Jeff is Beyond Denounced.

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"Jeff is Beyond Denounced." was a video uploaded by Chris on 28 February 2016. In it, the ongoing tension between Chris and Jeff/Francine Ouzuo comes to something of a head, as Chris calls them a "bastard" and reviews the various merchandise Ouzuo claims to be offering in the near future. The merchandise is generally themed around prominent Chris memes such as DIRTY, CRAPPED BRIEFS and She Came for CWC. Chris denounces it all as "low-brow" and "offensive", despite it all being based on things Chris has done or said. One shirt features nothing more than Chris's own drawing of Sonichu and Rosechu in an intimate moment, to which Chris reacts with an "ick".

Chris's tone in this video is characteristically whiny and pouty, this seeming to be the way in which his anger is expressed of late. As usual, he attempts a feminine voice at the beginning of the video, as well as a "flattering" angle of his boobs, but the female façade is eroded as Chris becomes angrier, and by the time he is reacting to the Ouzuo merchandise, he sounds like the same old male Chris he always was. He refers to Ouzuo, apparently a male-to-female transgender (which Chris also claims to be), exclusively by their male name of Jeff and with male pronouns.


Jeff is Beyond Denounced.
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Stardate 28 February 2016
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy, RageRage Rage
Saga Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
Shirt The Happy HagThe Happy Hag The Happy Hag
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[Chris is seated, recording on his iPhone. A camera stabilization effect is applied.]

'Ello everyone, and welcome to a short special edition of eh, one of my videos here on the CWCvilleGuardian channel, and, uh, right now we are talking about about, eh, f—yes, the copycat... Jeff Ouzos. Yeah. So anyway, apparently... he is d—apparently he is defin—is definitely doing something with the ugly memes that I in no... way or matter [Chris takes off his glasses] agree to, authorize or represent at all, and clothing/attire items of m—of, uh, are coming soon, and prototypes in the works of my associal—my associates and I.

Anyway, uh, so let's uh, take a look at some of these, and I—mmm. Anyway, I definitely denounce everything there is with Jeff. [Chris pouts, turning up his glasses.] I mean, he's still—I mean, I never actually considered him a friend, more like an acquaintance, but after his behavior over the past—more recently, and everything and whatnot, just a total bastard. [Chris shakes his head] But anyway, you want everything authentic, you buy from me directly on, onl—on the shops that I inform y'all about through this YouTube channel and my Facebook page.

Alright, so with that, we shall look at the m—the poor taste items that, uh, Jeff is soon to be, quote unquote, offering". Mmm. [Chris moves the camera around] Can I get this thing to—hmm, well—uhh. Oh well. [Chris focuses in on a PS Vita, which displays an image of a red top labeled "MAN BOOBS".] Alright, so hopefully y'all can see that clear as day w—with my... camera here. I can't see it from the back. Anyways, so yeah. That's uh, I do not—that has uh, one of the ugly memes that I in no way represent, at all. I really detest the memes. M-E-M-E-S. Especially these [unintelligible] offensive ones.

[Chris scrolls down to a white thong with a red scissors symbol, captioned "ugly growth".] And... right. There's that.

[Chris scrolls to a flesh-colored undergarment labeled "Dirty, Crapped Briefs" with a feces symbol.] [sigh] Darnit.

[Chris scrolls to a red t-shirt labeled "SHE CAME FOR CWC"] Ick. Very ick.

[Quickly scrolls past mug labeled "WARNING: Contents may contain Navy"] And skip the mug there, that one was really bad.

[White t-shirt of Sonichu having intercourse with Rosechu, as depicted in the comic] Ick.

[Black hoodie with grey sleeves, labeled "PVCC" with the naked picture of Mary Lee Walsh Chris drew] Eh, really ick. I'm sure PVCC would complain about this one.

[Pink-purple shirt labeled "You know what I love? CAKE FARTS" , with a small image of cake in the middle] And, cake farts, ihhh.

[Grey t-shirt labeled "MAN BABY" with image of Chris naked] Ehh. Really really bad taste. Euughh.

[White cell phone case with red text reading "DON'T CALL ANYBODY" with pepperspray can] And I don't like this one at all. Really bad.

[Chris shifts the camera back to himself.] But my products have in no way—any of these malcontent or offensive content whatsoever. These are definitely ro—low-brow, what I just showed you, my thoughts are definitely not only authentic and personally authorized, but [Chris puts his finger against his head] the opposite of low-brow. So much better than that, okay? Alright, so I'll let you all go with that, minor thing, another update'll be coming shortly tonight, something more on a pleasant topic. Thank you and have a good night.

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