February 2016

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Chris on 25 February.

February is the second month of 2016. What's particularly notable this month is that Chris actually apologizes for offending people with Aspergers.

Events of February 2016

  • 1 February - Chris ends his embargo of GameStop, Best Buy, and Simon Malls, after realizing his actions haven't had any social or economic impact.
  • 1 February - The famed Yep, I'm on TV :) disc will be listed on Etsy, and will remain there for the entire month.
  • 1 February - On Facebook, Chris announces special Valentine's Day deals for his Etsy products. He offers to trade merchandise for a new PS4.
  • 2 February - The Kiwi Farms member CatKnight releases a third interview with Chris.
  • 3 February - Chris provides links to the released CatKnight interviews on Facebook.
  • 9 February - Chris tells his Facebook audience that he feels dizzy.
  • 11 February - Chris uses Facebook to once again beg his fans to gift him a PS4.
  • 12 February - On Facebook, Chris defends his request for a PS4.
  • 12 February - Chris posts an apology video on YouTube, asking forgiveness for past offenses against males and individuals with Asperger's. He yet again demands a PS4 for his birthday.
  • 14 February - Valentine's Day. Nothing happens.
  • 15 February - Chris announces that Sonichu Book 4 is now available for sale.
  • 15 February - Chris makes excuses on Facebook for not delivering on his promise to write Sonichu pages after having received $1,000 for that purpose.
  • 16 February - In a video, Chris congratulates a fan for coming out.
  • 17 February - Chris releases an update video in which he again asks for a PS4, pimps his Amiibo, and praises Hillary Clinton.
  • 19 February - Discover Bank files a lawsuit against Barb for failing to pay her debts.
  • 20 February - Chris complains on Facebook that a focus on online media is causing people to lose social skills.
  • 22 February - Chris comments that he enjoyed the new PSP advertisements.
  • 23 February - Chris complains about his health and "life problems" on Facebook.
  • 24 February - Chris turns 34. He celebrates by watching an Aqua Teen Hunger Force video.
  • 25 February - Chris uploads a video whining about how nobody bought him a PS4.
  • 26 February - Chris makes a new, even more confusing offer to persuade someone to send him a PS4.
  • 27 February - A video of Chris showing off his frozen navy is leaked to the Kiwi Farms.
  • 28 February - Chris provides a Facebook link to his video of the 25th.
  • 28 February - In a video, Chris again complains about Jeff/Francine, calling his unauthorized merchandise "low-brow" and "offensive."
  • 29 February - On Facebook, Chris rails against those who have complained about his efforts to get a PS4.