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In the early morning of 26 October 2008, Chris chatted in #sonichu for about an hour.


This is one of Chris's earlier fan chats, taking place just after the climax of the Blanca Weiss saga. Thanks to the cumulative stress of losing Blanca and seeing his medallions immersed in pickle juice, on 21 October Chris crashed into slumber. At this point Chris is trying to bounce back a bit.

The most historically significant element of the chat is Chris's first reference to Chloe, one of the rare occasions where he's made up a sweetheart almost entirely out of thin air. He claims that they met at Gamestop, that they went to Taco Bell together, that she's gorgeous, that he's gotten to second base with her, and that she is his "VIRGIN-TAKER," but of course she is "shy" and doesn't want to be seen on the Internet.

Chris's story doesn't hold any water on its face, but it's possible to spot some specific inconsistencies if one is familiar with the details of his life around this time. He claims to have met Chloe in mid-September, which means he was seeing her at the same time he was declaring (at the end of September) that Blanca was his one, true, divinely-ordained future partner. Likewise he claims that they officially hooked up in mid-October, before Blanca dumped him. If that was the case, why did losing Blanca hit him so hard? In any event, Chloe would be a short-lived phenomenon. Chris mentioned her in a video the next day, and then never again.

Besides the tales of Chloe, the chat features more of Chris's usual creepy sexual revelations. He advises one fan with a curiosity about sex toys to "talk to your mother about it," which inspires visions of a truly disturbing conversation between Chris and Barbara on the same subject. He also answers a privately messaged question from another troll with, "Falsion, you can have some of your stuff surgecally removed and put into your woman" - use your imagination.

On more mundane subjects, Chris says that he likes raisins and he wants to visit England someday, since his ancestors came from there. He's alright with censorship in the media, since it protects small children. Probably the funniest line of all, though, is a comment on his self-defense skills: "I've watched a lot of television, and I've taken a lot of P.E. Classes." We're sure that will serve you in good stead, Chris.

One troll repeatedly asks Chris what he would do "if Robert Simmons raped Chloe and popped her virginity before you had a chance?" This prefigures Clyde Cash raping PandaHalo three months later, but it's probably a coincidence.


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[03:49:31] veronichan: haha
[03:49:31] SonichFan1: omg omg omg omg
[03:49:40] falsion: less obvious plz
[03:49:40] Fag was kicked from the chat room by Sonee.
[03:49:44] falsion: good
[03:49:46] veronichan: must...roll...joint...quickly
[03:49:49] SonichFan1: I am ripe with glee
[03:49:56] SonichuZapsOfThunder: heyyy
[03:49:58] SonichuGal: Chris, is that you? It's got a .va in your thingy.
[03:50:03] Sonee: ?
[03:50:05] falsion: it's him
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[03:50:10] falsion: Hey Chris
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[03:50:15] SonichuGal: Remember Sonee, no foul language!
[03:50:18] ChrisChanSonichu was promoted to operator by PandaHalo.
[03:50:19] Sonee: Oops
[03:50:22] ChrisChanSonichu: Hey, Yall!
[03:50:23] Sonee: Sorry guys =(
[03:50:24] SonichuGal: Hurray! It's Chris! Heya Chris!
[03:50:27] SONICHUZAPSLIKELIGHTNING: omgomgomgomg
[03:50:27] falsion: Good to see you.
[03:50:35] Filbert: Hello Chris!
[03:50:39] Sonichu_Fan: Hey Chris!
[03:50:40] MagichanSonichu: Hi Chris!
[03:50:46] Sonichu_Fan: How are you?
[03:50:46] veronichan: Wow! Cool!
[03:50:48] Sonichu_Fan: :D
[03:50:50] SonichuZapsOfThunder: Hello chris.
[03:50:51] knuckip: mr. chandler, are you going to make a new comic anytime soon?
[03:50:52] Filbert: I love Sonichu.
[03:50:53] SonichFan1: Hey Christian Weston Chandler. I am your biggest fan. Sonichu is such an inspiration to me
[03:51:03] SonichuZapsOfThunder: ditto
[03:51:07] PandaHalo: Hey Christian , how is the video going that you were going to make to address the fan questions?
[03:51:09] ChrisChanSonichu: I'm still working on the 18th Episode, and it's going well.
[03:51:10] chris_chan_is_numero_uno: We love you, Christian!
[03:51:15] SonichuGal: Please people, let's try and keep questions one at a time, Allow someone to ask a question and Chris to answer it.
[03:51:17] PandaHalo: we're all REALLY excited about it!
[03:51:17] MagichanSonichu: Chris, we hear your heart is back at 100%! That is great news, but how?
[03:51:21] falsion: Stop spamming
[03:51:31] PandaHalo made this room moderated for normal users.
[03:51:32] falsion: Okay, slowly now.
[03:51:44] ChrisChanSonichu: I have a Real Woman in my life now.
[03:51:48] falsion: You do?
[03:51:53] SonichuGal: Tell us more! Is she nice?
[03:52:02] falsion: You did like I said didn't you?
[03:52:04] Sonee: Sonee! Sonee!
[03:52:06] ChrisChanSonichu: she is nice.
[03:52:07] falsion: That's good to hear, man
[03:52:08] ChrisChanSonichu: yes
[03:52:16] SonichuGal: Can you tell us what she looks like?
[03:52:16] falsion: That's awesome
[03:52:27] SonichuGal: Is she hot ;)?
[03:52:40] falsion: I told you, you could do it.
[03:52:47] ChrisChanSonichu: she is not only hawt, but positively gorgeous.
[03:52:56] falsion: You don't need the internet to talk to a girl. You've got the skills to make it happen in real life.
[03:53:01] ChrisChanSonichu: yep.
[03:53:13] falsion: Man, that's reallly good to hear
[03:53:17] cogsdev: i'm so happy for you chris
[03:53:43] SonichuGal: If you have a question for Chris, PM a mod and we'll ask Chris.
[03:53:55] Sonee: This is a In-Person girl?
[03:54:04] ChrisChanSonichu: Yes
[03:54:11] Sonee: Wow
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[03:54:49] falsion: Chris. I don't know how to say this. Remember how I said that I had trouble talking to girls and decided to maybe just give up altogther? Well, something else came up.
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[03:55:13] falsion: What would you do in this situation?
[03:55:37] Sonee: Remember fellow Sonichu fans: PM a mod with your question to ask the Big CWC!
[03:55:38] Guest was granted voice by PandaHalo.
[03:55:40] Guest_ was granted voice by PandaHalo.

[03:55:48] falsion: I'm embarressed to say this in front of everyone, but I know I can trust your advice.
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[03:56:02] steventheeunuch: Hi falsion
[03:56:26] ChrisChanSonichu: falsion, listen, if the woman truly loves you, it will not matter to her rather or not you're impotent.
[03:56:44] PandaHalo: Chris, when will the fan video be out?
[03:57:00] falsion left.
[03:57:04] ChrisChanSonichu: just don't go blurting all over the place about your impotence.
[03:57:08] Sonee: CWC, how long have you and your new gal been seeing each other?
[03:57:12] ChrisChanSonichu: Monday.
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[03:57:28] falsion: Sorry, I got disconnected
[03:57:30] ChrisChanSonichu: for a short while now.
[03:58:02] falsion: Chris, did you see my question?
[03:58:14] steventheeunuch: Hi chris, sorry to interrupt, but I sent you a message over youtube about dating advice- Im a life coach and part of my job is to help people when it comes to courting men/women, and I was wondering if ever you wanted to chat about that?
[03:58:16] Sonee: SonichuFan1 wants to know: Have you had a kiss yet with da new lady?
[03:59:03] ChrisChanSonichu: Falsion, you can have some of your stuff surgecally removed and put into your woman.
[03:59:03] PandaHalo removed the ban on *!*
[03:59:11] falsion: I can?
[03:59:48] ChrisChanSonichu: I'm okay, steventheeunuch; yes, and her name is Chloe; yes, falsion, just ask a doctor about that procedure.
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[03:59:58] falsion: What about adoption? Is that a good option in your opinion?
[03:59:59] SonichuGal: Chris, filbert asks: if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?
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[04:00:07] falsion: also sorry to cut into other peoples question time
[04:00:10] steventheeunuch: Chris: have you met her in real life yet?
[04:00:12] falsion: but i really need to know this
[04:00:18] SonichuGal: steve, he's said it's in person.
[04:00:36] steventheeunuch: Oh I see i see
[04:00:46] falsion: I'm sure you all understand what I'm going through right now. I apologize
[04:00:46] Sonee: SonichuFan1: Wants to know: I tried calling your fhouse but your parents got mad! Is there a way to talk directly with Christian Chandler?
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[04:01:44] ChrisChanSonichu: England; yes; soon enough; only if you are nice about it when you call.
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[04:02:14] Ayatollah: Why would you want to go to England may I ask?
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[04:02:47] steventheeunuch: Do you consider the possibility of chloe being a fake?
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[04:03:09] steventheeunuch: *no offence and nothing implied*
[04:04:18] falsion: Chris, are you still with us?
[04:04:24] ChrisChanSonichu: Because I have ancestors from jolly ol' England; she is not a fake, we have met in person.
[04:04:27] steventheeunuch: Its oh, so, quiet
[04:05:00] SonichuGal: Please steve, other people have questions they're waiting to be asked.
[04:05:03] ChrisChanSonichu: Also, Chloe is shy and currently doesn't want her face on the internet currently.
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[04:05:29] steventheeunuch had voice removed by SonichuGal.

[04:06:15] Sonee: SonichuFan1 wants to know: I have a hard time talking on the phone and I need to communicate with iprelay?
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[04:06:27] ChrisChanSonichu: I have pictures, but I refuse to upload them onto the internet; I have male acquaintances, and I still will feel how I feel about them as I do now.
[04:06:40] Sonee: I believe he means if you know of iprelay and would like to speak with SonichuFan1 in this manner?
[04:07:02] falsion: IPRelay is where a person types something to an operator and the operator talks to you
[04:07:12] ChrisChanSonichu: I'm sorry, but that method of communication is very annoying to me, and I do not care for it much, goahead
[04:07:29] SonichuGal: Chris, SonichuZapsOfLightening asks if you've ever been in a fight with someone other than a jerkop/manajerk/etc.
[04:07:46] ChrisChanSonichu: no comment.
[04:07:51] SonichuGal: Fair enough.
[04:08:04] Sonee: cogsdev wants to know: i have not left my house in two years and am terrified of showing my face in public. Does chris have any advice to help me overcome my problems and get back to school?
[04:08:05] Ayatollah: Christian, If I may ask, do you find relationships online to be as satisfying as ones in the outside world?
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[04:09:05] ChrisChanSonichu: Suck it up and dive right into the public scene; 3/4 as satisfying.
[04:09:13] sonichuslover was granted voice by PandaHalo.
[04:09:23] sonichuslover: yay
[04:09:42] Ayatollah had voice removed by SonichuGal.
[04:09:46] sonichuslover had voice removed by SonichuGal.

[04:09:47] Sonee: MagichanSonichu wants to know: How did you meet the new girl if you were banned from other places?
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[04:10:56] ChrisChanSonichu: We met at the Gamestop; we were both preordering LittleBiGPlanet at the same time.
[04:11:32] Sonee: I believe I have skipped over another mod that had a question, if one has a question from a fan please do so
[04:11:39] ChrisChanSonichu: it just happened with the Emotional Spark of the moment. :)
[04:11:55] falsion: Sega4ever wants to know what you think about Muslims delaying LittleBigPlanet, any thoughts?
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[04:12:29] falsion: They delayed the game because they did not want a song that was used in the game to be used if I recall correctly
[04:12:36] ChrisChanSonichu: Crazy.
[04:12:55] falsion: I know, it is now that you mention it
[04:13:16] SonichuGal: Christian, Filbert also wants to know - do you like raisins?
[04:13:23] ChrisChanSonichu: the two lyrics from that song translated to sentences of an apocolypse; they didn't want the children who were playing it to get that idea and be stressed.
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[04:13:49] ChrisChanSonichu: but the song was in another language; it wouldn't have been understood in most countries.
[04:13:57] falsion: yeah, it makes no sense
[04:14:07] ChrisChanSonichu: Also, SONY COULD HAVE made a downloadable patch to delete that song from the game, or hidden it.
[04:14:08] falsion: its like they do it for attention
[04:14:21] ChrisChanSonichu: what kind of raisins; the fruit?
[04:14:35] SonichuGal: Yes, the fruit.
[04:14:46] ChrisChanSonichu: yes, I like Raisins.
[04:14:46] SonichuGal: Haha, I remember the Californian Raisins.
[04:15:19] falsion: one of the zelda games got delayed for the same reason if I recall correctly.
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[04:15:43] falsion: Hmm, Chris. What is your opinion on this kind of censorship? I mean, people censoring things for reasons like this, some which don't really make a lot of sense.
[04:15:52] Sonee: steventheeunuch wants to know: With Chloe, are you dating, or have you only met once? Subsequently, have you kissed yet?
[04:15:53] Guest was granted voice by PandaHalo.
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[04:16:10] SonichuGal: Hold one other mods, let's have Chris have a chance ot answer each question carefully and thoughtfully.
[04:16:20] ChrisChanSonichu: Censorship is good.
[04:16:21] falsion: ok sorry
[04:16:39] HorniGal: Chris I have a question. I'm a really really horny girl, and I remember hearing you talk about how girls can put bananas in their pussy, but i have no bananas. What else could i use?
[04:16:41] falsion: But sometimes it goes too far, don't you think? Someone doesn't like something and they want it removed.
[04:16:54] ChrisChanSonichu: we have dated; our first date was at a Taco Bell, and we have kissed deeply.
[04:17:01] HorniGal was kicked from the chat room by SonichuGal.
[04:17:24] falsion: steventheeunuch asks "in what regards and to what extent censorship is good?"
[04:17:26] ChrisChanSonichu: a plastic dildo, girl.
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[04:17:50] HorniGal: where could i get one of those dildos from?
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[04:17:50] ChrisChanSonichu: to censor language and naughty bits from the younger viewers.
[04:17:55] Sonee: MagichanSonichu wants to know: Now that your Love Quest is over, do you forgive Mary Lee Wlash?
[04:18:13] ChrisChanSonichu: I prefer not to think about that B****
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[04:19:06] Sonee: Gilbert wants to know: What do you think of the Digimon and Monster Rancher animes?
[04:19:23] falsion: Do you think that some people will go to far to censor things? I mean, say a group doesn't beleive [sic] in God and wants it removed from public usage or some form of media.
[04:19:30] Parakarry left.
[04:19:35] falsion: ok sorry i'll shut up now
[04:19:40] HorniGal had voice removed by SonichuGal.
[04:19:41] falsion: i've had enough time to ask questions hehe
[04:19:44] ChrisChanSonichu: both animes are okay, but I have not played the games.
[04:20:02] falsion: but people are wanting to know that as well it seems
[04:20:04] HorniGal was granted voice by PandaHalo.
[04:20:07] Sonee: MagichanSonichu wants to ask: have you told Chloe about Crystal Weston Chandler yet?
[04:20:14] ChrisChanSonichu: with the current levels of censorship in the media, I feel it is okay.
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[04:20:58] SonichuGal: Christian, SonichuZapsOfThunder wonders if Christian and the Hedgehog Boys will ever "reunite" or in other words - can we expect to hear more of your original songs from you?
[04:21:12] ChrisChanSonichu: not at the moment.
[04:21:24] Physaris joined.
[04:21:45] HorniGal: Christian, I really like it when my boyfriend makes love to me in my ass. It feels just as good as my vag***. I am wondering, what do you think of anal sex between a boy and a girl? (NOT BOY AND BOY)
[04:22:12] Sonee: SonichuFan1 wants to know: Have you made it to second base with Chloe? Inquiring minds want to know ;)
[04:22:22] ChrisChanSonichu: between boy and girl, I see no problem.
[04:22:29] falsion: How is that possible though?
[04:23:01] ChrisChanSonichu: yes, we have done second.
[04:23:01] falsion: I was thinking the other way around
[04:23:22] ChrisChanSonichu: with a strap-on dildo for the woman.
[04:23:36] falsion: sounds painful
[04:24:04] Sonee: Yes
[04:24:10] HorniGal: me and my boyfriend would love for me to get a strap on dildo, do you know where i could get one and how it would work?
[04:24:25] ChrisChanSonichu:
[04:24:25] Sonee: SonicusPrime wants to know: I heard you changed your name when you were younger, could you explain?
[04:24:52] ChrisChanSonichu: I'll answer that question in my next video
[04:24:58] SonichuGal: I can confirm, AdamAndEve has some great stuff ;)
[04:25:19] Sonee: veronichan wants to know: what are some upcoming twists & turns in future comics?
[04:25:34] SonichuGal: Veronichan, I don't think Chris wants to spoil his comic for us fans!
[04:26:02] falsion: Protoman wants to know what will happen if Chloe finds your ED page, since in the past, that has broken your relationships up. Are you worried about that or taking any steps to prevent that?
[04:26:21] HorniGal: christian, what other things does adam and eve have that you would recommend for me and my boyfriend who want to try new fun sexual things
[04:26:52] SonichuGal: PLEASE one at a time, we don't want to overwhelm Christian with too many questions at once.
[04:27:05] ChrisChanSonichu: SHE IS MY VIRGIN-TAKER; no spoilers at the moment; she has found it, and has ignored it with a grain of salt; that depends on what you'd like to try, have a look around.
[04:27:35] SonichuGal: Wait Chris, has she already taken it?
[04:27:51] ChrisChanSonichu: I am a gentleman.
[04:28:07] Sonee: MagichanSOnichu wants to know: Have you showed Chloe Sonichu yet? And if so how does she feel about it?
[04:28:26] ChrisChanSonichu: She Loves the stories of Sonichu, Rosechu and myself.
[04:28:48] HorniGal: christian, what other things does adam and eve have that you would recommend for me and my boyfriend who want to try new fun sexual things
[04:28:56] Sonee: BILLY_MAYS wants to know: Despite being a fan of your work, I admit I have experimented with tobacco and alcohol. I share your view they are very bad things, but felt I had to see for myself. How do you justify condeming things you have never experienced?
[04:29:51] ChrisChanSonichu: the educational DVDs for one thing; second-hand smoke...ugh :(
[04:30:30] SonichuGal: Veronichan asks " Rosiechu is my favorite character. Would he mind if I named my gerbil after her?"
[04:30:35] HorniGal: I have a question. My boyfriend wants me to invite one of my friends in to the bedroom for some threesome sex. Should i say yes?
[04:30:49] ChrisChanSonichu: that's cool; that's cool.
[04:31:04] Sonee: sonichuslover wants to know: How long ago did you meet Chloe?
[04:31:22] HorniGal: would you have a threesome with chloe?
[04:31:23] ChrisChanSonichu: I met her mid-September
[04:31:45] HorniGal: you say it is cool for two girls and a guy, what about two guys and a girl?
[04:31:57] Sonee: Filbert wants to know: Do you find hentai to be a turn-on?
[04:32:06] ChrisChanSonichu: NO WAY; yes
[04:32:28] falsion: I just looked at the AdamEve page. I've never considered sex toys before. I never even know they made them for guys. You've used them before, correct? Do you think they are satisfying enough to, well, you know, ease the lonliness of not having a woman to do it with? Are they a decent substitute, or at least thing to ease you over until then?
[04:33:14] SonichuGal: I can say from my experience that AdamAndEve's sex toy lines are quite satisfying ;)
[04:33:17] falsion: I wonder what my mom would think if I ordered some though, she would kick me out of the house and never talk to me again.
[04:33:20] Sonee: SonichuFan1 wants to know: I heard Jimmy Hill just made 1 million on Sonichu merchandise and DVDs, what are you going to do??
[04:33:27] falsion: It's tempting but
[04:33:41] HorniGal: Chris, does your mother know you buy sex toys?
[04:33:42] ChrisChanSonichu: to me, they are close enough, but not as satisfying as the real woman (reference to the love doll); just talk to your mother about it.
[04:33:57] Guest_ joined.
[04:34:03] falsion: Well, I'd rather not. She'll well.. kick my ass
[04:34:20] ChrisChanSonichu: then go ahead; who is she to stop you.
[04:34:38] Sonee: steventheeunuch wants to know: You met Chloe in mid-September but when did you become Sweethearts?
[04:34:41] falsion: i dunno i live in her house
[04:35:07] HorniGal: Chris, would you like chloe to use a strap on with you?
[04:35:11] ChrisChanSonichu: after a month
[04:35:51] HorniGal: If Chloe wanted you to pee on her in a golden shower, would you?
[04:35:56] Sonee: cogsdev wants to know: I would like it if Chris could elaborate on his previous answer with any tips he has for building up my confidence, so I can "dive right in" as he suggested. I don't think it'll be as easy as he makes it sound, as the main reason I stopped going to school was due to bullying.
[04:35:57] SonichuGal: Yuck!
[04:36:48] ChrisChanSonichu: maybe; talk to some women on the internet, but do not expect a relationship out of it right away.
[04:37:14] falsion: Chris, would you ever consider moving out of your house? My mom always tells me "You can't live here forever. I won't always be here to support you." I mean, is she right? Do you agree with that?
[04:37:32] ChrisChanSonichu: possibly; yes
[04:37:36] Sonee: steventheeunuch wants to know: do you find taco bell to be an overly inappropriate place to bring a woman for a first date, considering you are grown adults?
[04:37:52] SonichuGal: Hey, Taco Bell has great food at low prices!
[04:37:53] falsion: Chris, could you elaborate on that?
[04:37:55] SonichuGal: THINK OUTSIDE THE BUN!
[04:38:06] falsion: i'm sorry but i really need to know and a lot of people are asking me the same thing
[04:38:14] LordKaT left.
[04:38:40] falsion: Say if something happened to your parents (pray that never happens but), what would you do?
[04:38:47] ChrisChanSonichu: your family is going to pass on eventually; you'll need to be able to support yourself, or have a sweetheart for support sooner or later.
[04:39:14] Sonee: sonichuslover wants to know: when did you get to second base with Chloe?
[04:39:15] ChrisChanSonichu: I'm fully capable of doing the chores around my house should that happen, god forbid.
[04:39:31] falsion: Yeah, but I'm worried who is going to pay expenses
[04:39:38] ChrisChanSonichu: no comment. :)
[04:39:40] HorniGal: Chris, you didn't answer my questions about golden showers :(
[04:39:44] SonichuGal: Christian, SonichuZapsOfThunder would like to know if you plan on incorporating Chloe into your Sonichu comics.
[04:39:53] ChrisChanSonichu: I said maybe, hornigal
[04:40:00] HorniGal: oh sorry i must have missed it :(
[04:40:02] SonichuGal: See? ;)
[04:40:03] ChrisChanSonichu: yes
[04:40:20] Sonee: SonicusPrime wants to know: has anyone offered to make Sonichu action figures?
[04:40:34] HorniGal: Christian, me and my boyfriend are going to dress up like sonichu and rosechu and have sex later and take photos. Would you like some copies of the photos?
[04:40:44] falsion: Chris, what about expenses and such? I apologize for interupting anyone elses question but there is nobody else I can really talk to or relates to me on this issue
[04:40:46] SonichuGal: I would!
[04:40:48] ChrisChanSonichu: no, but I am capable of designing rough designs on paper or Crayola Model Magic.
[04:40:57] falsion: Like if my mom someday couldn't be there to pay them
[04:41:24] ChrisChanSonichu: no, thank you, HorniGal; get a job or career.
[04:41:36] Sonee: steventheeunuch wants to know: why cant you do the supporting? Isnt that the role of a man, to support the woman, not the other way around?
[04:41:38] falsion: yeah but my disability prevents that from happening
[04:42:05] ChrisChanSonichu: I will be supporting her as the Househusband.
[04:42:43] HorniGal: what about if your wife dies and you're left with a child and no job to support that child?
[04:42:55] ChrisChanSonichu: I'll get a job.
[04:42:58] falsion: was that to me? i'm a guy
[04:43:09] HorniGal: are you gay falsioN?
[04:43:12] falsion: no
[04:43:14] ChrisChanSonichu: oh, I'm sorry; *girlfriend.
[04:43:14] Sonee: MagichanSonichu wants to know: Recently, Family Guy had a sketch that resembled Christian's. I wonder if he thinks they used his idea.
[04:43:25] HorniGal: ChrisChanSonichu: what would you do if Chloe left you for Robert Simmons?
[04:43:29] ChrisChanSonichu: what?
[04:43:54] SonichuGal: She's referring to Mort Goldman accidently thinking Stewie's time machine was a bathroom
[04:44:09] ChrisChanSonichu: that can be taken from anywhere.
[04:44:09] SonichuGal: And it looked IDENTICAL to the Ghost Neutral chamber from your comic.
[04:44:12] HorniGal: what would you do if Robert Simmons raped Chloe and popped her virginity before you had a chance? Would you still love chloe even though she wasn't a virgin?
[04:44:23] falsion: Chris, maybe if I get a girlfriend like you someday. But the economy is kinda downtrodden right now. I don't think just one person working is enough to sustain living expenses now these days.
[04:44:34] EXKeine joined.
[04:44:35] falsion: i'll let everyone else talk now
[04:44:57] Sonee: RachmaninovDESU wants to know: what kind of job would you like to have?
[04:45:42] ChrisChanSonichu: something with Computer Aided Drafting & Design.
[04:45:51] loony joined.
[04:46:00] falsion: Do you find that enjoyable? What made you choose that career path?
[04:46:13] knuckip left.
[04:46:14] falsion: as to what I want to do as far as a major
[04:46:26] HorniGal: Chrischan, My boyfriend says he wants to rape your girlfriend
[04:46:44] ChrisChanSonichu: I have two CADD degrees.
[04:46:46] HorniGal: if you dont reply, i'll assume you want it to happen
[04:46:46] SonichuGal: I bet Chris would kick him in the teeth.
[04:47:02] ChrisChanSonichu: HorniGal, Shut Up.
[04:47:29] Sonee: Yes please, be more plite & courteous with your quesitions like everyone else
[04:47:31] falsion: Chris, tell me more about CADD. Is it enjoyable?
[04:47:34] Sonee: *polite
[04:47:40] falsion: Is it a good career path in your opinion
[04:48:01] HorniGal was kicked from the chat room by [^_^].
[04:48:32] ChrisChanSonichu: it's okay.
[04:48:57] falsion: would you mind elaborating?
[04:49:48] ChrisChanSonichu: basically, you're designing parts and buildings on the computer.
[04:49:55] falsion: hmm
[04:50:01] Sonee: steventheeunuch wants to know: I don't mean to be insulting but are you capable of kicking a man in his teeth? You dont look flexible enough to lift your leg above your waist, nor fit enough
[04:50:29] SonichuGal: I absolutely think Chris could.
[04:50:37] ChrisChanSonichu: I AM capable.
[04:50:39] falsion: Chris wouldn't do it, he's a nice guy. Right? Or do you have a sort of side that you don't show to people
[04:50:43] SonichuZapsOfThunder left.
[04:50:46] falsion: sort of a mean streak
[04:50:48] SonichuZapsOfThunder joined.
[04:50:48] falsion: if you will
[04:50:52] SonichuGal: I think Chris would in self defence.
[04:50:58] ChrisChanSonichu: self-defense
[04:51:15] falsion: Have you ever taken any self defense or karate lessons?
[04:52:01] ChrisChanSonichu: in a way; I've watched a lot of television, and I've taken a lot of P.E. Classes.
[04:52:13] falsion: Ah, you mean like kung fu movies?
[04:52:18] ChrisChanSonichu: yes.
[04:52:32] falsion: Who's your favorite Kung Fu movie actor?
[04:52:52] ChrisChanSonichu: I'm tired for now, plus I have church, so I'll answer more questions next time, as well as in the video.
[04:52:59] SonichuGal: Sure!
[04:53:07] ChrisChanSonichu left.

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