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The CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation is a set of videos that Chris released in hopes of selling the Sonichu franchise to investors. Note that "Personal Sonichu Presentation" can be shortened to PSP.

Chris imagines that he is speaking directly to "businesspeople" who might back the commercial development of Sonichu. In the first video, he delivers a brief history of his character's creation, and also displays a few Sonichu-related objects in addition to his comics and his famous medallion, including crude clay sculptures of Sonichu and Rosechu and a "Sonic versus Sonichu" racing board game. He concludes by claiming that he plans to complete between 50 and 100 Sonichu' comics in his lifetime (if Chris kept up his pace he had in late 2009, he would have reached the minimum goal in 2029, when he'd be 47–48 years old, living alone and still a perverted virgin man-child, if he's lucky enough to still be living, not counting Chris's extended hiatus from 2010 to 2015 and a slow upload schedule that has run dry as of December 2020. Ultimately, Chris is only 15 issues, or only 30% of the way towards the minimum goal).

The second video is substantially less coherent. Chris loses the plot as far as attempting to sell his character and settles down to narcissistic wallowing in his supposed personal achievements and his fantasies of a vast international Sonichu fandom. He spends several minutes showing off fan art submitted by trolls, all of which is unsurprisingly far better than anything Chris himself could ever dream of drawing. He also seems to have revived his old dreams of a Pokémon video game or trading card expansion starring Sonichu, which suggests he has forgotten the conclusion of the Miyamoto Saga or managed to actively push those events out of his mind.

Perhaps his most impressively deluded fantasy involves the prospect of a Sonichu animated series. He believes that Sony would be interested in developing the show, that the Cartoon Network would be interested in broadcasting the show, and that he would direct and star as the voice of himself and Sonichu. (He briefly shows off his "Sonichu voice," an almost indistinguishably higher-pitched version of his normal voice.) While Cartoon Network has not opted to make a Sonichu animated series, they are the American broadcasters of Sonic Boom. But we digress.

As usual, Chris displays a shocking lack of awareness concerning the nonexistent commercial viability of his character. He also, once again, fails to realize that giving out your home address, home and phone number and other key bits of personal information in a video that's publicly available on YouTube is not such a hot idea.

In addition to uploading the videos to YouTube, Chris also made a page for these presentations on the CWCipedia. He also attempted to upload the follow-up PowerPoint presentation videos, but failed, possibly because either the video files were corrupt or he actually thought .ppt files were video files compatible with YouTube.

Animator Harry Partridge has called this his favorite Chris-chan video.[1]


CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation Part 1
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Stardate 23 November 2009
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14 November 2009
CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation Part 2
Very famous. Very, very famous.


[The song Sonic Boom is playing on the PS3 behind Chris, at times loud enough to make Chris hard to understand.] Mmm. HELLO, w—hello there muh-business people! Welcome to world of CWCville, Virginia, [Chris fidgets with his Medallion of Fail] and the world of Sonichu and Rosechu. My name is Christian Weston Chandler of Ruckersville, Virginia, 14 Branchland Court, ZIP code 22968. And, uh, my home phone number is (434) 990-0198, my cell phone being 760-0848.

Anyway, I am here today to talk to you about d—revolutionary geh—leviloutionary lil' character that WILL [jump cut] pah, uh—will make a lot of money, because he's already been innernet-famous fer about 20—fer almost 10 years now. [pulls out a Sonichu binder and holds it up to the camera] His name is Sonichu. The l'il, real Electric Hedgehog Pokémon right here. [points to Sonichu on cover of Issue 0, then starts to put away the binder] You'll find out more about him. You can learn more about him and read [holds the binder back up to the camera] the comic books—comic book pages I've written—I've drawn and written so far [puts the binder away this time] on CWCipedia, which, uh, the address to that would be next to this YouTube video in da details.

Anyway, we are here t—t—anyway yeah. His or—his origin is basically... yeah, first off, uh, we have to c—look at the—my big BOOK here. [pulls out a different, giant binder] Look how big that book is. So thick, I had to get ANOTHER BOOK. [hefts a second equally huge binder] Heh. [sets second binder down]

Anyway, [sets giant binder down and opens it] it all s—[video skips] Anyway, uh... upon the cre—uh, upon the physical—upon the mental creation of Sonichu, it originally came to me, because, for one—for a computer graphics class back in high school, I had to create a CD cover for... [wipes his forehead with his sleeve] a CD that's, uh, was not to be sold anywhere, but, anyway. Made for fun, but—so, I drew up a...—a—this—this CD cover right here [holds up a binder page showing Christian's Favorite Hits!] and this—this—this was Sonichu's first a—forst official appearance. Front and back on the ins—on the insert. If, anyway, uh, basically, [video skips] the—uh, the idea came to me, like, you know, yeah, I wanted to use Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu on the cover of my CD, but they're both copyrighted characters, and previously-copyrighted characters were not allowed. So, uh, after lunch, uh, during that same day, in da Manchester High School with my teacher Miss Naelie Chalifoux, thank'a very much, I have...—it just dawned upon me, with, uh, merging together, in combination of the two, and then Sonichu was born.

Now that and then in da but storywise, he was born—he—he was born amidst the, uh, s—sitcha—situation in Station Square whereas portray—previous portrayed in the Sonic Adventure game, available on Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube. Ay—yeah, but during the battle, the Chaos Monster, Super Sonic, ran into a spystanding Pikachu and, uh, transformed in—into Sonichu... as that was also—as the origins also described in the Number Zero book on the—on the CWCipedia.

[reaches for glasses, then reconsiders and wipes his forehead with his arm]

Now, the, uhh...—now, Sonichu's appeal—Sonichu and Rosechu's appeal: yeah, mainly, the, uhh, appeal was... t—aimed towards children... and, uhh, there was the start of the books, there. We got little toys here, I put togetter. Even a—even a board game, where we put the boards... right here. Sonic vs. Sonichu, a little racing-type game, but it's a l'il—it's a little bit Monopoly-style, with game ca—with, uhh, cards that you pick up... uhn, and shortcuts. Anyway, that is, uhh, part of the, uhh, merchandising thing that I plan on branching out with... in the world of Sonichu, eventually. As, uhh, p—as portrayed—as previously-mentioned in a YouTube video, I have the official registration copyright of Sonichu... and Rosechu and the C-uh-CWCville, in my—in my own name, and that—and that is also accessible on the CWCipedia: the scan of that... actual piece of paper that came from the Virginia Library of Congress.

[opens binder and sighs]

Anyway, yeah, I got a whole bunch of history here. All my history. It comes, like, you know, from creation... with, uhh...—to making, uhh, to a whole bunch of stories, and whatnot...—and even, uhh, made a title(?)... for it in my homemade Nintendo Power magazine, which was, uhh—which I believe I told Nintendo of America about... in a previous letter or two. Anyway, yeah, it was—it was very—it was very lucrative, and... we do plan on branching out even on DVD, of, like, on my live DVD that's called CWC... Christian Weston Chandler... That's Me. Yep, I'm on TV! Uhh, C-Christian Weston Chandler... Yep, I'm on TV! That's the name of the DVD. So, if it comes out on DVD, I hope to get it on... Blu-ray, as well. And, also, I've created the, uhh—a couple of Sonich—a, uhh, level S—for Sonichu, on Little Big Planet, Sony—on Sony PlayStation 3... which, uhh, is called "Sonichu Episode 0". You can look it up; my PSN ID is Sonichu: S-o-n-i-c-h-u. ...Anyway, e—e—following this, uhh, video... there will be a... video where, uhh... it will be presented live from my PC: a PowerPoint presentation that can better describe... the situation. Anyway, with the count of books, I plan—I plan on drawing, at least, in my lifetime, hopefully, between fifty to a hundred books.

Part 2

CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation Part 2
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Stardate 23 November 2009
Subject Matter ComicsComics Comics, Fan ArtFan Art Fan Art
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CWC Personal Sonichu Presentation Part 1
Sonichu Powerpoint


[Picking up where the first video left off.]

By which, uh, definitely more will be a re—a ra—around Sonichu, after I, which I have dubbed myself the Mayor of CWCville, in this glorious shopping, this glorious two-story shopping mall, ah, that is glorious. I actually have, uh, plans that I have, uh, made in Computer Aided Drafting and Design, which I will present through this video, near the end of it—near the end of this video.

[He begins flipping through a thick three-ring binder.]

Anyway, yeah, got a whooole bunch of stuff here. Yeah, we can definitely franchise 'n' all this, you know. Even ideas of a Pokémon: Lightning Version, where players can catch Sonichu and Rosechu in the wild, even breeding them to make the other individual Electric Hedgehog characters that are—have been portrayed in the book, such as Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy, and Magi-Chan, among others that have also been created as well, due—due—due to, you know, processes of the evolution stones, and daytime/nighttime evolutions, friendship, all that good stuff. All in the—the files here, including their little baby forms Sonee and Rosey, to evolutions from original Sonichu and Rosechu....

[He displays the Sonichu and Rosechu figures again.]

...Metonic and Vamprosa. Those characters are also featured on the CWCipedia. At least on Sonichu's page; I'm planning on making a page for Rosechu herself on that note. But, anyway, This—this—this Sonichu franchise, it has a biiig number of fans. I even have a number of fan submissions. Like, this here is a draw—is a piece of fan art that came from a girl I knew in Australia.

PandaHalo's fanart, which serves as the cover of Sonichu #10.

[He holds up the picture, presumably from PandaHalo, to the camera.]

And that's a postcard sent from her, right there. She, uh, also, uh, created a Sonichu and Rosechu that's featured in the Number Nine book I'm currently drawing. They go by the name of Chloe and Blazebob.

[Chris turns around the file revealing another piece of art.]

Anyway, also, on the flip side of this page is from somebody else. It's possibly the best Sonichu fan art ever. Look at that. That's gonna be the cover of the, uh, the first book that's just based on Sonichu, which'll definitely be after Number Ten...

[He turns around the picture to display Panda's image.]

...which this one will be the cover of.

[He looks at the other image again.]

Hm. This one came from, uh, "Zorah Q. Zowild," that's his YouTube name. Yeah, also, you know, I've received fan art in the snail mail, those are printed off the internet. Like this lovely one.

"And from that, you know, that's, you know, she could have done a little better like, you know, like Rosey's tail was wrong, but I'll forgive her"

[He holds up a drawing of Sonichu and Rosechu in formal wear.]

That came from, uh, that came from a lovely woman named Allie, in Sun Valley, California. Thank you. Thank you very much. And from that, you know, that's, you know, she could have done a little better like, you know, like Rosey's tail was wrong, but I'll forgive her. But, still, drew my own version of it.

[He holds up a crude imitation of the previous drawing.]

Chris's "superior" version of Allie's drawing.

Heh, heh. Isn't that fun? Oh, of course, local art, in Charlottesville, an art—an artist did a caricature of me.

[He turns around the file to display the caricature.]

I included that in the Number Nine book on a billboard.

[He holds up one more piece of art.]

Here's another fun piece of fan art. It comes from, uh... B.C. Uh, okay, I can't, uh, Vancouver, B.C. Yeah. Anyway, yeah. Very famous. Very, very famous. Yep. Uh, this one's just a fan letter from a... from a Julie in Ohio.

[He holds up an image, but the high contrast of his video renders it impossible to make out.]

Here's a little piece of fan art from a, uh, from someone who's possibly, uh, Japanese. Who lives in Virginia. And also, recently, this guy here, uh, Jason Darling...thank you very much; I got your package.

[He holds up a folder of photographs.]

He made a replica of my medallion, which in them, which, you know, this one here is the original that I made myself from my own hands, from Crayola Model Magic and acrylic paints. In the comic books this allows me to transform into Chris-chan Sonichu. Which, that is described in the comic book pages as reposed in the CWCipedia. Also sent me a pack of Maple Story cards, so again, thank you Jason. I appreciate your encouragement, as well as everybody else's. Anyway, uh... hmm... yeah, I picked up a—also received a fan CD from a—from a, uhh... BK Jones in Texas. Oh, here's anutter—here's anutter fun one that's recent. Look at this envelope. Isn't that... cute? That's fun. And then they did a computer art... over there. This came all the way from... Portland... Oregon, I believe it is. And, uhh, I got various other... fan letters in—in this page. Uhh, I'd pull 'em out, but, you know, they're in—I just left them in their envelopes. Nope, fan art dere.

But, anyway, also, aside from that, uhh... I have definitely—I have definitely made a set of trading—'kay, this is my homemade Pokémon trading cards... which I, uhh, used—which I keep at home for art's sake. A whole heck—got, like—whole—a whole lot of them here. This could definitely branch out... And a very profitable thing, both for between Nintendo and Sega, and also with Son—also possibly with Sony, with, uhh—you know, with the a—also with, uhh, the anime show that maybe—maybe Cartoon Network and their people could help me out on... eh, when tha—when that TV show gets run. Where I'll voic—where I will be happy to—where I will be the director, and I will be voicing myself as Sonichu. Listen to the difference: okay, this is me, Christian Weston Chandler, and this will be Sonichu: [clearly taking after George by not changing his voice whatsoever] Hey, Rosechu! Let's go out and zap to the extreme! We got some bad guys to defeat! Come on, let's go! Yeah!

[quietly musing over his own amazing degree of fail] Hmm... odd, but... [recovered from the shock, back at normal volume] anyway, uhh, running low on time. Uhh, just a couple of, uhh, other things of interest: uhh, Sonichu was also previously featured in May, 2004, in this issue of Nintendo Power magazine, in "The Crossing Quarterly"... with a, uhh, submission from my Animal Crossing game—for Nintendo GameCube, currently also available in—in other titles on DS and Nintendo Wii. And, also, uhh—and, shortly after that, it was featured... in a newsletter at the Piedmont Virgi—at the local Piedmont Virginia Community College... among, uhh, other... published things. Also, uhh, when the, uhh, Sonic website was owiginawwy—was just CWCSonichu site, I had my own News Dash newsletters. That lasted a short while... Hmm. Actually, uh, yeah, but any—yeah, but, anyway, everybody knows on the CWCipedia, so....


Anyway, here: I'll show you the, uhh, just the, uhh, whole layout of the CWCville Shopping Center. I actually have all these... printouts from... my... Computer-Aided Drafting and cla—cla—Computer-Aided Drafting and Design classes, but this is the last one, right before I graduated from Piedmont Virginia College. hen my degree and certificate in Commu—Computer-Aided Drafting and Design. It's very—it's very good. I mean, I would just imagine this in real life. It would even have a Pokémon Center in there, like the one in New York used to have, before it turned into a Nintendo World, USA. It shoulda stayed a Pokémon Center! Now, that was definitely better appeal than just... Nintend—than just Nintendo, even though, yes, Nintendo... has the rights and everything, but... it was the Pokémon Center! I mean... le—if the CWC—if the CWCville Shopping Center does get built... let's agree to put a Pokémon Center in it. And it has a Mayor's Office... right here, above the... front of—up above the main front entrance of the building... which is as portrayed in the comic book series. Aaand a whole buncha... other stuff I have, uh, here. It's just side-...stuff from... my... life, and whatever.

Anyway, uhh... uhh, pretty much, uhh, take care of it for, uhh, this par—for this portion of the, uhh, video, [removes glasses] so the next video to follow this one will be the... [taps table] PowerPoint presentation, so I will be reading audioly—I will be reading from that and pointing the camera toward the PC, [quietly and unconfidently] thank you. [gives a half-assed Cub Scout salute]

So... to Nintendo and Sega and Sony and all the other companies interested in... franchising with me here: [gives another half-assed Cub Scout salute] I await your call to my home phone... number or my cell phone.

Thank you very much, and have a [gives ANOTHER half-assed Cub Scout salute] pleasant day!

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