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On 03 January 2009, Chris spent a little over two hours on IRC talking to fans from Sonichu Girls.

The chat is painfully long, and consists of various purportedly female fans pandering to Chris's massive Ego so they can ask him embarrassing questions. While most of their conversation is mind-numbingly dull, there are a few notable highlights scattered about. Chris briefly talks fighting other girls' boyfriends, then states he is strong, can lift "a good number" of pounds, and can play Guitar Hero standing up. A little later, we're treated to a Spanish interlude, revealing Chris's somewhat shaky grasp of the language. Later still, Chris begins to babble about his supposedly 7-inch duck and reveals that he's taken pills in an effort to make it longer. From there, the conversation derails into a hypothetical orgy in which all the Sonichu Girls are naked in Chris's room at once.

Things finally take a turn for the interesting when a male fan shows up and begins hammering Chris on why he hates homosexuality. Chris all but ignores the questions for awhile, before going into a seemingly unrelated rant about how much he hates his father. He simultaneously blames his father for instilling him with a fear of homos, and claims that his dad is evidence that all men are jerks. The trolls, sensing weakness, jump on this, asking Chris to deal with an obvious question: if he hates his father so much, why doesn't he just get a job and move out? Chris quickly becomes stressed by this sudden onslaught of legitimate, non-ass-kissing inquiry and leaves the chat.


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23:10 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v Guest1662] by BlueSpike
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23:10 <%BlueSpike> I can't OP you, but you can talk now Chris.
23:10 <+ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, y'all. :)
23:11 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o ChrisChanSonichu] by cogsdev
23:11 <@cogsdev> hi chris
23:11 <+CameronVanDierten> hey chris
23:11 <%BlueSpike> Hi!
23:11 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o CameronVanDierten] by cogsdev
23:11 <@ChrisChanSonichu> well, I'm all ears and replying input; let's chat.
23:12 <@CameronVanDierten> very cool
23:12 <%BlueSpike> I was in the meeting, it was fun!
23:12 <%BlueSpike> When is the comic gonna be up, BTW?
23:12 <@CameronVanDierten> i wasn't, but i heard it was good
23:12 <%BlueSpike> Today I hope!
23:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it will be uploaded this weekend.
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23:12 <%BlueSpike> Awww, okay. :(
23:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Before Monday.
23:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm glad you enjoyed the meeting.
23:13 <%BlueSpike> Aww, I GTG.
23:13 <%BlueSpike> Later Chris!
23:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> take care.
23:13 <%BlueSpike> Wait...
23:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes
23:13 <%BlueSpike> No, false alarm, I can stay.
23:13 <%BlueSpike> I was gonna play Unleashed, that's all.
23:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
23:14 <@CameronVanDierten> heheh
23:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ah.
23:14 <@CameronVanDierten> if anyone has a ? for cwc, pm me
23:14 <@CameronVanDierten> and i will pass it along
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23:15 <@CameronVanDierten> hmm... who could this be
23:15 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o Guest14133] by CameronVanDierten
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23:15 <@PandaHalo> Hi!
23:15 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey. :)
23:15 <@CameronVanDierten> hey panda
23:16 <@PandaHalo> Hi Chrissy!
23:16 <@cogsdev> here's a question from a fan: If you were to die tomorrow, what, if any, text or pictures would you include on your grave?
23:16 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I will have to think about that and get back to you on it.
23:17 <@PandaHalo> How was the meeting?
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23:17 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it was good.
23:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> BlueSpike and other Sonichu Girls have enjoyed it. :)
23:18 <%BlueSpike> I did.
23:18 <@PandaHalo> Cool.
23:18 <@CameronVanDierten> i hope my cousin, Rebecca, got her message to you... she was really concerned about the trolls invading your meeting
23:19 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v LeiLei] by cogsdev
23:19 <+LeiLei> Oooh
23:19 <@CameronVanDierten> ask away
23:19 <@PandaHalo> not the trolls! :(
23:19 <+LeiLei> Chris, I heard you were going to judge a contest at the Daily Pos, a website i love to hang out at...
23:19 <+LeiLei> but then you didnt! were they lying? What happened?
23:20 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Daily Pos?
23:20 <@CameronVanDierten> u mean Daily Kos, right?
23:20 <+LeiLei> no no...
23:20 <+LeiLei> [1]
23:20 <+LeiLei> the topic is here...there is some great art
23:20 <+LeiLei> but people lost interest after they heard you werent replying back anymore...
23:21 <@ChrisChanSonichu> oh, I remember; I was expecting the images to be e-mailed to me, so I did not know. I'm sorry.
23:21 <+LeiLei> Oooh!
23:21 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I will judge them this weekend.
23:21 <+LeiLei> Thank you so much! :)
23:21 -!- mode/#sonichu [-v LeiLei] by CameronVanDierten
23:21 <@CameronVanDierten> okay, let me pick one here
23:21 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v Polly-tan] by CameronVanDierten
23:21 <@CameronVanDierten> polly, you're up
23:22 <+Polly-tan> Ok, Chris. I was wondering...if you've ever visited the lovely state of Tennessee? :3
23:23 <+Polly-tan> It's a neat state.
23:23 <+Polly-tan> Lots of nice people, and fun caves to explore! :D
23:23 <@CameronVanDierten> and dollywood, too
23:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I don't travel much really, so I have not been to Tennessee.
23:24 <+Polly-tan> Well, do you plan on visiting anytime soon?
23:24 <+Polly-tan> Lots of cute girls. :D
23:25 <@PandaHalo> Chris, you have to come to Australia first. :(
23:26 <@CameronVanDierten> hehe
23:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you, but I'm going to save to fly to Australia firstly.
23:26 <@cogsdev> chris, i saw a few pics of anna mclerran recently, and i was wondering if you knew of any way i could contact her? :3
23:26 <+Polly-tan> Ok. Thank you, Chris. <3
23:26 <@CameronVanDierten> very good
23:26 -!- mode/#sonichu [-v Polly-tan] by CameronVanDierten
23:27 <@PandaHalo> :)
23:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do not wish to share any contact info on Anna at the moment.
23:27 <%BlueSpike> Chris is there anything YOU want to talk about? I'm interested.
23:27 <@cogsdev> aww, okay
23:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> let me think...
23:28 <@cogsdev> well i have to go now i'm afraid, goodnight everyone
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23:28 <@CameronVanDierten> good night cou... man
23:29 <@CameronVanDierten> gone too soon
23:29 <@CameronVanDierten> oh well
23:29 <@CameronVanDierten> that was my cousin, cogs, btw
23:29 <@CameronVanDierten> she's cool
23:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok
23:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Actually there is a topic of interest.
23:29 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
23:29 <@CameronVanDierten> the floor is yours
23:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> OFFICIALLY from the people behind Animal Crossing City Folk, they are creating Sonichu and Rosechu characters to pop in and out as villagers, and they asked me for my approval, so I gave them my approval.
23:31 <@CameronVanDierten> that's pretty cool
23:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> the official release date of the duo will be on my 27th Birthday.
23:31 <@CameronVanDierten> awesome
23:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> take a stab, who knows when my birthday is?
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23:32 <@CameronVanDierten> hmm...
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23:32 <@CameronVanDierten> let me pick a random person
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23:32 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v GenesisRosechu] by CameronVanDierten

23:32 <+GenesisRosechu> Feb 24th? :3
23:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
23:32 <@CameronVanDierten> yay
23:33 <+GenesisRosechu> yay!
23:33 <@CameronVanDierten> genesis, do u have a ? for cwc?
23:33 <+GenesisRosechu> Since your characters are coming out, do you have City Folk or plan to get it? I love the game already and I think Sonichu could only make it better in my eyes!
23:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I plan on getting a copy soon.
23:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
23:34 <+GenesisRosechu> I'm sure you'll love it! I'd love to give you my friend code too! But I wouldn't be able to believe that I'd be playing with THE Chris Chan! I'd swoon!
23:35 <+GenesisRosechu> I bet you'd get lots of girls friends codes though ^_^
23:35 <@CameronVanDierten> my cousin Rebecca should be getting that game soon, too... she'll be delighted to know of this
23:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
23:35 <+GenesisRosechu> I know, I'll have to let all the other SonichuGals now! I am so happy there's a lot of us together now!
23:35 <@CameronVanDierten> anything else, ms. genesis?
23:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I've received a few from Wild World.
23:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
23:35 <+GenesisRosechu> No, I'm just happy to have talked to the man myself :) It was the highlight of my Day Chris-chan!
23:35 <@CameronVanDierten> glad to have helped
23:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool. :)
23:36 <+GenesisRosechu> thank you soooo much on behalf of me and all the SonichuGals
23:36 <+GenesisRosechu> <3
23:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *blush*
23:36 <+GenesisRosechu> Hehehe.. I almost want to restart Wild World just to play with you now!
23:37 <@CameronVanDierten> heheh... those sonichugirls love you chris
23:37 <+GenesisRosechu> We do ^.~
23:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> YES.
23:37 -!- mode/#sonichu [-v GenesisRosechu'] by CameronVanDierten
23:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Thank You.
23:37 <@CameronVanDierten> okay, let's see...
23:37 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v hottyrosechu] by CameronVanDierten
23:37 <@CameronVanDierten> hottyrosechu, you're up
23:38 <+hottyrosechu> Hey chris<3! sonichugal here, so glad 2 talk 2 u. i have a question-
23:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> okay.
23:38 <+hottyrosechu> if a girl u liked had a boyfriend or husband do u think u could still win them over? r u a casanova?
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23:38 <@CameronVanDierten> oooh good one
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23:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no; I would hate to break a couple up, plus the dude can be a hot-headed, strong bully; I prefer not to fight when I don't have to.
23:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am not one to throw the first punch.
23:40 <+hottyrosechu> But if you thought you could, would u?
23:40 <+hottyrosechu> Even if he was a good guy?
23:40 <%BlueSpike> What if they start it, though? :3
23:40 <@CameronVanDierten> or if u had no other choice?
23:40 <@CameronVanDierten> would you stand and fight?
23:41 <+hottyrosechu> I mean do u think if you could like ne woman in the world, that youd be able 2 get them even if their boyfriend were a big bully?
23:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> well, I would fight back, and I am strong.
23:41 <%BlueSpike> Can you bend stuff? Do you lift weights? How do you get buff?
23:41 <+hottyrosechu> how strong?
23:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> plenty strong; I exercise.
23:41 <@CameronVanDierten> how much can you bench?
23:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> a good number.
23:42 <+hottyrosechu> do u go to the gym? jog? lift weights?
23:42 <@CameronVanDierten> hehe
23:42 <+hottyrosechu> dont keep secrets chris, i wont keep ne from u ;)
23:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no, I walk, play Guitar Hero standing up, and not eat so much.
23:42 <@CameronVanDierten> one more ? hotty then i have devoice... gotta share the chris, after all
23:42 <+hottyrosechu> oh hehe
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23:43 <+hottyrosechu> ok give me a moment plz
23:43 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
23:43 -!- Guest is now known as Guest48327
23:43 <@CameronVanDierten> while u do that, let me go get the fan ?s book and i'll pull one out next
23:43 <+hottyrosechu> would u ever visit a prostitute? what do u think of prostitutes, even high class 1s?
23:43 * CameronVanDierten facepalm
23:43 <+hottyrosechu> oh and
23:43 <+hottyrosechu> and
23:43 <+hottyrosechu> where in the bible does it say homosexuality is bad?
23:43 <+hottyrosechu> which verses?
23:44 -!- mode/#sonichu [-v hottyrosechu] by CameronVanDierten
23:44 <@CameronVanDierten> idiot
23:44 <%BlueSpike> How did that wierdo get in? :(
23:44 <@CameronVanDierten> must've been a troll
23:44 <@CameronVanDierten> Arjen must've sent him
23:44 <@CameronVanDierten> he's my other cousin
23:44 <@CameronVanDierten> hold on
23:45 -!- hottyrosechu was kicked from #sonichu by CameronVanDierten [bye bye troll of AVD]
23:45 <@ChrisChanSonichu> hmm...Arjen rings a bell; I think I saw a PSN ID of that name come up in the Join Requests.
23:46 <@CameronVanDierten> well, i don't know about that... my cousin has a youtube tho
23:46 <@CameronVanDierten> he's usually too busy irl to play ps3 tho
23:46 <@CameronVanDierten> whateves
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23:47 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
23:47 -!- Guest is now known as Guest55202
23:47 <@CameronVanDierten> let me try one from the book
23:47 * CameronVanDierten goes too look
23:47 -!- Guest48327 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
23:48 <@CameronVanDierten> okay... have you ever read Shonen Jump magazine?
23:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, put a +o on Sarachu, please.
23:48 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
23:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, it's cool.
23:49 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o Sarachu] by CameronVanDierten
23:49 <@PandaHalo> I'll brb.
23:49 <@CameronVanDierten>there we go
23:49 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
23:49 -!- PandaHalo [] has quit [Quit: PandaHalo]
23:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> thank you.
23:49 <@Sarachu> Hello?
23:49 <@CameronVanDierten> hi sara
23:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, Sarah. :)
23:49 <@Sarachu> Hi, wow, this is my first time in here :)
23:49 <@Sarachu> Thanks for '+o'ing me :)
23:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I saw your e-mail, found your name and requested you be here.
23:49 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
23:49 <@CameronVanDierten> you're welcome
23:50 <@Sarachu> Thank you! That's so sweet ^^
23:50 -!- Guest is now known as Guest27478
23:50 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Memorize this girl's internet code thing (I can't think of the word)!
23:50 <@Sarachu> IP address?
23:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> That's it.
23:51 <@CameronVanDierten> will do
23:51 <@Sarachu> Lol, why? I don't want anybody stalking me! :o
23:51 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v Guest27478] by BlueSpike
23:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I mean, to be sure you get +o when you come into the IRC
23:51 -!- Guest27478 is now known as PandaHalo
23:52 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o PandaHalo] by CameronVanDierten

23:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Nobody stalk her.
23:52 <@Sarachu> Oh, wow, I totally misunderstood you! Sorry! ^^;;
23:52 <@CameronVanDierten> i don't think we will
23:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> It's cool.
23:52 <@CameronVanDierten> she's safe here
23:52 <@Sarachu> Thank you, Chris-chan :) You're the best
23:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> good.
23:52 <%BlueSpike> I won't stalk her. :)
23:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I know you won't.
23:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> oh, Panda?
23:52 <@Sarachu> Thanks guys :)
23:53 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o BlueSpike] by CameronVanDierten
23:53 <@PandaHalo> Chris, you know she's only 16, RIGHT!?
23:53 <@Sarachu> Me?
23:53 <@CameronVanDierten> uh... oh
23:53 <@CameronVanDierten> uhhh
23:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> hey, Panda.
23:53 <@CameronVanDierten> huh?
23:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool; she's still a trusted gal-pal.
23:54 <@Sarachu> If you were talking about me, I am 18
23:54 <@PandaHalo> you always do this, chris!!
23:54 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm only being social.
23:54 * CameronVanDierten just steps aside... chris... i don't think i can help here
23:54 <@Sarachu> I'm sorry.. :( I.. didn't mean to cause a fight
23:54 <@ChrisChanSonichu> You do not need to feel jealous.
23:55 <@PandaHalo> i guess you're right
23:55 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's okay.
23:55 <@PandaHalo> sorry i overeacted
23:55 <@ChrisChanSonichu> let's be friends.
23:55 <@PandaHalo> i was just looking out for you.
23:55 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I appreciate that.
23:55 <@Sarachu> Panda, I promise I mean Chris-chan no harm
23:56 <@CameronVanDierten> whew!
23:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I understand that someone sent a mean note on the Girls forum; what's up with that?
23:56 <@CameronVanDierten> hm?
23:56 <@PandaHalo> What are you talking about, Chris?
23:56 <@CameronVanDierten> i'll have to ask rebecca, hold on
23:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah said you left a rude comment, and she felt shooken up about it.
23:57 <@PandaHalo> i did NO such thing!
23:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> really?
23:57 <@PandaHalo> i'm insulted you'd accuse me!
23:57 <@PandaHalo> yes!
23:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry.
23:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hope it wasn't a troll posing as you.
23:58 <@Sarachu> Oh, I'm sorry, Panda.. I received a message from someone using your name
23:58 <@Sarachu> I guess I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions :(
23:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, it was a simple misunderstanding.
23:59 <@CameronVanDierten> aye
23:59 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I wanted to clear that cloud of doubt away.
23:59 <@PandaHalo> I have to go see my dad. :(
23:59 <@ChrisChanSonichu> how is he?
23:59 <@ChrisChanSonichu> is he feeling better?
23:59 <@PandaHalo> ...
23:59 <@PandaHalo> He's DYING!!
23:59 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am soo sorry.
--- Day changed Sat Jan 03 2009
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00:00 <@CameronVanDierten> oops
00:00 <@Sarachu> Ouch..
00:00 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah; Panda's dad has cancer; Melanoma.
00:00 <@Sarachu> Oh no.. :(
00:00 <@ChrisChanSonichu> she's shook up over it.
00:00 <@CameronVanDierten> i can see
00:00 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I feel for her.
00:00 <@BlueSpike> Cancer is grandmother had it. :(
00:00 <@Sarachu> I can imagine; I've lost two grandparents to cancer..
00:01 <@ChrisChanSonichu> my father was a smoker; he had 3 or 4 heart attacks, survived 3 triple bypasses and has a pacemaker.
00:01 <@ChrisChanSonichu> he is truly blessed to be alive at 80
00:01 <@BlueSpike> I wish people could get better from cancer, I'm crying now. I miss my grandma.
00:01 * CameronVanDierten hugs BlueSpike
00:01 <@Sarachu> 3 or 4 attacks? Oh my gosh.. wow..
00:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
00:02 <@Sarachu> God truly is protecting him
00:02 <@BlueSpike> I didn't know smoking could cause heart attacks. :O Whoa!
00:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> God must have a plan on keeping him around to keep me safe or something.
00:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Shoot, Yes! It has been scientifically proven.
00:02 <@BlueSpike> Where? :O
00:02 <@BlueSpike> I'm interested!
00:03 <@ChrisChanSonichu> You can look it up on any medical website.
00:03 <@BlueSpike> I did before.
00:03 <@CameronVanDierten> like webmd!
00:03 <@Sarachu> He's right. It can even be found on cigarette packs!
00:03 <@BlueSpike> I saw nothing of the kind. :(
00:03 <@CameronVanDierten> the canadian ones are really messed up
00:03 <@BlueSpike> I'll BRB..I'm gonna cry. I miss grandma.
00:03 <@CameronVanDierten> but they are effective
00:03 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's okay.
00:03 <@Sarachu> Oh, sorry, are those only in Canada?
00:03 <@CameronVanDierten> yeah
00:04 <@Sarachu> BlueSpike, I understand :( We're here if you need to talk!
00:04 * CameronVanDierten nods
00:04 <@BlueSpike> Okay...
00:04 <@CameronVanDierten> ...
00:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Well, Sarah, that's another thing you've for your information; about my father.
00:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *you've learned
00:04 <@Sarachu> Indeed, and I thank you very much for letting me know
00:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :)
00:04 <@CameronVanDierten> okay, b4 everyone breaksdown... I found a good heavy ? here
00:05 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok
00:05 <@Sarachu> Every little thing you share with us is like a small blessing :)
00:05 <@CameronVanDierten> man is this one heavy... okay
00:05 <@CameronVanDierten> here we go
00:05 <@CameronVanDierten> # Suppose some religious person suddenly declared playing the PS3 to be "immoral" and that all PS3 players should be imprisoned or converted to other, less evil consoles. Then say he didn't provide any reasoning behind why playing the PS3 is immoral. You'd think that he's a crackpot, right? Do you see how this relates to you? Can you justify your anti-homosexuality?
00:05 <@CameronVanDierten> that sounds like Vivian wrote that
00:06 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Yes, I see it, and I AM STRAIGHT. That's my FACT and I'M STICKING TO IT.
00:07 <@CameronVanDierten> amen to that
00:07 <@Sarachu> That was one odd question :/
00:07 <@CameronVanDierten> that said, what if someone did declare the PS3 as immoral? how would you feel about that?
00:07 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear that.
00:08 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd just ignore that crackpot.
00:08 <@ChrisChanSonichu> You said the word first.
00:08 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *crackpot
00:08 <@CameronVanDierten> true, but they could find out you have one and then make you play... shudders... xbox360
00:09 <@CameronVanDierten> the red ring of death sscares me
00:09 <@CameronVanDierten> HOLD ME!!!
00:09 <@BlueSpike> The Xbox is evil! :(
00:09 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
00:09 <@Sarachu> No one can make someone play the Hexbox
00:09 <@CameronVanDierten> only in a policestate they could
00:09 <@Sarachu> I guess, but if I were them, I'd throw it at the wall :P
00:10 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I've never really understood the "Red Ring of Death", although I have heard of it in LBP Custom Levels; can you explain it to me, please?
00:10 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Me 2
00:10 -!- CassieRosechu [~chatzilla@66CB15C0.C901AF8D.81FE7B82.IP] has joined #sonichu
00:10 <@ChrisChanSonichu> or smash it with my Feet.
00:10 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and heavy weight
00:10 <@CameronVanDierten> well, it's when the xbox360 malfunctions badly
00:10 <@Sarachu> CASSIE!
00:10 <@CameronVanDierten> hold on
00:10 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o CassieRosechu] by CameronVanDierten
00:10 <@BlueSpike> I thought you said you were fit as a fiddle. :(
00:10 <@CassieRosechu> hi!!
00:10 <@CameronVanDierten> hello
00:10 <@CassieRosechu> hello chriss!
00:10 <@Sarachu> It's all muscle, BlueSpike! ;)
00:10 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey.
00:11 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes, muscle.
00:11 <@Sarachu> Hiiiii Cassie, how are you girlfriend?! :D
00:11 <@CassieRosechu> im fine
00:11 < canine>
00:11 <@CassieRosechu> im excited to finally be here in th e chat with chris
00:11 <@CassieRosechu> how are you chrisl?
00:11 <@Sarachu> I know exactly how you feel!
00:11 <@CameronVanDierten> as the topic says, "SonichuGirls 4Lyfe!!!"
00:11 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm safe and well, thank you. :)
00:11 <@CassieRosechu> YAY
00:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> YES!
00:12 <@CameronVanDierten> i'm so happy Rebecca found you guys
00:12 <@CassieRosechu> yeah
00:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Who's Rebecca?
00:12 <@CassieRosechu> shes an angel cause she invited us here
00:12 <@CameronVanDierten> i was the one who first introduced her to you... she's my cousin
00:12 <@CassieRosechu> she's cam's cousin
00:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> oh, okay.
00:12 <@CameronVanDierten> her twin brother, Arjen, trolls u on youtube
00:12 <@CameronVanDierten> sadly
00:12 <@CameronVanDierten> :(
00:12 <@CassieRosechu> yah
00:12 <@BlueSpike> What's Sonichu Girls?
00:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ah.
00:12 <@CassieRosechu> i hate arjen
00:12 <@BlueSpike> I've heard of it but never checked it out.
00:13 <@BlueSpike> What is it, Chris?
00:13 <@Sarachu> I hate all trolls >:(
00:13 <@CassieRosechu> sonichu girls is this forum we've made so us girls can go on and talk about sonichu
00:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's a group for Women Sonichu Fans; NO TROLLS ALLOWED.
00:13 <@CassieRosechu> its become pretty famous lately
00:13 <@CameronVanDierten> hmm... maybe Arjen should get a taste of his own medicine
00:13 <@CassieRosechu> now that chris has joined us :)
00:13 <@CameronVanDierten> okay, here we go
00:13 <@BlueSpike> What if there are trolls there though? :(
00:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am the Honerary Male on there. :)
00:13 <@BlueSpike> Naaah, no way.
00:13 <@Sarachu> There are NO trolls
00:13 <@BlueSpike> I'll join once I can!
00:13 <@CassieRosechu> no
00:13 <@CameronVanDierten> SonichuGirls, this is my idiot cousin's yt acct:
00:13 <@CassieRosechu> there arent trolls
00:14 <@BlueSpike> I can't wait to speak to you there, Chris!
00:14 <@CameronVanDierten> you know what to do
00:14 <@Sarachu> We have a team of admins working hard to keep the baddies out
00:14 <@CassieRosechu> ive been makin sure that theres no trolls going in
00:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah takes Special Caution and Zero Tolerance on keeping Trolls OUT.
00:14 <@BlueSpike> Good!
00:14 <@Sarachu> That's right, Chris! :)
00:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Yes.
00:14 <@CameronVanDierten> amen
00:14 <@BlueSpike> Can I ask you something, Chris?
00:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok.
00:15 <@CameronVanDierten> yes, more ?s please
00:15 <@BlueSpike> It's about a scene where you find a boyfriend free girl.
00:15 <@CassieRosechu> im up next
00:15 <@BlueSpike> Now, what would you do if a troll tried to take the girl from you?
00:15 <@Sarachu> I have a quick one after that, if you all don't mind
00:15 <@CassieRosechu> i want to ask something to chris
00:15 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
00:15 <@CameronVanDierten> oh dear lol
00:15 <@ChrisChanSonichu> IRL or on internet?
00:15 <@BlueSpike> And he tried to kidnap her?
00:15 <@BlueSpike> IRL.
00:15 <@CameronVanDierten> okay... cassie, then sarah :)
00:15 <@Sarachu> Thanks Cam :)
00:15 <@CameronVanDierten> de nada
00:16 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I would learn his demands if any, or if he hurt her, I'd strike the jerk back.
00:16 <@BlueSpike> Cool! I wish I had a tough man like you, Chris!
00:16 <@CassieRosechu> tnks cam
00:16 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Cassie?
00:17 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o Luv4Sonichu] by CameronVanDierten
00:17 <@CassieRosechu> yah chris
00:17 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
00:17 <@ChrisChanSonichu> didn't you have a question?
00:17 <@CassieRosechu> i saw on your site that you had a pokesite in spanish
00:17 <@CassieRosechu> you know
00:17 <@CassieRosechu> im mexican
00:17 -!- Guest is now known as Guest5608
00:17 <@CameronVanDierten> Luv4Sonichu is a SonichuGirl i just learned, so welcome
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00:17 <@CassieRosechu> and ive alwasy wanted to know how you learned swpanish
00:17 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do; took two years of Spanish in Manchester High.
00:17 <@Sarachu> Yes she is, she's an admin too :)
00:17 <@CassieRosechu> oh
00:17 <@Luv4Sonichu> Hey, Chris!
00:17 <@CassieRosechu> could you tell us something in spanish?
00:17 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey.
00:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> A mi, me gusta las chica bonitas en la cocina en mi casa. [Translation: To me, I like the pretty girls in the kitchen of my house.]
00:18 <@Luv4Sonichu> Its awesome to finally chat with ya in an actual . . . chat hehe
00:18 <@CameronVanDierten> oh, a fan would like to talk to you in spanish... hold on
00:18 <@CassieRosechu> Oh, i didn't know you were so fluent chris!
00:18 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v GenesisRosechu] by CameronVanDierten
00:19 <@ChrisChanSonichu> o, de me cancion, "Estamos en la cocina en la casa de Casanova." [Translation: O, of my song, “We are in the Kitchen of the Casa of Casanova.”]
00:19 <@Luv4Sonichu> That is so sweet, Chris
00:19 <@CameronVanDierten> hola gen again
00:19 <@CassieRosechu> yo amo tus canciones chris [Translation: I love your songs, Chris.]
00:19 <@CameronVanDierten> that's all i've got
00:19 * CameronVanDierten is Dutch
00:19 <@ChrisChanSonichu> esta muy bein. [Translation: That's very good.]
00:19 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris, can I ask u sumthin?
00:19 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Si
00:19 <@CassieRosechu> i thought sarah was next
00:19 <+GenesisRosechu> Chris chan!! Habla Castellion? [Translation: Chris, speak Castillion?]
00:19 <@CameronVanDierten> hold on... aye sarah is
00:19 <@Sarachu> Lol, it's okay, go ahead :)
00:19 <@ChrisChanSonichu> de verdad! Sarah, por favor.
00:20 <@CameronVanDierten> cool
00:20 * canine is yiddish
00:20 <@Luv4Sonichu> hehe How do u feel about becoming so famous now? What is ur fav part about ur newfound fame?
00:20 <@CassieRosechu> thats so coll chris
00:20 <@CassieRosechu> your so smart
00:20 <@CameronVanDierten> he would fare well in Spain, that's for sure
00:20 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Much better and Omnipotent.
00:21 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I Love all the Sweet, Honest girls/ladies.
00:21 <@Luv4Sonichu> Hmm? Mind tellin me more, sweety?
00:21 <@Sarachu> We love you too! :)
00:21 <@Luv4Sonichu> Awww
00:21 <@Luv4Sonichu> :-*
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00:21 <@CassieRosechu> chris, would you go to mexico to meet a girl?
00:21 <+GenesisRosechu> ¿Qué tipo de clima te gusta más? La lluvia o el sol? [Translation: What type of weather do you like better? Rainy or sunny?]
00:22 <@ChrisChanSonichu> they flatter me with their open honesty, opinions and compliments.
00:22 <@ChrisChanSonichu> en la media; no muy caliente, no muy frio. [Translation: In the middle: not too hot, not too cold.]
00:22 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
00:22 <+GenesisRosechu> Sinceramente, el amor de la lluvia. Me encantaría recibir un beso en la lluvia. [Translation: Sincerely, I love the rain. I'd love to receive a kiss in the rain.]
00:22 <@Luv4Sonichu> What I luv luv LUV about u Chris is how HONEST you r
00:22 <@Luv4Sonichu> About your life, your beliefs
00:22 -!- Guest is now known as Guest54776
00:23 <@Sarachu> I agree, he's very honest and open about everything
00:23 <@Luv4Sonichu> How honest u r about the fact that ur a virgin
00:23 <@ChrisChanSonichu> nothing less, I can promise.
00:23 <+GenesisRosechu> ¿No cree usted que es romántico? [Translation: You don't believe you're a romantic?]
00:23 <@ChrisChanSonichu> VERY HONEST.
00:23 <@CameronVanDierten> well, at least someone is honest in this world
00:23 <@Luv4Sonichu> Most guys would pretend they had loads of girls in their comics
00:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> si, es romantico y caliente. ay! ay! ay! [Translation: Yes, is hot and spicy! (literally, based on his conjugation choice)]
00:24 <@CassieRosechu> guys stop the spanish
00:24 <@CassieRosechu> some people here dont understand
00:24 <@CameronVanDierten> aye don't remind me... arjen takes all the pretty girls away
00:24 <@Luv4Sonichu> Yet, u'v been truthful about ur lack of a sweetheart
00:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have.
00:24 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
00:24 <@Luv4Sonichu> its so so SOOOO sweet
00:24 <@BlueSpike> Sorry, but I think Arjen's kinda cute. :(
00:24 <+GenesisRosechu> sorry, I am just so excited to be able to talk to Chris chan in Spanish! I don't meet many so sabio
00:25 -!- Guest is now known as Guest1324
00:25 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris is just sooo multitalented
00:25 <+GenesisRosechu> Creo que las chicas son celos, ¿no te parece? [Translation: I believe the girls are jealous, don't you agree?]
00:25 <@Luv4Sonichu> I like a man whose not just a pretty face
00:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I feel omnipotent in finally being able to open up freely to so many single women.
00:25 <@Luv4Sonichu> Oooooooooh
00:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :)
00:25 <@CassieRosechu> chris, i would like to know why you're so against homosexuals? i mean, they go against god's will, but they're not hurting anyone, are they?
00:26 <@Luv4Sonichu> I bet you feel so POWERFUL, huh, baby?
00:26 <+GenesisRosechu> Tal vez deberíamos hablar otra vez en un mejor lugar y el tiempo. [Translation: Maybe we should talk again at a better place and time.]
00:26 <@Sarachu> Those horrible Gay4Sonichu guys are!
00:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes they are.
00:26 <@CassieRosechu> how?
00:27 <@Luv4Sonichu> I let chrissy answer
00:27 <@BlueSpike> Ugh, I don't even wanna talk about it.
00:27 -!- Polly-tan [] has left #sonichu []
00:27 <@Luv4Sonichu> He smarter than me at these things
00:27 <+GenesisRosechu> Una vez más, un placer, mi Sonichu Casanova. [Translation: Once again, a pleasure, my Sonichu Casanova.]
00:27 <@Luv4Sonichu> All I know is that bein gay is EVIL
00:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I bet dimes to doughnuts that the homos are the majority of those who have drawn dicks on the female characters/women.
00:27 <@CassieRosechu> how are they hurting others chris?
00:27 * CameronVanDierten pages through book of questions for a better one
00:27 <@CassieRosechu> and thats bad how? i mean, it's duisgusting
00:28 <@CassieRosechu> but theyres a freedom of expression
00:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it defiles women.
00:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> true women.
00:28 <+GenesisRosechu> Ignorar ella, la niña sabe nada. Ya lo aprenderá. [Translation: Ignore her, she knows nothing. She will learn.]
00:28 <@CassieRosechu> are u saying im not a true woman?
00:28 <@Luv4Sonichu> Well, Chris, to be fair . . .their are women with . . . parts like that
00:28 <@CameronVanDierten> so... what about transgender women tho?
00:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no.
00:29 <+GenesisRosechu> Cassie, I think Chris has made his ideas of homosexuality quite clear, and most of the SonichuGals agree. Don't we?
00:29 <@CameronVanDierten> i mean, they do have those parts, but they can still be considered true women... right?
00:29 <+GenesisRosechu> We shouldn't antagonize him.
00:29 <@Sarachu> There are transgenders and that's perfectly fine, but.. to draw a pickle on Rosechu, who was born a TRUE woman, is wrong
00:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have given thought about the transgenders and transvesites; I do not feel comfortable with them.
00:29 <@CameronVanDierten> how so?
00:29 <@CameronVanDierten> i mean... they're not men at least... right?
00:29 <@CassieRosechu> ok
00:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> dicks are dicks, and I do not care about them, except for my onw.
00:30 <@CassieRosechu> ill stop now
00:30 <@BlueSpike> I think it's fine, it's not against the law to draw such things, thought I don't like it.
00:30 <+GenesisRosechu> I think Chris is saying that we should be happy with what God gives us, and that to mess with that is to mess with God's plan.
00:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah understands my point.
00:30 <@Sarachu> Genesis is very wise!
00:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
00:30 <@CassieRosechu> chris... i know this is private...
00:30 <@Luv4Sonichu> Ah, I understand now
00:30 <@CassieRosechu> but how long is your penis?
00:30 <@Luv4Sonichu> Thank u
00:30 <@Sarachu> Cassie!!
00:30 <+GenesisRosechu> Cassie!
00:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Genesis has hit the nail on the head.
00:31 <@CameronVanDierten> cassie...
00:31 <@Luv4Sonichu> *blushes*
00:31 <@BlueSpike> Cassie!
00:31 <+GenesisRosechu> Thank you Chris :)
00:31 -!- mode/#sonichu [-o CassieRosechu] by CameronVanDierten
00:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool; mine goes up to 7 inches.
00:31 <@CameronVanDierten> cassie... that might've been a bit too far there
00:31 <@CameronVanDierten> then agian...
00:31 <@BlueSpike> Really? :)
00:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Cassie was cool.
00:31 <@BlueSpike> I wish I could say, but I'll have to wait until I can meet you!
00:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
00:32 <@BlueSpike> If I'm lucky. :)
00:32 <@Sarachu> Wow, Chris :o
00:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> you didn't have to -o her.
00:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
00:32 <@CameronVanDierten> mmm...
00:32 <@CameronVanDierten> hold on
00:32 -!- Comrade_Crab [] has quit []
00:32 <@Luv4Sonichu> Sorry, Chris. They just looken out for ya :)
00:32 <+GenesisRosechu> perhaps it was a bit hasty, we are just so concerned for your well being here, after all the stress you have to live through.
00:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> but I'd like to make it longer; I've tried Extenze, but not much difference.
00:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool.
00:32 <@BlueSpike> Chris..
00:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I understand and I appreciate your care.
00:32 <@BlueSpike> Could I see someday?
00:33 <@BlueSpike> :)
00:33 <@BlueSpike> Sorry. :(
00:33 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o CassieRosechu] by CameronVanDierten
00:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> if you met me IRL, maybe.
00:33 <@BlueSpike> I shouldn't of said such a thing here.
00:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's okay.
00:33 <@Sarachu> I've heard they're usually about 5 inches, sorry to get into personal stuff like this
00:33 <@CassieRosechu> thanks... i will keep quiet now
00:33 <@CassieRosechu> sorry about that chris
00:33 -!- Spankety [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds
00:33 <@CameronVanDierten> okay... if chris isn't bothered, i'll allow it
00:33 <+GenesisRosechu> I think we'd all want a chance. Perhaps I will get a little celoso myself.
00:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool. 7 inches max, in case you missed it.
00:33 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o GenesisRosechu] by CameronVanDierten
00:33 <@Sarachu> The vagina is usually 5 inches, so a really big penis can hurt it
00:33 <@Luv4Sonichu> I'd be afraid that I'd feint being face 2 face with the REAL TRUE Chris
00:33 <@CassieRosechu> oh
00:33 <@CassieRosechu> thats nice
00:34 <@CassieRosechu> this is a question from a friend of mine who wants to ask:
00:34 <@BlueSpike> I wish I could see now! I bet it looks wonderful...Do you think you could send me a private picture some time?
00:34 <@BlueSpike> ;)
00:34 <@CassieRosechu> Fans are noticing that much of your humor is taken from other sources, (Family Guy, Monty Python, ect.) Why do you continue to do this instead of coming up with your own original brand of humor?
00:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd rather not send pics; I've had bad previous expierences on that issue.
00:34 <@BlueSpike> I'd never send anyone one, I'd delete it after I was done!
00:34 <@BlueSpike> But okay.
00:34 <@CameronVanDierten> i heard about that... mean 4cent garbage trolls
00:35 <@GenesisRosechu> Such horrible people.
00:35 <@BlueSpike> Just think about it, okay Chris? ;)
00:35 <@CameronVanDierten> i'm glad arjen isn't one... yet
00:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I try to add my own humor, but I like to borrow a parody sometimes.
00:35 * CameronVanDierten shakes head
00:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> maybe.
00:35 <@Sarachu> Okay, my turn for a question? :)
00:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
00:35 <@CameronVanDierten> sure
00:35 <@GenesisRosechu> Yes, go Sarah! I want to go next.
00:35 <@BlueSpike> I hope I'll see them soon, I'll stop now, though!
00:36 <@Sarachu> Chris-chan, are you into the Legend of Zelda series?? It's my absolute favourite :)
00:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
00:36 <@Sarachu> Oh my gosh, that makes me so happy :D
00:36 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o HarinezumiShoujo] by CameronVanDierten
00:36 <@GenesisRosechu> Is it my turn? I have a serious question. :)
00:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I've completed Link's Awakening, but not too many of the rest. I've got far in most.
00:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok
00:37 <@CameronVanDierten> i just heard HarinezumiShoujo is also a SonichuGirl... welcome
00:37 -!- SonichuGal [] has left #sonichu []
00:37 <@HarinezumiShoujo> Konbanwa Kurisu-kun!!!!!
00:37 -!- SonichuGal [] has joined #sonichu
00:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Konichiwa
00:37 <@GenesisRosechu> We all know that one of your biggest dreams is to have your daughter, Crystal. Because of this, do you believe in using birth control for your first time, or would you try for Crystal right away?
00:37 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o sonichulover1989] by CameronVanDierten
00:37 <@sonichulover1989> hey
00:37 <@CameronVanDierten> i also found out Wendy is here
00:38 <@sonichulover1989> im wendy
00:38 <@CameronVanDierten> hi Wendy
00:38 <@GenesisRosechu> You know, because you have very Christian beliefs, so I don't know if you'd wait for marriage or just true love.
00:38 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
00:38 -!- Spankety [] has joined #sonichu

00:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Birth Control for before marriage.
00:38 -!- Guest is now known as Guest27292
00:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, Wendy. :)
00:38 -!- SonichuGal [] has left #sonichu []
00:38 <@sonichulover1989> hey
00:38 <@GenesisRosechu> What would you prefer, male birth control or female birth control?
00:38 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o Guest27292] by CameronVanDierten
00:38 <@HarinezumiShoujo> It's actually 2:37 here, but i know it is late over in america
00:38 <@Sarachu> Hello Wendy :)
00:38 -!- Guest27292 is now known as Hot4Chrissy
00:38 -!- QueerSonichuLuvr [] has joined #sonichu

00:38 <@Hot4Chrissy> hi!!!
00:38 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chrissy, what is ur thoughts on the Gundam anime series?
00:38 <@CameronVanDierten> more SGs... wow!
00:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'll wear the condom.
00:38 -!- QueerSonichuLuvr [] has left #sonichu []
00:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool.
00:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> the Gundam anime.
00:39 <@sonichulover1989> i might visit charlottesville over spring break
00:39 <@GenesisRosechu> Sounds very responsible. Then you can also get different ones for her pleasure! How thoughtful!
00:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I also like Transformers and Robotech.
00:39 <@sonichulover1989> at the least next summer
00:39 <@sonichulover1989> *latest
00:39 -!- SonichuGal [] has joined #sonichu
00:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
00:39 <@Luv4Sonichu> u kno they r making a Robotec movie?
00:39 <@Luv4Sonichu> Or so my bro told me
00:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> they've made many robotech movies.
00:39 <@ChrisChanSonichu> there's one on the PSN for 7.99
00:40 <@Luv4Sonichu> No, I live action one
00:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
00:40 <@Luv4Sonichu> *teh
00:40 <@GenesisRosechu> Chris chan, another fan is PMing me. I don't know if this question is quite appropriate, because it's personal, but may I ask it?
00:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> please ask.
00:40 <@CameronVanDierten> if he can handle penis ?s, he can handle anything
00:40 <@GenesisRosechu> They want to know what would you do if Crystal was autistic?
00:40 <@GenesisRosechu> Since it is hereditary
00:40 <@Hot4Chrissy> hi chris, i think ur hot, that's why i came into the room so i culd talk 2 u :)
00:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I would still love her just the same.
00:41 <@CameronVanDierten> awww
00:41 <@BlueSpike> :)
00:41 <@GenesisRosechu> That's very awesome of you Chris.
00:41 <@sonichulover1989> thats nice
00:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey, Hottie.
00:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> lol
00:41 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris, you are a tru hero
00:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :)
00:41 <@CameronVanDierten> oh, chris
00:41 <@BlueSpike> I have a question, too.
00:41 <@CameronVanDierten> my cousin rebecca is here
00:41 <@BlueSpike> Someone similar.
00:41 <@CameronVanDierten> hold on one sec
00:41 <@CameronVanDierten> blue, go for it
00:42 <@BlueSpike> What would you do if it turned out your girlfriend free girl was autistic herself and you couldn't tell somehow? :O
00:42 -!- CameronVanDierten is now known as RebeccaVanDierten
00:42 <@BlueSpike> Just, what if?
00:42 <@BlueSpike> And you truly loved her?
00:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd love her too.
00:42 <@GenesisRosechu> The other fan wants to know also, what would you do if you had sons first, instead of Crystal?
00:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's really the low-functioning autistic people who really freak me out, period.
00:43 <@sonichulover1989> thats understandable
00:43 <@ChrisChanSonichu> My wife can name him, and I'd raise him just the same.
00:43 <@sonichulover1989> there unsettling
00:43 <@BlueSpike> What if it was low-functioning and you couldn't tell somehow?
00:43 <@RebeccaVanDierten> omg... omg omg omg... chris! hi! I'm rebecca and i just want to apologize for my twin brother's actions against you... he's a stupid jerk
00:43 <@BlueSpike> Again, just what-if. :O
00:43 <@Sarachu> These are all very personal questions
00:43 <@BlueSpike> Maybe I shouldn't ask that, pass if you wish.
00:43 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hi, Rebecca. It's cool; I do not blame you for your brother's actions.
00:43 <@RebeccaVanDierten> thank you ; )
00:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Low-functioning are more obvious.
00:44 <@sonichulover1989> yeah
00:44 <@GenesisRosechu> Boy, these fans just love you Chris chan! They're so excited you're here that the questions are overloading me now.
00:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Rebecca, are you on the Sonichu Girls?
00:44 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i am
00:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
00:44 <@HarinezumiShoujo> Ne, Kurisu, can you use hashi? I think they call them chop stick? If you had a girl from japan, you would have to use chop stick!
00:44 <@CassieRosechu> chris, are you planing to get a new dog... im really srry about patti, my dog was just put to sleep a coupl of days ago... so i know how that is
00:44 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i tried to send you a message about the trolls who were planning to invade your meeting tonight
00:45 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i pray nothing bad happened
00:45 <@Sarachu> Oh my gosh, those trolls were sooo annoying!
00:45 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i know
00:45 <@sonichulover1989> >:O
00:45 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh, i just re-read your tribute to patti
00:45 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool; I have handled chop sticks before very well. likely, but no plans at the moment. I just ignore the Trolls; if they have recorded their actions and posted them on youtube, well that's their smoke being blown.
00:46 <@RebeccaVanDierten> do you plan to get a new puppy? i love puppies
00:46 <@GenesisRosechu> That's a very mature way to see it.
00:46 <@RebeccaVanDierten> it sure is *sighs*
00:46 <@ChrisChanSonichu> maybe. and I meant it from the heart.
00:46 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i know... it made me cry
00:46 <@Luv4Sonichu> I just keep admiring u more and more, Chris
00:47 <@sonichulover1989> whats your favorite breed of dog?
00:47 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah
00:47 <@Sarachu> You should get a dog Chris.. I have a puppy and she is my entire life.. :)
00:47 <@Luv4Sonichu> Uv certainly beaten those troll JERKS haven;t u?
00:47 <@RebeccaVanDierten> aww... i have two already
00:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> none in particular, but I like Beagles, Collies, mutts, whatever. :)
00:47 <@RebeccaVanDierten> sooo frisky
00:47 <@Luv4Sonichu> With ur new fame and all
00:48 <@BlueSpike> I like collies too.
00:48 <@Sarachu> My dog is part Beagle :)
00:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I take it one day at a time.
00:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Patti was part beagle, part spitz.
00:48 <@GenesisRosechu> I'm sure those trolls will realize soon you can't mess with someone with the heart of a soldier. :)
00:48 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i have golden reterivers, they're awsome
00:48 <@Luv4Sonichu> I just kno ud protect me from those mean trolls
00:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd protect all those I care for within my power and reach.
00:49 <@sonichulover1989> your very brave
00:49 <@Luv4Sonichu> Awww
00:49 <@sonichulover1989> :)
00:49 <@Luv4Sonichu> :-*
00:49 <@GenesisRosechu> How sweet, you will make a great father.
00:49 <@Sarachu> :)
00:49 <@GenesisRosechu> Crystal will be very lucky.
00:49 <@RebeccaVanDierten> :)
00:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> my prayers and my heart shall shield you all from fear or harm.
00:49 <@RebeccaVanDierten> she will
00:49 <@GenesisRosechu> In fact I am almost jealous since I do not have a father.
00:49 <@Luv4Sonichu> And a loving husband
00:49 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh, do you like kitties?
00:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
00:49 <@sonichulover1989> i grew up without a father
00:49 <@RebeccaVanDierten> they're curte too
00:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have had numerous cats, but I'm down to three at the moment.
00:50 <@RebeccaVanDierten> aww what kind?
00:50 <@ChrisChanSonichu> two ladies and a boy.
00:50 <@RebeccaVanDierten> :)
00:50 <@Sarachu> Chris, I would love to see pics of them sometime!
00:50 <@Sarachu> I'm a HUGE cat lover :)
00:50 <@RebeccaVanDierten> me 2!
00:50 <@ChrisChanSonichu> INS of breeds at the moment.
00:50 <@CassieRosechu> i have a kitty
00:50 <@Luv4Sonichu> Me 2
00:50 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i just have my puppies
00:50 <@sonichulover1989> im not a cat fan
00:50 <@sonichulover1989> i prefer dogs
00:51 <@CassieRosechu> shes a bit old, shes ten years old
00:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool.
00:51 <@CassieRosechu> will you make me happy when she dies chris?
00:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd do my best to console you.
00:51 <@RebeccaVanDierten> aww
00:51 <@RebeccaVanDierten> such a gentleman
00:51 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh,my cousin cameron gave me this book of questions
00:51 <@BlueSpike> Chris is the nicest boy I ever met!
00:51 <@RebeccaVanDierten> let me pick one...
00:52 <@BlueSpike> Chris..I'm gonna meet you IRL soon!
00:52 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh, this one's about games
00:52 <@BlueSpike> I'm gonna go to Ruckersvile!
00:52 <@RebeccaVanDierten> someone noticed you had Bioshock
00:52 <@BlueSpike> Sorry if I spelt it wrong.
00:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do.
00:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's cool.
00:52 <@BlueSpike> We can hug..and maybe beyond, I hope!
00:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I haven't got far in it, but I'd play further.
00:52 -!- BlueSpike was kicked from #sonichu by sonichulover1989 [no, me first!]
00:52 -!- BlueSpike [] has joined #sonichu

00:53 <@RebeccaVanDierten> do you have games like Fallout 3 and mirror's edge and uncharted and metal gear solid?
00:53 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o BlueSpike] by sonichulover1989
00:53 <@BlueSpike> :(
00:53 -!- Guest54776 [] has quit [Quit: Guest54776]
00:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Mirror's Edge, Sonic, LBP, and many others.
00:53 <@CassieRosechu> thank you so much chris
00:53 <@BlueSpike> I love Bioshock!
00:53 <@BlueSpike> Do you save the Little Sisters/
00:53 <@BlueSpike> Or harvest them?
00:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> save
00:53 -!- Guest_ [] has joined #sonichu
00:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> like they were my own.
00:54 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris, you make reference to Captains Logs alot in ur vids. Are u a Trekkie? hehe
00:54 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no; I just think the line is a cool, neutral way to start a video log.
00:54 <@sonichulover1989> i agree
00:54 <@Sarachu> You got that right ;D
00:54 <@BlueSpike> I think it's awesome!
00:54 <@GenesisRosechu> A fan also wants to know why you didn't include Metal Gear as one of the games that pushes the PS3's limit?
00:54 <@Luv4Sonichu> Yeah, its cool
00:54 * RebeccaVanDierten pages through book to find happy questions
00:55 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah i was gonna find that one
00:55 <@RebeccaVanDierten> ty
00:55 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I DID include MGS4; I had to look up someone else's level who had the cover for a sticker.
00:55 <@GenesisRosechu> Oh, very understandable.
00:55 <@GenesisRosechu> :)
00:55 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it was darker, so it was hard to tell.
00:55 <@BlueSpike> You should buy MGS4 so we can play Metal Gear Online! :)
00:55 <@RebeccaVanDierten> dark and scary
00:55 <@BlueSpike> But I actually checked alot and I didn't see MGS4 there.
00:55 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I will buy the game after I get my gift card.
00:55 <@BlueSpike> I could see each.
00:56 <@Sarachu> I'm getting MGS :D
00:56 <@sonichulover1989> oh, cool
00:56 <@RebeccaVanDierten> cool
00:56 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i saw your vid
00:56 <@GenesisRosechu> I thought your gift card was going to the church?
00:56 <@RebeccaVanDierten> it's so nice of you to also offer your card to your church
00:56 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris, who is your fav Transformer?
00:56 <@BlueSpike> Oh, and I have a question..
00:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I plan on sharing it with my congregation.
00:56 -!- Sonichu_Knight [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
00:56 <@sonichulover1989> thats generous of you
00:56 <@BlueSpike> All us Sonichu girls voted for you in the contest, do you think...would you share some with us, too? :3
00:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> keeping in mind of some of the remainder to use on me.
00:56 -!- Guest1324 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
00:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> maybe.
00:56 <@sonichulover1989> of course
00:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Bumblebee
00:56 <@BlueSpike> Coool!
00:57 <@RebeccaVanDierten> aww
00:57 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh... wait...
00:57 <@BlueSpike> Because I know what game I'd love.
00:57 <@GenesisRosechu> That would be so awesome! A true blue thank you to your fans!
00:57 <@RebeccaVanDierten> what if someone used your card to get...
00:57 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
00:57 <@Luv4Sonichu> Ah, I luv luv lUV him
00:57 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh i can't...
00:57 <@RebeccaVanDierten> cameron says i should...
00:57 * RebeccaVanDierten sighs
00:57 <@GenesisRosechu> no, Rebecca, don't say it!
00:57 <@RebeccaVanDierten> xbox games?
00:57 -!- Guest is now known as Guest9890
00:57 * GenesisRosechu gasps.

00:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
00:57 <@BlueSpike> I'm sure Chris is nice enough.
00:57 <@BlueSpike> :)
00:57 <@BlueSpike> Even to make an exception for you.
00:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no problem
00:58 <@CassieRosechu> wow chris
00:58 <@CassieRosechu> thats so nice of you
00:58 <@RebeccaVanDierten> okay
00:58 <@CassieRosechu> you really are like a saint or something
00:58 <@RebeccaVanDierten> cameron says i need to give voice to a fan
00:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> if I may share something else.
00:58 <@RebeccaVanDierten> hold on
00:58 <@RebeccaVanDierten> sure
00:58 <@sonichulover1989> sure
00:58 <@sonichulover1989> do tell
00:59 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Panda, which I will confide with you all her real name, Sarah Cassandra McKenzie, asked me an interesting question the other day.
00:59 <@RebeccaVanDierten> really?
00:59 <@RebeccaVanDierten> do tell
00:59 <@BlueSpike> Really?
00:59 <@Luv4Sonichu> Hmmm do tell
00:59 <@BlueSpike> Do tell!
00:59 <@Sarachu> What's that?
01:00 <@ChrisChanSonichu> She asked me how I would feel if I awoke, finding my Sonichu Girls surrounding me, and they were all naked.
01:00 <@CassieRosechu> Oh... i didn't know panda had the same name i do
01:00 <@CassieRosechu> cassandra that is
01:00 <@RebeccaVanDierten> really?
01:00 <@sonichulover1989> oh wow
01:00 <@RebeccaVanDierten> hmm
01:00 <@CassieRosechu> wow
01:00 <@BlueSpike> ...I know I'd like to be in that scene! :)
01:00 <@sonichulover1989> sounds fun :)
01:00 <@RebeccaVanDierten> well... i'd like to take part if I could
01:00 <@CassieRosechu> that would be very fun...
01:01 * GenesisRosechu blushes.
01:01 <@Sarachu> Woah! Why would she ask that?!
01:01 <@CassieRosechu> but... all of us?
01:01 <@BlueSpike> Sounds like fun!
01:01 <@GenesisRosechu> I'd do it.. but I'd be very shy!
01:01 <@GenesisRosechu> maybe..
01:01 <@RebeccaVanDierten> me 2
01:01 <@CassieRosechu> id like to have you all for myself chris...
01:01 <@sonichulover1989> we all would
01:01 <@CassieRosechu> having other girls there would scare me...
01:01 <@BlueSpike> I don't mean to be too sexual..but..I'd want you to give me the ride of my life, Chris! ;)
01:01 <@GenesisRosechu> I don't mind sharing... ^_^
01:01 <@RebeccaVanDierten> heheh
01:01 <@ChrisChanSonichu> she is as interested in losing her virgin ways like y'all are.
01:01 <@RebeccaVanDierten> blue you naught thng u
01:01 <@CassieRosechu> its not about sharing...
01:01 <@Sarachu> I don't really like that idea tbh..
01:01 <@CassieRosechu> i wouldnt midn sharing
01:01 <@GenesisRosechu> naughty Panda, she just wants some company and help
01:01 <@Luv4Sonichu> Wow . . .
01:01 <@CassieRosechu> but im a virgin and i dont have experience....
01:01 <@BlueSpike> Maybe we could all meet up and...
01:01 <@RebeccaVanDierten> well, chris is quite the stud
01:01 <@Luv4Sonichu> Thats . . . kinda sexy Chris
01:01 <@BlueSpike> I dunno.
01:01 <@Sarachu> I think losing your virginity should be special and sacred
01:02 <@GenesisRosechu> So.. what would you do, I'm anxiously awaiting the answer!
01:02 <@RebeccaVanDierten> maybe one woman isn't enough
01:02 <@RebeccaVanDierten> tee hee
01:02 <@GenesisRosechu> Wouldn't it be special and sacred just as long as it's Chris?
01:02 <@BlueSpike> Maybe all us Sonichu girls could share your virginity?
01:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> anyway, I replied honestly, describing it like a scene in a movie.
01:02 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah
01:02 <@Luv4Sonichu> Mmmm
01:02 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oooh i love movies
01:02 -!- Liquid [] has joined #sonichu
01:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> at first I would be surprised.
01:02 <@Luv4Sonichu> Tell us!
01:02 <@RebeccaVanDierten> mm hmm
01:02 <@Luv4Sonichu> Mmm yeah, baby
01:02 <@BlueSpike> And I'd kiss you on the cheek. ;)
01:02 <@GenesisRosechu> Hehehehe.. I'd hope you'd be happy too!
01:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> then I'd ask how y'all got into my room; "The front door was unlocked".
01:02 <@sonichulover1989> im wet
01:02 <@RebeccaVanDierten> would u
01:02 <@GenesisRosechu> to see all of our smiling faces.
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> we're sneaky like that, chris
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> ;)
01:03 <@BlueSpike> Chris, you should describe who gets to have your essence first!
01:03 <@BlueSpike> I hope it's me!
01:03 <@BlueSpike> I'm playful, after all!
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> no me
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> lol
01:03 <@GenesisRosechu> We would love to hear this, just like a playful bedtime story!
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah
01:03 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris, tell us what you would DO with us . . .
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i'm in my pjs right now
01:03 <@Sarachu> I'm a little bit uncomfortable here; sorry girls..
01:03 <@RebeccaVanDierten> wearing nothing underneath
01:03 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and overlooking the sea of removed clothing on the floor, I would assume y'all came just to be with me there.
01:03 <@Luv4Sonichu> Ima in my undies hehe
01:04 <@GenesisRosechu> Why else would we be there? hehehehe
01:04 <@GenesisRosechu> I'm so glad I'm alone right now.. this is hot.
01:04 <@Sarachu> I'll talk to you later
01:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Taking my time, I would ask who I would do first.
01:04 <@Sarachu> Byebye
01:04 <@RebeccaVanDierten> bye sarah
01:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> don't leave.
01:04 -!- Polly-tan [] has joined #sonichu
01:04 <@Sarachu> Why?
01:04 <@GenesisRosechu> It would be your decision Chris :) Always your commands.
01:04 <@RebeccaVanDierten> ;(
01:04 <@Luv4Sonichu> Oh, do me, sweety
01:04 <@Luv4Sonichu> Mmmm
01:04 <@CassieRosechu> im wearing nothing but a towel...
01:05 <@CassieRosechu> came out of the shower and got a message to join the chat =P
01:05 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i'm getting a little hot now
01:05 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd ask y'all to go around, introducing yourselves and telling me y'all's individual interests and personality traits.
01:05 <@BlueSpike> I'd just jump onto you, naked. :)
01:05 <@RebeccaVanDierten> maybe i should unbutton my shirt a bit
01:05 -!- Guest_ [] has quit [Quit: Guest_]
01:05 <@CassieRosechu> that would take long
01:05 <@RebeccaVanDierten> there are sooo many of us
01:05 <@CassieRosechu> i wouldnt be able to resist that long
01:06 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
01:06 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I'd pick the one who I would feel best with after that.
01:06 <@RebeccaVanDierten> awww
01:06 <@HarinezumiShoujo> Uwaaa, Kurisu, this is just like ero-anime... hazukashii na...
01:06 <@BlueSpike> Me? :3
01:06 <@sonichulover1989> :)
01:06 <@GenesisRosechu> oooo I'd hope it would be me.. even if I am shy
01:06 <@sonichulover1989> i hope it'd be me
01:06 <@Sarachu> Chris, I love the way you think :)
01:06 <@RebeccaVanDierten> or me
01:06 <@CassieRosechu> ME
01:06 -!- Guest is now known as Guest30948
01:06 <@CassieRosechu> CHOOSE ME
01:06 <@BlueSpike> Me!
01:06 <@CassieRosechu> PLEASE
01:06 <@BlueSpike> I want to pleasure you in every way you wish!
01:06 <@BlueSpike> I want to ride you!
01:06 <@RebeccaVanDierten> ero-anime is hot, zumi
01:06 <@CassieRosechu> u would deflower me chris
01:06 <@RebeccaVanDierten> BlueSpike calm down
01:06 <@RebeccaVanDierten> silly
01:06 <@BlueSpike> I'm sorry, I'm so excited!
01:06 <@CassieRosechu> lose our virgynities together
01:06 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i know i know
01:07 <@RebeccaVanDierten> but this stud can only handle so much of us
01:07 <@RebeccaVanDierten> he might want a gentle lover at first
01:07 <@ChrisChanSonichu> oh, I think I can handle y'all at a good pace.
01:07 <@GenesisRosechu> Exactly, would it be gentle, or rough at first?
01:07 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oooh! tee hee
01:07 <@GenesisRosechu> I think I am curious about rough...
01:07 <@BlueSpike> Could I ride 'up front' Chris?
01:07 <@BlueSpike> ;)
01:07 <@ChrisChanSonichu> gentle
01:08 * RebeccaVanDierten sighs
01:08 <@GenesisRosechu> That might be fun too...
01:08 -!- Guest30948 [] has quit []
01:08 <@CassieRosechu> please crhis!!
01:08 <@CassieRosechu> pelas tell us whou would be first?
01:08 <@Luv4Sonichu> MMmm
01:08 <@Luv4Sonichu> I'm so hot
01:08 <@BlueSpike> :)
01:08 <@BlueSpike> Me!
01:08 <@BlueSpike> I'd go first without any question!
01:08 <@RebeccaVanDierten> lol
01:08 <@HarinezumiShoujo> Uho! Kurisu wa ii otoko da ne!
01:09 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd rather decide IRL, instead of just over the internet.
01:09 <@RebeccaVanDierten> you're so cute blue
01:09 -!- Guest [] has joined #sonichu
01:09 <@RebeccaVanDierten> true
01:09 <@Sarachu> Listen, girls.. that's a hard question for him to answer
01:09 <@BlueSpike> That's fair.
01:09 -!- Guest [] has quit []
01:09 <@RebeccaVanDierten> we look better in person anyway
01:09 <@BlueSpike> I hope you pick me, though!
01:09 <@GenesisRosechu> Of course, we haven't really introduced ourselves like he wanted too!
01:09 <@RebeccaVanDierten> mm hmmm
01:09 -!- Comrade_Crab [] has joined #sonichu
01:09 <@GenesisRosechu> But well, what would you do to the special winner?
01:09 * RebeccaVanDierten giggles
01:09 <@Sarachu> Don't put so much pressure on him, okay? :)
01:09 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Y'all kind of did already, though; in y'all's individual PMs to me.
01:10 -!- Guest_ [] has joined #sonichu
01:10 -!- Guest_ [] has quit []

01:10 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh, cameron keeps bugging me to ask this
01:10 * RebeccaVanDierten sighs
01:10 <@Luv4Sonichu> Lets just let Chrissy answer openly and honestly
01:10 <@GenesisRosechu> Still.. go on with your story.. I'm getting excited.
01:10 <@BlueSpike> Could you answer mine, maybe..?
01:10 <@BlueSpike> I'm eager for a responce. ;)
01:10 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I would still read them over and over, weighing my options until I felt positive.
01:10 * RebeccaVanDierten wonders why i must ask this, but i guess i must do it for the fans
01:11 <@CassieRosechu> ive never played with mysefl before... but this might make me do it for the first tiem...
01:11 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I ended the story there; you all may finish the story in your individual imaginations.
01:11 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh, we will
01:11 <@RebeccaVanDierten> ;)
01:11 -!- Decoy_Octillery [] has joined #sonichu
01:11 <@RebeccaVanDierten> okay, the fan question
01:11 <@RebeccaVanDierten> seems very concerned i think
01:11 * RebeccaVanDierten sighs
01:11 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok
01:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> what's the question?
01:12 <@RebeccaVanDierten> What do you plan to do when your parents, unfortunately, pass away? also, What if you haven't found your sweetheart by then?
01:12 <@RebeccaVanDierten> there... thanks fan
01:12 <@RebeccaVanDierten> :(
01:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I will take it one step at a time, and sort it out as it happened.
01:12 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *happens
01:13 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah
01:13 <@Sarachu> And we will be here for you, don't you EVER forget that! :)
01:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it's like asking me where I see myself in 5 years; I rarely have an immediate answer to that question.
01:13 <@RebeccaVanDierten> true
01:13 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Never Ever Forget. :)
01:13 <@CassieRosechu> chris... would you die for a girl you love?
01:13 <@RebeccaVanDierten> we won't sweetie
01:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'd feint.
01:14 <@RebeccaVanDierten> okay... i got a fan here hold on
01:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> but I wouldn't die.
01:14 -!- mode/#sonichu [+v canine] by RebeccaVanDierten
01:14 <@RebeccaVanDierten> hi canine
01:14 <@RebeccaVanDierten> 'sup?
01:14 <+canine> hey
01:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I mean, would y'all die for me?
01:14 <+canine> hey chris
01:14 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Hey.
01:15 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i sooooo would sweetie
01:15 <@CassieRosechu> no... i mean... like to protect here...
01:15 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i'd take a bullet for u
01:15 <@GenesisRosechu> I would protect you of course!
01:15 <@GenesisRosechu> I think sacrifices of love are the most noble.
01:15 <@CassieRosechu> yes we would
01:15 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes, I agree. I would protect and take a bullet.
01:15 * RebeccaVanDierten swoons
01:15 <@CassieRosechu> oh chris thats so sweet
01:15 <@CassieRosechu> !
01:15 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I guess I misunderstood my own answer.
01:16 <@RebeccaVanDierten> it's okay sweetie
01:16 <@ChrisChanSonichu> oh, well I'm only human.
01:16 <@ChrisChanSonichu> :)
01:16 <@RebeccaVanDierten> :)
01:16 <@RebeccaVanDierten> okay canine, what do u want ask our love god about?
01:16 <+canine> i'm a guy, and i'm a frustrated virgin
01:16 <@CassieRosechu> youre more than human chrs
01:16 <@CassieRosechu> at least to us, your loyal sonichugirls
01:16 <+canine> i'm not homosexual, i do like girls
01:16 <+canine> i'm sorry if this distresses you, but my question was the question about the homosexuals
01:16 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Seriously though, if it meant to protect my Love, I would die.
01:16 <+canine> i'm not gay, but i don't see why you dislike them so much
01:17 <+canine> i mean, it's comparable to someone hating PS3 or hating the Wii
01:17 <+canine> do you have any reasons for it?
01:17 <@Sarachu> He gets this question a lot! Lol!
01:17 <@RebeccaVanDierten> canine... u silly
01:17 <+canine> i'm just wondering
01:17 <+canine> otherwise i'm a big fan of sonichu
01:17 <+canine> i'm eagerly awaiting the next episode
01:17 <@CassieRosechu> canine
01:17 <@Luv4Sonichu> canine . . .
01:17 <@RebeccaVanDierten> me 2
01:17 <@Luv4Sonichu> Oh, I am too
01:17 <+canine> we all are
01:17 <@CassieRosechu> he already been sak this
01:17 <@CassieRosechu> wll
01:17 <+canine> no we haven't
01:18 <@CassieRosechu> its okay
01:18 <@Luv4Sonichu> It;ll rock rock ROCK
01:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
01:18 <@CassieRosechu> we all love sonichu, so i guess were like a big family
01:18 <+canine> yeah
01:18 <@CassieRosechu> i luv you guys
01:18 <@CassieRosechu> but i love chris more
01:18 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i love you too
01:18 <@RebeccaVanDierten> but yeahm, chris is #1
01:18 <@BlueSpike> I love Chris the most!
01:18 <@Sarachu> You're all very special to me. :)
01:18 <+canine> ChrisChanSonichu: do you have reasoning for why homosexuality is bad?
01:18 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I Love All of you Ladies too. :-*
01:19 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oui
01:19 <@Luv4Sonichu> Awww
01:19 <@Luv4Sonichu> :-*
01:19 <@RebeccaVanDierten> okay... i guess canine really really reallly wants to know,chris
01:19 <+canine> it bothers me greatly, because one of my best friends is homosexual
01:19 <+canine> and he's really nice
01:19 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Male homo acts are just offensive, gross and I just can not tolerate it.
01:19 <+canine> but
01:20 <+canine> suppose someone dislikes the PS3
01:20 <+canine> isn't that the same thing?
01:20 <+canine> should we make PS3's illegal?
01:20 <@BlueSpike> Isn't saying 'homo' offensive to them? :(
01:20 <@ChrisChanSonichu> it is not the same thing.
01:20 <@GenesisRosechu> Do you believe it's more of a religious thing, or just a personal thing?
01:20 <+canine> it is the same thing
01:20 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Both religious and personal.
01:20 <+canine> but
01:20 <+canine> again
01:20 <+canine> it's just like making PS3's illegal
01:20 <+canine> or saying that they're immoral
01:20 <@Sarachu> I.. have to go now
01:20 <@Sarachu> Sorry, Chris
01:20 <+canine> ok, bye sarah
01:21 <@ChrisChanSonichu> take care, Sarah. :)
01:21 <@Luv4Sonichu> Awww. bye Sara-chan
01:21 <@RebeccaVanDierten> bye sarah :(
01:21 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i'll miss u
01:21 <@Sarachu> I'll e-mail you :)
01:21 <@HarinezumiShoujo> But Kurisu, the boys in my yaoi manga are sooooooooooooo kawaii together!
01:21 <@GenesisRosechu> Then why are lesbians okay? Maybe I am just missing the point?
01:21 <@Sarachu> Byebye
01:21 -!- Sarachu [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008102920]]
01:21 <@GenesisRosechu> Either way is it not immoral in God's eyes?
01:21 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah?
01:21 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i mean... i like girls... but not like that
01:22 <@ChrisChanSonichu> okay.
01:22 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *sigh*
01:22 <@GenesisRosechu> I just can't see how you can have one thing one way, but not the other. It's a convuluted point.
01:22 <@Luv4Sonichu> Chris, perhaps if ud just explain better
01:22 <+canine> do you have any reasoning?
01:22 <+canine> or is
01:23 <@Luv4Sonichu> Then we'd understand ur view, ok hun?
01:23 <@RebeccaVanDierten> yeah
01:23 <+canine> yeah, can you explain?
01:24 -!- LoveYouLongTime [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
01:24 <@RebeccaVanDierten> wait... cameron wants to add "pegging" to the list of possible homosexual acts... cameron... *shakes head*
01:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> STOP.
01:24 <+canine> ?
01:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> My father and I don't get along well.
01:24 <+canine> i'm sorry
01:24 <@RebeccaVanDierten> oh?
01:24 <@RebeccaVanDierten> how so?
01:24 <@RebeccaVanDierten> what happened?
01:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Men are mostly gross.
01:24 <@BlueSpike> Tell us more. :(
01:24 <+canine> my father died when i was young
01:25 <@GenesisRosechu> my father ran off without another woman
01:25 <@BlueSpike> Tell me about your father and how you don't get along.
01:25 <@BlueSpike> I wanna help.
01:25 <+canine> chris, men and women are equally unpleasant
01:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> He rarely washes his hands, he starts more arguements than there are flies at a garbage dump, he just is a major stressor in my lifetime.
01:25 <+canine> that's a shame, but how does this relate to homosexuality?
01:25 <@GenesisRosechu> That's horrible.
01:26<@ChrisChanSonichu> while he can be civil, he ACTS DUMB when he is actually SMART, he raises his voice too often.
01:26 <@GenesisRosechu> It effects the whole family, doesn't it?
01:26 <@RebeccaVanDierten> does he... question your sexuality?
01:26 <@ChrisChanSonichu> he depresses me with his pitiful complaints.
01:27 <@GenesisRosechu> What type of complaints, if I may ask?
01:27 <+canine> i'm sorry
01:27 <@CassieRosechu> does he say anything to you for still being girlfriend-free?
01:27 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i am curious to know more, too, sweetie
01:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and because of his being a major influence in my life, I just do not care much for men, period.
01:27 <+canine> i know many mean people, and having to live with one would be exceedingly unpleasant
01:27 <+canine> oh, i see
01:27 <@RebeccaVanDierten> hmm
01:27 <@RebeccaVanDierten> okay
01:28 <@BlueSpike> Could you tell us some of these complaints?
01:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> My father is OLD FASHIONED; he NEVER gives thought to homos, and he HATES them too.
01:28 <+canine> well, you're not your father
01:28 <@RebeccaVanDierten> maybe he has influenced your way of thinking?
01:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> the list is infinite.
01:28 <@GenesisRosechu> Then if you hate him so much, wouldn't you want to NOT follow his example?
01:28 <@GenesisRosechu> Still, he shouldn't make such hurtful comments to you.
01:28 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I do not follow his bad examples.
01:28 <@GenesisRosechu> Do you think that maybe he is doing it only for your own good?
01:29 <@RebeccaVanDierten> like...
01:29 <@RebeccaVanDierten> ...
01:29 <@RebeccaVanDierten> he wants you to move out
01:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> mostly, yes.
01:29 <@RebeccaVanDierten> be on your own
01:29 <@RebeccaVanDierten> i believe if u did, you would be happy
01:29 <@GenesisRosechu> Do you not want to be on your own? Or have roommates?
01:29 <+canine> unless you have a good reason to hate homosexuals, you don't have to hate homosexuals
01:29 <+canine> just because your father does isn't any reason to do it yourself
01:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I will only move out when I have my Sweetheart, so I can go to her place.
01:30 -!- LoveYouLongTime [] has joined #sonichu
01:30 <@RebeccaVanDierten> hold on... cameron wants back
01:30 <@GenesisRosechu> Most girls would like someone to already have established a place.. and independence.
01:30 -!- RebeccaVanDierten is now known as CameronVanDierten
01:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Men are gross, and homo males are even worse.
01:30 <@GenesisRosechu> You should really be able to take care of yourself first.
01:30 <@CameronVanDierten> okay i see where this is going
01:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *sigh*
01:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm feeling so stressed now.
01:31 <@CameronVanDierten> chris, you should live on your own first before finding your sweetheart... then you'll fulfill your quest
01:31 <@GenesisRosechu> Take a deep, calming breath!
01:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am capable of living on my own.
01:31 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I just don't have another place to go to.
01:31 <@GenesisRosechu> Have you thought of looking at renting? :)
01:32 <@GenesisRosechu> Even temporary?
01:32 <@CameronVanDierten> yeah
01:32 <@GenesisRosechu> I rent, and it's pretty nice.
01:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm renting in my own house.
01:32 <@CameronVanDierten> not quite the same tho
01:32 <@GenesisRosechu> Yes, but there is nothing like having your own place with your own rules!
01:32 <@CameronVanDierten> yeah
01:32 <@CameronVanDierten> i mean
01:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
01:32 <@CameronVanDierten> i can be naked in my apt
01:32 <@CameronVanDierten> u should be 2
01:32 <@GenesisRosechu> And it would relieve so much of your stress!
01:32 <@Luv4Sonichu> hahaha
01:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I am able to be naked in my own house.
01:32 <@GenesisRosechu> Or maybe volunteer outside of your house, or get a job.
01:33 <@CameronVanDierten> really?
01:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yes.
01:33 <@GenesisRosechu> Then perhaps your father will ease up on you.
01:33 <+canine> you can be naked 24/7 in your own place
01:33 <@CameronVanDierten> where can u be naked?
01:33 <@CameronVanDierten> like 24 7 like canine said
01:33 <@GenesisRosechu> Plus a job will let you know more people, AND GIRLS, and have more time away from the stress :)
01:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I have a whole floor to myself.
01:33 <@CameronVanDierten> hmm that's cool
01:33 <+canine> ritzy
01:33 <@GenesisRosechu> I have a cousin in Charlottesville, maybe she can help?
01:33 <@GenesisRosechu> I visit quite often too
01:34 <@CameronVanDierten> also, a job will help
01:34 <@GenesisRosechu> You know, finding you a job?
01:34 <@CameronVanDierten> if u get a job
01:34 <@CameronVanDierten> your dad willleave u alone more
01:34 <@GenesisRosechu> I mean, you have a degree, right?
01:34 <@CameronVanDierten> yeah the CADD degree
01:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Listen, I appreciate y'all's help, ladies, but I'm feeling like I'm taking in too much stress right now.
01:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I should go take a rest.
01:34 <+canine> ok
01:34 <@GenesisRosechu> Well, we don't want you to leave.
01:34 <+canine> not all guys are monsters
01:34 <@CameronVanDierten> okay
01:34 <+canine> i'm a guy, and i'm pretty cool
01:34 <@GenesisRosechu> How about we talk about happier things?
01:35 <@BlueSpike> Okay..
01:35 <@GenesisRosechu> Like the new comic!
01:35 <@GenesisRosechu> Oh silly us, we haven't asked about it at all
01:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I should go anyway; I'm hungry.
01:35 <@CameronVanDierten> yeah
01:35 <@GenesisRosechu> and I'm very excited about it
01:35 <@BlueSpike> I love you Chris, to the ends of the earth. Never forget it.
01:35 <@CameronVanDierten> okays
01:35 <@CameronVanDierten> well chris
01:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I Love Y'all too, Ladies.
01:35 <@CameronVanDierten> come back soon
01:35 <@CameronVanDierten> rebecca love u too
01:35 <@CameronVanDierten> as do i
01:35 <@GenesisRosechu> Well, let any of us know if you ever need a shoulder to lean on
01:35 <@GenesisRosechu> I've gone through a lot of the same
01:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I will always remember y'all's love for me.
01:36 <@GenesisRosechu> I'd be happy to talk or listen :)
01:36 <@CameronVanDierten> i'll be happy to lead
01:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Please come to me when y'all each are able to.
01:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Love and Peace.
01:36 <@BlueSpike> Chris..
01:36 <@BlueSpike> I'll be there tomorrow.
01:36 <@CameronVanDierten> peace and love cwc
01:36 <@BlueSpike> I booked a trip.
01:36 <@BlueSpike> Expect me.
01:36 <@BlueSpike> :)
01:36 <@CameronVanDierten> i'll ready your comic this weekend
01:36 <@CameronVanDierten> *read
01:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> really, BlueSpike?
01:36 <@BlueSpike> If I don't show up then I'll be there the day after. I hope.
01:37 <@BlueSpike> I'm really worried though.
01:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> what's your real name?
01:37 <@BlueSpike> I don't have a passport yet.
01:37 <@BlueSpike> Julie.
01:37 <@CassieRosechu> bye chris
01:37 <@BlueSpike> I'm gonna try to book a trip.
01:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Julie. That's a pretty name.
01:37 <@CassieRosechu> i love you
01:37 <@BlueSpike> Thanks. :)
01:37 <@BlueSpike> I'll TRY my hardest.
01:37 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I Love You All.
01:37 <@CassieRosechu> i love you so much chris
01:37 <@BlueSpike> I love you too.
01:37 <@GenesisRosechu> We love you too Chris!
01:37 <@CameronVanDierten> i love you too
01:37 <@Luv4Sonichu> Aww
01:38 <@CameronVanDierten> as does rebecca
01:38 <@Luv4Sonichu> I luv luv LUV u Chris!
01:38 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Love and Peace. :)
01:38 <+canine> chris, i hope you learn to judge people, especially guys, less
01:38 <@BlueSpike> :)
01:38 -!- ChrisChanSonichu [] has quit [Quit: ChrisChanSonichu]
01:38 -!- HarinezumiShoujo is now known as EXKeine
01:38 -!- mode/#sonichu [-m] by CameronVanDierten

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