Happy Pokémon Day.

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"Happy Pokémon Day." was a video uploaded by Chris on 28 February 2016 acknowledging the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon video game series. Chris devotes exactly three sentences to Pokémon, and then segues (via a baffling reminder that the Sonichu 20th anniversary is a mere four years away) into a rant about how the Sonichu franchise wasn't plagiarized from Pokémon, but rather "inspired" by it (inspired to include literal hundreds of flagrant copyright violations from Pokémon, at any rate).

Chris cites crucial differences in the franchises to evidence this claim, which rather unsurprisingly number few; the only major one Chris offers is the plot. It's certainly true that the plots of the franchises differ greatly - Pikachu never facilitated a genocide of homosexuals - but then Chris undermines his own point by babbling about the necessity of Pokémon trainers in the Sonichu universe and then references a Pokémon parody from South Park and, amidst a tsunami of Random Access Humor, rather unwisely applies Sonichu to the parody instead, drawing even more attention to the similarities between the franchises. He remembers to mention the Pokémon 20th anniversary again, ostensibly what the video is about, and the video ends.

Interestingly, this video seems to be the first work produced by Chris that uses é instead of 'e in "Pokémon".


Happy Pokémon Day.
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Sonichu's First PS4 Broadcast
Well, silly jokes all around.


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[Chris sits at his desk with all his custom Amiibos arranged in a row in front of him]

Hello everybody, and uh, welcome to a... fun—t-tah—fun special... announcement or update from CwcvilleGuardian channel, as well as Cwcville Shopping. I know it's a day late... and quote, "a dollar short", but... Happy Pokémon Day! It was yesterday on February 27th! National Pokémon Day, apparently... or so it's called. As it came out to be in, uh... Japan and Ame—Japan, at least. Anyway, to—anyway, because it inspired Sonichu and Rosechu, we are definitely honoring that little bit. I mean, in four years time, it will be Sonichu's... 20th anniversary... pretty much, as well. As everybody would... as, uh, those who actually know that... well enough to be.

[Chris's throat makes a sound]

Yes, and uh... regardless of, uh, Sonic being a combination—Sonic and Pikachu on that not—on the originality, but it's INSPIRED by, not copying, INSPIRED. 'Cause, you know, the, uh... aside from the origin story of which... is still going on strong and undisputed... and whatnot and everything... we have our own complete different stories between either which. I mean Sonichu and Rosechu, they actually end up getting married and having children! And they still protect the city of Cwcville, Virginia, from the forces of evil! Who want to make true love and sweet emotions illegal, so that everybody would be unhappy. That's... yeah.

[Chris starts to lower his voice] That was me[?], I've gotten impressions that it might be illegal in Virginia for one person at least throughout my life, that's what's inspired the story. And possibly a little bit of sour mood and attitude, but... that's a whole different... territory.

Ennnnywho! So yeah, dere—in the wild, there ar—in the wild, since the rai—since the faithful rainbow [Chris picks up Sonee and Rosey Amiibos for demonstration], there have been Sonees and Roseys... coming up! And versus, uh, what came out-out to be from the rai—from the faithful rainbow in and around the city of Cwcville, in the wild you will only see wild Sonichus and Rosechus, the main ones. 'Cause that's what they typically would evolve to normally [Chris accidentally taps something on his PS Vita], as well as, uh... [Chris turns to his PS Vita to undo his last tap] As well as some Metonic and Vamprosa. It would take a skilful... trainer to figure out... which specific type of stones or circumstances... would... make them into amongst the other characters in the... set—in the set, as well.

But anyway, yes, so... happiest 20th annisrrsry to creators of Pokémon, 'cause without y'all, I may not have something to have been the original cr—been, uh, original creator of from the INSPIRED [picks up untouched Sonic Amiibo] elements. But still different stories altogether among which, and more characters out of all of that, and famous for... nearly the twenty years! So... yeah, nearly sixteen years now, so... among which.

But I mean yeah, so [Chris picks up the Sonichu Ball and Sonichu figurines] boop! The Pokéball! [Chris mashes the two figurines into each other] Into a Sonichu Ball! [Chris opens the Sonichu Ball, there is crumpled paper inside] Whoops, forgot to empty this one... [Chris starts removing paper] Anyway... [Chris attempts to turn it into comedy] Anybody want some receipts?! From... past transactions and whatever? I forgot to take these out. [places paper to the side off-camera] So... oh well! Who hasn't had a fail?

[starts over] Anyway... [bashes two figurines together again, this time placing the Sonichu inside the Sonichu Ball] Sonichu in the Sonichu Ball! But unfortunately it will not close, because it's too big. Oh well, it's fun to pretend anyway! Yep! [makes Pokéball sounds and takes Sonichu out of ball] Display purposes! Have no fun, whatnot...

Just like South Park did, and that's pretty much one of my favourites parodies of Pokémon, the Chinpokomon! Chinpokomon... Yes, and I do realize that the definition... the English translation from "chinpoko"... so—I've heard the commentary for that episode of South Park on DVD, so... make all the jokes th—as you want, as long as it—as long as you make it only apply to those who actually have... well, that are actually [[Pickle|born male]]. Versus, who are actually born femaaaaaale... No jokes!

'Cause we women take offense to that very much! Humph!

But anyway, [silly voice] Chinpokomon! You can buy them all—you can collect them all... [reaches for PS3 game] in South Park: Stick of Truth! Collect all 30, and earn 3 trophies in the process! [makes silly noises with his tongue while waving game around, puts the game away]

[probably Cartman voice, but closer to Bugs Bunny] Nyeeh, and if you believe that... [Chris catches Sonichu Ball that just rolled off the table] I got a bad joke at the end of the Black Friday trilogy! [obnoxious laugh]

[normal voice] Really bad joke. I hate that. [small raspberry] Enh...

Ennnnywho! So, here's a parody of the ol' Chinpoko commercial with Sonichu and Rosechu!

[silly voice] Hey kids! Do you like Sonichu and Rosechu?


[Cartman-like voice again] Yes...

[silly voice] Then you're gonna—then GOOD! Because you'll be able to c-collect 'em a—you'll be able to buy and collect 'em all nooowww!

[starts singing] I got to buy Sonichu and Rosechu, I got to buy 'em, I got to buuuy 'emmm! Buy and collect 'em all! [picks up each figurine individually] Sonichu! Rosechu! [reaches for Black Sonichu, but changes his mind and skips over him] Wild! Simonla! Christine! The whole crew! And a whole lot more! From the whole series and [unintelligible] and everything! Because... allow—because...

[starts singing Sonichu and Rosechu's folksy Theme Song] There's the mighty Sonichu with the mighty zapping boom, there's the mighty Rosechu with the mighty zapping blade! And along with meeeee, we defend the cityyyyyyy! From the forces of e-vil! Who want to make true love and sweet emotions il-le-gal! Because they never could feel it for themselves. Very sad.

But anyway, so... you can collect them all.

[Cartman voice] Yay! I'm Eric Cartman, I wanna collect all the Chin—all the Sonichu and Rosechu figures! And b—battle them against my Chinpokomon!

Yo, I got news for you Lan—I got news for you, s—Cartman! Now, I know you're a ba—are you a... a very bad—a very bad kid? But I would kick [[unintelligible] I would avoid it—PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW—and just pretty much dominate like you kids did at the end of the episode. [Short zip sound] Heh.

Well, silly jokes all around. [Sing-song voice] I got to buy 'em! Sonichu and Rosechu! Bee-deep-bee-deep-bee-deep, the Sonichu and Rosechu. Only available authentically and truly from CWCville Shopping. But hopefully before the 20th anniversary, we'll have something more... manufactured along the lengths that I personally would oversee and supervise everything. And they definitely would be based on the—they definetly would be based on and from the ones I've created originally. I mean, no other sources! Authentic, true, and everything! And personally certified. Made from my own two hands with the material figures and everything. Takes time though. Eh... mmm. But, sheer butenenergy [?].

But aside from that, good ratings, good everything—Amiibo functionality, too! Hmm. We'll play Nintendo Playstation! Perfect avatar of the old prototype of the Playstation CD-ROM drive onto the Super Nintendo! There's a Nintendo Playstation, would you like it? Playstation Vita that takes Amiibo functionality? Mmm. Oh well. Nintendo made the opt-out decision, so that's a whole different story right there. Oh well.

[Slight falsetto] I got to buy 'em! I got to buy 'em! Sonichu and Rosechu!

[Normal voice] So, yep, happy anniversary, Pokémon. And thank everybody for their continued support in my things and everything. Have a great and happy and safe day. Thank you.

[Selfie remote fails as Chris reaches to the camera] Darnit.

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