April 2016

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Chris in April 2016.

April was the fourth month of 2016. Chris starts to beg for money online.


  • 5 April - Chris uploads video My Breast Massage Routine 18+ in which he brags about his expanding breast size.
  • 5 April - Wearing a filthy mumu, Chris wishes fan Martin a happy birthday.
  • 11 April - Chris's probation expires.
  • 11 April - Through a meme, Chris complains on Facebook about the trolls and begs for money. He links to his Etsy shop.
  • 12 April - Chris uploads a video in which he asks for donations, offering a variety of gifts as encouragement.
  • 16 April - Chris announces the formation of Sonichu Entertainment of America, a new "company" he hopes will help him sell merchandise and get china.
  • 24 April - Chris livestreams a short, direct beg for donations.
  • 28 April - Chris tells the Facebook community that he is excited about the new Rachet & Clank movie.
  • 29 April - Chris watches Ratchet & Clank and posts a positive review.
  • 29 April - The official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter once again acknowledges Sonichu in a post making fun of Sonic OC's.