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This page covers chats between Chris and the Teen Troon Squad. All were posted on /cow/ during late December 2018.

Chris beat up, humped body pillow in effigy of Barb after she lost The Classic

10 August 2018, via text messages[1]

My Mother cleaned up my bedroom area and some of my work area during my weekend at BronyCon; The Iconic Striped Ralph Lauren Rugby Shirt of mine is Misplaced!

And we are looking, and my mother is trying to remember where she saw it. I fear she had trashed it by mistake, but Magi-Chan informs me that the shirt is still here in the house somewhere.

There were a number of full trash bags outside; I just went through the five we brought back in after I got back home. She had put into them to trash a LOT of things that really riled me up, including some of my FAVORITE VHS TAPES, among other things! I got a feeling that she subconsciously wanted me OUT, because she was so reckless.

I, like I foresaw, felt Very Frustrated and Upset. So, I showed her what I recovered and told her how I felt. AND, with her watching, I yelled at a body pillow pretending it was her. I pretended I had my iconic shirt in hand and I slapped, punched, and even humped, then tossed the pillow towards the head of my bed. Then, with that as her punishment for that reckless good intention misdeed, I forgave her for that whole mess. But I still miss my shirt, holes and all.

So, that is why I am very interested in contacting Ralph Lauren to reproduce the shirt and make three of them for me. And, right now, I'm looking on eBay for the same shirt.



How Chris damaged his high school ring

18 December 2018, via Discord[2]

Hey, y'all. I have a real development of an announcement to confidentially share with y'all.

It's about my ring and the Aether that makes up the Reality Stone.

Preface, and I've confided in Lukas this, but when I learned of making sparks with two quartz stones a few months ago, I dumbly, yet fatefully, tried it with two amethyst stones, one of which was the stone in my ring. I really wanted to see it flash.

The stone in my ring had cracked; I squirted a bit of Krazy Glue to Seal the crack. Part of the seal broke off a few weeks ago.

I had been monitoring my ring, taking view and attention of the aether dab in it.

Today, I am not sure when, the part of the stone that was closest to my third knuckle had broken off, and the spot of aether was nowhere to be seen in the remainder of the Stone.

I do have reason to worry, but Magi-Chan assures me that I will be able to have my ring restored very soon.

So, I'm taking deep breaths and remaining as calm as possible about this.

It is exactly that the aether broke out and got away.

Mewtwo had told me, literally, two months ago after I made the crack that my ring would be restored in two months with some more aether; Wowsers, was he right; it definitely needs the aether and stone restoration as soon as possible.

Fate, the Cosmos and the deities and I are really at work in the string of events that lead up to the Dimension Merge any moment or day now.

And to add, look at this WatchMojo top ten list.

Chris linked to https://youtu.be/3iynbKAez2g [Top 10 Reasons Why 2018 Was the Worst]

I have been informed, counting the California wildfire and temperature fluctuations, the fallen bridges, lost lives, and similar mentioned in this list are among the events that have been leading up to the merge.

I even theorize that the two bridges that fell were not because of the structural integrity in question, but slipping from C-197, in a fight or two, a Decepticon fell onto those bridges, causing them to fall.

Anyhow, I am remaining as calm and cool as possible. Meanwhile, my psychic powers are acting again making a headache.


Chris's meditation session, imagining another MLP OC

26 December 2018, via Discord [3]

Hey, y'all. I had quite a night. Firstly, for what felt like an hour, my third eye was wide open and working in receiving goodness from the Cosmos, and my tiara flowed off of my crown chakra for about as long. My head felt Super Lively near the end, with the feeling of superpower-type and large with infinite wisdoms and knowledge. Wow!

And eventually, I fell asleep and dreamed a while. Woke up with “Twist of Fate" playing. My third eye jumped to life again shortly after, and it is still awake and active.

Also, I ended up summoning from creation the white Earth Pony, with blue highlights in his mane, known as Lightning Quartz. He has had a growing life; he was born in the Brazil area of Equestria, and on occasion, he is able to become Alicorn with Greatest Powers for a short time before reverting back to Earth Pony.

Anyhow, he ended up in Ponyville and met with Twilight, Nightstar and the others. And, YES, another piece of the Dimension

[text cuts off]



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