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This is an exhaustive list of documented examples of Chris's ego in the real world and in the Sonichu comic. It warrants its own page.

In the real world


  • Manchester High School — When Chris graduated from high school, he actually cried because he believed that he deserved a number of autistic artistic awards for his artwork. By his own admission, he also made a scene and ran out after getting his diploma, eventually having to be consoled by both his mother and gal-pal Tiffany Gowen.
  • PVCC — After being expelled for his appalling behavior by the Student's Dean, Chris felt the need to write to the Then-Standing President of the United-States, George W. Bush. The idea that a standing President would be willing to use his clout to reverse a local community college's administrative decision is ludicrous at best.

Public places

  • The GAMe PLACe — Chris, a regular patron, acted as if he owned the store. He was rude to the other customers and staff, abused the access to a flat-screen TV, and was an all-around pain for the manager (and later owner), Michael Snyder. After many antics, he was banned from the place. Chris filmed a half-assed apology nine months later, not because he was sorry for his actions, but because the store was the only place that had Eye of Judgment cards. Chris also attempted to incite harassment of employees of the store (using the very fans he had chastised mere weeks earlier), simply because Michael had refused to remove his ban.
  • Prison — During his time in jail following the 28 October 2011 incident, Chris stated he refused to eat the prison food, since he had never done it and was not going to start any time soon, and eating the food was beneath him. Later on, after being sent to jail following the incestuous affair, Chris writes a letter saying that his "... life events at present and so far can directly be compared and matched with that which have been chronicled of none other than Jesus Christ of Nazareth himself, in any Holy Bible..."
  • GameStop — Following the incident on 26 December 2014 in which he maced a male employee after fleeing a Gamestop which he had been banned from previously due to the vandalisation of one of their Sonic Boom displays, he had went on to say that he in fact was the victim of the whole situation in a lengthy Facebook post.

With people

  • Sarah Nicole Hammer — One of Chris's first crushes. Chris made the small booklet Chris + Sarah's Life-Shares in an attempt to win her over on her 21st birthday. The booklet was merely a major ego trip, talking more about him and less about her, with the two of them replaced with Sonichu and Rosechu. He later cast her in his Sonichu comic and having her break up with Wes Iseli before disposing her when she was married away to William Spicer.
  • Megan Schroeder — For the longest time, Chris actually believed that he and Megan were going out as boyfriend and girlfriend. He even attacked someone for getting near Megan. When the infamous ShecameforCWC.JPG picture was discovered, Chris actually thought that the reason she was upset was because she wasn't used to sexual things, and not the fact that she realised that Chris saw her as nothing more than a sex toy. He then tried to make Megan believe that the bullying from those amongst ED was MUCH worse than the fact that he did the picture because he was afraid of trying to rape her. He also insisted that he was under much more emotional pain than she was, somehow believing that Trolls posting pictures of Rosechu with a pickle on the Internet was worse than a so-called "friend" sexually harassing and drawing porn of you. Chris would later blame ED for the fact that he lost her friendship, not caring it was his fault in the first place.
  • Jerkops — Thanks to Chris's various run-ins with the law, Chris has a very skewed view of law enforcement. After being tossed out of Wal-Mart and Target, he deemed that security guards were evil and just trying to play Kick the Autistic and prevent him from completing his Love Quest. However, following his arrest on 28 October 2011, Chris has now assumed that all law enforcement is evil and has gone out of his way to make sure they never take him into any sort of custody again.
  • Vanessa Hudgens: Joshua Martinez used the identity of the High School Musical star to troll Chris by pretending "Vanessa" wanted to ride his duck. The fact that Chris actually believed a bona fide celebrity wanted to give him her china speaks volumes about his hubris.
  • The Sonichu promotional video — In the Part 2 of his video, Chris shows to the camera an elegant drawing of the two main heroes of the comic book made by a fan called Allie. Not only does he proceed to comment "Rosey's tail was wrong, but I'll forgive her," he presents a drawing made by himself as a better version.
  • Shigeru Miyamoto — Chris was convinced that Miyamoto, who is a world-famous video game designer and creator of beloved and legendary franchises like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Star Fox, would not only be honored to meet him, but in fact even more honored to meet Chris than Chris would be to meet him. Then, even after having his game proposal rejected by Miyamoto, Chris still remained convinced that Miyamoto was only "holding out on [him]" and would surely accept his offer in the near future.
  • Jackie — In the final e-mail exchanges[1] between the two, Jackie, quite accurately, pointed out many of Chris's flaws, also taking the time to rationally explain what he was doing wrong and what he could do to fix things. However, Chris took it the wrong way, claiming that she was being mean to him and hating him by pointing out his flaws, still believing himself to be flawless and special.


  • LittleBigPlanet — When Chris had shown up on LBP community and posted videos addressed to them, he once again said people "should know him by now". He immediately assumed people would praise him for his levels, especially the "Collector's Case", which he thought was the most original LBP level idea ever.
  • Web Soup — When Chris learned that one of his videos was featured on an episode, he took it as a good thing, not realizing that the show made fun of people on the Internet.
  • Downsized SEGA — On Feb 2, 2015, Chris took credit for SEGA's downsizing, stating that him and his 'pale-arm crusaders', with their boycotting, had damaged SEGA enough to force them to close office. This is despite the fact that "normal market forces" had been the supposed cause, literally nobody is joining Chris on his fight against blue arms, and SEGA is the publisher of all Sonic games. This gives some nicely- needed recent perspective on the size of his ego.
  • Sonic Forces — In November 2017, after playing through the newest Sonic game, Chris unlocked customizable options for the avatar section. One of these included eyes with Heterochromia. Chris immediately assumed the unlockable was inspired by him since "[his] right eye Is green, while [his] left is a shade of blue, like purple: the combo of Blue and red."


  • Harvey Birdman Commercial — In an attempt to win a contest involving the animated avian lawyer, Chris went to great lengths to talk about himself, his rivalry with Mary Lee Walsh, and Sonichu, but very, very little about Birdman himself. He even got the character's name wrong initially and left it in.
  • Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown — In his reviews of the top 10 videos, Chris highly praised his entry and claimed it was the best. After losing the contest to Adam Stackhouse, Chris would have a major hissy-fit over the loss, proclaiming even the slightest mistake as cheating, despite the fact that Chris himself had broken numerous rules in the process, including loading the contest with fake votes for him and bribing his stepbrother to vote for him. Even worse, he attempted to fabricate the PlayStation webpage to show that he himself had won and not Adam.


  • Greene County School Board — In one video, Chris proclaims that the Greene County School Board, who sought to help Chris when he was younger, initiated a massive conspiracy against him in order to keep him in his "autistic shell". This also included paying off a Realtor to keep their house from being sold and paying off Michael Snyder to keep him out of the GAMe PLACe.
  • Unban contracts — Chris demands the likes of GameStop and Best Buy to unban him for his incidents over there, even though they had every right to ban him for his conduct. Not only that but he also demands that they do not call the police against him (which is illegal since contracts cannot be used to protect from criminal prosecution, thus making it null and void), and he believes that not signing would prove that that they are "most uncompassionate and lacking of heart and soul of any person", and are a bunch of "unwelcoming immature rat -a**" b*****". He even goes as far as to say that his ban from those places is "outdated" (similar to how he tried to convince Michael Snyder that he needs to "forgive and forget"), and that the ban is a human rights violation because he's a lesbian transwoman.
  • Affirmations List - A three-page-long list Chris wrote in March 2021 of his positive traits, it consists of thoroughly delusional assessments for stroking his own ego.

In the comic


While Issue 0 and Issue 1 do focus on Sonichu, Chris-Chan takes over as the main character throughout Issue 2, Issue 5, Issue 6 and Issue 7, with Sonichu as a supporting character, and in his infrequent appearances he invariably sings Chris's praises. Issue 8 and Issue 9 see Sonichu taking back his major role as the main character, but at this stage he's just a Mary Sue for Chris. The main story arc of Issue 10 is the resurgence of Chris and his elimination of every enemy he has so far. He also portrays himself as skinny and handsome, although this doesn't happen till said Issue 2, and throughout the comic series sporadically gives his self-insert character superpowers that are never explained. He even makes several episodes that dramatize events he had in real-life, with the extremely self-indulgent fantasies that are described below.

Chris's ego is in full bloom in the comics. The name of the city in which he and his Electric Hedgehog Pokémon strive to protect is known as CWCVille. The city's currency is C-Quarters and W-Quarters. One of the major drinks in this city is known as CWC Cola. The radio station is called "KCWC"; the hotel is called the "Double CWC"; even his Hyrule ripoff is called "RuleCWC". Basically, everything is named after Chris. The Sonichus and Rosechus he created refer to him as "father". His self-insert is mayor, but never ever performs any mayoral duties whatsoever and his actual role is more like a god-king than any kind of elected official — as Chris says, there "is" no elections.

Instances of Chris's ego in the comics

  • Sonichu #3: This issue has a semi-fictionalized account of an incident Chris had with the managers of a McDonald's. He was loitering and soliciting, and, knowing that a 25-year old, morbidly obese autistic man-child creepily looking at patrons can't possibly end well, security threw him out. In his comic book, however, Chris exclaims that the Jerkops are conspiring against him, preventing him from finding true love. He turns into Chris-Chan Sonichu and defeats them with the help of Darkbind Sonichu, who admits he only helped because Chris was his creator.
  • Sonichu #5: This issue has Chris write Sarah Hammer out of the comic so he could focus exclusively on Megan Schroeder, the new object of his desire. While Sarah did marry a man named William Spicer, Chris was not present at her wedding, and had never met Spicer, as he was represented in the comic by a generic Yu-Gi-Oh character. The next episode has Chris fawning over Megan, and she over him. In reality, Megan saw Chris only as a friend, and was constantly rebuffing his advances. The episode features two different endings because Megan either did not like the original ending or objected to being featured in the comic at all.
  • Sonichu #7: Chris is envious of Bionic's ability to screw Megagi until Megan holds his hand, again implying romance where none exists. After Chris gets trapped in the time void, he mixes both fake memories from the comic with real ones, like Megan "dumping" him and his denial of having drawn Shecameforcwc.jpg (he blames it on ED, even though he was the one that drew it and uploaded it onto that site), Mary Lee Walsh's invasion of CWCville and her defeat at the hands of the Sonichus and Rosechus, and Joshua Martinez hooking him up with Vanessa Hudgens.
Now with twice the CWC.
  • Sonichu #12-9: The comic features a new self-insert for Chris named Night Star, which is a blatant Mary Sue empowered with story-breaking psychic abilities. Night Star meets with Chris's comic incarnation, who is inexplicably colored to resemble yet another depiction of Chris, and helps him transform into a body that looks like herself. The characters' full names are "Christine Night Weston Star Chandler", which Chris wrote without a hint of irony. Chris also depicts his real self in the comic as an alicorn, an extremely rare species of pony (that combines the powers of a pegasus and a unicorn) from My Little Pony reserved solely for elite characters.


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