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This image was apparently worth $400.

The GameStop "Be a Star" Sweepstakes was a competition run by the video game retailer GameStop to promote Guitar Hero: World Tour, which Chris entered around October 2008. The competition required the entrants to send in a photograph of themselves in a "guitar hero pose".

First prize was a $400 GameStop gift certificate. Rumors also circulated that the winner would star in Guitar Hero: World Tour; these proved to be incorrect.

Several trolls caught sight of Chris's entry and, mistakenly believing that the person with the most votes would indeed star in the Guitar Hero game, encouraged people to vote for him by posting on /b/ and ED in hopes that gamers everywhere would help permanently mar the hit release with Chris's fat autistic presence.

Despite some disputes between trolls as well as some warnings to GameStop's management about what was transpiring, Chris went on to win the competition.

In his 28 December 2008 update he thanked his fans for voting for him, and announced that the $400 gift card would be shared with the congregation of his church. Chris ended up spending a little less than half on his congregation, buying them a copy of Animal Crossing City Folk ($50), plus two copies of Wii Music ($100) with a Wii Speak accessory ($30) for a grand total of $180. The remaining $220 went to himself.[1]

Although his victory is largely considered a major failure in trolling efforts, it did have the unintended side effect of reaffirming Chris's belief that he has a huge, dedicated fanbase. This made trolling somewhat easier, as Chris was even more inclined to open up to his supposed legions of fans. Some trolls have used his victory in the contest as leverage to guilt him into doing things like giving interviews or drawing more comics.


  1. Emily date, 03-19-09 "Yeah, yeah, I spent it on myself. I got some Wii games for myself, Country Music and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess." "Uh, no, it wasn't-it wasn't like 10 or 15, I'd say it's more like, uh, five or eight."

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