Eels and the Egg-man

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"You summoned us we came for cwc."

Eels and the Egg-man (@EelsandtheEgman) is a Twitter user who is internet friends with Helena Fiorenza and Kenneth Engelhardt. Because Eels lives in the United States and Helena does not, he has sent and received correspondence to/from Chris at Central Virginia Regional Jail on Helena's behalf, thereby saving Chris the inconvenience of sending mail internationally. Eels also posts the letters to Twitter, though he will sometimes choose to summarize the contents instead of releasing the full letters.[1]

Eels made the following tweet on 10 July 2022:

Mission statement:

If chris ever tells me something illegal/or too juicy (i.e. "hey Eels you know how I said I didn't fuck barb, well I lied I really did it!") in his letters and tells me not to publish them, I will publish it regardless of chris' request