October 2012

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Chris's Lego self in October.

October 2012 saw some new pictures and statuses leaked from Chris's Facebook. Other than those, it was yet another month with little activity, much like the previous three were. This was probably due to Chris having to face punishment for his actions the previous year.


  • 1 October - Snorlax's 71st birthday.
  • 8 October - New images and status updates are leaked from Chris's Facebook. Chris also updates his status by telling the trolls to stop friending him.
  • 10 October - Chris complains on Facebook that no one cares about him.
  • 12 October - Chris tells his friends to join him in playing a new Simpsons game.
  • 19 October
    • Chris posts a new Facebook profile picture revealing he has grown his hair shoulder length.
    • Chris tells his Facebook friends that his autism makes it impossible for him to flirt.
  • 21 October - Chris posts an apology for his past actions as a public status message on Facebook.
  • 27 October
    • Chris says he feels like a zombie and that he hates the trolls.
    • Chris reveals that he doesn't know what the word "empirical" means.
  • 28 October - The first anniversary of Chris getting himself arrested.