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Markus Meechan (born 17 October 1987), better known as Count Dankula, is a Scottish YouTuber, comedian, and political activist. He is known for achieving major press coverage for posting a video where his girlfriend's pug does the Nazi salute in response to him shouting Nazi phrases out loud. On 5 June 2018, he conducted an interview with Chris.


The interview was initially teased by Kiwi Farms owner Null two days before, when he posted:

A YouTube/broader Internet celebrity with a large audience is interviewing Chris on Tuesday. If you have any requests put them in now".[1]

Like CLog 10042017 - Q&A 1, the questions were from user requests.

Some highlights include Chris saying that he physically travels to CWCville and other fictional cartoon and video games locations through portals that open up before him, and claiming that his homemade S-Chu Ball is physical evidence of something he brought back from the other side. Another claim Chris makes is that he, his father Bob and serial killer Ted Bundy are/were half-Sonichu in real life. Most troubling of all is that Chris claims that serial killer Ted Bundy did not kill anyone, was innocent of all those crimes, was working undercover to find who the real murderer was, and was framed for the murders – all ideas he got from Idea Guy. Also, at some moments of the interview, he randomly starts making weird sounds in a way to be funny,(reminiscent of The Three Stooges) despite the fact he looks creepy doing it, even Dankula asks him if he is alright. Notably, Dankula offers a more sympathetic response to Chris's inputs in the interview, pointing out the cruelty involved in the Idea Guys' manipulation.

A Chat With Chris-Chan
Stardate 5 June 2018
Subject Matter ComicsComics Comics, TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga Idea GuyIdea Guy Idea Guy
Shirt The Blue ClopperThe Blue Clopper The Blue Clopper
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Count: [laughs nervously] And-uh... here we are... eh-Chri— [laughs] Chris-chan. It is amazing to actually finally be able to meet you. How are you doing?

Chris: I'm doing okay. How are you?

Count: I'm f—

Chris: [interrupts] Live on Space Ghost Coast to Coast!

Count: [laughs] Well-uh, I've been trying to get this interview set up for quite a little while. Uh-you're someone that I have actually watched for a good number of years. Umm, obviously, you know that a lot of the internet are very interested in you, so I'm going to do my best to make sure this interview isn't like all the other interviews you've had, where the interviewers have been pretty lame and they haven't dove too much into you. So, I'm going to try and go into areas that some people may not have spoken about. So I do have a few questions lined up of a few things that I'm pretty interested in hearing about. Uh, mainly about CWCville.

Count: Is—

Chris: [interrupts] Yes?

Count: One of the... one of the main things that I've... from what I've read, and some of the things I've seen is that you believe CWCville itself is a completely real place.

Chris: [assuredly] It is a real place!

Count: As well... and all the characters within CWCville are also real.

Chris: Yes.

Count: and well— And one thing that I've heard as well is-uh... you believe that you can actually travel to CWCville.

Chris: Yes, I do believe so.

Count: Oh, that's fine-um. So, what is it that actually makes CWCville a real place?

Chris: Well, right now, it exists in another dimension. And realistically, it's the l-in northern part of Virginia!

Count: Th-CWCville's in the northern part of Virginia?

Chris: Ya.

Count: So, you can actually travel there?

Chris: Uh-not in this world, but I can get... but... I have a way of which I'll be able to get there from this world to over there in that world.

Count: How-how is it you actually travel there then? Just-just curious.

Chris: Well, we're still working on th-getting the bugs out of it. Among which, I've astral projected there. Your accent is quite infectuous [sic].

Count: [laughs] Thanks very much. I tr-I try my best to speak clearly whenever I'm on YouTube, because-uh my accent's very thick and sometimes people-uh have trouble understanding what I'm saying [laughs]. So-um, just to clarify as well. You can reach CWCville through astral projection then? So it's like, with meditation, kind of, you can reach CWCville.

Chris: Yes.

Count: Right. So, any g—

Chris: That's the easiest way of visiting at least.

Count: Right, I've got you. Umm... and so, obviously, if you go to CWCville, all the characters will be there. All the characters are actually real.

Chris: Yes.

Count: Right, well... just as-is there any... Just... I'm just asking. Is there any evidence that you have that proves that CWCville is a real place?

Chris: It exists. I can give you-I can show a few things that I've actually gotten from there.

Count: If-if you want to show them on the stream. Yeah, that would be good.

Chris: I have an S-Chu Ball for one thing [shows ball off to camera]

Count: Did you get that from CWCville?

Chris: Yep.

Count: That's interesting. That's amazing. Well, se-see how you... Have you travelled to CWCville before, yourself?

Chris: Yep.

Count: You have? Umm... can anyone travel to CWCville?

Chris: Hmm... Currently, the majority can travel to CWCville through meditation and astral projection. But for th-when the proper visitation rights happen, we're working on the portal, eh?

Count: Right. Okay. So, do you need to get special permission then, before you can enter CWCville?

Chris: [sighs] We're going through-we're still going through a whole bunch of red tape there, but yeah. Pretty much.

Count: Ah, right, I've got you then. So then would CWCville essentially have-uh, a bit of an immigration policy then? Only certain people would be allowed in?

Chris: Yeah. Too many people from this world could take great advantage of the things, and try to make things go wrong. Very, very bad.

Count: I completely understand where you're coming from. Umm... So, when you actually travel to CWCville, wh-what do you do while you're there?

Chris: I help watch over things, I help defend the city when need be. And I definitely see over the laws and things.

Count: Right. Because you're the mayor.

Chris: Uhh... I'm pretty much the big leader, I'm the head honcho, I'm the creator and the chronicler.

Count: Right, okay. So, obviously you created this place. So, would-would essentially, you'd be a little bit higher than the leader then, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you be the god since you literally created the place?

Chris: No, no. I am not a god, because the God creates everything. I only created a portion. I do not create all things.

Count: Ah, that's fair enough, that's very humble. And when you're in CWCville, who do you speak to in particular? What characters from the Sonichu/CWCville universe, who do you speak to?

Chris: I talk to the... I talk to my Sonichu and Rosechu, and all the others of my species.

Count: So, what do you talk about?

Chris: About... I'm half Sonichu.

Count: You're half Sonichu?

Chris: Yes.

Count: So is it... Sonichu, sort of, like part of yourself, almost like a split personality type of thing, or is it like an alter ego? [the Count seems to be confused between Sonichus as a species and Sonichu the individual]

Chris: You see me transform in the books, eh? It's pretty much like that.

Count: Right. So, are you yourself Sonichu? When you go to CWCville, do you transform into Sonichu or are you still—

Chris: I-I go there, I go there, I'm human, and then I can transform into my Chris-Chan Sonichu form.

Count: Right, right, I understand now. That's fine, that's interesting. And umm... and one thing that I've sort of read about you as well is you feel that all other cartoon universes, so things like American Dad, My Little Pony, so on and so on, they're all actually real places as well?

Chris: Yes, they are.

Count: And all the characters there are actually real?

Chris: Oh yes.

Count: But they... do they exist sort of in the same dimension as the Sonichu universe, or do they have their own dimension?

Chris: Some universes. Some of them actually do have an alternate dimension, like Steven Universe where World War II never happened.

Count: Right.

Chris: That's a whole different dimension right there.

Count: Right, I understand then. So, some of them exist in the same dimension, some of them are different, but do you get to all of them by the same method?

Chris: Uhh. Among which, a whole dimensional portal and everything, yes.

Count: Right. So is it, different portals or different kinds of meditation will take you to different universes?

Chris: Get you—

Count: Yeah.

Chris: Get you physically there.

Count: Nice one. That's interesting. Now, see... in regards to CWCville itself. Now obviously, you are the creator, you're the one that creates the Sonichu comics, you draw them all up, and you create the story of CWCville. Now... what would happen to CWCville if you just stopped creating the comics? Like—

Chris: E-Everybody still continues on living their lives as normal, like... like you or me. Our stories still continue on as long as we live.

Count: That's—

Chris: And pretty much, uhh, what I've written and, what I've written and chronicled, yeah? Among which that definitely happened beyond my own power and authority of pen and paper, but then also some of it... had already happened and I just was able to get the history in my mind all the way directly from there. It's a whole psychic process, eh?

Count: Right. So, uhh, what would happen to CWCville after you're gone, would the CWCville universe just continue regardless? It would just keep going?

Chris: It would, it would keep going, yes... [speaking like a showman] The show must go on!

Count: [Laughs] Well, moving on from CWCville, that has been some really interesting stuff that you've actually told me about, but just to go a bit more into sort of personal things about your life, I have read an awful lot into you, but I'm... Let me try and keep things as positive as I absolutely can, now, it's just that some people are really interested in your relationship with your father, and it's just to find out what are some of the fondest memories you have of your father?

Chris: Uhh, well let's just see, eh? That's quite a bit to think about. I'd say among which, definitely, the road trips and him taking me to a park or two, and just enjoying the scenery and all.

The dreaming studio

Count: That's really nice. Umm, I know your dad had something, was it called the dreaming studio?

Chris: Uhh, yes, that's a workshop in the backyard.

Count: Umm, did you and your dad ever make anything together in there?

Chris: Uhh, a few do-it-yourself projects.

Count: Was it just like woodworking, stuff like that?

Chris: Yeah.

Count: Well, what did you make?

Chris: [Exhales] I don't remember.

Count: Was it a long time ago? Yeah.

Chris: Too long, yeah.

Count: Nah, that's absolutely fair enough. I know that another question, as well, that a lot of people are interested in is, eh, have you ever been to Disney World or any other theme parks?

Chris: No.

Count: You've never been to theme parks?

Chris: I've been to a theme park before, but I've definitely never gone out of state to go to a theme park.

Count: Alright, what kind of rides were your favorite?

Chris: Uhh, I like the... I like the roller coaster, I like the ferris wheel, I like the spinning-go-round where you're sp- you're... you're inside the [incomprehensible], you're spinning around and around, and you come out all dizzy.

Count: Ah. You're braver than me, uhh, I went-

Chris: [Laughs loudly]

Count: [Chuckles] I went on a roller coaster once when I was twelve, and it made me sick, and I've never been on one again ever since. [Shakes head] I'm scared of roller coasters.

Chris: I t-

Count: [Laughs]

Chris: I tell you the trick? You find your center when you're feeling dizzy. You just... you ride the dizziness in your brain, you find the center in your brain and you ride with it.

Count: [Laughs again] I'll keep that in mind. And uhh, another question that quite a few people are interested in is, ehm, who... What can you tell us about... Is it Maggie-Chan?

Chris: Yeah, Magi-Chan.

Count: M... Magi-Chan, sorry, umm, who is Magi-Chan?

Chris: Uhh, he is our... He is our resident major powerful psychic/electric type Sonichu. Amongst the special 59. There are 59 of us special Sonichus and Rosechus out of the thousands they emitted from the rainbow of February 3, two thousand... [thinks] three.

Count: Ah, right, and what's your relationship to Magi-Chan?

Chris: Throughout my entire life, he's a lot older than you think. Hmm. And definitely as old as I had mentioned on Twitter earlier, but anyway... [widens eyes] He was my guardian angel my whole life.

Count: So... So has he been around a lot longer than the CWCville universe, then?

Chris: Quite so, even a lot longer than me.

Count: Really?

Chris: Yeah.

Count: So well, what is it that he does? Does he just sort of look out for you in the real world, and even in CWCville?

Chris: He looks out for everyone in CWCville, he looks out for me, he looks out for a lot of us people. And he's my loving, devoted husband.

Count: So you're... You're married to Magi-Chan as well?

Chris: Yes.

Count: So what's uhh... What's your relationship with Magi-Chan like, then?

Chris: Really good. We have a good... We have a good relationship between us, good communication and everything. [Smiles]

Count: That's really good then, how long have you been married for?

Chris: We've been married since March 26, this year.

Count: Congratulations, I'm actually getting married myself.

Chris: Heh. Congratulations to you. I'm also married to my Cryzel Rosechu, we got married on the same day. We're polyamorous.

Count: P... Polyamorous... relationship? [Visibly confused]

Chris: Yeah.

Count: Very progressive. Umm... So, I understand one of the things about your past is your Love Quest, you were obviously looking to find a partner, and uhh... Some people made fun of you for it, which I find very unfair because, you know, finding a life partner is everyone's goal, to be honest, you were just a lot more vocal about it. So...

Chris: Yeah.

Count: So you being married to these two characters, does that mean that you've completed your Love Quest, then?

Chris: Pretty much, yes. Because it turns out, uhh, I was destined for this relationship, and that's why my past relationships, real and fictional, with the theoretical exes that were trolls and bullies that pretend to be women, that's why they all failed. Because I was destined for this [forces a smile] lovely relationship.

Count: That's... That's amazing, that's really good, so like, do any of them exist in the real world, or do they only exist in the CWCville universe, I know you said Magi-Chan...

Chris: They exi-... They exi-... They exist in this world, they exist in that world, they exist everywhere.

Count: Right. And so, so they...

Chris: They just come... They come from there, they come from here, they use a portal and whatnot to get from there to here.

Count: Right. And are any of them with you right now?

Chris: Oh yes, they're all with... A lot of them are... A few of them are with my, currently my hubby and my honey.

Count: That's good, umm... This is something I've kept track of for a long time, so I'm actually pretty happy that you've completed your Love Quest. Congratulations.

Chris: Yes. Yes, thank you.

Count: And, uhh, one thing that you brought up as well was one of the main things that I did want to speak about, is, in your past you have had people troll you, I would probably go as far as to say that you have been one of the most trolled people on the internet, and I'm... I'm kind of known for being a bit of a troll myself, I like to make fun of people, I like to take the piss out of people, but there is a line that people shouldn't cross. I feel if you're trolling someone, you shouldn't affect their real life, and you have had some really really bad things happen to you in the past, things that even to me are things that really cross the line. And it has had a really bad effect on you.

Chris: Mhmm.

Count: And stuff, like you said people in the past pretended to be women, tricking you into falling in love with them, and I-

Chris: Mhmm...

Count: I know one of them was BlueSpike, and I thought what BlueSpike did particularly was absolutely disgusting. I thought what he did to you was terrible.

Chris: Mhmm. [Covering face]

Count: Yeah. I'm sorry, I don't mean to upset you, Chris, I would... If you don't want me to talk about it, I won't talk about it.

Chris: It's all right.

Count: Okay, I'm very sorry, I'll move on from that, I just uhh... I just wanted to make it clear that some of the stuff that's happened to you is very very unfair

Chris: Yes.

Count: And just so you know, we don't... Not everyone laughs at what happened to you.

Chris: Yes.

Count: I just wanted you to know that.

Chris: Yeah, thank you. If there's anything positive I'd like for everybody who, say, gets trolls or bullies out there on the internet, definitely just ignore them and try and move on with your lives for yourself offline and uhh... Just try to do good for yourself, be emotionally positive for yourself, because the most important person you could love, or who loves you, is yourself.

Count: That's a good and wholesome message, that's really good. But like, those were just some of the main questions that people wanted to go over but I'm quite happy that you keep talking about CWCville cause it seems that CWCville is obviously a passion it's what you're most active about and you love doing.

Chris: Yeah, that and my species of Sonichus and Rosechus.

Count:So what's next in the CWCville storyline then? What's next to happen?

Chris: We're still developing, it's ongoing. I'm still working on the Ninth star book, and after that I'm working on book 14, which is... we're end up going further into Graduon's story.

Count: And what's going to happen there, or do you not- do you not want to give away too much of the story there? Do you want to keep it a secret?

Chris: Well, essentially we go- we talk about Graduon's history, and how he came to be here and there, and uh... at this point pretty much coming back to Earth in the Metal Sonichu body and what happens after that.

Count: Nice one. It's interesting. So, in regards to then, obviously you're in a polyamorous relationship. Do you plan on having kids?

Chris: Eventually yes. That is definitely part of the destiny.

Count: Do you have a destiny planned out for yourself?

Chris: The destiny was planned out for me without my knowledge.

Count: [Laughs] Was that- was that Magi-Chan that did that?

Chris: For so many years I didn't even know until most recently, but yeah. It's all good.

Count: That's good then. What are you... what are you doing with yourself in the real world anyway? You just sitting making comics and stuff, or you just doing your drawings? What else are you doing in the real world?

Chris: Uh, I didn't understand the question.

Count: Oh, sorry, just... In the real world, like where you are just now, like outside of CWCville, do you have any future plans or anything or are all of your plans centered on CWCville? Basically is all that matters or of the real world.

Chris: I don't know much about future plans right now, except for what I've learned recently about the uh... about my destiny and everything, so I'm pretty much just going with the flow, and doing as I go, which it actually kind of works out. Being pretty much in the present.

Count: Well that's good then. So, I'm just trying to- it's some of the things you've said about CWCville with like- I'm fascinated, mainly about the dimensions type of thing but like... It's just that I'm interested in about the travel, like how often do you actually travel to CWCville?

Chris: I'd say most daily.

Count: Daily? How long do you spend there?

Chris: Uh, about like a few hours at the moment?

Count: Does it... does it work in the same way like, for example, if you travel to CWCville and you're there for two hours, does two hours pass in the real world?

Chris: Yeah, the time difference is one to one.

Count: Right, so it's the same amount of time. Right.

Chris: Yeah.

Count: It's fair enough. I'm just- so what else do you- what else is it that you do there? Do you just talk to everyone, like, do you have a house in CWCville that you live in?

Chris: Yes, I have a place that I live in there.

Count: Right. And do you live there with your wife and husband then there?

Chris: Yeah. We're pretty much mostly still here- still here at the time, and we're going to end up being mostly over there much later on.

Count: No, that's fair enough. And I totally- It's weird that I totally get where you're coming from. Is there anything else, like, about CWCville, that you think people would find interesting? We've got about 3,000 people watching just now and they're finding it pretty interesting. Is there anything else you want to tell them that, you know, not many people know that you think they'd be interested in?

Chris: [Sighs] Well, I definitely so much more to CWCville that meets the eye. And, by the way, Pallet Town where Ash Ketchum came from, as well as Viridian City is clearly south of CWCville.

Count: So is the Pokémon Universe in the same dimension as CWCville?

Chris: Yeah.

Count: That's cool, cause I fucking love Pokémon. I love Pokémon, I don't care how old I am. I love Pokemon. [Laughs] And so, do you travel to Pallet Town as well then when you're in CWCville?

Chris: Just nearby, so... we got Oak down there, we also have our own Pokemon professor in the city of CWCville as well. Anyways, it's all good, it's fine. But also you think a character that's on [Stutters] you think a character or person is fictional in this world, they exist in that dimension or in a sister dimension, once again like Stephen Universe is in that different dimension where World War 2 never happened.

Count: Right. Did World War II happen in the CWCville universe?

Chris: Yeah.

Count: It happened there?

Chris: Yeah, this one's pretty much... the sister dimension to this world where we're living in right now, you and me.

Count: Right. [pauses in awe] I have so many questions! So, so you've got-

Chris: So many questions, so little time.

Count: I know, I know, I'm sorry, but like... So, CWCville itself has its own Pokémon professor, so there's obviously Pokémon in CWCville that you can catch.

Chris: Yeah, and Sonichus and Rosechus are definitely in the family, you know, between the evolution of Rosey- Rosechu-Vamprosa; Sonee-Sonichu-Metonic... They're all official Pokemon, and there's literally over 1,000 Pokémon in existence and registered officially in the Pokédex over there that are not yet chronicled in this world in the games and everything. And Sonichu is number 982.

Count: So, those Pokémon that exist in the CWCville universe that haven't yet come into the games in the real world.

Chris: You mustn't not- You don't have to call it CWCville universe, because it essentially is the neutral sister dimension universe to our world here where everybody exists pretty much.

Count: So out of all the cartoon or comic universes that exist, CWCville is the one that's most closely related to the one that we're in now?

Chris: Well you have pretty much CWCville, but there's also Springfield, Quahog, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live there, and even Cybertron exists there. And Canterlot High School with a portal to Equestria.

Count: Right, so they're all deeply-

Chris: In the same dimension!

Count: So we're all in the same dimension as these other worlds?

Chris: Yeah, the only difference is that pretty much... we can't see it in this world or our reality, but we open our minds and we can see what would be invisible in this world, but it's fully visible there in that dimension. And the Gamindustri and all the CPUs are there.

Count: Right. Who are the CPUs?

Chris: The Console Patron Units. Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Count: What do they do? I don't know what they are. Sorry.

Chris:[Pause] You gotta get in on this. Hyperdimension Neptunia this is , the games been around for many years, the CPUs are the goddesses, there's a religion around them and everything. And there's like a 12 episode anime for them that covers at least the basics about them.

Count: Right, right, okay. So when you mention the other worlds like obviously Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and stuff like that, do you travel to those worlds too?

Chris: Uh, among which I can project myself to there, yeah.

Count: Oh, obviously because you're the creator of CWCville, is it- it's obviously much easier for you to get to CWCville than it is to these other worlds.

Chris: Yeah, pretty much among which, it just takes a little bit more effort for me to get to most anywhere else.

Count: So, what other worlds have you travelled to?

Chris: I've definitely been to Equestria.

Count: You mean Equestria, Is that the My Little Pony one?

Chris: Yeah.

Count: Alright, so what did you do when you were there?

Chris: Uh... just pretty much, diplomatic things.

Count: So, do these other worlds, do they have like diplomatic relations with each other then, do you sort of act as a diplomat between the worlds?

Chris: Among which, and an ally. I try to be as good a friend as I can be.

Count: Right, so is it to sort of like to maintain peace or something? Cause it usually- whenever diplomats are involved, it's because worlds might not like each other. So do any of these worlds, you know, sort of...

Chris: I don't know the full- I don't know the total history, but there have been some conflicts among which in the past that have been previously chronicled in the animated, the live action, the anime series, and the comic books and manga and literature books and everything. It's all- a bunch of it- a lot of it's chronicled in our world, so what I don't know you can pretty much read about it.

Count: Right, so have some of cartoon worlds, then, have they like gone to war with each other before?

Chris: Uh... like I said, I don't know the full history, but I would go with among which... yeah.

Count: Do you know which ones? If you don't know it's fine.

Chris: I don't know. I don't know the totality of it all just yet. I only know, like... you know, this, that amount here and there. I don't know everything, its still a big world over there, just like this one.

Count: Yeah, is it- sorry.

Chris: And then the big universe that surrounds it. Even Planet Dolan is there.

Count: Planet Dolan, is that- is that in its own universe as well? That's the YouTuber isn't it, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, but I'm talking about the actual Planet Dolan with all the characters from Planet Dolan actually exist like Melissa the Bird, and... PringleTheOne and Nixxiom and Hellbent and Dolan. Dolan himself. The character Dolan!

Count: That's amazing. So like, has CWCville ever been at war with any other cartoon worlds? Has there been problems or any kind of aggression or anything like that?

Chris: Not that I'm fully aware of, but I'm sure there have been a few differences here and there.

Count: So obviously your job is to make sure, like you act as the diplomat so you try and make sure that everything stay peaceful?

Chris: Yeah. And I have my own bunch of powers as well, so it works.

Count: So, what powers is it that you have?

Chris: Electric, Magic, Psychic... I'm still learning.

Count: So do these powers work in the real world or is this only when you travel to these other worlds?

Chris: They're still in development. They partially work in this world.

Count: Right. Is there anything more you want to tell me about your powers? What is it, specifically that you can-?

Chris: [Hesitates] Um, let's just leave it at... uh, I don't want to divulge too much right now.

Count:No that’s, that’s completely fine. Thats okay. So, who is it that teaches you your powers, is it Magi-Chan?

Chris:Um, among others, yes. I have many a teacher help me figure my powers out.

Count:Are these all people that exist within- they’re characters within the CWCville?

Chris:Among which, yes.

Count:That’s interesting. Um… [stunned silence]

Chris:Let’s move on to another topic.

Count:No. No that’s no problem, that’s fine. I’m just trying to- It’s just lot a bit of travel between the worlds thing. It’s just- Do you do it from your bedroom? Is it, like a mental thing? You’ve mentioned portals before, do you actually- when you say a portal, is it like a portal in your mind or does an actual portal open in front of you that you walk through?

Chris:An actual portal.

Count:An actual portal. And do you just open it in your bedroom and just walk through it?

Chris:Um, from my bedroom, anywhere… Let’s not divulge too much right now.

Count:No, it’s- I totally understand. You wouldn’t want- you wouldn’t want people figuring it out and trying to cause problems. Ehm… It’s something I may try it. But don’t worry, I’ll [laughs] I may try it myself. [continues laughing]

Chris:You may wanna go find- you may wanna go find somebody else who knows more about portal making than I do.

Count:It’s okay, it’s okay, I won’t ask you to teach me. Well… One thing that we can do is here, I’ll have a look and see if anybody has submitted any questions in the Superchat, see if there’s anything else that we can get here. It’ll just be a moment and I’ll read through these.


Count:Dadadadada, just trying to find… anything here. While I’m looking for this, are you going to any conventions or anything like that this year? Are you going to Comic Con or anything?

Chris:Yeah, I’m going to BarneyCon later this year.



Count:That’s cool. I’m probably going to ComicCon myself.

Chris:BronyCon’s quite close to home, just like a pretty much a two hour drive from here.

Count:I’m all the way over in Scotland.

Chris:[horrible Scottish accent] Oh, is that where you are? I thought your accent was quite genuine to be a Scottish accent, eh?

Count:[laughs] Yeah.

Chris:I’m like wh- I found on 23AndMe that I am 100% European. I think there was a little Scottish in there, although I’m mostly British.

Count:Was it British, ah, Scots are, we’re an interesting people. You know we got ginger hair and bad tempers, that’s usually what makes you Scottish. [laughs]

Chris:Eh, people are colorful like that. Everybody’s got their honest interests and everything. And that’s fi- You know it’s funny, 23AndMe I did find me a point one- less than point 1 percent… Ashkenazi. Jewish.

Count:Ashkenazi Jewish.

Chris:Who knew? Yeah.

Count:That’s interesting.

Chris: And my ancestry go all the way- and my ancestors were from Africa, so there’s possibly a little bit of black in me too. [black stereotype impression] What’chu say me homie? [Fat Albert impression] Hey hey hey!

Count: [bursts out laughing] Umm... Just, I'm just double checking here. I'm trying to find... I'm not really finding any questions... Oh, someone's actually asked one here. What type of food is in CWCville? Like, is it just the same food you would get here, or is it different?

Chris: I’d say it’s the same amou- type of cuisine we get here, yes.

Count: Is there anything new that you can only get in CWCville?

Chris: Not that I’m aware of yet. 'Cept possibly maybe CWC brand Cola.

Count: CWC brand cola?

Chris: Or CWC brand anything.[laughs]

Count: So CWCville’s got its own brands of things as well.

Chris: Why not, it’s “CWC” enough to go with my initials.

Count: [laughs] I’m just-

Chris: It’s about as unique as Zap Apple Jam from Equestria.

Count: Right, so they’ve got like- they’ve got their own sort of products and CWCville has its own products as well.

Chris: Eh, give or take. They’re mostly similar.

Count: Someone’s actually asked a very good question. How does CWCville’s political system work? Cause I know that you’ve mentioned before there’s the mayor and the leaders. Is there other things does it have a senate? Or anything, you know a congressman?

Chris:I don’t know too much about politics, I’m just… I would say that they elect themselves… I’d say it’s similar, and they work along the political system of the rest of the country.

Count:Right, so is it just like- it’s not just one leader of CWCville, there’s obviously a group you know-

Chris:There’s like a staff underneath the mayor part as well.

Count:And then they advise? They obviously advise the mayor on decisions and things like that.


Count: So what kind of decisions do they make? Is it just sort of things like opening a new park or something like that? Is it just those kind of decisions like sort of, you know, standard government decisions?

Chris:Yeah, pretty much.

Count: Fair enough, that’s quite cool. One thing that people are asking as well, um… this is something that I’ve actually never heard of, so I don’t know if this is actually true. Someone is saying to me you have a brother?

Chris: A brother?

Count: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, I have two half brothers. That’s Joseph Cole Smithey over in New York City and Dr. David Alan Chandler over here in Virginia in the Richmond area, and my half sister Carol Chandler…Although she might have gotten married by now…I don’t know if she changed her last name or not.

Count: Alrighty, Do you still speak to them? Or do you stay in contact?

Chris: Uh… very rarely nowadays. They pretty much close- they closed themselves off from me.

Count: Well, why did they do that?

Chris: I’d say, they, well… To put it rather bluntly, I’d say Cole knows my mother, knows our mother quite too well. She’s always saying he’s not fond of her like that. And same possibly can be said of Alan and Carol of our father. And they just assumed distance themselves from, uh from- my from… their dad and our mom and just… uh, you know typical, like, the older brother from Malcolm in the Middle.

Count: Right, right yeah that’s fine. So just sort of family disputes? It wasn’t really you or anything, it was just members of the family falling out with each other?

Chris:Pretty much, yeah.

Count:Yeah, don’t worry I completely understand that.

Chris:Yup. That’s the story, and we live with it.

Count:That’s fine, I’ve got similar stuff myself, don’t you worry. I’ve got a cousin who absolutely refuses to talk to me anymore.

Chris:I got cousins in Red Oak who refuse to talk to even my mother anymore.

Count: Really? Mine doesn’t talk to me for political reasons, but let’s not go into that.

Chris: Right.

Count:I’m just gonna have…

Chris:There’s three things you don’t talk about in general public; Religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.

Count:The Great Pumpkin? What’s the Great Pumpkin?

Chris:What, you never watched Peanuts? Charlie Brown?

Count:Oh, yeah I think I remember something about that, yeah. I think I seen that when I was like a child. Like I was really young I think when I last watched that.

Chris:It’s fun to go back and watch the old cartoons you used to watch, reminisce. Feels-little, young once again, be like [child impression] Oh yeah, I’m familiar with this, I’ve seen it before, it’s still funny.

Count:I watched, like when I was growing up I watched Pokémon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers, and Street Sharks as well. I used to watch Street Sharks all the time when I was younger. I had all the action figures and everything… I loved Street Sharks.

Chris: Hm. That’s cool.

Count:I’m just trying to… see if there’s any other questions… a lot of people are asking as well see because World War 2, you say happened in CWCville.


Count:So obviously, as Pokémon exist in CWCville, were Pokémon involved in the war?

Chris:I can’t say.

Count:That’s fine. I hope they weren’t cause that sounds horrible. I really hope they weren’t.

Chris:I think it was more of a human on human thing in that battle.

Count:That’s okay then. I don’t like the idea of Pokémon getting killed, so I hope it was just human on human.

Chris:Yeah, I would believe so, yeah.

Count:That’s okay then.

Chris:Yeah, let’s leave it at that.

Count:Yeah. I’m just trying to… double check a few things. I think, I’m not really seeing a lot of valid questions coming in through on the Superchat. So…

Chris:Hey Simplechat, give us simple questions, simple minds!

Count:Yeah, good questions, like actual good questions. Ones that will actually be interesting, please… While I’m waiting on stuff like that, I’m trying to think of what else I could actually ask you about CWCville. Cause I’m absolutely fascinated. It’s weird, cause I have a million things that I want to know, I just can’t put them into words.

Chris:[Imitates car honking while holding up toy car. Laughs]

Count:[laughs] So like, see in order for something to become part of the CWCville universe, do you have to actually physically draw the comic, or as soon as the thought enters into your head, does it, is that it? It becomes part of the CWCville universe? Do you need to draw it or do you just need to think it?

Chris:Uhmm…I think it’s pretty much I have to… I pretty much… I have to fully think it and assess it. And like, you know, want it. And then it would become into existence.


Chris:And of course, you know the expression. Necessity… cre- necessity is the mother of invention.

Count:That’s true, that’s very, very true. You know, a thing as well, people are interested in- A good question actually came through there- if you could just sort of describe just an average day in your life. Just, from when you wake up in the morning, what do you do?

Chris:I have a granola bar, I have a Monster Energy Tea to wake myself up. That’s at about 8:30 in the morning. I have a bit of breakie, I do what I feel like I would- I would try to get some drawing or whatever my current project is that I’m working on, or whatever happens to pop up in the day, and I have various things pop up that really keep me busy. It’s various, and… it can get-it can just get quite frustrating for me. But anyways, uh, typical day… So let’s say definitely among the drawings , so drawing for a while, I have lunch, I draw some- and color some more and then I have when I’m- dinner, and then I would take it and I would, like, come about 9 o'clock, I take a shower and then I get ready and go to bed.

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