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Chris has only used these slurs during the time he was being manipulated by the Miscreants group of trolls. He has not used them before or since.

Niggos is one of Chris's many minced oaths, this one meant to refer to black people. While he only used the term once, it has become a popular term among Christorians that use it to allude to Chris's history of problematic behavior where African American people are concerned.

Etymology of "Niggos"

Thankfully, this is not what Chris actually believes.

His only known use of the term was in the 3 March 2009 chat, where BlueSpike coerced him into saying "BILLY MAYS is the new mayor of CWCville, and Christian Chandler will be thrown in CWCville jail, where he will be raped by a bunch of niggers." Chris repeated the line as ordered, but ignored his instructions and attempted to outsmart BlueSpike by saying "niggos" instead of the dreaded N-word. Yes, out of all the things Chris could have done, like...

  • Refuse to say "nigger",
  • Literally say "N-word",
  • Say something else like "blacks" or "African-Americans",
  • Bleep himself out, or
  • Just end the conversation,

He chose to coin a dumb and offensive term which, as if to add insult to injury, sounds like a lame brand of cereal. It should be noted that Chris's creativity was completely in vain. BlueSpike pointed out Chris's stupidity, and our autistic hero had to spell out "nigger" properly several times. He even got the hang of it and started singing "Don't Trust Them New Niggas Over There" on his own will until BlueSpike cussed him out for it. Chris has done this more than once before.[1][2]

Chris has never again used the word "niggo" and probably doesn't even remember the whole incident. Nonetheless, "niggo" is still considered a CWC-ism, and is classified as a CWC-neologism.

Chris and the actual N-word

Sit, Spin and Shut the Fuck Up, NIGGER!!! And I WILL call you That RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!!!
Chris, March 2010[3]

Chris has used "nigga" or "nigger" on occasion.

He came up with a cover of "Don't Trust Them New Niggas Over There" later in 2009; he modified most of the lyrics to make fun of gay people to establish his commitment to heteronormativity, but he forgot to change up the rhyming a bit to switch a racist slur to a homophobic slur. Chris, oblivious to the character who sang the song being explicitly racist against his own race, failed to see any problem with singing "nigga" twice. With that in mind, his usage of the term is few and far between.

Chris called the troll Surfshack Tito "nigger" twice, both in the Chris Drops the N-Bomb video from 17 March 2010 and in the Surfshack Tito e-mails, released shortly afterwards, even though Tito, like the Rocket Power character he's named after, is Polynesian, not black. Tito, noticing this, made a video response to Chris using footage of an obese black YouTuber, obscuring his face while dubbing over an apology to Chris.

It should be reiterated that Chris has only used racial slurs against African Americans when prompted to by trolls. While his handling of race relations in his webcomic and in real life definitely cringe-inducing, it's likely that the usage of slurs comes less from a place of deep-seated racial hatred and ignorance on his part, and it's more often a result of Chris flipping his lid after being manipulated.

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