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Chris in PSN Blogs
Thank you Sony, for helping me meet trolls.

Sony Corporation (or the PlayStation people as Chris used to call it) is a Japanese conglomerate responsible for electronics, games, game development, music distribution, and other services. Their game subsidiary, Sony Computer Entertainment, is easily one of Chris's biggest game company hard-ons, being responsible for the PS3, PSP, and the PSEye. In a odd way, we have to blame Sony perhaps more than Nintendo and Sega for contributing to Chris's mental degradation--after all, Nintendo never gave him a camera and unfiltered Internet access, at least not until the release of the DSi.

Sony and Chris

As a company, Sony has trolled Chris inadvertently several times, including the infamous Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown scandal in 2007. During the contest, rape was alleged, family issues were brought to light, and Chris... just watched. In August 2010, an employee at Sony of America allegedly accidentally trolled Chris into formatting his hard drive.

While Chris plugs many products (and never receives payment for doing so), none are more prominently displayed than the PS3. This four hundred dollar soul stealer has been subject to many, many creepy forms of idolization. One would wonder why Chris thinks Sony would ever want to appear in anything made by a man who soils himself on a regular basis. In Asperchu is a Horrendous Joke, we finally find out via a close-up of the bezel of Chris's 32" LCD TV which was purchased in September 2009 that even his television is also a Sony. Because of the high price of Sony television sets (at least near $1,000 for even a lower-tier model), this means Bob threw a nice chunk of change toward another quality gift for Chris.

Interestingly, Chris was not always a blindly devoted fan of Sony. In the Animal Crossing Documentary, we see that back in 2003, Chris pledged his allegiance to Nintendo and the Gamecube, stating that both forerunners to the PS3 stank as much as the original Xbox. In the video NO D*** WAY, IMPOSTOR!!!, Chris appealed to Sony (as well as to Nintendo and even Microsoft) to bunch up and stop the trolls.

It is unknown at which point Chris defected to Sony, nor the reasons for doing so, though the existence of the Wii Remote of Fail indicates that he never completely abandoned Nintendo. One possible explanation is that most devoted gamers own more than one console or platform. Like Chris, many Xbox and PS3 fanboys also own a Wii, and most of the "warring" is between their respective consoles.

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