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Think Different. No, really.

Christian Chandler's iDea Book Case is a Relic of Fail crafted in May 2013 to house Chris's slew of iOS products for, in his words, business and entertainment. The case was invented when Chris found himself having too many iOS products, and needed a place to put his iPhone, a (broken) iPod touch, and another iPod touch seen off-camera.

The Unveil

Likened to the late Steve Jobs himself, Chris took it upon himself to unveil his latest creation via Facebook in this status update:

"Necessity is the mother of Invention". I am glad I crafted the idea for my iDea Book Case (photos taken with New iPod Touch 5th Gen) out of duct tape. The front and back covers are lined with bubble wrap, the inner spine loop can hold as thick as a charging cable, or most pens, there are holes for the cameras to see through very well, and the corner holders are very successful in holding most iOS Pod/Phone devices. And there is also the Velcro clasp.

iPhone (8 Gig) for calls, business and Internet; iPod (32 Gig) for entertainment with videos, music and all. I keep it safe with the lanyard strap and tucked in my bosom.


The iDea Book Case is astonishingly one of the more clever concepts Chris has come up with, despite the build quality being poor and gaudy as usual. The iDea Book Case is a rather large carrying case that can house any two iOS products released before 2012. It opens up like a book (and closes using Velcro), revealing two products on both sides, with a small loop in the center for storing a related accessory. To provide shock absorbing, the iDea Book Case is made primarily out of bubble wrap, then wrapped (excessively) with duct tape to provide a smoother finish. Chris also slapped on a poorly centered and positioned Apple sticker. Though the case is actually a decent idea in theory, Chris lacks the resources and skill to turn it into something with any amount of practical application or real-world useability.

One strange feature of the iDea Book Case is that it has large holes cut out for each camera, an odd addition considering how hard the case is to use. Much like his DSi, there's a great chance that Chris could be very well taking advantage of having two devices at once, snapping candid pictures and videos of attractive women he sees.


The 2018 edition.

After the 2014 fire at 14 Branchland Court, Chris stated that his iPhone survived, which was later proven when the Brushfire Video came out. However, the fate of the case was not entirely clear and Chris used a conventional phone case in a number of videos from around the house.

The case's survival would not be confirmed until the 2018 Copitz interview, when Copitz and his friend noticed that Chris had two iPhones - one for business and one whose number was to be kept private - kept in a bulky duct tape case. Chris showed them the case in detail, drawing attention to a recently added Human Rights Campaign sticker on the back. Though Chris did not mention it in the video, he appears to have also added a holder for a pen or stylus on the spine. Based on the position of the Apple logo, camera holes, and clasp, the case appears to indeed be the iDea Book Case.

Idea Case 2.0

At some point following his release from jail, Chris constructed a new duct tape case to hold his Nintendo Switch game cards. He showed it off during his 20 November 2023 gaming livestream (visible at 1:01:36 in the video). The outer-facing side has some colored paper artwork depicting Switch controllers, and when he flips it around it is shown to already be filled up with 20 game cards.