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Robert Simmons V

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"Robert" redirects here. For the late Chandler family patriarch, see Bob Chandler.
White knight
Robert Simmons V
Nicknames Sonichu1985, Solidus Chris
Born 1985
Gender Male
Nationality American
Parents Robert Simmons IV (father)
Relatives Andrew Simmons I (cousin)

Robert Simmons V (born 1985; a.k.a. Sonichu1985, Solidus Chris) was an anti-troll who befriended Christian Weston Chandler on YouTube in 2008 and 2009.

He put on his act copying aspie traits pat, with a Sonichu medallion of his own (really just the classic Sonic colored yellow and with no Sonichu tail), talked in a loud monotone, liked Sailor Moon (and very kindly wished that CWC would also have Sailor Moon for a daughter), and performed a song he wrote for Chris-chan, complete with a sequence in which he heroically smote to death ED and the Robotnikjerks.


The events that took place in Robert Simmons' life also coincided with Christian's life, from account hacking, to getting the medallion taken. Robert Simmons seems to have a slightly disturbing relationship with his sinister cousin Andrew Simmons I, who is not a good actor, that seems to parallel Chris's own Fem-dom/Male-sub kink.

Robert Simmons V also appeared in Sonichu #7 in the radio interview with Jiggliami.

By 21 February 2009, Robert Simmons V had taken down all of his videos and changed his profile to announce:

I decided to remove all of my videos because I have come to the realization that Mr. Christian Weston Chandler is a horrible person. It took me awhile to understand that Encyclopedia Dramatica did not slander Chris but rather was telling the truth. From lying to his fans about the Nintendo deal, to his perverted ways, I cannot bring myself to be a fan of his comics anymore (not to mention he doesn't even bother to update anymore). My only regret in this whole ordeal is that I wasted my time trying to defend such a self centered, arrogant, sexist, homophobic asshole. As my cousin said it himself about Chris "What a selfish Cow, bottom line lose some fucking weight, God Dammit!"


Robert later claimed that these were not actually his TRUE and HONEST words, but rather, those of Clyde Cash, who had hacked his account.[1]

Church visit

Main article: Church audio

On 15 March 2009, days before Emily's date, Robert and another troll drove to Chris's church uninvited. Robert goes up to Chris while the other troll remains in the background. Introducing himself with "Hi... I'm Robert," Chris recognizes him and they start talking.

Robert accompanies Chris to church, highlights from the audio include, trolls, Chris's sweetheart search, Family Guy and homosexuality.

Comic appearance

Robert Simmons V, in comic form. A very rare sight - a male in a Sonichu comic, aside from Christian himself, portrayed positively.

Robert appears in Sonichu #9, as does Blazebob Sonichu, who was inspired by Robert.

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