toy is bugged or something.

Idea Guy Saga

17 January 2018[3]

In response to a user's comment 'I wonder why the Idea Guy isn't making Chris draw more actual Sonichu comics rather than just change the canon.'

I think that’s underway, but this is him making Chris do more outrageous shit as the saga goes on. He had pretty good control over Chris in the beginning, but not complete control.

As for the lack of updates, I think the Idea guy might be keeping Chris from doing updates because Chris kept posting the changes on Social media, rather than draw them in his comics.

Defending NinFreakLan

19 January 2018[4]

A user quoted a post by user NinFreakLan which read: "I wonder if Idea Guy can get him to take down the trees... I mean those things are fucking fire hazards to be going ALL year long and I'm pretty sure only the A-logs among us want him to burn the fucking place down again. C'mon Idea Guy get him to #TakeDownTheTree"

The user then commented, "YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN. @NinFreakLan confirmed IdeaGuy or IdeaGuy stalks the farms. Whatever."

Ballzymaker94 responded:

Dude, Nin is one of those guys that thinks the idea guy is a hack. If anything, this probably means the Idea guy saw Nin’s joke as a challenge.

NinFreakLan was later revealed to be Stephen Boyd, an Idea Guy.

The Nazis

20 January 2018[5]

In response to a user's comment 'So he has spent literal months talking to Chris all day to get him to dress in tracksuits and squat over his fist like a good puppet.

How is that any better than paying him?'

I don't think he payed or talked to Chris for months.

I think the idea guy used the nazis as a Clyde Cash-style enemy, and then used this to gain Chris's trust. Then he'll pop up, tell Chris these "updates", which shock Chris into posting and puts more faith in him.

A user replied to his comment saying '>"he hasn't talked to chris for months, he's just talked to chris for months"', Wise would respond saying:

I should clarify that I think he is talking to Chris, but more on and off. I kinda misunderstood if you meant talking for several months straight, or just popped in to give random updates.