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Sonichu Girls was a webforum for Chris's female fanbase. A "little slice of Heaven" for him. Founded by Sarah May, aka "Rosechu;" and Cassie, aka "CassieRosechu," in December 2008.

Chris's Posts on Sonichu Girls

Cassie e-mailed Chris, informing him that she was a True and Honest Sonichu fan who helped start a webforum for female fans of Sonichu, and asked if he would make an appearance. The idea of a web forum of attractive young women delving into Chris's fantasy world appealed to his sense of narcissism and his hatred of men.

For his profile, Chris chose the name "ChrisChanSonichu," and announced, "I have just came back, the REAL Christian Weston Chandler." He posted five images of Sonichu in the world of Animal Crossing. Chris made 23 posts over the 20 days he frequented the forum. They are presented here in unaltered form (save for necessary context and explanatory links).

Introduction (30 December 2008)

Yes, it's your man of the (Way More Than an) Hour.

I got the e-mail from "CassieRosechu", so I followed the address.

Y'all are just simply the Sweetest.

I've read my accent/voice was a favorited feature *blush*; I've rarely thought my voice was that alluring, although IMHO, it sounds like a direct-match to Sonic the Hedgehog (anywhere; from the classic and Sonic X shows and all games starting from Sonic Adventure), and when singing I can have a Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby flavor.

Anyway, I'll pour a pint of my heart just for y'all. :)

Honestly, I don't know why I'm still single either; even my own mother finds me handsome. Yet sometimes after she reminds me of that, I reply, "If I'm so handsome, why won't any women (in person) approach me?" During my Sweetheart Search, while I'm waiting to be personally approached by an "18-(my age at that time and current) Boyfriend-Free, caring, smoke-free, non-alcoholic white girl, to make into a Sweetheart from the ground-up," I did feel lonesome. Yet at the end of each time out to the location, I did feel a sad moment, but I take it with a "That's okay; maybe next time" attitude. But I can tell y'all understand from my past actions that I am honest, dedicated and true, and I truly appreciate that. If anything, that is exactly a neutral fact that I would wish to be fully understood among the worldwide fanbase.

Aside from the understood fact, I feel that I am truly in touch with my feminine side, to the point where I am capable of learning from that to better understand how to treat women in a caring, nuturing, positive way; I've also learned from Red Skelton of how to be a gentleman. Sometimes I wonder between my caring attitude and the lack of a Sweetheart if I was born the wrong gender; I would wonder what life would have been like if I had actually been born a girl. But afterwards, I'd realize that I should still apreciate being born a boy to gentleman; God gave me the package, and I signed for it.

Another thing I feel I should bring up is my honest feelings to validate my being Straight (although it goes without saying). I honestly feel more comfortable around women, because y'all are mostly more sympathetic and caring to another's feelings, y'all are mostly honest in your converstations, y'all are emotionally better and stronger than the majority of the male population, and simply put, y'all are simply fun and delightful to be around. And while it is true (and I am not ashamed to admit it) that I have seen my share of porn, I have learned how to better, positively treat a woman before, during and after the act. I would definitely stay until she woke up, and I would call her back later to see how her day was. And I have and would put the seat up then back down when I use the restroom she would use later. But I digress. When it comes to the private parts, be they covered or not, I look more at the female parts, and definitely her face, because not only of my being straight, but every one is truly a masterful work of God's art that is simply beautiful in their own way. But even more beautiful beyond that which makes it truly a wonderous design are the individual personalities. I care more about every woman's feelings and opinions over their body.

On the flip side, I feel discomfort around men, because they can be such mean and cruel jerks. I could go on with what I detest about them, but I will not stoop to their level of cruelty. Also, I feel discomfort when shopping for underwear for myself; they do not need models pictured on the package. It grosses me out to see that thing. It's bad enough that I sometimes see my own when I look down (of which I don't feel as much discomfort), but the very sight of others is like kryptonite to me; it makes me feel like throwing up even when the image randomly pops up in my head.


I'm okay; I just took some deep breaths.

I want to thank y'all again for treating me like a King, not just with respect, but with emotional understanding of my feelings. And y'all do not need feel inhibitation in personally approaching me in public *blush*; shoot I would honestly feel most flattered and would personally/emotionally benefit from it (I would most welcome it).

Y'all know I live in Ruckersville, Virgina, and I can be found in the Charlottesville area when I'm out and about. Please feel free to say Hi or offer a hug or what you each feel is comfortable at the moment.

Love & Peace, Christian W. Chandler. PSN ID: Sonichu

A second introduction (31 December 2008)

Hey, y'all. :)

Well, I've already introduced myself widely between and in your "CWC" section, but I wanted to put a piece of me in the Introductions as well. :)

Also, I want to let y'all know that after finding this forum and y'all's sweetness and understanding, I feel like I'm in a good piece of Heaven.

Please feel free to tell me about yourselves in e-mails; IRL name, age, characteristics, traits and whatever you each wish to share.

I LOVE YOU ALL (more love can be spread to y'all individually IRL in person, but y'all understand).

Hugs and Kisses,

Christian W. Chandler.

The Sonichu Girls were naturally ecstatic at Chris's arrival.

Thank Y'all (31 December 2008)

Aw shucks. *Blush* I love you all too. You all are soo sweet. XOXOXO Thank y'all for your supporting compliments and empathetic understandings. :)

The Girls continued to fall over each other in their expressions of devotion and joy, and a few began to message him.

Your understanding me fukky (1 January 2009)

Wow! Y'all flatter me with your enthusiastim. Y'all don't have to fight over little ol' me. (Although I may go for the first gal who meets me in person IRL. Just Messin') :D I love you all.

Also I have a couple of received Qs that I will answer now. I was being literal when I talked about my fangs. They're called Eye-Teeth, but they feel and look like fangs of a vampire, dpg or something to me. ¨I vant to thuck your vlove and vlood.¨ :D Which brings u# the next Q; I have not seen the movie ¨Twilight¨ yet, but I have watched the trailers, and it looks okay; I'll catch it after it becomes available on DVD and Blu-Ray. IMHO, I have neutral opinion of vampires; some are good, sme are vicious. If I personally knew one, I would not judge him/her; I'd respect them as equally as most women or men.

That is allfor now; I have finally finished coloring the 18th episode and completed the #8 Sonichu Comic Book. I will have the pages uploaded by January 5. I hope each of you will be pleased. And it makes me feel better that you all fully understand Rosechu's stripping protest against wrongful portrayls of women. I truly feel that women should only be portrayed as they truly are individually; strong, powerful, smart, beautiful and equal as human beings. And when anyone draws a true woman with a dick, they have broken not only the legal law, but God and Jesus' law to the extent. But I digress.

Your understanding me fukky means a Priceless Lot to me, and I feel truly blessed. Thank You All. :)

Quickly, the Sonichu Girls gave Chris his very own subforum, "Chris Says," allowing him to pronounce upon the pressing issues of the age. (Chris completely ignored a second subforum allowing his fans to ask him questions.) Chris's first message concerned the breaking news that, thanks to fan input, Nintendo was about to adapt Sonichu for their game Animal Crossing.

Thank You.:) (2 January 2009)

My only current thought is about my recent learning of Sonichu and Rosechu in Animal Crossing City Folk. It Is Legit, and I have officially approved it. I will copy and paste the e-mail I have received, confirming this.

From: Takashi Tezuka <> To: Subject: We at Nintendo are testing the popularity of Sonichu and would like your feedback. Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 11:42 am

Hello, I am Takashi Tezuka, the general producer of Animal Crossing: City Folk. While working at Nintendo, I have heard about your original character, Sonichu, from many of my co-workers who read emails sent from your fans who were asking for a Sonichu game. I eventually received a message from Shigeru Miyamoto that we at Nintendo should take the first step into creating a Sonichu game. That is why I am programming in two new characters into Animal Crossing: City Folk: Sonichu and Rosechu. Once they are released, we will find out how popular Sonichu and Rosechu are with the Nintendo community. If a large number of players enjoy Sonichu and Rosechu, we will create a Sonichu game with the help of Sega. We have already contacted them about our plan, and are anxious to see the results of our little test. We are almost finished with the Sonichu villager, and are almost ready to start on Rosechu. I have attached a few photos of our prototype Sonichu neighbor, and we would like your feeback on it. Currently it is only in its beta phase, and we should be able to release it on February twenty-fourth.

We did run into a slight problem due to a little b it of error, though. In our testing town, WiiConnect24 was left on, and our latest Sonichu beta villager moved out of our town. Luckily, we were able to create a backup of the electric hedgehog villager, so nothing was lost! The only problem is that a handful of players may have recieved a Sonichu villager early.

I hope to get your input from our current project, so please email me back with your feelings on our Sonichu/Rosechu project at this address: Kindest regards, Takashi Tezuka, General producer of Animal Crossing and leader of the Sonichu-Alpha project.

I gave Takashi my approval and tips for the design of the final version of the characters. The images I have received in the e-mail can be seen below. The first one is from a Fan who accidently received through the WiiConnect24.

And with this, I declare another step forward in the Sonichu Game project, and the downfall of that Impostor, Jimmy Hill. I have also informed them of Sarah Mitchel's message of Sega of Japan leaning to pay the impostor, but Takashi will most certainly step in and avert the mistake from being made. Then hopefully, with their help, I'll be able to claim the copyrights in the UK that should have been mine in the first place. I already had them from the Virginia Library of Congress.

Anyway, when I have new thoughts, I will be sure to add them to this topic.

Love and Peace to y'all. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 Christian C.

Subsequently, Chris invited his fans to join him in playing Animal Crossing.

Sonichu Crossing, For Nintendo Wii (8 January 2009)

I also wanted to share with the Wii owners who have Animal Crossing City Folk, and likewise Wild World for DS, my respective Friend Codes. City and Character Names are the Same between both that I own; Cwcville and Chris.

City Folk: 4124-9531-8122 Wild World: 0558-9666-5003

I'll likely be in City Folk more than Wild World at the moment, as I am getting started in there, and recently when I played Wild World, I had to pick Bushels upon Bushels of Weeds.

ONLY under this topic, you may add your Friend Codes; please include your City and Character names and which version; Wild World or City Folk, for each Code.

Love and Peace.

The following day he added:

Wii Numbers (9 January 2009)

You may also post your Wii Numbers, so I can add them to my contact list. Mine is 8626-5211-8387-4771.

Chris also queried his fanbase about the potentially controversial topic of introducing a "stripping protest" to his comic book.

The PokeBoy Magazine (2 January 2009)

If you all will recall, I had mentioned the idea of creating a one-time magazine of pictures of the Rosechus (minus Zapina, since she's underage) being sexy in underwear or naked, as a protest of mine against the ED jerks who drew dicks on my female characters and women in general; the heinous, slanderous act still infuriates me. But I withold my rage. A Sonichu Girl asked me when I was going to draw the comic of the Rosechus stripping in protest, so I felt I should put it to a popular vote.

Would you all like to see the multiple pages of the Rosechus being sexy in underwear or naked in the protest against those jerks in the Playboy parodied magazine, or do you all feel I would be crossing a line doing so?

If the popular vote is good, I will draw up the magazine either before or after drawing and coloring my #9 Comic Book, depending on how I feel. I'll make my decision based on the popular responses after a week to a month's time.

Thank you all again for understanding my true meaning behind the stripping protest. :)

Love and Peace.

The response was overwhelmingly positive.

Re: The PokeBoy Magazine (14 January 2009)

Alright, I will do the one-time magazine.

Currently, I have just started on the #9 Comic Book, but if I feel the inspiration mid-Comic or after, I will draw the number of Rosechu pics for the magazine. But the pictures will NOT be hosted on, as per the request of the REAL Mr. Miyamoto to not present the adult-themed sexual images on there. With the help of my Sweetheart, Sarah C McK, I will create a sub-domain website, with an introductory "Are you 18 or older" page for the opening to hopefully keep the minors from easily viewing them.

I will make a post on this Forum after such a sub-domain site is created.

Love and Peace, Christian C.

Chris welcomed fan participation in this project, but there were just a few rules.

I will also accept Fan Art for the Magazine from y'all. (14 January 2009)

Although, granted, I do have a few Playboy magazines and such, I will also accept Fan Nude Rosechu Drawings from y'all, the Sonichu Girls. I see it as a good method to put your appreciated "Signatures" on my "Petition" of protest against the lewd drawings from those Trolls. Signature, meaning contributed Fan Arts with optional signatures from the artists, and Petion, meaning the PokeBoy Magazine. All submitted Fan Art Nude Drawings used in the Magazine will be quoted and given respective credit to each individual artist.

**Among the Nude Drawings, I will prefer those of Rosechu, Bubbles, Angelica, Lolisa and Simonla ONLY. Silvana is also acceptable, ONLY if you keep her dick INSIDE her, and make her vag More Obvious when applicable.**

**ALL Sonichu and Zapina Rosechu Nude Fan Arts will be excluded from the PokeBoy Magazine.**

Drawing Tips: Do not forget all white wave marks on Bubbles; Especially the ones on her knees; often a time I would forget to draw those, but I try to remember anyway. C-Cup size Breasts for ALL the Adult Rosechus. Lolisa's Tail at the end, the part that's blue, it is shaped like a Number Two (2) with a short spiral like on a snail shell. Simonla's Red Lenses are retractable from middle to either side of her head; her Drills on her Arms Ends, while actual working Drills for digging, they unfold in quarters onto the arms; mid-open/close would look like a 4-point star from look directly at her hand at the front; Simonla has fur over her Ground-Hard skin. DO NOT USE DIFFERENT COLORS on the individual Rosechus previously drawn by myself; if you add any accessories or bras or panties, you may customize only those to your individual liking.

You may submit your Nude Rosechu Drawings directly to my e-mail at, or I will also accept submissions via snail-mail; check with Webmaster Sarah May to verify yourself as not a Troll, if you haven't done so already, then get my address from her, before sending submissions to me via snail-mail.

I will also accept submissions for topics for Zapina's Teen Talk Segments either method, and with or without the fan art.

Love and Peace, Christian C.

Chris was especially interested in suggestions for his new character Zapina.

An open Zapina Discussion (2 January 2009)

I have taken notice on the Sonichu Girls Forum that among the top popular Rosechus are Original Rosechu, Bubbles and Zapina. Granted Zapina is a NEW character in creation, I am considering making an issuly few pages just for Zapina; kind of a "Teen Talk" section if you will. But I haven't fully thought up much for the young one, outside from being the cute, teenage Lightning Bug-type. I'm also trying to come up with a fun, cute catchphrase for her; currently I've come up with "Ba-King" (sounding similar to Ba-Zing), but I'm not certain of it. I am open for suggestions for Zapina's cute and fun catchphrase.

Also, during her Teen Talk segments, I'm considering having a mentoring Rosechu to aid her. While I have not yet thought up of a family for Zapina, I'm considering pairing her up with Simonla for the segments. Again, drawings and suggestions for family and /or Rosechu/Sonichu mentors accepted.

That's it for now; I look forward to your open suggestions for the segment.

I Love You All. :-*

Many of the Sonichu Girls were more interested in Chris as a romantic partner than as an artist. A popular early question was, "What do you gurls think Chris would be like in bed?"

Big talk for a virgin (30 December 2008)

I would certainly do my best to sastify, even though it's big talk for a virgin who's seen enough to get by. ;)

"CassieRosechu" replied:

chris, im 20, but im a virgin still, ive been savin myself for someone who loves me, and I really want to find someone who's as sensitive as u.... but i guess thats 2 hard, so ill just save myself for you...

a gal can dream... :)

"Crystlrosechu" replied:

virginity is a specil thing, u cant just pop the cork for just any occasion. likewise im a virgin, i wanna save it 4 som1 special ^^ maybe chris?

Chris's response was noncommittal and ambiguous.

Elated Stud (2 January 2009)

Y'all are soo sweet. And Crystal is correct; my virginity is special, just like everyone else's, and I would want my first time to be special. I do not mean to start a conflict among all of y'all angels, but IMHO, if I were to choose one among y'all, I'd give it to either Cassie or Sarah. Cassie led me to the forum, and Sarah put it together in the first place. But to be fair, I am open to any of y'all who are capable of coming to meet me IRL; you all each, in your own way on here, have already Wowed and Won me over honestly and openly. :) XOXOXO

In due time, upon your own individual capabilities, I would Love very much to personally meet and hang with each and all of you, sweet ladies. If y'all aren't careful, you could turn me from a frustrated virgin to a stud. :D LOL

I feel soo elated and blessed.

Understandably, this post only amplified the catfight among the Sonichu Girls for Chris's affections. Flummoxed, he tried once again to clear the air.

Setting the record straight (3 January 2009)

Ladies, I feel like I need to set a record straight. Panda and I have been talking and getting to know each other the past few months. During December, she spent Christmas with her family, and I lost communication with her until recently after Christmas. She had informed me that a man, a straight Sonichu Fan who shall remain unnamed, had traveled abroad and met with her in person. For a while, I felt beaten to the punch. It was right after that I found the Sonichu Girls Forum. I felt like I was in heaven, because I was fully appreciated and understood, and I love all you ladies equally as Gal-Pals for that.

And just a few minutes ago, I was informed by Panda that she was able to come to see me earlier than previously stated, so I felt glad. Also, she had informed me that she had never had sex or anything like that with the unnamed man. I have known Panda longer, and we have shared a lot of good, fun times in our chats. But the truth is, while during the short time I felt uncertain because of the unnamed man, I still Truly Loved Panda More.

So, while I am still looking forward to meeting all my Sonichu Girl Fans in the future, I mean only to love you all as my Gal-Pals; Panda, or Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, was already promised between the two of us mutually that she and I would be True Sweethearts.

I understand each of your dreams of having sex with me and losing y'alls virginity with mine mutually, and that is truly special (Panda is also still a virgin BTW), but I can only have one True Sweetheart. But on the flip-side, Panda is cool with having a 3-way with two women (one being her of course), yet while I am uncertain at the moment, she may also be cool with sharing me with y'all invidually. But that's up to her to decide and let me know.

So, currently, I am only asking about y'all individually, because I love and care for y'all each as my Gal-Pals. And I would love to meet and hang with y'all in the future on that friendship level.

Love and Peace, Christian W. Chandler.

Obviously, the Girls were emotionally destroyed, many turning to alcohol and lesbianism as salves. A few of the jealous ladies suspected that PandaHalo was a troll. On January 5, "Rosechu" attempted to keep the peace by providing a message from Chris (original source unknown):

"Pandahalo is not a troll. I know, because I have chatted and talked with her on Skype; her voice is lovely. Anyway, she was entrusted with vital information that enables her to be webmaster of the Sonichu Fan Site page, which is a Subdomain of If Pandahalo was a troll, she would have messed up for an evil, but as you can plainly see, is still; unaltered from its originality. Again, Pandahalo is NOT A TROLL, and should be treated and respected as a Sonichu Girl Fan. -Chris-chan"

I understand many of you have concerns, but we should listen to Chris and be happy for him. Thank you. :)

Chris spent a few days away from the forum to sort out his love life.

I'm back (8 January 2009)

I apologize for being away from the Sonichu Girls Forum; I under a misunderstanding of trolls on the Forum, as well as Julie being one, as was quoted from the IRC log that Sarah (Panda) has informed me of. Julie has informed me that it was her Brother, who is a Confirmed Troll, who POSED as Julie under the BlueSpike name on the IRC that very night. So with that aside, and some time to myself, I came back to offer an update of myself.

Anyway, I still have a lot to sort through; the Tripod Password to be changed again and other things.

Love and Peace, Christian W. Chandler.

There was additional concern about Chris's availability when a Sonichu Girl uncovered disturbing evidence on the forum Gay4Sonichu that Chris might be a homo. She started a topic titled "CHRIS IS STRAIGHT! THAT MEANS NONE OF YOU CREEPY GAYS CAN HAVE HIM!! >:(." Chris offered reassurance.

Take out the "G" word (1 January 2009)

No worries. I am straight! That's my Fact, and I am sticking to it. :) Just ignore those Homos who smite me with their lies.

Keep a happy thought. Also, if someone can, please take the "G" word out of this topic's title.

Peace, Christian C.[1]

Rosechu replied:

As you wish, Chris-chan! Is this better? Sorry if it's a little over-the-top, but I got a little angry as I was thinking of a name..[2]

To which Chris had to say:

Great Director Chandler approves (1 January 2009)

It's okay. thank you for caring. :)

As if these stressors weren't enough for Chris, troll hackers were attempting to tear down his creations.

The Sonichu & Rosechu Site will now be also known as (January 16, 2009)

**Due to Technical Difficulties beyond my control (DAMN THAT HACKER), will be Down for a while longer. And should you read this, BEFORE the hacker deletes this message, PLEASE Spread ONLY THIS WORD around the LOYAL Sonichu & Rosechu Fanbase. I , Christian Weston Chandler, on Janurary 16, 2008, am currently disowning the Domain Name of "", and the OFFICIAL Sonichu & Rosechu Site Solely from my sound mind, body and hands, will be on

So, from this point, unless I say otherwise, PLEASE Update Your Bookmarks from .net to .info.

Thank you for your patience and Positive, Loyal Support.

Peace, Christian Weston Chandler January 16, 2009

The Sonichu Girls would need to do their utmost to protect Sonichu and Rosechu from the trolls while Chris wallowed in confusion and poverty.

Christian's Last Words for NOW (17 January 2009)

Jason has Hacked into my AOL account and deleted all my e-mails, and hacked into this Forum Account.

Sarah May, Cassandra, I turned to you both for support, so I hope you will help me throughout this dilemma.

FACTS: WAS the true Sonichu Site, but JKH has hacked into my NEW Tripod Account and did away with that. -Jason also has taken the domain name and listed it on eBay, with a starting bid of 1,000 dollars. If you type in, you will be redirected to the eBay listing page. -I am personally in a chaotic state of confusion, shock and stress, but I know that I have y'alls support and paitnece, and I deeply appreciate that.

So here's the Down-Low; I will do what I can, although I am NOT able to afford to buy back the domain name, to get the Sonichu & Rosechu Site back up in due time. Other details are clouded to me right now, but I am going to the authorites on that bastard's ass.

And AFTER I finish this message, I ask Sarah May and Cassandra to BLOCK my account from adding NEW POSTS, or CHANGING MY ACCOUNT'S Profile.

I'm sorry this had to happen, and it pains me with a heavy heart to leave the Forum Page for a while. But keep a happy thought that I will be back soon enough, with the Sonichu & Rosechu site back up, and a brighter future for me, Sonichu, Rosechu and the True, Loyal, Good, Paitent Fans I was blessed with.

If y'all wish to continue to badger Jason, I will not stop you. I PRAY TO GOD AND JESUS TO KILL JASON KENDRICK HOWELL, as he gets his cheap, hellish laughs in Clarksville, Tennessee.

But I digress.

I will leave all you Sonichu Girls to continue to Clear the Good Name of Sonichu and Rosechu in my absence for me. As long as it is appropriate for Children, or would classify for a movie's "G" and TV's "TV-Y" or "Y-7" rating; NO GREATER, I, Christopher Christian "Ricardo" Weston Chandler, approve for ONLY y'all, my FEMALE FANS, including Sarah May and Cassandra, to take any images that were on the Sonichu & Rosechu Site Originally, that hopefully y'all have had the foresight to download for yourselves.

Also, Please be sure to Refer to my full name, "Christian Weston Chandler" when quoting me as the Sole Original Creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the Cwcville World.

Also, Sarah May, disable the Download of the image I sent you, PLEASE; I DO NOT WANT IT COPIED, PERIOD.

Disregard ANY possible NEW POSTS from beyond this one, at 12:30 AM, EST, on Janurary 18, 2009, from ANYONE posing as me.

I trust you all Sweet Women to continue on for me in the absence of the Official Sonichu & Rosechu Site, and I trust your individual Sixth Sense to know the Trolls from the True.

I Love You All, my Gal-Pals.

Love and Peace, Christian Weston Chandler.

Chris's Hair

Chris told Cassie, co-founder of Sonichu Girls, that his mother had recently cut his hair and he had saved locks of his hairs so all the Sonichu Girls could have them as a souvenir, he even went to the trouble of wrapping each individual lock in plastic along with a certificate of authenticity signed by the big C himself. Chris's faithful fangirls couldn't refuse the offer. Due to the Mexican postal service, it took several months for the hair to reach Cassie. When it finally did, it was a shock.

Cassie described the hair as being "greasy" and having an odd odor. While Chris promised 200 locks of hair, only 23 packets were made. Chris included a letter to Cassie, in English and Chris's butchered version of Spanish, with each side having a Sonichu drawing, where the Spanish side has Sonichu in a sombrero.

The Letter in English

Dear Cassie,

I hope you and your family are well. I apologize for not writing in a while, and I hope my spanish in this letter is good. :)

Good. I thought felt I should send you the sample of my hair locks I was able to divide for you and your friends including Sarah May. Enclosed in are 23 locks of my hair. I felt bad for not making 200 cards in the time. I've been through a bunch of bad times, and some good. I trust that you can understand fully, and I deeply thank you for that. :)

Like a lrusled (Chris crosses his "t"s last) trusted friend, I love you Cassie.

Love and Peace,
Christian W. Chandler.

The Letter in Spanish

Hola, Cassie,

Yo espero que estar bien, y tú familia están bien tambien. Yo lo siento que fue no escribi te por tan tiempo mucho. Y esto espero mí español aquí esta bien. :)

Bien, yo piensé qué yo debo enviar mí "samples" de pelo yo dividí para tu y su amigas de Sonichu Girls, incluia Sarah May. En esta "envelope", hay viente y tres tarjetas con mí pelo. Yo siento un pequito mal que no puedo dividir dos cien tarjetas durante el tiempo. Tenía veces mal mucho y veces bien tambien. Yo pienso bien que tu comprendes bien, y yo tengo muchas gracias para ti para comprender. :)

Como un amigo bueno, yo te amo.
Amor y paz,
Christian W. Chandler.

The Spanish Letter, translated into actual Spanish

Hola, Cassie

Espero que estés bien, y tu familia también. Siento no haberte escrito durante tanto tiempo, y espero que mi español en esta carta sea correcto :).

Bueno, pensé que debía enviarte unas muestras del pelo que pude dividir para tí y tus amigas de Sonichu Girls, incluyendo a Sarah May. En este sobre hay veintitrés mechones de mi pelo. Me sabe mal no haber podido hacer 200 tarjetas en este tiempo. Últimamente he pasado muchos malos ratos y ninguno bueno. Sé que lo comprenderás, y te lo agradezco de corazón :).

Te quiero como un amigo sincero, Cassie

Amor y Paz,

Christian W. Chandler.

The Spanish Letter, translated into English

Hello, Cassie

I hope that to be well, and you family are good too. I regret it that it was not I wrote to you during so time much. And this I hope my Spanish here is well.

Good, I thought what I should send me "samples" of hair I divided for your and its Sonichu girl friends, includes Sarah May. In this envelope, there are 23 cards with me hair. I feel a little bad that I can't divide two a hundred cards during the time. I had bad times many and well times also. I think well that you understand well, and I have many thanks for you in order to understand.

As a friend good, I love you. Love and peace, Christian W. Chandler.

Gallery of Hair

Sonichu Girls revealed

On 23 February 2009 (the day before Chris's birthday), the Sonichu Girls forum was revealed to be nothing more than a fake fanbase created by Clyde Cash. The board itself then morphed into a message board to possibly be used by The Miscreants. In his post, Clyde made it very clear that Sonichu Girls was an attempt to troll Chris.[3]


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