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Not to be confused with chess group #15, another Discord server in which Bella chatted with Chris and his acquaintances.

The Texas Tech University Chess Club (TTU Chess Club for short) was a set of Discord servers created and run by Bella. On these servers, Bella and her associates would target several other students at the university, often encouraging the harassment, bullying, or gossiping of their targets. Participants would often make sociopathic, edgy comments.

This article quotes miscellaneous talk from Bella and other Chess Club members about Chris within the Chess Club Discord server.

Chris was not present in this server.

Instagram for Chris Chan

25 April 2021 [1]

Bella talks about having to be on Instagram for Chris, and mentions how frequently he talks to her.

Need to be on Instagram for Chris chan
do u still contact that guy
do u even still get paid
He contacts me every fucking day and almost everyone tried to ignore him
just block him at this point

Chris talk coaching

19 July 2021 [2]

Bella coaches Allen, who was under the screen name "Alice", on how to talk to Chris and get his attention. Bella later

@Alice say "hi Christine, nice to meet you, I'm Alice. What are you drawing?"
Say it

[Louis posts an image, but it is lost]

@louize 💅 what do u think about Alice meeting Chris chan and u not
I'm more curious to see what an interaction between the both will be like
im gonna tell him to stop drawing ur never gonna be good at it
Hell have me hack and doxx u
And then he will to millions of ppl
and u would?
then i’ll be famous
Not the good kind
But he likes beserk!!?
Not Chris his watchdogs do
fine, i’ll see what he is like then leave, pretending to cater to his needs and be nice sounds boring
That's what everyone says about u
says wat?
Say it
U fucking retard
U left the fucking quotation marks in
ehn who cares
he wont know
He dies he'll think ur beung sarcastic (edited)
Now take it off and @ him


i think u misunderstood wat i was saying im not that interested to chris chan in the first place, i thought we were gonna troll him and stuff, not do this
Honestly I just want to make fun of him and see if he catches on
thats wat i wanted to do too
i think he meant u
i thought he meant chris chan?
i thought u didnt want to do anything with chris chan
thats literaly what ur doing rn
nah i just wanted to troll him, but honestly if thats not what we are doing its fine, but i just won’t stay long
im still curious to see how he interacts
but u said u didnt even want to meet him
but i joined the server or the group whatever we are in
allen ive been trolling him for almost a year now and im the hardest to find according to everyone and the most secretive
i wouldn’t have joined then
im garnered a reputation of being epic and anonymous and a hacker
IM trolling him

Joining the Server

19 July 2021

Allen and Bella have an arguement about Allen joining the server, with Bella claiming that Allen made him join.

what could u possibly do
u joined bc i made u
Lol u didn’t make me do anything
u werent going to interact i wanted u to
yes i did
no u didn’t
i made u write it and spell out saomthing to say
u didnt take the initaitive
and then u did it wrong

Mysterious 10 Troll

19 July 2021

Bella brags to Allen about how the Watchmen weren't able to dox her, and that she was referred to as the "mysterious 10 troll" by the CWCki.

he hardly is on discord hes always on text
ill have to text him to ask to play with u
hold on i did it
hes a lurker on discord even in his small group of watchdogs
wait so does he only act crazy in ur messages
his watchdogs are pretty cool, they all got doxxed but me nbc im impossibke to find everyone says and im called the mysterious 10 troll by cwci
oh no he does
youll see its just not as often
as he texts

Suicide Joke

19 July 2021

While coaching her friend Allen on how to interact with Chris, Allen inquires why Chris trusts Bella, and she responds it's because she's extremely nice to him. She then made comments to have used this influence over Chris to have "hacked" his bank account, stolen his money, gotten free trips, gotten him to join a cult, MLP porn on Kiwi Farms and a flight to Florida. Allen says he "thought the plan was to get him to kill himself" and Bella responds with "yeah but by getting others to tell him theyre jesus and they hate them and then saying "oh no those ppl are os mean :(" and then he pays me".

The conversation turns back to coaching Allen to talk to Chris. Bella advises him to avoid making comments which could upset Chris, pointing out that Watchmen such as Meghan might dox Allen for it. Bella walks Allen through talking to Chris, suggesting he be overly expressive and nice because Chris doesn't interpret tones well.

Notably, Bella mentions that, during Chris's phase of role-playing as Sonichu, Chris had once told her he had a dream of having sex with his mother, to which Bella replied that this was weird and questioned what it meant, to which an offended Chris asked if she was calling Chris weird.[3]

In August, the Chess Club server was leaked, after which Allen claimed in an interview with a Kiwi Farms member that he and Bella had been making edgy and sarcastic jokes during the conversation and that there was no plan to kill Chris.[4]

11:34 PM Bella: well be ready to interact

11:34 PM Bella: when i get him to talk

11:34 PM Bella: hes busy drawing

11:34 PM Allen: we will see in the few days

11:34 PM Allen: why is it only u, does he trust u the most?

11:34 PM Allen: what about his other friends

11:34 PM Bella: bc im extrmeley nice to him

11:34 PM Bella: thats how i hacked his bank account

11:34 PM Bella: and stole his money

11:34 PM Bella: got free trips and got him to join a cult

11:34 PM Bella: and mlp porn on kiwi famrs

11:35 PM Louis: When will he cutoff his dick or sacrifice barbara

11:35 PM Bella: and fly tof lorida

11:35 PM Bella: hes becoming less of a tranny recently

11:35 PM Allen: i thought the plan was to get him to kill himself

11:35 PM Bella: hes fine with being called chris again

11:36 PM Bella: yeah but by getting others to tell him theyre jesus and they hate them

11:36 PM Bella: and then saying "oh no those ppl are os mean :("

11:36 PM Bella: and then he pays me

11:37 PM Allen: im just gonna text ur never gonna be good at drawing and see what happens

11:38 PM Bella: no

11:38 PM Bella: no ur not or ur gone

11:38 PM Allen: too late

11:38 PM Bella: u know how much these ppl dox

11:38 PM Bella: ur address will be leaked

11:39 PM Allen: his watchdogs?

11:39 PM Bella: no the others

11:39 PM Bella: plus id ban u

11:39 PM Bella: the others like meghan would doxx u and post it everywhere

11:40 PM Allen: honestly even if i say it ur just gonna ban me and delete the message

11:40 PM Bella: ya exactly and if they see it ur done for

11:40 PM Allen: reality is often dissapointing

11:40 PM Bella: i thought u wanted to meet him?

11:40 PM Bella: y would u want me to ban u

11:41 PM Allen: yeah dw donít ban me, text him for a chess game and ill interact with him

11:41 PM Bella: i am give him 30 minuets

11:41 PM Bella: he takes his drawing EXTREMLEY seriously

11:41 PM Bella: he considers it his full time job

11:41 PM Bella: ill get him to read ur fuure with tarot cards

11:42 PM Allen: i thought it would be like one of this chris chan documentaries we get to play characters and troll him, i at lesst found that part intresting especially the kid that trolled him for years

11:43 PM Bella: i already am the fucking documentary guy send a link to try and find me

11:43 PM Bella: he calls me "anon troll"

11:43 PM Bella: if u want that then do what i say, this is new territory

11:43 PM Bella: he will get more involved if he sees us playing,

11:43 PM Bella: play, it doenst have to be real just move randomly

11:43 PM Bella: i want to see him beat u in chess lol

11:43 PM Bella: @Alice play

11:48 PM Allen: another question

11:48 PM Allen: these watchdog ls

11:48 PM Allen: his actual friends?

11:48 PM Allen: or trolls

11:49 PM Bella: some of them are some of them arent

11:49 PM Bella: but they get along pretty well, they used not to

11:49 PM Bella: it used to be anarchy and everyone got doxxed but me

11:49 PM Bella: if u want that then do what i say, this is new territory

11:50 PM Allen: ill agree to that, i have no idea what this is all about or how to go about it

11:50 PM Bella: by doxxed i mean everything was doxxed and i did most of the doxxing and sending it to others

11:50 PM Bella: follow the sweet autistic girl attitude

11:50 PM Bella: when u ask him normal quetsions he will implode

11:51 PM Allen: wat

11:51 PM Allen: are u joking?

11:51 PM Bella: follow my lead

11:51 PM Allen: damn

11:51 PM Allen: like any normal question?

11:51 PM Allen: give me an example

11:52 PM Bella: people who i/me as chris dxxed get their lives ruined

11:52 PM Bella: "how are you today"?

11:52 PM Allen: i would have said this, since u said be the sweet girl lmao

11:52 PM Bella: one time he gave me a 160 text responce

11:52 PM Bella: each text around a paragraph

11:53 PM Allen: wat did he have to say

11:53 PM Allen: did he just narrate his whole day

11:53 PM Bella: he said "i had a dream where i had sex with my mom" i said "wow thats really weird that that happened i wonder what it means" and he siad "EXCUSE ME???????????? ARE U CALLING CHRISTINE CHANDLER WEIRD???" as sonichu

11:53 PM Allen: Oh God

11:54 PM Bella: no he talked about what the comsos told him

11:54 PM Bella: just set the example by being overly expressive and nice bc he doesnt do tones well

11:54 PM Bella: so reply with more than "it was fine"

11:55 PM Allen: God damn it

11:55 PM Bella: say "it was super good! thanks sm for asking!" isntead

11:55 PM Allen: but we are texting

11:55 PM Allen: how does he know my tone

11:55 PM Bella: he will take "it was fine" as a sarcastic remark

11:55 PM Bella: and think ur a toxic troll

Everfree Love Triangle

21 July 2021

Bella talks about the Everfree Northwest convention and the complicated relationships between herself, Fiona, and Chris.[5]

4:45 PM Bella: There's a love triangle

4:45 PM Bella: I'm the bodyguard and we're going as a group between me the scootaloo girl abd Chris

4:45 PM Bella: She fir whatever fucking reason Likes Chris, I like her and Chris likes me

4:45 PM Bella: I'm trying to room with her but Chris is trying to room with me and she's trying to room with Chris but he doesn't want to

Bella Thirst

21 July 2021

Alongside further expressing interest in her, Bella claims that Fiona had sent her a picture of her face, as well as a picture of her legs. She also makes mention of another time that Fiona was doxed.[6]

5:00 PM Allen: good luck Lol, fucking weird

5:00 PM Allen: ur actually in competition for a love interest with chris chan

5:00 PM Allen: u better not lose

5:00 PM Allen: send picture of a scootaloo girl

5:00 PM Allen: unless she is straight then ur fucked

6:05 PM Bella: SuitressLegs.jpg

6:05 PM Bella: She has had sex with men

6:56 PM Allen: face?

7:04 PM Bella: Yeah hold on she just sent me her dress

7:04 PM Bella: Face is cute she has pink hair tho

8:55 PM Allen: alright fixing my sleep schedule today been sleeping on and off, will sleep at 11 latest

8:55 PM Allen: nice

8:55 PM Allen: not bad legs

8:55 PM Allen: dosent she have insta

9:55 PM Bella: No?

9:55 PM Bella: Not after she got doxxed

Giant Bella

22 July 2021

Bella claims that there was an instance where Chris claims that through his Tarot cards, he predicts that she will become 42-feet tall when she reincarnates into CWCville. [6]

5:46 PM Bella: Chris chan told me when i die and go to cwcville ill be 42 feet

5:46 PM Bella: With his tarot cards

5:46 PM Bella: I thought I could like 25 pull ups I only did 9 -_-

5:46 PM Bella: Wtf bro

5:46 PM Bella: Its harder than i thought to go down all the way and up

More Bella Thirst

22 July 2021

Bella talks about Fiona, expressing a desire to woo her away from Chris to "protect" her.[6] Of note is how in a Google Doc she had posted on the Chris Chan subreddit, she had also claimed that she had warned Fiona about her attraction towards Chris, also claiming there that she wanted to "protect" her. The veracity of this statement is dubious, as the same document also had her denying her involvement with Praetor, among other things. [7]

6:30 PM Bella: Me and Fiona are bestiez now

6:30 PM Louis: fiona from shrek?

6:30 PM Bella: Ive sworn to her I'd protect her from cwc

6:30 PM Bella: No the girl whose coming with me and cwc

6:30 PM Bella: She has a crush on him for whatever reason and is almost down to fuck him

6:30 PM Bella: But I'm going to steal her i swear to God


22 July 2021

Bella discusses that Chris paid her to be his photographer during the Everfree Northwest convention.[8]

8:35 PM Bella: Now I'm also the photographer

8:35 PM Bella: So I'm obligated to follow him everywhere

8:35 PM Bella: He sent me $500 for a camera

8:36 PM Louis: pocket the money immediately

9:39 PM Bella: He wants a receipt

9:39 PM Bella: At least I'm getting paid for being his cameraman

9:39 PM Bella: It will be more than 500 and then I get to sell the camera

Everfree Dance

23 July 2021

Bella expresses her attraction towards Fiona, expressing a desire to dance with her during the Grand Galloping Gala event at the convention. Bella also discusses what she plans to be wearing during this event.[9]

10:50 PM Bella: Uh yes

10:50 PM Bella: What should I wear to the grand galloping gala

10:50 PM Louis: What's that

10:51 PM Bella: Suspenders abd a bowtie?

10:51 PM Bella: Chris chan invited Me to be his dance and then he invited Fiona bc I told him to but I'm I'm there just to dance with Fiona

10:51 PM Louis: Hold on

10:51 PM Louis: Did he name his dance after a mlp episode?

10:51 PM Bella: No its a huge thing at bronycon

10:51 PM Bella: Which apprrebtky were going to

10:52 PM Louis:

10:52 PM Bella: I didn't know I agreed right away

10:52 PM Louis: BASED

10:52 PM Louis: When is that

10:52 PM Bella: August

10:52 PM Allen: take pictures

10:52 PM Bella: Free hotel free flight

10:52 PM Allen: i want to see bronys in the wild


10:52 PM Bella: So I have too

10:52 PM Louis: Do u fly into dc

10:52 PM Bella: Ge dubbed me it

10:52 PM Bella: Yes with him

10:53 PM Louis: Epic!!!

10:53 PM Allen: isn’t jasmine in new york yet

10:53 PM Allen: or she still doing her military thing

10:53 PM Bella: Tommorow

10:53 PM Bella: I'm going with suspenders

Even More Bella Thirst

23 July 2021

After the above set of messages, Bella further expresses her attraction towards Fiona, calling her "cute".

11:46 PM Bella: <IMAGE OF FIONA>

11:46 PM Bella: Here's Fiona

11:46 PM Bella: If only her hair was a bit longer

11:46 PM Bella: At least she's growing it out

11:55 PM Allen: cute

11:56 PM Louis: Eh don't like the hair

12:00 AM Bella: Whatever she's cute

12:00 AM Bella: Beggars can't be choosers

Quit Her

27 July 2021

Timestamped 7:37 PM in logs[10]

Screenshot 20210727-133646 Messages.jpeg

I'm always the middleman.

who does she want to quit?
Chris chan and his mom

Bella Reacts to Incest Call

28 July 2021

Bella posted to her Chess Club Discord group (timestamped 3:40 AM in logs):[11]

about to video call cwc

At the 5:40 AM timestamp, she posted:[12]




He never told anyone but me

Keep this private

I'm the only person he told

Hss in a sexual and romantic relationship with his mom

Theyre fucking hard

And constantly

And they do kinky shit together
We talked for like 4 hours
I took some random clips from our long and actually very pleasant talk

Only got some of it

Im trying to compile it now

Her friend louize asked if she would be leaking to the documentary guy. She replied:

I'll leak it everywhere eventually

I'm sending it to Fiona rn

nobody pre4dicted this


At the 6:45 AM timestamp, Bella posted a link to the video she compiled, her friends watched the footage and discussed. Louize asked, "what else did he say?" Bella replied:

Nipple clips on both, lingerie on both, 3 hour long massages, candle wax

They have sex every 3 days on the dot

they do all this and they all use vibrators

they tereat eachthers like lovbers

shes to old to even cook for herself so when he makes her eggs he jacks off on htem

Louize asked, "how come youre talking about fiona a lot". Bella answered:

She asked me too

She wanted me to break whoever the 70 year lady he was dating up so that she can date him

Turns out that 70 year old is his but uh

Louize commented that the footage is shocking. Bella responded:

the kinky stuff he sdays is woorse but i got none of it

Louize asked why and she replied:

bc my ipad stoppped recording automatically and i didnt realize it

Bella discussed leaking.

u cant post this yet [...] im planning on posting it i just need to father evidence foerm a different angle so i remain anoymous

On 31 July, Bella discussed the call again.[13]

Louize asked, "What compelled Chris to tell you that stuff?"

Bella replied:

beats the fuck out of me

null is retarded

Louize asked, "Lol it was out of the blue?"

Bella replied:

he said he was dating this girl for months,m this 72 year old lady

he said he wanted to confess something to me

and i suspected it

bc he said it was illegal

and that was it

Louize asked, "Did u tell him it was wrong or did he think it was completely justified"

Bella answered:

never said ot was wrong

he thought it was justified

i said i understoofd so he would talk more

Incest News Leak

30 July 2021[14]

Bella asked her friend Louize for his Kiwi Farms account.

can i use it? fiona and i are posting the biggest troll out in all of history

dropping the biggest turd of info

Louize okayed it but asked why not use hers. Bella answered:

bc my username is 10 anon

Louize responded that his account is "ternarymercury" and Bella thanked him.

Later that day as news of the incest leaks spread, Bella appeared and discussed her role in the leaks and the disinformation she was spreading in what would be a futile attempt to avoid being doxed.

i got his watchdogs on my side

theyre disgusted with him

i told everyone fiona was a minor

i just need to manipulate josh moon

i blamed it all on avery

Louize pointed out that people were currently assuming Bella to be a troll name and not her real name. Bella answered:

yeah bc i told them it was my troll name

and that im a 42 year old man

ik chris had my name so i convinced him in the end that i was 42 and a man

Bella also discussed manipulating the audio in the call:

they said theres a 0% chance im a woman bc my voice is raspy like a prepubescent boy and deeper

i raised the audio up so it would sound more like fionas

Louize said he could tell the audio had been messed with from the original.

they saw through that so now they assume i just altered it extremely high and it was like isaac hayes before
the clips are a bunch of random segments of convo, theyre not leading into converstaion
it was also bc it was last minuet so i recorded on my ipad
fiona released the voice without my permission tho i was pissed

On Fiona

28 July 2021[15]

Louis asks Bella if Fiona is genuinely into Chris, to which Bella confirms this, claiming that she gets possesive of Chris, and has "begged" her to get her with Chris. Bella also mentions an instance where Chris saw Bella as "competeting" with Fiona for his affections, to which Bella had tried to convince him of the contrary.

does fiona actually like chris chan
yes and no
sexually7? yes
as a person she thinks hes deplorable
she begged me to get him with her
is it all for internet clout
shes muh bff she just wants ot smash
she gets very possessive over him
not ina freinship way bc clealry im closer to him
since he tells me every minor detail in his loife and every secret
i take back what i said earlier
listening to everything is just so shocking
but i had to make it very clear that im not competition
i had to reiterate many times that im not going to compete with her at all
does she not believe it still
the kinky stuff he sdays is woorse but i got none of it
oh shes disgusted
shes not surprised she thinks he should be arrested but still wants to fuck him at brony con


emoticon of Pepe the frog with a disgusted look
shes a woman on a mission
unironic woman moment
shes the only women besides his mom that wanted to have sex with him in anyway
nobody ever was sexually attracted to him ever besides her
charles manson's wife vibes
good to keep it to 0
the idea of cwc having sex with a girl half his age would cause mass suicides on 4chan


/r9k/ would unironically never recover if fiona actually has sex with cwc
and say that ur rich and that eberyuone should by foirm u bc its a fetish and that ur a gay huy looking for a good time
english doc! speak it!
no, kike

Chris likes Goober

28 July 2021[16]

Bella tells Louis that she had shown pictures of her cat Goober to Chris, and that he found him cute.

chris chan LOVED goober btw
Goober no
he commented on how fat goober was
Goober in sonichu NOW


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