The Wall of Originals

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The Wailing Wall
Three cards that survived the fire

The Wall of Originals (a.k.a. "The Failing Wall") was a large Relic of Fail showing Christian Weston Chandler's customized Pokémon cards, which hung from one of the walls in Chris's room. The lighting in several of his videos suggested that the sheet was covering a window, but the Tomgirl Pictures, released on 29 April 2011, showed that this was probably not the case.

Some trolls speculate that the absence of the Wall in the Tomgirl Pictures indicated that it had been removed. Whether this was meant to be permanent or temporary is unclear. In a July 2017 tweet, he revealed that at least three cards survived the Chandler house fire. In June 2018, more cards surfaced, when he sold nine of them on eBay for $100. Whether or not Chris has created a "new Wall" in his post-jail home remains to be seen.

Things to Note

An early version of the Wall, circa 2000.

There are several interesting trends which emerge when one takes in all of Chris's cards. They provide some insight into his game design process which further support the traits of Chris featured on the CWCki. Some interesting notes about the cards include:

  • The earlier cards that feature Christian depict him as a disgusting mutant with a wide, flat nose and thick lips. This eventually branches out to include terrifying photoshops where an expressionless Chris is jammed into crude MSPaint backdrops.
  • Note the first appearance of a female alternative for Pikachu, tastefully dubbed Chicachu, who can only deal damage when accompanied by a boyfriend.
  • Plautistic. It is a plant that is autistic. It is extremely likely Chris seems to think autism and psychic powers are linked.
  • Chris shows up as a trainer, a gym leader, as well as a Pokémon. In each of these identities, Chris has multiple forms/personas. This trend is totally in line with Christian's theme of acquiring a plethora of powers with little to no effort or explanation. He has created himself as a normal type in which he is depicted as an autistic Pokémon. This reinforces the conclusion that he considers autism a superpower in some respects.
  • Many of his handmade cards have devastatingly synergistic effects or several complimentary effects at once. This allows Chris to pull off combos with only one or two cards. According to field reports about his card game technique, Chris would need these hugely-layered card effects because his deck-building skills were rather poor.[1]
  • Despite spending considerable time on them, Chris did not try to use these cards in official games at The GAMe PLACe.[2]
  • Some of the cards that are based on pre-existing Pokémon (such as Blue, Donphan, Togepi) were most likely made in a response to early Generation II Pokémon revealings.
  • The Yoshi and Luigi cards were based on an obviously fake Nintendo Power April Fool's Day Joke.
  • Chris produced at least three holographic cards using aluminum foil for the shiny component.[3]

Reproduction of the Wall

Luigi2.gif Espan.gif 332-Espanolic.jpg Vega.gif 333-Vegaton.jpg Blue.gif Baniru.gif Togepi.gif Dhct.gif Missin.gif Bush.gif 334-Bushwacked.jpg
Koffin.gif 335-Koffingroo.jpg Drum.gif 336-Drummor.jpg Cym.gif 337-Cymbolic.jpg Flashb.gif 338-Flashbulb.jpg Coon.gif 339-Coonbulb.jpg Bugz.gif 340-Bugzapp.jpg
341-CWCsFlashbulb.jpg 342-CWCsCoonbulb.jpg 343-CWCsBugzapp.jpg Weeler.gif 344-Weeler.jpg Hotfin.gif 345-Hotfinish.jpg Strgtre.gif 346-Strongtire1.jpg 347-Strongtire2.jpg 348-CWCsWeeler.jpg 349-CWCsHotfinish.jpg
350-CWCsStrongtire.jpg Comfrg.gif 351-Compufrog.jpg Snuble.gif Marril.gif Yoshi.gif Plautistic.gif 352-Plautistic.jpg Donphan.gif ? SonchuC.jpg 168-SchuCard2.jpg
? CwcsonC.jpg ? DrksonC.jpg SrfsonC.jpg SnwsonC.jpg 173-CWCsSchu2.jpg 174-SchuCard3.jpg 175-SchuBday.jpg 176-SchuCard4.jpg 177-RaceSchu.jpg 178-ShineSchu.jpg
180-SchuRchu.jpg 181-SchuCard5.jpg 182-SchuCard6.jpg 183-SchuCard7.jpg 184-SonichuEX.jpg Blank 250-BlachuCard1.jpg 251-GiosBchu.jpg 252-BlachuCard2.jpg 259-WildCard.jpg 274PunchyCard.jpg 279-MagiCard.jpg
209-Metonic1.jpg 210-Metonic2.jpg 216-UltSchu.jpg 217-UltSchuEX.jpg 166-SoneeCard.jpg 234-RchuCard1.jpg 235-RchuCard2.jpg 236-RchuCard3.jpg 264-BubblesCard.jpg 269-AngelicaCard.jpg 245-VamprosaCard.jpg 233-RoseyCard.jpg
? 353-Kelbie.jpg ? 354-Annchop.jpg ? 355-Kixfairy.jpg 356-CWCsKelbie.jpg 357-CWCsAnnchop.jpg 358-CWCsKixfairy.jpg 099-CWCsCWC.jpg 100-DarkCWC.jpg 098-CWCCard1.jpg
359-Chicachu.jpg 360-Maychu.jpg CwcchiC.jpg CwcmayC.jpg 363-Evails1.jpg 364-Evails2.jpg 365-Supreon.jpg 366-Armat1.jpg 367-Armat2.jpg 368-Steeline.jpg 369-DSteeline.jpg 370-Techti.jpg
371-Cytiger.jpg 372-Booloon.jpg 373-Squirskun.jpg 256-EvilEnergy.jpg SonTrn.gif 376-STHTrainer.jpg CWCtrn.jpg 101-ChristianC.jpg ? 158-Cwc City Gym.jpg 150-MTS.jpg 377-TurboRainbow.jpg
378-Whammy.jpg 225-SchuBall1.jpg 374-ChaosEmerald.jpg 379-Bulk.jpg 224-SchuZord.jpg 380-ShineyStadium.jpg 102-HookedOnSonichu1.jpg 103-CWCsMaint.jpg 186-edgehogsInLove.jpg Cwcdex.gif Blank Blank


Cards that aren't on the Wall of Originals, and other related images:

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