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Not to be confused with Chess club, another Discord server in which Bella and her Texas Tech friends chatted.

chess group #15 is a Discord server created by Bella. The server contains friendly conversation and games of chess in text format, in contrast to Bella's Chess Club server which used edgier language.

Chris, The WCT, and Fiona were among the members in this server. On 19 July 2021, Bella invited them in. There, WCT discussed his feud with Naught, asking for Bella's help in doxing Naught, Fiona and Bella discussed Everfree Northwest plans, and Chris made only one comment stating he was busy drawing.

All excerpts quoted below are from the server's "general" channel.[1]

The WCT enters chess group #15

19 July 2021

10:01 PM The WCT: Joined the server.

10:01 PM Bella: @Conner do u play chess

10:01 PM Bella: i forgot to add a chess bot lol ill do it now

10:01 PM The WCT: not a lot, but I think I played it a few times.

10:01 PM The WCT: its a complex game.

Chris and chess

19 July 2021

10:02 PM Bella: me and christine used to play chess alot on my old iphone but i lost it and now

10:02 PM Bella: we cant do it on sms bc of my android so i decided to invite her here

10:02 PM Bella: i doubt anyone here knows who christine is though

Chris enters chess group #15

19 July 2021

10:08 PM Chris: Joined the server.

10:08 PM Bella: hey christine! want to play some chess?

10:08 PM The WCT: sup Chris!

10:09 PM Chris: I'm doing some drawing right now. I'll play a game with y'all later.

Fiona enters chess group #15

20 July 2021

Below is the first conversation between Bella and Fiona. Fiona's messages are represented in magenta, and Bella's are represented in fungus green.

12:48 AM Fiona: Joined the server

12:48 AM Bella: @ScootalooSister hey i don't believe we chatted yet in the other server

12:48 AM Bella: u wanna play a game of chess when im done with @Griffit?

01:02 AM Fiona: Oh yeah

01:02 AM Fiona: I was a bit busy

01:03 AM Bella: ah its cool, nice to meet u

01:03 AM Fiona: I wonder if @CWCSonichu1982 is knowledgeable in chess

01:03 AM Bella: we used to play alot

01:03 AM Fiona: Yeah, I'm going to the Bronycon in Everfree

01:03 AM Bella: but i could only do it on sms with my iphone but i lost my phone so i invited her over here bc i can

01:03 AM Bella: oh wow its like that now?

01:04 AM Fiona: It's on August 13

01:04 AM Fiona: CWC is coming to Bronycon too

01:04 AM Bella: ohhh that one im going to lol i was confused sorry

01:04 AM Bella: yeah im coming as her bodyguard

01:04 AM Bella: i might be her roommate im not sure yet, but ill bring us games to play

01:04 AM Fiona: Christine told me that she was going to have people guarding us

01:04 AM Bella: thats me!

01:04 AM Bella: if u need anything lmk then im here to help u feel safe

01:05 AM Fiona: I might meet you in person then

01:05 AM Bella: ofc!

01:05 AM Fiona: I never been to a Bronycon before

01:05 AM Bella: we'll have fun (edited)

01:05 AM Bella: i have been by accident when i went to a rubiks cube contest to watch

01:05 AM Bella: i actually saw christine there it was like 2016 in baltimore but i ddnt speak to her

01:05 AM Bella: i didnt know who she was at the time

01:06 AM Fiona: Oh, lol.

01:06 AM Bella: should i bring my xbox and nintendo for us to play when im not guarding you guys?

01:06 AM Bella: be prepared for lots and lots of furries

01:07 AM Fiona: I've been friends with furries so I know

01:07 AM Bella: unironically i gotta watch out for them bc sockness is probobly wearing a full suit to disguise

01:07 AM Bella: I've been friends with furries so I know
haha same

01:07 AM Fiona: CWC told me

01:07 AM Fiona: About Sockness

01:07 AM Bella: yeah crazy guy

01:07 AM Fiona: I know everything there is about Sockness so far

01:08 AM Bella: were any of ur furry friends anything ither than a wolf or fox? i feel like 99.99% of them are just wolfs lol ??

01:08 AM Fiona: I once received an entire Google docs file with Sockness's books and videos

01:08 AM Fiona: My friend is a dragon

01:08 AM Fiona: He's a scalie

01:08 AM Bella: I know everything there is about Sockness so far
i hacked him before just in case he targeted christine again but i dont want to gte persoanlly invloved with him at all (edited)


20 July 2021

01:12 AM Fiona: Sockness is like the worst of A-logs

01:13 AM Bella: yeah from what i heard

01:13 AM Fiona: Does he actually have a crush on Christine, or is it a facade to hide behind?

01:13 AM Bella: i citrus-filed his number a while ago i have it logged somewhere

01:13 AM The WCT: both tbh

01:13 AM Bella: hes probobly trying to mess with her to get a reaction is all

01:13 AM Fiona: Sockness was on a server I was in, and he sent me to an ERP server that we raided

01:14 AM Bella: that would make a hell of a romance if he was

01:14 AM Fiona: Wanting to r@pe Christine goes way past messing with her

01:14 AM Fiona: Because that's what I heard he wanted to do

01:14 AM Bella: did he say that or attempt in anyway to do that?

01:15 AM Fiona: Yeah, I remember knowing that he said that he wanted to film it too or something

01:15 AM Fiona: I forget where

01:15 AM Bella: bc its messed up definatly but hes trying to instigate reactions by being extreme and getting clout

01:15 AM Bella: he told someone from praector that

01:15 AM Fiona: I think it's because Christine is internet famous and he wants in

01:15 AM Bella: oh yeah definatly

01:15 AM The WCT: I was the one that stopped him 2 years ago.

01:16 AM Fiona: How did you stop him?

01:16 AM The WCT: When Chris got word that he was going on a train trip, he asked me to record a message for him.

01:16 AM The WCT: [WCT linked to Chris Releases A Statement Regarding Jacob Sockness]

01:16 AM The WCT: I recorded this bit.

01:17 AM Fiona: I'm glad Christine knew to stop him before it got messy

01:18 AM The WCT: After he uploaded the clip I made, people for once stopped trolling Chris and went after Sockness. And he was intercepted while he was on his way.

01:18 AM Fiona: Sockness deserves trolling these days

01:18 AM Bella: yeah me too, its especially hard bc alot of the "friends" who hung out with

01:18 AM Bella: christine tried to manipulate her into talking with him again in praector

01:19 AM The WCT: there's conflicting reports on where he got picked off, some said he was stopped in Chicago, some say he never made it out of California.

01:19 AM Bella: or at least they told me so and i had to get them to stop

Wanting to dox Naught

20 July 2021

Following from Watchmen infighting drama in which Naught had posted WCT's dox on Kiwi Farms, WCT tells Bella that he is attempting to dox Naught and Bella volunteers to help.

Transcript note: The conversation also involved cross-talk on unrelated matters between Bella and her friend Allen, which is not included in the transcript below but can be viewed in the chess group #15 - general chatlog.

01:42 AM The WCT: The Watchmen (mainly Kyle and Meghan) had a big hate boner for the Praetor group.

01:42 AM The WCT: and hell, when they were trying to make me look like the bad guy, they accused me of being a part of Praetor or at least collaborating with them.

01:42 AM The WCT: In reality though, I was working with Former Kiwi Farmers to bring down the Watchmen because everybody had enough of Naught. (or Dominik)

01:43 AM Bella: if they hated praetor they hated them for the wrong reason, there are some reasons i could understand though

01:44 AM The WCT: keep this within these borders, but I'm currently looking for Dom's dox atm.

01:44 AM The WCT: he's an evil man that needs to be stopped before he can hurt more people.

01:44 AM Bella: dom who? i could find it

01:44 AM The WCT: Dominik.

01:44 AM The WCT: I'll send you a DM.

01:44 AM The WCT: @NP2348 I sent you a friend request.

01:46 AM Bella: got it

01:46 AM Bella: i tried to send u one but it wouldnt let me

01:47 AM The WCT: alright, i'll give you details.


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