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2022 was the fifteenth year since Chris's discovery. Chris's activity during this year was rather scarce, due to his arrest and upcoming court proceedings on incest charges, and the eventual sealing of his case due to relentless pestering from the Unholy Tetrad. Chris spent the entirety of 2022 in jail, marking a full year of him being incarcerated. He released some jail drawings.

Chris spent his 40th birthday in jail and missed out on BABSCon in April. In July, Chris's case was to be sent to a Grand Jury as the charge was upgraded to a felony.


Letter sent in 19 January 2022
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Chris sent a few letters to Kengle and other fans. He also made some phone calls, including warning the world about global warming and asking for money to be given to Barb.


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Chris's hearing was scheduled for 3 February,[1] but was pushed back by a third continuance, again, for unknown reasons.[2] Chris turned 40. The month ended with Chris being transferred[3] to Western State Hospital due to being incompetent to stand trial.


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Western State Hospital: Chris' residence from 28 February to 3 May, 2022.

March 2022 was one of the quietest months of Christory in over a decade. For the entire month, absolutely nothing was heard from Chris, due to his transfer. The closest thing to actual news was a returned letter from Spamton,[4] which revealed that no future letters sent to jail would be forwarded to Chris. However, some holdover letters from January did arrive near the beginning of the month, and The Gamer From Mars' documentary The Chris Chan Conspiracy premiered its first two episodes.


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BABSCon finally took place after a two-year-long delay from the ongoing pandemic; Chris could not attend, as he was incommunicado in Western State Hospital.


Chris in May, as well as the only photo of Chris released in 2022.
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Chris was sent back to CVRJ on 3 May with a new mugshot taken upon his return, where he's seen looking somewhat shaken by his experience during the transfer.


Art from June 2022, depicting "Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu as the Sun of Righteousness"
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Chris drew several drawings and sent some letters. Another continuance was issued for his case.[1]


Letter sent in July 2022
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On 28 July, a hearing on the incest charge took place, and it was decided to present the case to a Grand Jury, implying the charge is being prosecuted as a felony. This occurred only one day away from the first year anniversary of the Incest Call leak and four days from his arrest.


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August 2022 art depicting "Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime Vs. Shattered Glass Christ Chan Sonichu"

Chris's case was scheduled to be heard by a Grand Jury on 8 August for a potential felony incest charge. A continuance occurred for a motion hearing on 9 August regarding an autism disorder deferred disposition. Further, court records were sealed. Chris would remain in jail throughout the month, releasing more jail art toward the end of August but otherwise being strangely silent. Also, an incident involving Keffals lead to Kiwi Farms being temporarily taken down from the internet, and the CWCki went down as well due to sharing the same host, 1776 Hosting, at the time.


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Art from September 2022, "The Fall of the Toxic Online Cesspool": Chris prematurely celebrates the fall of Kiwi Farms.

Nothing happened this month, as Chris suddenly stopped sending letters and the CWCki was down throughout. Chris drew some artworks.


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14BC in October 2022.

New pictures and footage of 14 Branchland Court emerge. This month also saw the return of the CWCki after a while of downtime, now on a new host.


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Art from November 2022: "I'm running throughout the Akashic Records with the Infinite Information on EVERYTHING in ALL local and multiversal and multidimensional existence. Pinkie Pie frequents the Akashic Records. Look for All the Easter Eggs on the various media flying about, including Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin being left behind."

3 November was the 15-year anniversary of Chris's Encyclopedia Dramatica page.


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Much like September, nothing happened this month aside from a handful of Jail Arts being released on Etsy.[5]