December 2008

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In December 2008, Chris thanks us for helping him win.

December was the twelfth and final month of 2008. During this month, Chris talked a lot with his fans in several Q & A sessions on IRC, we learned about his fecal leakage, and he won the Guitar Hero contest. As the year drew to a close, one thing was certainly clear: whatever trolling Chris went through this year was nothing compared to what he would have to face in the next one.


  • December 1 - Chris meets a waitress, Caitlin; he thinks she likes him. He also draws the cover for Sonichu #9.
  • December 11 - Chris updates his Sonichu website to warn his fans about illegitimate Sonichu merchandise.
  • December 13 - Chris has another short fan chat in #sonichu. He talks about the comic and LBP.
  • December 14 - Chris makes his last post on the PSN Blogs, it's about the PSP.
  • December 15 - Chris has a Q & A chat in #sonichu. He also talks about the comic and LBP.
  • December 17 - Chris has another Q & A chat in #sonichu. Among various issues, he talks about alcohol, strongly condemning it.
  • December 18 - In a #sonichu fan chat, Chris is told that he has a large female fanbase.
  • December 22 - In a Q & A chat in #sonichu, Chris answers some more questions. Most of them are about pop culture.
  • December 22 - Chris earns his 1st ever platinum trophy on the PlayStation Network in Little Big Planet.
  • December 23 - Anna McLerran visits Virginia and meets with Chris.[1]
  • December 25 - C-Mas. Chris's presents were some DVDs, Bee Movie on Blu-ray, assorted chocolates, and "a calming family moment".
  • December 27 - Chris has a chat about sex with PandaHalo.
  • December 28 - In a chat with Panda, Chris admits that he can't maintain full control over his bowels.
  • December 28 - Chris publishes a video in which he thanks his fans for voting for him in the GameStop Guitar Hero Contest.
  • December 30 - Chris finds out about the Sonichu Girls fanclub, and is delighted. He joins the community and makes his first posts.
  • December 30 - The Gay 4 Sonichu fanclub is founded. Later, when Chris finds out, he expresses his disgust.
  • December 31 - In a chat with Panda, Chris talks about the Sonichu comic that will be coming out soon.


  1. Chris mentioned on 27 December 2008 that he met Anna on Tuesday that week. 27 December 2008 fell on a Saturday, and Tuesday of that week fell on 23 December. Therefore, we can infer that Chris met Anna during that date.