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It is no secret that Chris spends a healthy portion of his day watching television shows. His preferences become apparent not only because he will constantly force you to listen to him talk about them, but also because Chris, in his infinite originality, likes to take phrases and sentences from shows and use them verbatim in his everyday speech. This article attempts to list all of these occurrences, especially those he has used repeatedly.

Seth MacFarlane shows

Seth MacFarlane is the creator of the animated sitcoms Family Guy, The Cleveland Show and American Dad!. Needless to say, as he is a huge fan of his shows, it's inevitable that most of Chris's stolen phrases come from his shows.

Blocky low resolution
Grinds my gears
Insert rod "A" into slot "B"
  • Source: Sonichu 8, Page 1
  • Origin: The Family Guy episode "Emission Impossible", said by Brian, reading the instructions to a crib that Peter is making for the other baby he and Lois expect to have. Peter responds "That's what sh--" and is then cut off by Brian saying, "If you say 'That's what she said' one more time, I'm gonna pop you."
iPods down and listen up
  • Source: Mailbag 51
  • Origin: The Cleveland Show: "Love Rollercoaster" - A joke in which Cleveland is Steve Jobs and invents the edible cellphone, the iRitz.
George Washington Carver finding over 300 uses for peanuts (but not peanut butter)
Dork of Ages

Rocko's Modern Life

Bad luck and extreme misfortune
  • Source: Describing the effects of the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha
  • Origin: "Fortune Cookie": Filburt's fortune cookie reads "Bad luck and extreme misfortune will infest your pathetic soul for all eternity"



Excel Saga

I'm much saltier now
  • Source: Chris likes to say this to say that he's less naive about sex than he was in high school thanks to porn.
  • Origin: Something Excel says to comment on her training.

South Park

Breakin' my balls
  • Source: Said about something that gives him a lot of stress.
    (This is actually a common phrase, but knowing Chris and his track record of plagiarism, he more than likely stole it from South Park.)
  • Origin: "Kenny Dies": Cartman tries to start a business selling aborted fetuses to stem cell research laboratories. When making deals over the phone, he says "Ugh, you're breakin' my balls man. Got 'em in a vice grip, here."
Shove your ass down your throat and make you eat your underwear
  • Source: Threatened Clyde Cash with this line in the video Take that Page DOWN NOW!.
  • Origin: "The Breast Cancer Show Ever": Wendy challenges Cartman to a fight after the latter makes an extremely tasteless breast cancer joke. Cartman, not wanting to fight, tries to talk her out of it, but refuses to apologize for the joke publicly, prompting Wendy to threaten him with this line.


One shall stand, one shall fall.
  • Source: Used in a speech he gave to Clyde Cash during the infamous 20 January 2009 IRC chat, where Chris revealed that he had numbers of pairs of DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS.
  • Origin: Optimus Prime has said this phrase several times to Megatron in the television series, as well as the Transformers movie from 2007.

SpongeBob SquarePants

You know what else else?
  • Source: Chris's one-liner prior to stomping on his dildo.
  • Origin: "Pizza Delivery". Squidward and SpongeBob wind up deserted in the middle of nowhere due to SpongeBob's bad driving skills. Squidward says: "Well, you backed up. And you know what? I think we're out of gas. And you know what else? We're in the middle of NOWHERE!". SpongeBob responds: "And you know what else else? I think the pizza's getting cold."


Smoke um peace pipe.
  • Source: Chris said this while pretending to smoke tobacky with a pen.
  • Origin: "Where the Buggalo Roam". The Martians in the episode offer a smoke from their peace pipe to the lead characters.