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The things described in this article are still happening, or are still being looked into. As a result, it may be subject to frequent change, and the information provided may not be entirely reliable.

2022 is the fifteenth year since Chris's discovery. Chris's activity during this year is currently uncertain, due to his arrest and upcoming trial on incest charges. We can nevertheless assume that much like the rest of 2021 following August, he will remain incarcerated for at least a good portion of the year.

Chris spent his 40th birthday in jail and missed out on BABSCon in April. Chris's trial is expected to continue on 28 July.


Letter sent in 19 January 2022
Main article: January 2022

Chris sent a few letters to Kengle and other fans. He also made some phone calls, including warning the world about global warming and asking for money to be given to Barb.


Main article: February 2022

Chris' trial was scheduled to resume on 3 February,[1] but was pushed back by a third continuance, again, for Unknown Reasons.[2] The month ended with Chris being transferred to Western State Hospital - the implications of this in regard to his sentence and release have yet to be seen.[3]


Main article: March 2022

March 2022 was one of the quietest months of Christory in over a decade. For the entire month, absolutely nothing was heard from Chris, likely due to his transfer. The closest thing to actual news was a returned letter from Spamton,[4] which revealed that no future letters sent to jail would be forwarded to Chris. However, some holdover letters from January did arrive near the beginning of the month, and The Gamer From Mars' documentary The Chris Chan Conspiracy premiered its first two episodes.


Main article: April 2022

BABSCon finally took place after a two-year-long delay from the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, Chris could not attend, as he was incommunicado in a happy home.


Chris in May 2022
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Chris was sent back to CVRJ on 3 May with a new mugshot taken upon his return, where he's seen looking somewhat shaken by his experience during the transfer.


Main article: June 2022

27 June will mark one year since Chris began engaging in incest with his mother.


Main article: July 2022

Chris' trial is expected to resume on July 28,[5] only one day from the Incest Call leak and four days from his arrest.


Main article: November 2022

3 November will be the 15-year anniversary of Chris's Encyclopedia Dramatica page.