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Please, Donate is a video uploaded by Chris on 12 April 2016. Chris begs for donations in exchange for gifts.

This video demarcates the official beginning of the Financhu Crisis, being the first video created for the sole purpose of e-begging, and as such will likely become a significant Christorical milestone as CWC's financial woes drag on towards the bitter end.


Please, Donate
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Stardate 12 April 2016
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Saga Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
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Happy Birthday, Martin.
Announcement 04/16/2016
I pretty much am reaching out to everybody for donations


Please, donate and help me and my family. I would be more than grateful for each donation that comes in. And Y'all will receive gifts on the higher levels.

I stand corrected; plain donations are not tax deductible, and I am not one of such there. I am sorry about that; my mistake.

This is the Official YouTube channel of the one and only creator and author of the Sonichu and Rosechu series, Christine Weston Chandler (AKA Christian, Christopher, Chris Chan, Ricardo); me. Links to my personal Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as my stores of Sonichu and Rosechu, and self, merchandise are available for purchase. Among which, more items are to come in the future, so stay tuned for the updates when I make them personally.


[sigh] So anyway, uh, got a bit of situation here going on here at home, but y'all do know that, uh, I'm still try--I'm still recovering from all the past... hatred and abuse I had to put up with. [Chris picks up the remote and presses a button] Uh, okay, that's a bit better, distracting, I muted the television, but anyway, so... [sigh] Yeah, got some financial problems coming up, ehhh, about right now, so, [takes a breath] mmm, I mean, y'all don't have to buy anything, uh, donations of b--with every person donating at least a dollar, you can help--y'all can help, uh, me and my mother find uh, peace at home and be able to help, uh, take care of our expenses and everything.

And uh, I'm still working on--I'm still getting back into the groove of putting everything together, working on a daily basis and definitely working on putting myself on a day schedule. [pauses] And there's that damn autistic pause in my head. I think that's the autism, essentially. You get, you feel the anxiety and the damn autism reacts to it like it's a piece of change and it's not routine or something. [sigh] Anyhow, since I pretty much am reaching out to everybody for donations, I just wanna remind everybody that uh, the donations under $10, uh, pretty much the only thing I can offer from there is uh, your name in the back of the--back of the book or on the page of the book, but essentially aside from that, um, just wanted to remind everybody of the donations' levels. Hmm... yeah, so $10 for one full written, drawn and... wait a minute, um, oh right. Ahh, shoot. Uh, let me just start from the beginning here.

As a devoted fan to the Sonichu and Rosechu comic--comic book series, I'm certain you do want to see more pages, since I ended up with creator's--creator's block, and forced into hiatus--in 2007, still working on building the routine to get myself back on drawing on a daily basis, and createning on--creating on a daily basis and everything. Yeah, still doing that. Uhh, working on the trying to make a schedule and getting on that routine and I have my own typical... uhh, unexpected and incoming stresses and life problems. Mmm, but anyway if you don't feel like, uhh, buying a big thing you can donate as little as one dollar.

Eh, but uh, here are the donation levels once again, where you'd give free--where you would get a gift I would personally put together for you. [pause] Yeah, but essentially [pauses again]

Yeah... Anyway, ah, let's see: Complete past new pages be uploaded soon as they are... Soon after they are printed, if you know, I've been... Psht, yeah. Still trying to get back in the routine and everything.

Um, [mumbles to himself] hm... Okay, so yeah, For each person who donates through my shop on Etsy, ah, 10 dol--10 dollars and above, I'll send a single character drawing as a sign of gratitude. Request for drawing--for the contents are welcome as long as its not uh, questionable material. And I can't draw your favorite characters regardless about it copyright or not [He means to say "regardless of whether it's copyrighted or not" but just messed it up.]

Um, anyway, if no request is made, I'll just make a fresh drawing of Sonichu and I'll limit one drawing per person per... Day. And if you would like the char--like a colored under 10 dollars... That's the wind up minimum of the 20 dollar level... Yeah, that's when it could be colored. And uh... Alright, at the 50 dollars level, you get the choice of either a Sonichu medallion, or a personal variant, or a custom medallion, whatever you like there. Or an autographed photo, as well as a printed copy of uh, one of the books, your choice.

[short sigh] Boy, that thing last month, that thing last December with little bit of really, still throwin' me--still throws me back. Ah, but anyway, 100 dollars gets you your choice of any one of these--Any one of the figures... Ah, yeah, just pretty much any one of the figures, your choice, uh that's uh... Allow up to certain time for me to acquire the parts and make them. [short sigh] I'm still getting in there, so there maybe time to--so there are likely delays, so I do apologise for that, thereby who's been delayed, I'm still working and I'm get--trying to get back to speed. Y'all will get your items, very soon I promise. Ah [mumbles]... Oh! So yeah, for a 100 dollars you get your choice of a figure, as well as a print--as well as a... Your choice of one of the books. As well as a--you may... Request a drawing as well.

Hm, the 500 dollar level gets you a medallion, a figure... Well, traditionally it would be one figure and ah... One of the three-piece sets, but 'tell you what, uh- start uh--from here on, I'll update the listing later. You could do like, up to four figures of your choice. Four figures of your choice, at the 500 dollar level. [mumbles] You may also request an autographed photo and uh, a copy of one of my books. [mumbles] As well as a--you may also request a drawing. Again, these are optional, [It seems Chris is making another attempt to stay lazy, saying that the previous tier donation rewards are 'optional'] so, you don't have to request them. And if you don't want any gifts, you can just let m--you can just let me know, but definitely delighted in helping and making these things for everybody... Very much. Anyway, [sigh] don't wanna keep losing my place.[mumbles] Okay... Okay, yeah, so, thousn'--the 1000 dollar level. Uh, making the change to that might be so... Uh, but currently as listed here you get the entire Wave 1 set of Sonichu, Rosechu, Blake, Wild, Bubbles, Angelica, Punchy, and Magi-Chan, as well as me and the three-piece set, a Sonichu medallion, or custom therein. And you may request the autographed photo, the book, and a drawing.... Yeah. But anyway, uh, yeah, coupon codes definitely not valid for the donations and every do- and every donation is indeed- is indeed a tax deduction right off, y'all can make for yourselves, if applicable. I mean uh, it varies from person to person, I'm sure. But anyway [sigh] I'm just [sigh] single person trying to help provide for this family and uh, I can only do so much uh, getting money and whatnot, so your donations are a real great help, so please, donate as much as you can. Even if its only 1 dollar per person, every little bit helps. If you donate big, that will be really greatly appreciated... Very much. [sigh] all for the peace of mind, so I can get back into drawing and have more--and be able to be--feeling so much better about life and everything, in addition to me feeling better about myself even though I am an--been having more positive outlook on like--AND I'M NOT READING ANY OF THOSE COMMENTS EITHER, SO YOU MAY AS WELL STOP RIGHT THERE [Chris is addressing the live stream audiences]. Anyhow [exhales] so, please, go to the listing below--go the uh, Etsy listing of donations- the donation page that will be listed below this video and... Donate as much as you can... Thank you. Mmm. Y'all have a good, safe day.

Ungh. Wrong button!

Happy Birthday, Martin. Chris's videos Announcement 04/16/2016