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[We're] the best trolls [in] history.
Bella, bragging to her clique about what she was planning on doing with Chris before the denizens of Kiwi Farms and 4chan exposed her.[note 1][1]
There's this idea that hell is a bottomless pit, and that’s because no matter how bad it is, some stupid son of a bitch like you could figure out a way to make it a lot worse!
Jordan B. Peterson, effectively summarizing Isabella's role in Christory.
Isabella Loretta Janke
Name Isabella Loretta Janke
Date of Birth 18 August 2001 (age 20)[2]
Also known as Bella[2]
Kelly Osborn[2]
redpilled single dad[3]
Gender Female
Race White/Latina[4]
Nationality American

Isabella Loretta Janke (born 18 August 2001),[2] also known as ILJ, Bella or Kelly Osborn, is the sociopathic, foot fungus-ridden[5] leader of a trolling ring based at Texas Tech University,[1] best known for her participation in a leaked July 2021 call in which Chris revealed that he had been having an incestuous relationship with his mother. It was later revealed that she extorted him out of significant sums of money required for Barb's care,[1] and some even suspect that she was the one who coaxed Chris into having sex with his mother in the first place, though there is no conclusive evidence for the latter as of this writing.[5]

Isabella is arguably the worst and most dangerous troll to have ever targeted Chris, having malicious intentions that somehow manage to overshadow every single previous controversial troll before her. Isabella's sadistic personal life was exposed not long after Kiwi Farms doxxed her: she is known to be a white supremacist (despite being mixed race herself),[4] animal abuser, and fetishist for all things unholy (including incest, snuff, bestiality, zoosadism, scat, pedophilia and Naruto).[5] Even before meeting Chris, she was known for bullying and blackmailing other students to the point of suicide, all with the help of her cult-like circle of friends. This page is solely focused on Bella's interactions with Chris, but for more information, Encyclopedia Dramatica has an article on her which goes into much deeper detail on her disturbing pastimes and abhorrent hygiene than this page likely ever will.

Isabella's reasons for trolling Chris were extremely dark. She intended to gather incriminating information from Chris and blackmail him; her intentions were most likely to either extort Chris out of large sums of money (which he simply didn't have, since he was 200 dollars in debt) or to try and use the information or get Chris to commit suicide or self-harm, which her cult was known to have done in the past.[5][6]

However, this all unravelled when the audio of the incest call was leaked. Bella and her cronies were doxxed by the Kiwi Farms almost immediately, and wiith Chris now in jail and thus unable to be contacted or manipulated, it is unlikely that Bella will be able to take any further action. This is especially so after her aforementioned dirty laundry was dumped all over the internet, with thousands of new people learning about her horrifying exploits unrelated to Chris. Ironically enough, in trying to ruin the life of a lolcow, Isabella became a lolcow herself, and now serves as a cautionary tale to those seeking to make a name for themselves off of CWC.

Interactions with Chris

Early interactions

It is unclear exactly when Bella first met Chris. She has claimed to have met Chris in 2016 at a convention in Baltimore,[7] and Kiwi Farms users have speculated that one of their first face-to-face interactions happened in 2019. However, her interest in Chris would not be sparked again until some time in early 2020, when she began watching Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History. Their next interaction would not happen until July of that year.

On some unknown date, but believed to be as early as 20 April 2020, Bella hatched an idea to have Chris eventually be blackmailed to commit suicide. The earliest known mention of this had happened on 19 June, 2021. In order to do this, Bella would rally up several people to help her out with this plan, which included other students from TTU and people outside of TTU that had some degree of familiarity with Chris. Many of these recruits were also members of two distinct "chess-club" Discord servers run by Bella.

On 5 February 2021, as a Praetor member, Bella was likely involved with a plot by a Watchman to get Chris to taze himself in order to activate the Dimensional Merge.[8] It is unknown whether this was related to her overall plot or not.

Another early plot, the earliest known mention of which is from 20 July 2021,[7] involved Bella manipulating a young woman with autism into having sex with Chris at the Everfree Northwest convention. She planned to film the whole ordeal, and by that method blackmail Chris.[5] This never actually transpired, as Chris would be jailed before he could actually attend the convention, and has since been banned indefinitely.[9]

The incest scandal


Despite what you may have been led to believe, although she encouraged him to continue having sex with his mother when she found out about it,[10] Bella did not convince Chris to start fucking his mother. Chris has expressed positive views on mother-son incest dating as far back as 2016.[11]

In July 2021, Bella recorded a call of her and Chris discussing Chris's incest with Barb, most likely for blackmail purposes.[1] Despite Chris going into graphic detail about the act, Bella acted nonchalant throughout, and even encouraging at times. Judging by the fact that it took until late July for this audio to be leaked by the Everfree Suitress, it is likely that Bella would have simply continued with her plan and allowed Chris to continue his behavior indefinitely. When the Suitress eventually did leak the conversation, Bella's response only further confirmed this.

In the intervening time, several of the trolls involved created a collection of fake texts in which Chris supposedly admitted to having BDSM-style sex with Barb. This was likely related to Bella's long-term plot to make Chris commit suicide in some way, but how exactly these were planned to be used had the original incest call audio not been leaked prematurely is unclear.[12] Bella tried to perpetuate this notion again and again on a Discord server, claiming that Chris wouldn't feed Barb unless she preformed felatio on him, and called it BDSM.

Aftermath and damage control

On the 30th of July, the incest phone call involving Bella was unexpectedly leaked to the public by one of her associates. Immediately, Bella tried to do everything in her power to distance herself from the now-growing drama. One of the first things she decided to do to remedy this was shift the blame of any damaging effects that may occur onto the Everfree Suitress. However, this whole charade didn't do much other than inflict unnecessary psychological harm onto the Suitress, as by that point, it had already been made abundantly clear to everyone who was paying attention that Bella was a compulsive liar and was not to be trusted.

Eventually, Bella herself was doxxed, not in small part due to one of Bella's own cronies posting an image of Bella’s mistreated rescue dog.[13] After her personal information was leaked, Isabella went into desperate - albeit futile - damage control, using sockpuppet accounts on 4Chan, Reddit, and Kiwi Farms to rant about how the info regarding her was fake, exaggerated, and/or a psyop conspiracy led by transgender puppetmasters. Unfortunately for her, this was to no avail - as of late August, there were already dedicated, active threads on Kiwi Farms for Bella and each of her cronies. With such a unique name, these threads will likely be the first things any future employers see when they google Bella's name. Ironically, Bella has become just as unemployable and infamous as Chris himself.


During her plot, Bella manipulated and/or enlisted many people to help her out with her plans. Some of them were genuinely unaware of Bella's true intentions, while others had intentions as equally as depraved as hers. Though, given her known plans for one particular associate, as well as the fact that she had driven at least one TTU student to suicide, and how she eventually decided to backstab almost all of her associates directly after the leaks by doxxing them, it may turn out she had nefarious plans for many of the people listed below.

The Everfree Suitress


Like with the Wallflower, the true identity of this person will be concealed by the CWCki, even though it is an open secret.

However, unlike with the Wallflower, we decided on this course of action entirely for ourselves. The Suitress has been manipulated by Bella ever since they first met. She was then doxxed mercilessly and framed as being the one behind the whole affair - both for rightfully leaking the incest call to the public. Afterwards, she was temporarily brought into therapy after a nervous breakdown, and got lumberjacked.[14]

None of this is meant to portray her as a hero - the Suitress has shown some weenish tendencies herself, some to the point of being actively harmful to her. Nevertheless, usage of her real or screen name(s) will result in a permanent ban. Also, for the love of God, do not attempt to contact her.
An interpretation of a hidden suitress
A selfie sent to the Suitress by Chris

In a cruel twist of irony, Chris once again had somebody try to gain his affection, rather than the other way around, and said person's decisions turned out to be the catalyst that would end the Chris Chan saga. Because of this, the most important of the people Bella had gathered to help her with her plans was a young autistic[5] woman who had organically formed a crush on Chris, and was a former moderator of the Chris Chan subreddit. For the sake of anonymity, said woman will be referred to as "The Everfree Suitress", or more simply "The Suitress" for aforementioned reasons. It is believed that she, despite having been warned several times not to contact him, began contact with Chris in 2020, to the point of begging him to reply back.[15]

The Suitress was originally planned to be sent with Chris on a trip to the brony convention Everfree Northwest, part of her codename's namesake. According to Discord leaks, Bella planned to record the Suitress and Chris copulating during the convention. The exact purpose for this is unknown, but Bella, sexually attracted to the Suitress in the past, had also claimed in those same leaks that she planned to "steal" the Suitress for herself. Despite all of this elaborate scheming, Chris did not seem to show very much interest in the Suitress at this point, and a lot more interest for Bella. This made things more difficult for Bella, as when she tried to book a room for the both herself and the Suitress, Chris kept insisting that a room be booked for both him and her.

In the end, when Bella sent her the incest calls, the Suitress decided to leak them to the public, disgusted by what she had just discovered about both Chris and Bella. Bella already made it abundantly clear to her that she was not allowed to leak any calls she made to Chris, and was utterly pissed at the Suitress when she found out. She decided to manipulate the Suitress yet again by faking a 911 call, claiming that she already called the police to handle this, that way the Suitress couldn't get any authorities involved.[16] What would then follow was a failed disinformation campaign by Bella to throw observers and Christorians off, in order to avoid being discovered herself.

Sean Walker

Main article: Sean Walker
An old photo of Sean Walker

Sean Walker, known on Kiwi Farms as Psychic Espeon, or elsewhere as The Wildcat, WCT, Neko Onyx, and plenty of other pseudonyms,[17] is a former Watchmen member[note 2] and key ally of Bella's in her ultimate suicide plot, acting as her second-in-command.

Bella's plot to have Chris kill himself was most likely inspired by Sean's previous manipulations of Chris, which involved a fellow lolcow who killed four people - including himself - in a bizarre plot to reincarnate as a cartoon character. It is speculated that Bella intended to have Chris commit suicide in the same fashion, after convincing him that this would finally complete the Dimensional Merge. It's almost certain that Sean was well aware of the end goal of Bella's plot, and likely even planned to profit off of Chris's imminent demise.[17]

After the initial plan fell apart with the leaking of the incest call, Sean was a major component in spreading disinformation to throw off observers. He conspired with Bella to frame the Suitress,[17] and helped doctor and circulate fake messages of Chris supposedly admitting to BDSM with Barbara.[2]


Devon John, better known by his YouTube name GiBi, is a YouTuber specializing in Chris-centric content since 2019. He would upload videos summarizing Chris's weekly activity, while giving commentary, typically in the form of reading articles from this very wiki. He was desperate to showcase the events of this scandal early for his YouTube channel, even if it meant collecting information from questionable sources.

Immediately accepting Bella's story that the entire scandal was the fault of the Suitress, GiBi then leaked the Suitress's phone number in one of his videos for thousands to see. After being blasted for doxxing someone with no evidence of their guilt, GiBi took the video down three hours later.[18]. GiBi then claimed that the reason the phone number was left intact was because the uploading of the video was held back by three hours, and to "allow the people discussed" in the video to see it, in order to make sure he hasn't doxxed the wrong person. These "people" included Bella and "his friend", Lavenderbonez. [19]

GiBi decided to upload the video a second time without removing the Suitress' phone number, spreading her personal information to even more people, but deleted that video after only two minutes for "presenting only one side". GiBi had also attempted to upload the video a third time, claiming that he would fix this mistake.[20]

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  1. For curious readers, the original, unedited quote was "Were the best trolls on history" [sic].
  2. For more information on Sean's time with the Watchmen, see the Watchmen page.




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