May 2013

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Chris in May 2013.
Witnessing the next Edison.

May was the fifth month of 2013. This month saw the closing of Flipnote Hatena, a Nintendo website that Chris had frequented in the past. It also saw Chris's latest invention, the "iDea Book Case", shown below.

Events of May 2013

  • 3 May - Chris likes a YouTube video about a cartoon bear.
  • 4 May - Somebody named "mormonjesus" drops in IRC what seems to be email Chris sent to Kim on 1 May.
  • 6 May - More emails between Chris and Jackie are leaked on the CWCki forums.
  • 7 May - Chris makes a cryptic comment on Facebook about headaches.
  • 15 May - Chris flips out at the news of the My Little Pony spin-off, "Equestria Girls."
  • 15 May - Chris writes that he cracked the screen of his iPod.
  • 16 May - Chris writes on Facebook that he feels a cold coming on.
  • 19 May - Chris shows off his Idea Book Case to his Facebook friends.
  • 19 May - The Maggie Thomas call, made in September 2009, is leaked by whispsonichu on the CWCki Forums.
  • 20 May - Chris likes several YouTube videos about the iPhone.
  • 21 May - Chris publicly unveils his latest creation, the iDea Book Case, via Facebook.
  • 23 May - Chris writes on Facebook that he feels lonely, bored, and lame.
  • 23 May - In his first post as "paintingatree," Chris tells the CWCki Forums to destroy the CWCki so that he can have some peace.
  • 24 May - Chris muses about planting a real estate ad box outside his house to advertise his desire for a girlfriend.
  • 25 May - On Facebook, Chris tells the trolls he doesn't want to be their friend.
  • 26 May - Chris tells the trolls, "I am not your fucking bitch!!!"
  • 26 May - An Imgur account of Chris's formerly hidden Facebook status updates is Chris himself.
  • 27 May - Chris comments on a "stupid" piece of fan art.
  • 29 May - Chris changes his Facebook profile picture to one featuring the return of the Parappa hat.
  • 30 May - Chris makes a new Facebook post, laments that he had more freedom when his father was still alive, and goes onto complain about how he has to take time out of his day to "serve and protect" his mother.
  • 31 May - The Nintendo-run website Flipnote Hatena shuts down. All flipnotes, including Chris's, are no longer able to be shown. A troll let this site know a couple months earlier in order to save Chris's art.