November 2021

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A drawing of Chris-chan Sonichu that Chris made in November 2021.

November was the eleventh month of 2021, and marked 14 years since the initial publication of Chris's ED page. Chris spent the entire month incarcerated; his second appearance in court was scheduled for this month but was given another continuance to February 2022.[1] Barbara was also involved in a serious automobile accident this month, suffering broken ribs and a concussion as a result of the incident, but still managing to survive the initial collision and be taken to a hospital. Aside from that, multiple private DMs and chatlogs made before Chris's arrest were leaked this month, and Chris wrote several more letters to fans, weens, and enablers.


  • 1 November - Chris makes a second call to a fan named Cory Allison. Unlike the first call, this one was recorded and uploaded to YouTube in a censored form.[2]
  • 2 November - A chatlog from October 2020, "Pennsylvania Trip", is leaked.
  • 3 November - The 14-year anniversary of Chris's Encyclopedia Dramatica page.
  • 5 November - A set of texts from July 2021, "MKR DMs", on Chris leaving a Discord server run by Watchmen, is leaked.
  • 6 November - A chatlog from February 2021, on Chris discussing masturbation and his lack of a relationship, is leaked.
  • 8 November - Chris writes another jail letter.
  • 12 November - A Discord message from July 2021, Reacting to MLP G5 toys at the store, is leaked.
  • 13 November - A jail letter from 8 November is revealed by the Youtube channel Stories from The Penitentiary, giving a clearer image of his mental state and his experiences in jail.
  • 16 November
    • The jail letter sent to RadioRabbit0 is made public on their Twitter account.[3]
    • Chris writes and sends the fourth letter addressed to Kenneth Englehardt.[4]
  • 18 November - Chris's second court appearance for his incest charge was to take place,[1] but was given another continuance, this time to 3 February 2022 for unknown reasons.[1]
  • 23 November
    • Two brief DMs, from June and July 2021, Chris had with fantasy enabler Toffee Rosechu are leaked.
    • Barb fails to yield the right-of-way in an automobile accident while driving the Dodge Caravan.[5] As a result, she apparently suffers two broken ribs and a concussion but nevertheless survives the collision and is taken to a hospital. The Dodge Caravan is also totaled.[6]
  • 24 November
    • The jail call from 1 November is released.[2]
    • Chris draws "Flashzap."
  • 25 November - Thanksgiving: Chris spends this holiday behind bars, and Barb spent it in the hospital.
  • 27 November - Chris writes and sends the fifth letter addressed to Kenneth Englehardt. The letter apparently consists of Chris discussing the automobile accident from 24 November.
  • 30 November