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The many faces of Chris.

Chris, typical with many autistics, displays many unusual mannerisms in terms of awkward hand gestures and inappropriate physical responses, among others.

  • The Stress Sigh: Chris often sighs to show the listener exactly how stressed he is. In print, he types out the word "sigh" too.
  • "Mmm": Closely related to the Sigh, this content-sounding utterance is more of a happy way to begin a video.
  • "Yay!": In moments of joy, Chris would punctuate his statements with this, not realizing that it makes him sound totally retarded.
  • The Claw of Fail: A dramatic, villainous hand gesture Chris uses to show that he means serious business.
  • Random-access humor: Chris's tendency to blurt things at random, regardless of its relevancy in the situation. Intended to be funny but only succeeds in making him sound retarded, which then makes it funny again.
  • Dramatic Glasses Removal: Chris puts on his glasses so he can remove them dramatically, like David Caruso. Again. And again. It tends to kind of wear down the intended effect, and unlike David Caruso, he doesn't have kickass background music whenever he does it.
  • The Creepy Stare: A blank to incredibly intense stare; often straight into the camera. Either intended to be threatening or alluring, but it only succeeds in achieving the name granted to it.
  • The Autistic Shuffle: Like some people on the autistic spectrum, Chris finds pointless, repetitive rocking motions soothing. Whether sitting or standing, in some of the more stressful videos he can be seen swaying back and forth when he's nervous, angry, or anticipating sex-time.
  • The Salute: Chris occasionally displays a limp version of the Cub Scout salute (middle and index fingers pointing, ring finger and pinky under the thumb). Typically this appears when Chris wants to show off his patriotism and/or respect for someone, sometimes before he butchers some popular patriotic song.
  • The Important Fart: Chris has no problems whatsoever farting in middle of an important video blog update, but most people have already fortunately been bedazzled by his continuous, sleep-inducing, rambling droning. In this regard, Chris is a true illusionist, a master of diversion. Bet you didn't notice when he farted it in the first time when you watched the video? You only notice it if you watch it the second time. (Obviously this is not as neat a trick as making the Statue of Liberty vanish, but still, it's pretty fearsome. In certain circles.)

🦀 Claw of Fail • 👀 Creepy stare • 😎 Dramatic glasses removal • 🎲 Random-access humor • 😓 Stress sigh